May. 18th, 2008 09:02 am
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So wedding hats these days are passe and they're all wearing what they call "fascinators". Nothing fascinating about this monstrosity worn by Princess Beatrice to the wedding of her cousin, Peter Phillips yesterday. Dear god/dess! Pity. She's a pretty girl. The Queen and Camilla both wore feathery concoctions but were restrained. Bea wore a multi coloured dress which just seemed like a regular summer dress, topped with a short white jacket. She'd have been better off at least choosing a sleeker hair style and a sleeker dress without a jacket over it. It might have come off as more cutting edge and trendy instead of just a really bad fashion choice. Looks like she inherited her taste from her mother.

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I do. I remember the Sears and Eatons' catalogues too. This article is by someone that got hold of a 1977 JC Penney catalogue. They've blogged the hell out of it, including scans of some of the fashions, and it's hysterical!! I had a teacher that used to wear suits like the one with the plaid jacket and the pale green ones below that, complete with wide lapels. *And* he used to wear ties so wide that he couldn't actually tie them, he just let the long part of the tie lay over the top of the knot underneath instead of feeding it through for a proper Windsor knot.

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