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Absolutely horrible crap crap crap day today at work. Not very much went right, things weren't working and neither i nor anyone else seemed to be able to unlock the puzzle. I know it's going to end up being something really stupid but it has me on the edge of tears of frustration all day. People kept wanting other stuff that they should have requested a week ago and needed it for tomorrow. Not a problem, it's do-able but my boss rolls his eyes when he finds out that the person that requested it forgot to put in the request until it was almost too late. Then someone else comes to me almost at the end of the day with two reports that should match but don't so i had to dig a little to find out why. I did but by that time i was nearly ready to tell everyone to firmly fuck right off and leave me the fuck alone and let me go home. I was going to go to the gym, i really was. But on the way home, on the bus, i realized that my bra strap had come undone and the pin that had been holding it on in the back was stabbing me in the back and i just gave up and came home.

Two good things happened. I had powered off the computer,in hopes that the guy i bought it from was going to give me a second hand power supply but he didnt' have one. He's going to get a new one tonight hopefully, and bring it tomorrow. The computer works but doesn't always start up properly when it's been powered off. It starts but then dies out again. Took me an hour to get it going when i got back from vacation in November. When i got home today, the puter started up first time.

The other good thing? An early birthday card from my sweetie was in the mailbox.

18 sleeps!
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I am reminded why i don't go to the mall on Saturdays between November and Christmas. They're all mad, i tell you. Insane! And rude and what really pissed me off? I turned into a parking lane and stopped, planning on backing into a spot. had to wait for a car to pass me going the other way. I looked behind me to start reversing and the bitch that was driving the car had pulled into the spot i was going to back into! OOOHHHh i was furious!!! I know, i know, she didn't know i was going to back up into the spot. I wouldn't normally but the spot was on the end of a row and i couldn't turn into the row and drive into it, i'd have had to turn the car around 180 degrees to get into it so i thought i could just back into it. We traversed a few rows and sections and decided it wasn't worth it.

Over to Chapters and i squeezed the car into a spot there. We popped in to look for something that wasn't there anymore but still managed to find something to buy! :)) I picked up the new Ken Follett, a sequel of sorts to Pillars of the Earth called World Without End. I really liked Pillars so i wanted to get this one. I had ordered it from Amazon but they hadn't delivered yet, and it's been a few weeks. I don't know what the holdup was but i got the book in the store for 50% off all tolled. It was 30% off to start, and an extra 10% for having a Chapters reward card and because I'd spent over $35, I got another 10% off. That surprised me because you would think they'd only give you the extra 10 if your total after the first 40% off was over $35. But no. And that's a good thing! I still have to get a paperback for the plane, though.

7 sleeps until i get to Manchester and i'm getting a bit of a cold!! Aggh! A scratchy throat and a little bit of a cough. Yeek! Hopefully i'll get it over with this weekend. We have Monday off in lieu of November 11, Rememberence Day, as it lands on a Sunday.

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