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The Tall Ships are coming back to Halifax this summer, July 13 - 16 in Halifax! Yay! I never get tired of them, walking along the waterfront and seeing all the masts and ships, it must have looked like that 150 years ago (well, aside from the beer tents!). They're already selling day passes for 10 dollars before the end of April which is apparently half price! Eeek! I guess i should get a pass early then. Problem is you don't know what the weather is going to be like. I don't think they're doing a generic pass where it gets validated on the day you use it. That would be ideal. Ah well, you pays your money and you takes your chances. I'm glad it's over a weekend too, but will that mean the sail past is on the Monday? Hmm...I'll have to look into taking the Monday off if that's the case. I love seeing them in full sail, in spite of the crowds and this year i'll have one wicked camera to take the photos with! The zoom is even stronger than my SLR 80-200 mm lens.

They've got a theme for this year's festival too, Pirates!!! Excellent! We have had two major festivals with the ships, one in 2000 and one in 2004 with a couple other times that have seen a small number come to port. There are a lot of schooners coming this time, they're a bit smaller than the big class 1 and 2 ships but there are a few large ones from Germany, India, UK, and a few other places. The whole lineup hasn't been announced yet but the website has some photos of the ones they know for sure. The city is going to be packed to the rafters, too, because the Jazz festival is going on that time and also it's Halifax Pride week. There will be something going on for everyone, it seems. It'll bring a lot of tourism money into the city, too so yay for that!

Well that's interesting. Canada is going to phase out incandescent light bulbs by 2012 as an energy saving step. They'll be replaced by smaller fluorescent bulbs that fit in lamps and fixtures and those last quite a long time. I bet the lightbulb makers aren't going to be happy about that. The electricity reduction isn't going to be really significant but over all it does help. I am a bit curious about the disposal of the old fluorescent bulbs though. Won't they have more gas or chemicals or something in them? They're considered hazardous waste so they better have something set up at the recycle depots and allow them to be put into the blue recycle bags, too.

There's a very, very large ship docked in Halifax today. Looks like an American naval vessel and is about the size of an apartment building on end. I must bring my camera tomorrow. The newspapers used to list the ships in dock but i don't think they do anymore.

Holy crap, one of my coworkers just told a story about his bus commute home yesterday. The bus he was on started filling up with smoke from the back and the driver had to pull over. Everyone got off and started walking to the Sackville terminal. There was one bus that came by and picked up a few people but my mate walked to the terminal. He said after everyone was off the bus, the driver tried to make it to the terminal but the smoke was billowing out the back by then so he had to pull over again.

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