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JulyIt's lupin season again, they grow wild here in Nova Scotia and i just love them. Pinks, purples, whites, throngs of them along the roads. This photo, however, was taken in front of a shop where the flowers were all planted, not wild but it's one of my favourites anyway.

Nice day today, and it's been pretty nice most of the week, thus it's going to rain on the weekend. Typical. I think Mom and i are going to a movie Friday night. She wants to see Star Trek and though i've seen it, that was in Manchester when we went to Imax and were sitting too close to properly enjoy it so i actually look forward to seeing it again.

We're having a "washer toss" at lunch today, one of the ongoing fun little challenges we've been doing over the past year. Hopefully this one won't end up in a broken window like the mini golf did! Washer Toss is apparently quite popular but i've never heard of it before now. There are two boards with holes in them and you stand on one board and toss round washers onto the other, which has three holes, each worth a certain amount of points. You can get an idea here. Apparently it's the new Lawn Darts and much safer :) Anyway, I've signed up for it and if the photos are any good, i'll post em tonight.

My niece is turning 21 next week. When did that happen! You know how old that makes me? lol! Ah but it's not about me is it? She's beautiful, blonde, smart and a really nice person. All my three "chicks" are great people! Speaking of age, I think i'll start using "Forty-Ten" as my age instead of Fifty. :)))

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