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Picked up my new glasses yesterday. Took nearly a month which it never has before. Apparently they use a place out on the west coast now. I wonder if all the optical places do. I must check for next time, would prefer if it was a local or closer to home company. The new sunglasses are cute! Tangerine frames :) Feels like wearing a bit of sunshine on my face! The glasses lenses are a bit bigger than my old ones but i think the frames feel lighter. Wasn't sure i liked them but my hair was in bad shape yesterday and i felt overall blah. Today i've got it washed and it looks nicer and the glasses are more suited.

I noticed, too, when i was trying them on in the optical place, that my chin is distinctly turning into my grandfather's. Eeek! I've always had a dimple in my chin, which is from Dad's side of the family but it seems to be puffing up a bit and maybe sagging a bit with age and it's getting a bit more squared off around the dimple as a result and it looks just like my Gramp's chin! Well, as long as  my nose doesn't suddenly grow and change shape altogether and look like my Gram's, i'm ok. She was a lovely woman but I'm very, very glad I inherited the nose from my maternal grandmother. :)

I've got the UK flights and the Rome flights booked. Need to book a hotel and also a rental car for Manchester. We are thinking of maybe a day trip to see the Chatsworth estate, and are planning an overnight over to Sunderland by way of Durham and on the way back, there's an Open Air museum in north Yorkshire that we may stop into. We have friends in Sunderland and will stay overnight with them.

Must take my new camera out for a test drive this weekend. I've only been playing with it in the apartment.

Saw an ad for a new version of the Kobo ereader yesterday, called the Kobo Glo. It' has some sort of ambient light, not a backlit screen but a front lit one, you can turn the light on and off, though, so it's not on all the time. I don't read in the dark but on the bus in the dark winter mornings, sometimes a bus may not be well lit or standing people are blocking what light there is. It would be kind of cool. If i ever have to replace this one i have now, i will probably get that one. I could buy a little booklight i suppose though it feels a bit silly on the bus. Maybe if it's quite small. :)

new specs

Jun. 23rd, 2008 01:37 pm
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The reading glasses are the same frames only dark blue. It will take a bit of getting used to, especially the reading lenses but those also are ace! And please ignore the bra strap creeping down! eek!


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The order for the new specs has been sent and it'll take about a week. The frames she ordered in, purportedly "burgundy" is closer to brown but you can see a bit of red in the right light. Actually not that much different from the colour of my current frames. I liked them anyway, and got the order sorted so that i'll have two of the same frames, one brownish, one dark blue which will be the reading glasses. They didn't do 2 for 1 on the "economy" lenses but they did do 2 pair for $255 with cost of the lenses included. That plus the coating less the bit that the insurance will pay is costing me $250 for the two pair total. Not so bad really. In the end, doing it this way, only saved me about 30 or 40 dollars but one pair now has a scratch guarantee for a year and the other for 2 years. I really do like these frames better than the other ones i had picked out anyway.

In the news, really bad forest fire just outside of the city all weekend. I think it's mostly contained now but they had helicopters and water bomber planes in from Newfoundland and New Brunswick as well as local. There was another fire on the other side of the city as well at the same time but not as bad. Really high winds on Friday didn't help. The smoke was billowing and visible for miles. As far as i know, only two homes were destroyed, one of which was a business or that might have been in addition to. They evacuated thousands from the area and closed the highways through as the chopper was using it for a landing pad. Luckily there is a very large lake in the area for refills. Unluckily our weekend was not rainy. No loss of life that i know of. Nasty stuff, though.

A 12 year old girl was found dead in Bridgewater over the winter (town about an hour and a half drive away). Over the weekend they charged her mother with first degree murder!

Doctor Who from the weekend with spoilers )

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