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Three days. Three long days.
Some years ago we at work adopted a framework for delivering IT services to the rest of the corporation. It's called ITIL. We didn't implement much of it but are pushing more towards it these days. It's all processes and "best practices" and all the other buzzwords you don't want to know. More buzzwords and acronyms than you *ever* want to know. We had a course and had to write an exam.

Now, we've all had to upgrade to a newer version of it. Those of us that had certification in the old version had to sit through a three day course. Those that had been certified in the current version will only need a one day refresher. It's probably the worst course I've ever had to sit through in that they bombard you with information and definitions and a few examples, but mostly you absorb what you can, memorize what you can and hope for the best on the exam. Two and a half days to plow through 300 pages of the manual, less than that really because there are exercises and two practice exams so you might as well say it's only two days of "learning".

The exam is multiple choice but the wording can be very tricky. The practice exams are supposed to be old retired exams. They weren't too bad. I did ok on those. If they truly were exams in the past,  I think they were retired because they were too easy. The actual exam was worse. However, I apparently passed. We've got preliminary emails with a pass/fail. We will later get the actual results and an e-certificate which sucks. For the amount of money it probably costs them to put this on, you'd think they'd insist on proper certificates printed on proper certificate paper. Why should I spend my money to have it printed on nice paper? Anyway I don't care what my actual score was (you have to have 65% or 26 out of 40 questions to pass). With any luck they won't change the versions again before I retire!

Still no actual wedding date because there isn't a venue booked yet. I have a feeling we could do it on a Sunday rather than a Saturday which is ok because it's not an evening dinner/dance thing anyway. I'm going to meet someone at one of the local hotels on Saturday to chat and see their facilities. That's the first one. I've sent a couple other emails out and nobody's got back to me. I don't understand why they would be so offhanded about potential business. I sent the emails a week ago using the contact information on the websites. If that's incorrect, then they've very likely missed out a lot of business.

25 Sleeps until the Queen concert in Montreal!!! Can i just say how excited i am? (!!!!) They are my all time favourite. My only regret is never seeing them when Freddie was alive but Adam Lambert does a very good job. But i know Brian May's guitar is going to burst my heart right out of my chest. as much as I loved Freddie, it was always Brian's playing and sound that lifted me. We're going to be on the floor near the stage, well... the stage is going to have a ramp or catwalk out away from it and that's what we're going to be near. There are seats but I expect we'll be on our feet for most of it and it's going to be 3 hours, no opening band, no intermission. At least I'll have a chair to sit in if my legs or back get too tired. I'm going with a coworker and another friend and the coworker saw them in London two summers ago. She said it was the same then, long show, no intermission, no opening act. I'm so stoked!
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And we've got tickets!!!!!!!!!

My coworker friend Kelly use a login from the Adam Lambert fan club and they could get tickets from today on. She got through and got floor seats! No standing outside the venue all day to get a standing place in a mosh pit like she's done for other concerts. It's all seating. I have no doubt that we'll be standing through much of it but that's ok. At least if my back does get tired, I can sit for a few minutes. I'M SO EXCITED!! I know it won't be the same as it would have with Freddie but i'll keep him in my heart and really enjoy the show!

Tickets are on sale to the public on Friday. I think the official Queen fan club probably does the same thing. It does take the best seats away from the general public, I guess, but in this case, I'll take it! What's really annoying is the scalpers that grab up as many as they can and start selling them on ebay and Kijiji minutes after they've bought them. That's what really bothers me. I remember seeing that when the Elton John tickets went on sale. He sold out in a half hour and Kijiji had scads of tickets on sale immediately and all of them going for at least double the face value. It really isn't fair. It's one thing to resell a ticket you can't use or buy a couple extra and sell them for face value to someone that couldn't get through or wants an extra. It's quite another thing to buy up all the good seats to resell at a profit and nobody seems to be able to stop this. They don't have to hang around outside the venue on the day anymore, not with so many internet places to buy.

I do have to admit, though, that i bought tickets to a hockey game through eBay so there's a bit of hypocricy on my part there. It looked as if the person had a season ticket and sold the individual game tickets for auction. I looked at his other auctions and he had the exact same seats for sale at other NHL home games (Montreal Canadiens, ironically, at the same venue as the Queen concert). I didn't pay very much over the face value, though so I don't feel too bad about that. It's a different situation, as well and I didn't feel ripped off because it wasn't an outright pay-me-double+ thing.
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Queen is doing a short North American tour in June-July and they're playing in Montreal and Toronto! Now, ok, Freddie's dead and nobody can really fill his shoes. The last person they took on board, Paul Rogers, did not impress me though the CD they recorded of original work with him was good. I saw some early video footage of him on stage with them and he seemed to be dressed like Freddie and trying to emulate him in style when he was singing. It really put me off and although I did get the cd, i would never have considered seeing them live.

Last year, hmmm might have been the year before actually, Queen (or at least, Brian May and Roger Taylor, because John Deacon has retired from the band) did some gigs in London with Adam Lambert who is a former winner or participant of American Idol. He's made a fairly successful career for himself and is quite popular. One of my coworkers is an uber-fan and went to two of the three concerts in London. I saw some Youtube video of it and I have to say, Adam did a very good job. He did his own thing, and though did come across as flamboyant, he's apparently like that anyway and it seemed to be his own way with a nod to Freddie as well. He seems in awe of the legends that he's standing on stage with (and well he should be!) but he seems to fit in nicely.

So anyway, turns out they're doing this tour with Adam and I'm going to do my very best to snag a ticket to the Montreal show. My friend at work will be going and possibly her husband and another person at work in another department, also possibly. She's planning to drive up to Montreal so I said I'd go as well and contribute to the costs and the driving. We can share the hotel but if her husband is going, I may just get my own room as I don't really know him all that well and I'd be more comfortable on my own or sharing with the other woman even though I don't know her at all. Then on the weekend, I was talking to one of my old friends from school who was looking for a concert buddy. She has tickets to George Thorougood in May and I said i might go. I have seen him before but it's usually a good one. Queen came up and she's very interested. I think she's going to try to get her own ticket even if we don't end up sitting together. We can share a hotel room for sure, and with my coworker or the other gal if it's all girls together. I think she'll fly up. I will still go with my coworker because I promised and that was the whole idea, a road trip. My coworker was thinking of staying on in Montreal. She thought about trying to get a ticket to see Katy Perry who's playing there the next night. I don't mind KP but i don't think I want to spend the money on a concert. I thought I'd probably just come back myself on the train or fly and if my other friend is going, we could fly back together.

Anyway, it's all up in the air. The tickets go on sale Friday though early tickets can be got today I think, if you have American Express but we'll see how the week plays out. By the weekend I should know who's got what and who's going. Other plans can be made from there. I might actually get to see Queen!!! My all time favourite band!! It's definitely a bucket list band for me and even if Freddie isn't there, I think it will be a great show.

And tick off another one of those "try something new" items. I wish I had been able to see Queen back in the day but I never could, and then it was too late once Freddie died.
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Cheap Trick was awesome!!!
We got there just before the doors opened at 7:15 and i made my way straight up near the stage. It was standing room only but there were a few rows of chairs set up at the back of the room. I did go with four other people but mostly, they stayed at the back. I stayed at the front for most of it, hemmed in by the time it really got going. I did get some pretty good photos though, close enough that the flash worked which is always better for reducing camera shake.

There was actually more songs that I didn't know than I did, having only really been familiar with the radio hits. I think I did own Live at Budokan at one point but I don't remember what else was on it now. The first familiar song was 5 in, "If You Want My Love". Later on, Robin Zander poured out a soulful version of The Flame that most of us slow danced to back in the day but after that they jumped into my all time favourite Cheap Trick songs, "I Want You To Want Me" and "Surrender". They saved Dream Police for an encore and we were a bit disappointed they didn't do "Ain't That A Shame" or "Don't Be Cruel" which are two of my other favourites. It didn't really matter, though. They were great! Full setlist here.

Rick Nielson is still a real showman at 66 and fooled around, made faces, and showed off his many guitars through the show, from old, scarred and beat up to shiny and red. The famous 5 masted guitar was saved for the final encore song. Don't think I've ever seen a guitar quite like that before! Tom Petersson, the bass player had a beautiful guitar, it had a peacock motif all glittery and shiny. The drummer was not the legendary Bun. E. Carlos however. I have heard he's either retired or off with a health problem. The drummer would appear to be Daxx Nielson, Rick's son and he  was very good.

At one point, Rick introduced a song as being written for the end credits of the "best movie ever filmed". Someone in the audience quipped "Up the Creek!" to which he more or less snorted but was actually referring to ... er... i can't remember the name and I can't find a reference to it on imdb or on the wiki site. Oh well. never mind. He had guitar picks lined along his mike stand, ready for flicking into the audience and he also tossed handfuls as well, much to everyone's delight but by the time he'd thrown handfuls, I had finally made my way to the back of the room with the rest of my friends! I would have been in the prime spot to catch one, too! Not meant to be.

As always, photos here on Flickr. I'll put these and some more of the less favourites on Facebook tonight or tomorrow.
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Really looking forward to Cheap Trick tonight. Only drawback is that it's standing room only so there won't be seats at all, I don't think. Ah never mind. It's going to be a blast! I did get earplugs. Mellencamp wasn't overly loud but this gig is in a room, albeit a large room but not a stadium large or small. I kind of think the sound will be louder and they're not a quiet band :) It's not a case of "if it's too loud, you're too old", it's a case of protecting my hearing. I'll judge and see if the plugs are needed. It just takes the edge off. I guess that's how you know you *are* getting old, though, thinking about things like that. Graham fully admits if he took better care back in the days when he was on stage in a metal band, he wouldn't be wearing a hearing aid now but you don't think of those things when you're in your 20s and anyway, it wasn't very "Rawk" to be wearing earplugs while performing. ;) I bet people wouldn't think twice about it now but then earplugs are small and nearly invisible if you get the clear silicone ones that i've seen.

Weather has been really nice this week. Warm, a little breeze, low humidity. And naturally i'm spending my days in the office in the AC. I really should go out into the park at lunch to get a bit of sun and vitamin D. I just get into such a routine. I may do that today, maybe even treat myself to chips from the chip truck. The Grand Parade in front of City Hall is a nice place to sit. There are lots of benches and there's a wall along one side. You can also sit around the war memorial and, i think, there's a little platform around the flagpole. At least there always used to be. There's always the grass but i don't get on the ground because it's hard to get up these days. I like sitting on the wall, personally. There's a historic old church at the other end of it, St. Paul's. Been here since the city was founded in 1749. It's quite nice inside, always open during the day for tourists to go have a look and they have a guide sometimes if you get there at the right times. Here's a couple of photos, one looking down the Parade square to the church and one inside the church.

Grand Parade St. Paul's, 1749

Tall Ships is next weekend and i have Friday off so i think i'll do my tour of the waterfront then. It'll be busy but even worse on the weekend. I will miss the parade of sail this year as i have some minor day surgery on Monday, the day of the sailing. I never get tired of watching them sail but as i will miss it, this year i shall pray for rain ;)) I did buy a $5.00 pass to go on board the docked ships this time. I thought it might make some opportunities for photos. I may also go up to the Citadel because they're doing a free shuttle up there from the waterfront and the theme of the festival is the War of 1812 and there will be various military costumed things going on related to that. If i even get myself out of bed early enough i may go over early-ish in the morning before the worst of the crowds but not the crack of dawn like my cousin plans to do.

There are sailing cruises as well on one of the sailboats. That's something that's nice to do as well if the weather is good. We did that through work last time but it turned out to be so foggy you could hardly see shore. It's neat to see the ships from the water side but better if you can actually see them though the photos *were* interesting...see?
Yes it was pretty foggy that day
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Great concert last night. The Canadian band, Cowboy Junkies opened up. They were never a band i enjoyed though they seemed good enough. Lead singer, female, has a nice voice but she did a cover of a Neil Young tune, Don't Let it bring you Down, which i didn't know what his. I'd heard it done by Annie Lennox and thought this girl's voice was good, she ain't no Annie Lennox. Their sound was muddy too but when Mellencamp's band came on, the sound was great. They would have a proper system anyway and the opening band would probably be making do with the house set up.

Mellencamp did a variety of tunes from country to ballads to his famous hits. He's great! Got a gravelly voice often, but it suits the music. I was surprised he didn't do an encore, and the lights were up for the last couple of songs, in fact. He did sing for about an hour and forty minutes though. Better photos are here with a clip of a video, the end of Jack and Diane. We were a bit far away to take really good photos but i did some processing and tuning and came out with some that i think are ok. Maybe they're a bit over processed in part but at least they're not too bad. I've done a larger set on Facebook.

When they turned the lights down, they played a great Johnny Cash song before introducing him.
This was the setlist from the tour opener last week. I think it's pretty close to what we heard last night. Some of it i did confirm via the newspaper review but i think there were a few more than they mentioned.

Authority Song (didn't sing it all, and did it slow)
No One Cares
Death Letter
Key West
Love & Happiness
Check it Out

Jack & Diane
Longest Days
Small Town

Ghost Towns
Paper N Fire
If I Die Sudden
Crumblin Down
Pink Houses

Band Intro
Cherry Bomb
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It's gig week for me! Tonight is John (Cougar) Mellencamp at the Dartmouth Sportsplex, that's a smaller venue. I think it only holds about 2000 max as opposed to the 10K that the Metro Center holds. They sold out quickly and put a second night on tomorrow. I suppose they couldn't book the Metro Centre as it's just finishing the Tattoo and if tonight isn't the last night, they'll be breaking it all down today. No time to set it up for a concert tonight. Looking forward to it although the opening act, the Canadian band The Cowboy Junkies are not a group i am keen on. Opening acts aren't usually on long though. My cousin and I are going to this one.

Thursday, 5 of us are going to see Cheap Trick at the Casino and i'm *really* looking forward to that. I have always liked them and didn't go when they were here years ago. It's a standing room only gig in the Schooner Room of the casino so i hope our group gets their collective ass together to get there earlyish so we can get close to the front. It's important for photo taking! I really must get some earplugs. it's not a big stadium type venue and they're a fairly loud band i think. Should be prudent and save my ears from further punishment. Don't think there's an opener for this, the casino doesn't usually have them i think nor does the concerts usually go very late. They want you to go down and gamble some after!
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July 10 - Going to see John Mellencamp with my cuz.
July 12 - Going to see Cheap Trick with a friend from school, Shirley.
Two gigs in three days. My ears are going to hate me. I think i'll get some earplugs. The Cheap Trick gig is at the Casino, not the big Metro Centre so i expect it will seem louder. Mellencamp is in a smaller stadium but it will rock the place. CT is standing room only, no seats but then, once they start playing, everyone stands up anyway so everyone else has to or they won't be able to see.

There's a site called JibJab where you can upload face photos and they can get inserted into a funny little bit of video. G. did one with him and a few mates into one that was a parody of a Katy Perry video, I forget which song now but i realized that there are a few of her songs i actually like. I'm shocked, really, because though i do like a lot of different kinds of music, the current pop stuff isn't something i tend to favour. I downloaded two of her cds and there's about 8 songs i really like that i've loaded onto my iPod. I think my favourite is called Hot n Cold. The chorus makes me want to dance around singing. I'll admit it. Also like her Firework song, E.T., Last Friday Night, California Gurls, I Kissed a Girl (because it reminds me of our road trip to Cape Breton, it was all over the radio that year). There's a few others. I find them really catchy and bouncy and not run of the mill like most of the stuff i hear and that surprises me but there you go. There's also a Kelly Clarkson one i kind of like, Since You've Been Gone.

Should i hang my head? Nah. I likes what  I likes and my iPod shows quite a range, from Nine Inch Nails, Alice Cooper, to Johnny Cash, ELO, The Killers, Queen,... pop, country, Irish/Celtic, hard rock, metal, industrial, electronica, there's even a Josh Grogan song on there though I have no idea why.
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We went to a gig tonight, Black Label Society supported by 2cents, Clutch and Children of Bodom. I actually enjoyed most of it though didn't care for Children of Bodom. Apparently they are not Black Metal but it just sounded like a wall of muddy sound to me. BLS was absolutely awesome. Zak Wilde is utterly masterful on the guitar and the sound was great, it all worked together and yes, loud but it all worked. We had been standing since almost 7:30 and by nearly 11 my feet were giving out, i was getting a bit warm and feeling icky because i was hungry, hadn't eaten since lunch. There were hundreds and hundreds of people there, standing, moving, pinging off you like a pinball machine and that was closing in on me too. We didn't stay to the end of BLS and i wish i could have managed it because i was really enjoying them. I need to see if any of my photos is useable. Might post a link tomorrow if they are.

We went to Roberts for fast food and i am now considering soaking my feet. Geez.

I hear the Chilean miners are finally being rescued. That is really a miracle that they have been able to survive 68 days underground. I hope they get them all up safely.
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There's barely a week to go! W00t!
I dump my change and save it, rolling it up when there's enough to do so. Usually before i trip, i'll cash it in and buy currency with it but i didn't get around to doing that in May so i have a bit more than usual for this vacation. I brought it in today and took it down to the bank to deposit and mentioned that i was going on a trip to Toronto. She said she'd put a note in my account so they'd know. I joked that the bank is used to me going all over the place but apparently, said the teller, Toronto is a different story. Quite a lot of the bank fraud that happens, comes out of Toronto!! I never knew that. I guess it kind of makes sense.

Got the gig tickets for Black Label Society et. al. Only thing is that it's the day that i had told my best friend that we might drive up to NB to see her so i'll have to reschedule that for a different day that week. I don't want to have to rush the visit to get back here for the gig in the evening. Must get my traditional pre-holiday pedicure scheduled, too.
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Wow, i haven't posted all week! I guess LJ really is sliding downhill and i do miss reading what everyone's doing. Facebook isn't the same really. I tried Dreamwidth but nobody was using that at the time either so i haven't bothered with it.

Really, though, there hasn't been a lot to write about anyway, not without whinging at least :) I just seem to have one ache or pain after another. I pulled a muscle in my neck while stretching in the shower the other morning, this just as my twisted ankle is nearly better and the infection (sty) in my eye was nearly gone. Also, during that heat wave, my hands got all puffy, as they do, and my ring finger knuckle got really sore and swollen. I didn't think i would be able to get my engagement ring off but i did manage it and am wearing it on my right had for the moment. The left ring finger is still a bit puffy and knuckle still a tad tender but i *can* get the ring back on. The ring always was a slight bit snug getting on and off though i could always twist it round while on my finger. It's made a dent though and the rest of that part of the finger seems a bit fleshier or puffy and i wonder if the ring has always been a little too small. I'm kind of thinking i might get it resized a little bit but i'll wait a little until the swelling in that knuckle goes away completely. It's still enough that it's a push to get the ring over it.

Was thinking of going to the air show this weekend but there's a 60% chance of showers. I don't know whether i should take the chance or not. If the cloud cover is too low they won't have the planes in the sky even if it doesn't rain. Sunday might be better so i might hold off until then. I haven't been to the airshow in a lot of years. boy the price sure has gone up!

I'm getting a Costco membership too. I don't go a lot but i might go more often and it will be more convenient to have one of my own rather than go with Mom all the time. They used to let a guest pay for their own merchandise as long as the card holder was with them but now they insist that the card holder do the paying so i have to make sure to send the money to Mom right when i get home. Plus they are doing an aeroplan signup bonus now if you join up. I don't think they give you points on your purchases normally though there is a current promotion where you will get the points if you shop online.

Getting on good with the new trainer. she does some different things but is easy to get along with.

The musical Spamalot is coming to the Metro Centre for three performances. A group of my friends is planning to go though not sure if we'll all be sitting together. I've definitely got a ticket sitting with one woman so i won't have to sit on my own. Unfortunately it's the day Graham goes back home so he won't be able to come with us. Any other time, he'd be traveling with Air Canada and leaving at midnight. We could have gone to the afternoon performance but this time he's flying to Toronto, changing airlines and then from toronto direct to Manchester which is better for him not having to wait around in Heathrow half the morning after the overnight flight. I'm almost tempted to do that myself if it goes smoothly for him though i'm loathe to give up all the lovely aeroplan points i get from the flights overseas. Using Air Canada and then the Thomas Cook charter via works out to the same price as flying it all via Air Canada who are expensive even with seat sales. Since he's not bothered about air miles, it works for him.

I have the rental car booked for his visit and one booked for one day in Toronto when we're going to Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake. The only thing left is tickets to the Bezercus gig that features Black Label Society and Children of Bodum. He reckons i might even like BLS! I don't mind. I'll go anyway.
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There's a meme making its way around slowly where you list all the bands you've ever seen. I don't remember all of them, but the ones i remember are these. Some were opening bands where i had no choice. And i should warn you, some of these go back over 30 years. My tastes have changed over the years and i like quite a lot of different things anyway. There were a number of local bands seen in pubs that i haven't included because i wouldn't remember most of them and most people won't know them anyway. One star means i've seen them more than once, ! means they were opening acts. C means they're Canadian bands.
gigs )

The Garage

Apr. 29th, 2003 12:21 pm
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Travel snippet:
Dateline Glasgow
Rattler and i had driven all afternoon to Glasgow. We stayed at the Premier Lodge which is a block or so down from the west end of Sauchiehall Street overlooking the motorway. We got single rooms en suite for £35 which was pretty good. No breakfast included but there was a little take away caff across from it so we usually grabbed coffee and a snack there in the morning.

There was no parking though because their car park was under renovation so R. had to take the car a few blocks away to a car park that only charged 7 quid for a few days worth of parking because we were staying at the hotel. Good deal :) When he returned he told me about this gig that was on that night at a venue on Sauchiehall street called the Garage, rock type band a bit loud but he thought i would probably like it. Want to give it a go? Yeah ok. why not.

We went for a really great Chinese meal first at a restaurant called Bleu Ginger. Excellent meal! Over to the venue. They wouldn't let me keep my camera in my purse which worried me but they did give me a ticket for it, promised to put it in their safe and promised responsibility if anything happened to it. Ok... i guess.... Into the venue, beers in hand. The band was 3 Colours Red. I'm sure many of you know them but of course i had never heard of them. Yes they were loud but not painfully so and i really enjoyed them. really! I think there were only one or two songs i wasn't keen on but there were a couple that i really liked. The camera was returned to me safe and sound and we left at closing. It was a Sunday night so it wasn't open that late and we went back to the hotel bar for a nightcap or three.

So....Rattler says.... how did you like your first punk band? WOT???? Now i should backtrack here and state categorically that i generally dislike punk music, at least any i've heard for the most part, the Ramones aside. Just a bit too aggressive for me even though i do like a hard rock sound. Anyway i didn't believe him. Oh yes they're a punk band. Well you never told me they were! If i had, you wouldn't have wanted to go or wouldn't have liked it on principle would you? Erm... well... probably not lolol He figured there was a 50/50 chance i'd like them as he does generally know what i do like and what i don't and he was spot on for this one. I justified it by saying, ok, they were really more "middle of the road punk" then... ..... i didn't think anyone's eyes could roll that much LOLOL!

However we scoured Glasgow for a cd and couldn't find it anywhere. They apparently have had distribution problems so he promised if i couldn't find it in London he'd make me a copy of his. London was a washout obviously so i'll have to get on to him.
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21, 000 people singing Hey Jude with Paul McCartney... it doesn't get any better than that! We just got back from the concert and it was stunning!! Do you realize what it feels like to be hearing *THAT* voice, the voice you've heard all your life, and it really is a Beatle!!! It took awhile for it to sink in but that voice.... you can't argue with that voice! He played a few fast ones to start with adn the sound was kind of echoy though i suppose that's hard to stop in an arena that size. He then did an acoustic set and the sound got better and when the band came back it still held out better. Then he played Can't Buy Me love and the stadium came to its feet. a good crowd went for the stage and the security guards went nuts but they couldn't really stop them. They were just dancing in the aisles. He did Band on the Run and Back in the USSR, two of my favourites and the slowed it down with a couple that i wasn't fond of but then Live and Let die had a spectacular pyrotechnic show!! He ended off hte main show with Let it Be and Hey Jude. He did an encore and then a last encore with Yesterday which had me in tears and Sgt/ Pepper's/The End.

So ok, Scotland was fun but we were in the car a lot, between the 6 hour drive up on Sunday, back to day and spending most of yesterday in the car driving all over Western Scotland to Mull and Iona with my pal Iain who at least did all the driving.

Ready for Manchester now... :)))

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