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My wedding shoes came and they're fab! They fit, too! This is the first time I've ordered shoes online and it was worried. I found them various places but the only place that had my size was I did get a discount which was then eaten up by the charge for customs and duty but never mind. It's for a good cause! The heel is not very high and the toe is pointy but they're a little wider than a normal width. I worried that they wouldn't be wide enough due to my bunion but they fit really well. The next wider width would have been too much, especially for my smaller foot.

They're a suede finish and a soft leather so they'll stretch a bit but even without that, they will be fine. I had a pair of red shoes like this many years ago, minus the strap. They were not suede but they were a soft red leather with a similar heel and the pointy toe on those had a brass cap. I loved them! You really can wear red shoes with just about anything, too. I probably paid more for them than I ever have for shoes, with the duty fees and shipping it was about $140 but after all, they're for my wedding outfit and my dress cost a third of that so really, I'm ahead of the game!

All in all, a result!
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Have just ordered this top and this one. I love Their clothes are really lovely and they're *long" which is a definite plus for me and even with the shipping, they aren't very expensive. They have all size ranges, too. I have a dress, several skirts and a number of tops as well. Most of the tops are short sleeves though so these are longer. They also sometimes have a "mini dress" that is the perfect tunic length for me. I have two of them in sleeveless for summer and two in short sleeves. I want a long sleeve one too but they don't have any in at the moment in my size. For locals, There's a little shop on the Dartmouth waterfront right across from the Alderney Gate library, called Morrigan LeFay's Mystical Gifts, that's starting to carry some of their line now too. The prices are a bit higher than on the website because they have to pay the shipping but it's still nice and convenient.
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Since i've had this new hair style, a bit longer, with bangs, the stylist always uses a straightening iron on it. I've not bothered to get one until now. I've finally bitten the bullet, as it were. One of the things that annoyed me about this style is that my bangs would curl instead of stay straight, and the ends would curl as well, being tucked behind my ears. Not so much the day i would wash and dry it but the next day and i didn't want to have to wash it every single day if it doesn't need it, which it usually doesn't. I decided to try the iron. That way, if it's a bit curly on the ends in the morning, i can just heat up the straightener and give it a touch up. This morning is the first time i've used it, on freshly washed hair. Seemed ok. I didn't burn myself, and it did a decent job. The heat controls are hard to see though, being on the inside between the two "arms". Without reading glasses i can't see the numbers on the settings but i just put it on what looks to be half way and can adjust from there. Why they didn't put it on the outside of the thing, i don't know. The arms shadow it too so you're holding it in an awkward position to get the light on it. *sigh* aging eyes!

I'm not really that adept at styling my own hair like some people are. I have always gone for styles that were no or minimum messing about required unless for a special occasion and then, my efforts are only reasonably successful. My hair has a wave in it and generally doesn't want to do what i want it to do. not for long anyway. Let's hope this straightener iron will tame the curly ends that annoy me.

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