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Blondie... awesome!
Debbie Harry is 64 and bloody hell she looks good or, as Graham said, she's still hot! Must have had work done but even if not, she looks awesome. She's still got that high soaring voice too. She and her band put on a great show at Casino Nova Scotia though it was a bit short for my taste at 1 hour 20 minutes or so. But then, it's the casino, they want you down on the floor gambing, not sitting and watching the show all night. The crowd was mostly middle aged, people that have rocked to her music since the late 70s and after the first few songs, were all on their feet so we pretty much had to as well. The price you pay for sitting up front. (Third row back on the center aisle! She did all my favourites, Rapture, Tide is High, Heart of Glass, One Way Or Another (I'm got getcha), Call Me, Dreaming. There were quite a few i didn't know but it didn't matter, they were all good.

She came out on stage in a red dress, red beret and shades, her hair tied back in a high ponytail. A red sparkly choker around her neck, a sparkly large ring and a silver belt with long dangly bits on it, and the skirt had an uneven shredded hem and had red flats on her feet. Probably the one nod to age lol! She took the hat and shades off after a couple of songs.

Her band including partner (husband?) Chris Stein are tight to my uneducated ears though Graham was noticing a few off notes but then, he's a guitarist and catches these things. More photos to come.

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