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Apr. 29th, 2003 12:21 pm
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Travel snippet:
Dateline Glasgow
Rattler and i had driven all afternoon to Glasgow. We stayed at the Premier Lodge which is a block or so down from the west end of Sauchiehall Street overlooking the motorway. We got single rooms en suite for £35 which was pretty good. No breakfast included but there was a little take away caff across from it so we usually grabbed coffee and a snack there in the morning.

There was no parking though because their car park was under renovation so R. had to take the car a few blocks away to a car park that only charged 7 quid for a few days worth of parking because we were staying at the hotel. Good deal :) When he returned he told me about this gig that was on that night at a venue on Sauchiehall street called the Garage, rock type band a bit loud but he thought i would probably like it. Want to give it a go? Yeah ok. why not.

We went for a really great Chinese meal first at a restaurant called Bleu Ginger. Excellent meal! Over to the venue. They wouldn't let me keep my camera in my purse which worried me but they did give me a ticket for it, promised to put it in their safe and promised responsibility if anything happened to it. Ok... i guess.... Into the venue, beers in hand. The band was 3 Colours Red. I'm sure many of you know them but of course i had never heard of them. Yes they were loud but not painfully so and i really enjoyed them. really! I think there were only one or two songs i wasn't keen on but there were a couple that i really liked. The camera was returned to me safe and sound and we left at closing. It was a Sunday night so it wasn't open that late and we went back to the hotel bar for a nightcap or three.

So....Rattler says.... how did you like your first punk band? WOT???? Now i should backtrack here and state categorically that i generally dislike punk music, at least any i've heard for the most part, the Ramones aside. Just a bit too aggressive for me even though i do like a hard rock sound. Anyway i didn't believe him. Oh yes they're a punk band. Well you never told me they were! If i had, you wouldn't have wanted to go or wouldn't have liked it on principle would you? Erm... well... probably not lolol He figured there was a 50/50 chance i'd like them as he does generally know what i do like and what i don't and he was spot on for this one. I justified it by saying, ok, they were really more "middle of the road punk" then... ..... i didn't think anyone's eyes could roll that much LOLOL!

However we scoured Glasgow for a cd and couldn't find it anywhere. They apparently have had distribution problems so he promised if i couldn't find it in London he'd make me a copy of his. London was a washout obviously so i'll have to get on to him.

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