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Today is the anniversary of the day we first met face to face and it's certainly one I'll never forget. We met in a chat room via a mutual friend and continued chatting in msn privately after that. After a few months I was thinking about him more and more and even though it went against all my better judgement, I really thought I might be developing feelings, for a man I had never met face to face. I'd had internet crushes before, yes, I will admit it, but I never had any intention of taking up with a long distance thing online no matter how much I was crushing. Crushes pass as they always do but this one wasn't going away. He felt the same way and like me, couldn't get his head around the idea of it but it felt like more than a crush. It might be more, we agreed.

I was planning a trip to the UK with a stopover in Manchester to see my friends there and he offered me a place to stay, no strings attached. I had one of my friends meet him for at least a first impression and he told me G. seemed very genuine. I took a big chance, but I also knew I had friends living nearby that I could go to if things went sour so I made the arrangements. Some of my friends and family were awed by the romance but most were worried. You hear horror stories, don't you?  It was very out of character for me, the Voice of Reason. My argument was that if I was indeed the Voice of Reason, then my judgement should be trusted.

By the time I actually got there, I was even more certain it was going to be ok. I kept in touch with family by phone so they would know everything was ok and I took him to meet my friends, too. They thought he was lovely, too! Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. We didn't know, that first visit, if it would be just a fling or whether it would last. It's been 12 years and we're now married, with him living in Canada with me. Now I can say with great certainty...

I told you all so! :o)
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that's "Johnston speak" for 20 kinds of awesome. Also, another family-speak is OHBOY OHBOY OHBOY OH BOY!!!.
Why all the excitement? I got a call a little while after I posted earlier today and found out that Graham's Permanent Residency was approved!!!! I spoke to the Assistant at the consultant's office and Graham also got an email from him as well. There seems to have been some confusion on where they were supposed to send the confirmation, however. The AA told me, I think, that at one point it was sent to his old address in the UK, th en they sent it to the Consultant's office but they didn't specifically address him so it got sent back.  The suite where the consultant has his office is a large one that rents out office space to quite a few small companies and people so if you don't say who it's going to, the mail people aren't going to know. Anyway, it's being sent back and we'll go in to have a meeting with him to go over some stuff that will have to be done.

Not sure if there are more forms to fill out or just to sign and apparently there's an interview with the Border Control with four questions for it to be officially stamped. Normally, we'd have to make a trip to the nearest Canadian border, which would be the US border next to new Brunswick. It's about a 5 or 6 hour drive from here. Cheaper than flying out and back again though. Anyway, Apparently there's an office that the CIC has in Halifax to do the interviews for people that can't get to the border. Where we don't have a car, I asked if we could do that. I think the questions are just to do with his circumstances such as has he been arrested since he put in the application. That sort of thing. Anyway, we'll go over al that when we talk to the consultant. At the interview, from what I understand, they can remove the visitor visa extension from his passport and later they'll mail him the actual PR card for his wallet. I thought he'd have to send his passport to London and the assisstant said she was surprised as well that it wasn't requested. Perhaps it's changed since the new government went in or the UK has changed how they do it. I'm still worrying about a cock up that will delay things but the important thing is that it IS approved. The rest is just logistics.

So we sent the application in on August 31, 2015 and it was approved at least a few weeks ago when they tried to send the letter to the consultant the first time. That's about 9 months from start to finish so that's pretty good.

Next stop, citizenship! He'll have to wait a few years before he can apply for that but that is his intention.
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My annual song from [ profile] gramie_dee can be found through this link. G.'s friend Mal contributed some of the instrumentals including the original tune at the end of the song, that's Mal's composition.

The lyrics are below...


My heart it is my Captain
And follow it I do
Wherever it may lead me
I will follow and stay true
My love so far across the ocean
Is where I must go
I'll sail against the raging void
To Canada-aye-oh


Across the sea
She waits for me
In Canada-aye-oh


The ship she was a clipper
Deliverance was her name
I boarded her in Liverpool
A crewman I became
The Bosun' he did warn me
Of perils far and wide
(But) I'd brave the very fires of Hell
To be there by her side


If facing raging squall
A fate beneath the sea
I will never fall
Because she waits for me

Guitar Solo

My journey soon is over
A new one will begin
With my true love by my side
Two hearts that are akin
(For) when I land upon that shore
Then marry her I can
Make her an honest woman
And me an honest man



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It's almost HoHo day, boys and girls! If you celebrate, are you a last minute scrambler or are you hugely organized and are all decorated, bought and wrapped by now? I'm pretty organized for the most part. I do have to wrap things, or put them in gift bags and as i said recently, i didn't put my tree up which i miss. I need to nag the superintendant again on that drywalling. I'm taking next Friday off so i only have four more working days after today, then off until the New Year.

I've got the gym today and on Monday and i'll try to get there a couple of times over the holidays. I plan to borrow Mom's car and that makes it easier. One friend and I are having an afternoon movie and a bite to eat next Friday, probably see the new Sherlock Holmes movie as that was one she mentioned. I also want to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I was skeptical but the trailers and casting look pretty good so I think it might compare favourably with the Swedish version.

We're out after work today for a Christmas get together at a local bar. The Christmas potluck was yesterday but it was in the Finance department over across the harbour. We are now part of Finance apparently but it feels like we're very different and separate since they're there and we're here. I would have preferred us to have our own dinner in our office. Maybe next year. I didn't bother going.

Things in the office are getting quiet and next week will be even more so. Once the kids get off school, a lot of parents take vacation. The days between Christmas and New Year are like working in an empty office nearly. Just a skeleton crew. If you have stuff to do you can get a lot done, though.

Graham and I have our online webcam Christmas "party" next Friday night where we open our gifts together. Providing they arrive. Well, he's got his because i took them over in September when I went. I do have a post office card so i'm hoping that's his things arriving here for me. I know i said i was going to a movie and dinner but we're scheduling that for the afternoon with the food at normal suppertime so i'll be home in plenty of time. I know what he's got me this year as I had given him a list and he'd decided on some things off it. He's working on my song, of course, so that will be a surprise.

His dad is doing well, too which is great. There's a neighbour that's applied to be an official carer, too, so Graham knows he'll have someone to look in on him. The neighbour does up his meals and does his shopping for him and errands and also goes with him when he has appointments. When his dad is able to get out and about more, he'll go with him. The neighbour gets paid for doing that too through Social Services so it benefits him as well as he's currently unemployed. I don't think the payments affect his unemployment benefits either.

I guess that's enough of the here and there, this and that for now. Just wanted a quick update really.
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Happy birthday to the lovely [ profile] girfan!

Been a quiet week here under UK skies so far this week. Took a couple of days to get my sleep patterns back and we spent our time together. Popped out for a few groceries and to see his dad of course. His dad is doing pretty well though it will take awhile before he's really back to full form, and maybe he won't be completely but he will get stronger and more mobile. We're going to a movie later this aft, Cowboys and Aliens and going into the city centre to poke around in some of the shops and have some lunch first. Graham is over at his dad's at the moment but should be back soon and we'll head out. No car this time, we're dependent on the bus schedules this week. Tomorrow I think we're going to check out the massive Manchester Museum at the university. It's apparently quite good and I can't imagine why i've not got there yet after all these visits but we just never got around to it. Tomorrow night it's a chinese buffet out with our gang :) and then Saturday, all too soon, is our last full day together. Not looking forward to the Air Transat flight back but that's the way it is. If i'd booked Air Canada they would having flying this way and that all over creation rather than the usual Halifax-Heathrow-Manchester. One had me going to Toronto then to Newark and then to Manc. and another route was to Heathrow, then to bloody Munich and back to Manchester if you please. tsk. But being as it was almost last minute, i guess you take what you can. I think i'd avoid Transat again though as it was a bit cramped for me.

Weather has mostly been pretty good other than a grim yesterday. I think the next few days will be showery though. That's pretty much normal. I should take some photos in the city center with a blue sky so i can prove i do see it here sometimes!
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I think it's going to be a quiet week leading up to the wedding. There's not a lot going on so far though Mom and my aunt and I may go to visit another Aunt at her cottage tomorrow if all works out. I"m getting my bits and pieces together to get ready for packing. Flying out on Sunday evening to arrive Monday morning and coming back the following Sunday.

Graham's dad is supposed to be coming home today! That's such a relief. Apparently they're saying he's had some sort of virus but one that isn't curable. I guess it must affect his immune system or something. Anyway he'll have to be on meds and will have a nebulizer machine, the sort of thing you might use if you have asthma but he'll only have to use it as needed. Right now he's feeling better than he has in a long time, he says. I think with this sort of scare, he'll make sure to take care of himself and follow any instructions and not overdo things. There are a couple of neighbours that can look in on him in the days when Graham is at work.
Dahlias 029
I went to see Midnight in Paris on the weekend. I didn't realize until i saw the credits that it's a Woody Allen film. I'm not very keen on his movies. I always find his lead character is whiny and even now that he's not in the movies anymore, the lead still speaks with his voice and ends up being just as whiny as Woody was. This one wasn't too bad, though. It was all very unusual. Owen Wilson plays the lead and he's another one i'm not overly keen on but he did seem to suit the part.

The plot has a man, Gil, and his fiance, Inez, in Paris as guests of her parents who are rich and snobby and don't really approve of the fiance but patronize him for her sake. She seems to be quite attached to them. They also meet up with another couple that they know, with the man of the pair being very, very far up his own arse as an expert of absolutely everything which is very grating as it is meant to be. i.e. he even has the balls to correct an expert guide about Rodin's personal life. Inez is quite impressed, Gil is not and even manages to show him up once or twice.

Gil is a screen writer but is working on his first novel which takes place in a memorabilia shop. He loves Paris but thinks Paris in the 1920s would have been the ideal place and time to live there. One night, they are at a wine tasting event and Gil decides to walk back to the hotel. He gets lost and, as the midnight church bells sound, while standing on a corner trying to figure out which way to go, an old car comes around the corner and up the hill. The occupants urge him to get in and go with them and he's just drunk enough to do it. The occupants are all dressed in 1920s style and one of the couples is apparently Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald.

Thus, he enters the world of 1920s Paris and meets up with all the great writers and artists of the time over the course of several nights' journies into the past. He meets Cole Porter, Hemmingway, Picasso, Dali and others. He also meets a beautiful woman, Adriana, the mistress of Picasso. Her ideal period for living in Paris is the Belle Epoque, the late 19th century. Neither one is all that satisfied with where they live in their present time, it seems, for one reason or another.

During the days, Gil starts to rework his book and with the few references, it almost sounds like what is happening to him at night. We never know whether it's a dream or if it's real "time travel" or just magic but it doesn't seem to matter. We can see he and Inez really aren't suited.

The dialogue and camera work are typical of Woody Allen's style and did occasionally irk me but overall it was good and it was shot in Paris so it was like a travel show all around the beautiful city. I think it was worth it just for that and it makes me want to go back again!

I've read two more books,
58. Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson
This describes a war between robots and humans by way of first person accounts, descriptions garnered from various traffic and public cameras, and testimonies. The world has been filled with robots and computerized items. Cars pretty much drive themselves, appliances are all computerized, there are robots to help with the children, with the housework, with surgeries, etc. Something happens and they all turn against humans, killing them on sight. They even evolved to create newer, smarter ones that can come after humans who hide in the countryside and mountains. The humans gather together and form resistance armies. When the robots are finally defeated, one soldier has decided to write all the history down and this is the result.

It felt all disjointed at first while it was establishing all the various characters but it gelled well and I did enjoy it. Apparently it will be made into a movie. CGI heaven i should think. I may not enjoy that lol

59 Crossroads Road by Jeff Kay.
A woman wins 240 million in a lottery. She is going to share it with her children but there's one catch, they have to all live in houses she has built in a little cul de sac but she is a nut job and most of the children all have various neuroses and quirks. The man telling the story is the husband of one of the daughters and seems fairly normal though keeps referring to an Incident that happened involving him. We do find out what that is at the end. The characters are all out to lunch in various ways and it's quite a funny book.

I am getting along well with the Kobo touch. It can be very sensitive and sometimes flips 2 pages but it's easy enough to go back one. The battery is supposed to last longer but i don't see it being much different. I do read a lot and i do read fast so i suppose i'm just harder on it than some.

I think i'm addicted to downloading ebooks lol I keep looking for more and you know, i have so many that i'll never read them in 20 years! But i did get hold of some newer books that are newly released and some old favourites. Still, though, I have to stop!


Sep. 1st, 2011 10:27 pm
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I fretted and worried all day and finally got to speak to Graham after 6 tonight when he finally got home, made a few calls and had something to eat. His dad seems to be doing well. They have tested his heart thrice over and said his heart is fine. I was concerned about congestive heart failure but that doesn't seem to be the case. They're saying the fluid has been slowly building up for some time which makes sense because he's noticed his legs get tired more easily and his feet swell up sometimes. He's been a bit breathless and sometimes dizzy over the last couple of weeks and had seen the GP who did a test and again, his heart was said to be ok. He was waiting for another lung xray when he had this yesterday, breathing trouble etc.

They've got him in a ward and have diuretic meds pumping in him through the IV and Graham said he's in better spirits today, talking to all and sundry. They're keeping him in over the weekend and maybe letting him home on Tuesday. I'm looking into possibly flying over for a week after the wedding. I may be able to get a fairly good price flying US Airways through Philadelphia, just the one change where most of the other options i've seen were more convoluted and much more expensive. I even thought about flying just in and out of heathrow and making my way north from there but it's still not really much better and i'd still have to get to Manchester from there. Philly seems the best option i think.

Well, crap

Aug. 31st, 2011 08:48 pm
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I'm disappointed but i'm also worried. I called Graham tonight because i hadn't seen his emails for the Upwords games which is unusual. I won't be online with him tomorrow night or tonight and wouldnt' talk to him until i saw him on Friday. I thought maybe he was having computer or connection problems so i decided to call.

He said he was very glad i did because he had something to tell me. His dad is in hospital. oh nooo. I knew he had been having a little difficulty catching his breath and had stopped smoking his pipe a short while ago. What he didn't tell Graham was how crap he was actually feeling so that Graham wouldn't cancel his trip. Apparently today he was having trouble breathing altogether and other stuff and his neighbour came to visit and found him like that. Called the doctor who said to call the ambulance and they took him in. Graham got home and checked in on his dad and didn't find him there but noticed a discarded oxygen mask. Oh shit. He called the local hospital just as his neighbour was calling him. Anyway he is there and they're looking after him. He's got fluid on the lungs apparently. Was listless and vomiting at one point in the ambulance. Now he could have had pneumonia or I'm concerned it's a heart issue but they did a test last week apparently and that came back clear. I would imagine they'll do more. Graham got to the hospital and had only just got back when i called and he said he dad was looking a little better by the time he left, with a bit more colour. They're keeping him in and putting him in a room and giving him a good going over.

Graham was worried sick of course and also feeling guilty because he just couldn't leave. Of course not!!! I wouldn't expect him to that's for sure and sod the plane ticket. He has to be with his Dad now. Even if his dad gets out of the hospital in a few days, he wouldn't be comfortable coming here. He's better to stay there to keep an eye on him. Don't know how long he'll be in hospital at this point because it only just happened today. His dad is 84 so any illness could be serious. Maybe if things look ok by next week i might be able to book a ticket for myself to go over for a week after Laurie's wedding but that will depend on what kind of fare i can get and at this point it's possible, going through the US. But by Monday it might not work out. We'll see. If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. Where he works is difficult to reschedule any vacation time so i don't think he'll be able to change a week to a later month like i could. If he could, perhaps we could squeeze in a week in October, as we're invited to a wedding in Scarborough. I doubt he will be able to though.

Cross your bits that his dad is ok and they can sort out what's wrong with him.
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Settling down in to reality again. And looking towards the next time i see Graham, in September. We've already been looking at flights and he's decided to take the chance and fly IcelandAir via Reykjavik to Halifax. Price is reasonable and he won't have to faff around in the U.S. The other slightly cheaper flight had him on a US airline company, United i think, or maybe American, anyway transferring in Philadelphia with a 6 hour layover. He says he's willing to take the risk of another volcano stranding him somewhere. I guess you take that risk anyway, with weather. I've got a travel agent looking into how much it might cost if he stays over in Reykjavik a couple of nights and i join him there. We'll see. If not this year, though, we might do it next year. I was looking on IcelandAir's website for hotels and they aren't even all that unreasonable. Pretty much on par with any large city like London or Toronto and cheaper than Copenhagen, or some of them are at least. It's everything else that's expensive there! Food and drink in particular. Anyway it's an idea if not for now, for later. I think it would be a neat place to see. I know a few people that have gone and they all liked it.

2011 books:
33: The Potato Factory - Bryce Courtenay
It's about a Jewish guy, Ikey Soloman, who was a fence in Victorian London and a counterfeiter as well. His wife, Hannah and his mistress, Mary, both ran whorehouses of different types, one more fashionable than the other. It tells their stories, mostly independently of each other in much of the book. They all three end up transported to what is now Tasmania for various crimes and we see how they make their lives there. It's the first of three books about the descendents but I don't know as i'll read the others. This one was good, i really liked it even if it was a bit outrageous sometimes. i.e. Ikey is purported to be the inspiration for Dickens' Fagin and one of the young pickpocket boys he "runs" tells Dickens his name is the Artful Dodger. Hmmm.... and a prostitute ends up giving birth to twins, one black and one white, having had sex with a sailor of each color on the same night. Double hmmmm... I believe the next book in the trilogy is about the brothers.

34: A Town Like Alice - Neville Shute
It took me ages to read this because i had it on my iPod and only picked it up and read on the bus now and then. It's nearly 2000 little iPod pages! I did enjoy it a lot, though. It's the story of a woman who was taken prisoner by the Japanese during WWII along with a group of other women. They were marched from town to town because their captors didn't want the responsibility of them. She meets an Australian ringer during this time though she thinks he's died before the war is over. He thinks she was a married woman because she was looking after the baby of one of the other women. Her story is told to use by a London Lawyer who had found her after discovering she was the sole heir to one of his elderly clients, a great uncle of hers. She had told him her story and then from the present forward he tells it as he knows it from letters from her. She goes back to Thailand to say thank you to the friends she made in a village that eventually took in the prisoners and then she discovers the ringer didn't die. He discovers she was never married. It looks like their paths aren't going to cross but of course you know, they do back in Australia. It's a love story in many ways, but not overly mushy and sentimental.

35 - And Furthermore - Judi Dench
Her autobiography. It's mostly about theatre as that's what she has done the most. Quite interesting, well told. No really any juicy gossip but you wouldn't expect that.
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This year's birthday cartoon from [ profile] gramie_dee

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Christmas song!
This year's song, the one [ profile] gramie_dee writes for me every Christmas, is about one of my favourite things, Coronation Street!!! It's really good and has a few cool bits in it like a couple of sound clips and two different versions of the theme tune :)))

You can hear it here.

Corrie Crazy


Ever heard of Ken Barlow?
Or Kevin Webster does he ring a bell?
How about Roy and Hayley?
Maybe Sunita do you know her well?
I know someone
Who can name everyone
Of the people on that famous street
What she doesn't know
Ain't worth getting to know
Her expertise can knock you off your feet


Remember Ena Sharples?
And Minnie Caldwell as her faithful tug?
But can you name the third person
Who used to join them in the Rover's snug?
The gargantuan task
Of all the questions you'd ask
Can be directed to the one I know
From the hard to sublime
She'll get it right every time
And then she'll even add a little bit "to go"


She's Corrie Crazy
There's nothing that she doesn't know
Corrie Crazy
She should be starring in the show
She's Corrie Crazy


Talk about Alan Bradley
Making sure that Rita's fate was sealed
Then we had Richard Hillman
The Doctor Lecter of Wetherfield
Bradley got in a jam
When he caught the wrong tram
And on the Promenade gave his last wave
Richard Hillman went down
With a terrible frown
As he drove in to a watery grave
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The day dawned dark with rain lashing down. Pretty much summed up my mood today as i had to take [ profile] gramie_dee to the airport for his journey home. It's always a sucky day when we have to part. Next visit is in the spring. Thank God for the internet and the ease of communication. We couldn't do this without it.

Am going to see a touring production of Spamalot tonight. If he'd been flying Air Canada as usual, he'd have been here to go with me but because he's flying through Toronto to another airline, he had to leave in the afternoon for the evening connection. I'm still going with some friends so i guess that will take my mind off things for a few hours. One couple that's going to be there tonight just came back from Vegas this afternoon and broke the news.... after 17 years together, they got married while out there on a whim!

and for keeping up the 2010 book list...

27 The Deep Blue Sea for Beginners - Luanne Rice
This is about a woman who had left her husband and children and fled to Capri. Her 16 year old daughter has decided to go to her mother's and find out why she left and ask her to come back. Their father/her husband had died a few years previously and her little sister has been drifting and having sleep problems. It just seems like the sisters really need their mother. But the reason the mother left was because she was having a nervous breakdown and there were things that happened that she couldn't guarantee wouldn't happen again. It seemed better all around that she go. The daughter and mother rediscover each other and we get to know some of the other neighbours as well. There's a troubled young lad in the mix of course and there's a boyfriend left behind. It was light reading and something i'd picked up for the flight to Toronto and the wait in the airport and i finished it in the one day.

I'm sure there's another book in there that i read but i can't for the life of me remember what it was.
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[ profile] neenaw has declared it to be Save Livejournal Month. Though I haven't stopped posting, i've been posting a bit less often, mainly because there hasn't been a lot to talk about. With that in mind, however, I shall endeavor to post a bit more often.

[ profile] gramie_dee arrives in Canada tomorrow and we're going to have a few days in Toronto. So, um, i won't be posting for a few days unless i manage to get free wifi somewhere up there. Go figure :) I may be able to post a pic or two from my phone, but it doesn't always work right and the LJ people have changed some of that. I think the picture text still works. Shall investigate.

We're going to meet up with Corrie friends and a long time net friend of his who he's quite excited to finally meet. We're going to do touristy things like drive to see Niagara Falls and go up in the CN Tower (see icon). Our schedule back home is already filling up with people that want to see him so we've declared a couple of days at least that will be off limits and will be "us" days.

So, yes, 1 SLEEP!
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Another quiet weekend was had. I did get out for a few groceries on Saturday after collecting my new passport from the post office. My sister popped in for a few minutes on Sunday to pick up some clothes. I'd gone through my closets again and she can wear some of my tops and once in awhile a jacket. I just find i buy tops and they fit but one wash and they shrink so that they're too short! She's shorter than me and likes shorter tops anyway so she inevitably inherits them.

I've had a google street view around the hotel where we're staying in Toronto and Yay! There's a Tim Horton's right across the street. This is *not* for the coffee fix because neither of us is all that keen on Tim's coffee but since breakfast isn't included in the hotel room, Tim's at least does ok breakfast sandwiches and bagels for a cheap and filling breakfast. The Sunday morning, though, we are eating in the hotel restaurant as a few of my friends are coming downtown for brunch before going to a Corrie ping in the North TO area somewhere. Monday is our day to do the city and Tuesday we're renting a car and going to Niagara on the Lake and Niagara Falls. Back here on the Wednesday. I'm already making a list of possible things to do and people to see if there's time. We don't want to spend all our time visiting, we need some "us" time too! (12 sleeps!)

[ profile] gramie_dee will be in Canada for Thanksgiving so it'll be his first one of those here. Good chance to get everyone together, too.

The new "Personal Fitness Dragon" is working out pretty good so far. I cracked her up today. I was struggling a bit today, and at one point she said "Oh it's not that bad, is it? You're smiling!"

I said "It's not a smile..... it's a lid on a scream!"
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Yesterday was "First Face Day". Did you see this? It's based on this photo here. At least i get to be Elsie Tanner and not Ena Sharples! I have a fella with a very odd sense of humour and very good self esteem lol! I commented elsewhere that menopause was very cruel to Ena Sharples. :)))) Isn't he lovely! Well, not with a hairnet, no, but he indulges me in my Corrie fandom and even goes along with it for the ride, putting up with paying 10 quid for a bus tour around his own hometown (Corrie remote locations tour!) He agreed to be filmed in conjunction with a documentary being made about corrie fans in Canada, too! They loved that we met in a corrie chat room and are now engaged!


I'm a lucky girl in more ways than one. When i got home yesterday, there was a message on my answering machine from the bank that issues my Visa card. They wanted me to call. Hmmm... Now i had noticed that my card wasn't in my wallet yesterday but i had it out of my wallet the night before for a little online shopping. I just thought i'd left it on the desk. I went looking for it and couldn't find it. uh oh. I called the bank and it turns out i had actually lost it just as i came into the complex where i work. Someone found it and called the bank! I just hope they didn't memorize the number! I could get it cancelled and have a new card issued but i think it'll be ok in this case. They gave me the guy's phone number and i left a message. I assume it's his work number so i am expecting him to call this morning.

I should buy a lottery ticket.
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Today is our First Face Day! (happy FFD Sweetie! xoxoxoxox) The anniversary of the day we met face to face. this is the quote from a post where i described it:

"I did get there after 1 and saw him right away waiting where he said he would be. But just as he would have spotted me and my luggage, some tourists asked him a quesiton and he turned away. Damn, i didn't want to be 6 inches away when he first saw me so i held back a minute then was about 10 feet away when we made eye contact. Then it was like something out of a movie with us clutching on to one another in the midst of a busy train station, everything really did seem to fade away around us! I just could hardly believe i was there and he was there and ... oh ... wow..."

One of the two harbour bridges was closed all weekend while they were working on it. Apparently it was supposed to reopen at 5 this morning but didn't until about 7, which was just when i got my bus. As a result there was a huge amount of traffic heading towards the other bridge, which is the one my bus usually takes. We sat in traffic for ages just trying to get to the bridge but once on, it went pretty quickly. meanwhile the rain was coming down in sheets! It also rained most of yesterday but at least it's cooled off a bit.

I went out after work on Friday to Fishermen's Cove, a little community in Dartmouth where there is a good restaurant. I went with a friend who's birthday was Saturday and we had a nice meal. We walked around the area for a bit after, taking photos of the fishing village and looking in the craft shops. This photo is one of my favourites. It's looking down into the water at the edge of the wharf, you can see the lichens and a snail on the post. The other ones i took are here.

Saturday i did a lot of housework in preparation for a film crew coming to my house next Sunday! I've been involved with the people making a documentary about why Coronation Street is so popular with Canadian fans (along with lots of other people, not just me!) and they were tickled with the story that i met [ profile] gramie_dee in a corrie chat room and are now engaged. They filmed Graham at his flat a couple of weeks go when they were in Manchester filming at Granada Studios and next Sunday is my turn, and as well, they will be filming our ping. I don't know how much of it will make the documentary but there will be a little bit! They also liked that G. is into zombie movies and heavy metal and does a metal radio show for the internet. It makes him a non-typical type of fan in their eyes though because he's British, they wouldn't normally have found or filmed if but the Canadian connection is there :) Anyway yes, they are coming to my place next Sunday i think so i really needed a good tidy up. I still have to run the vac over the floor but i'm pretty much ready for them.

Beneath the docks
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We had to go to the airport yesterday to take back the car so we went to the BMI desk and got it all confirmed. I fly out of Manchester at 6:30 and i have a hotel at the airport for overnight. Fly home on Air Canada right to Halifax at 10 tomorrow morning and get home about 12:30 ish my home time which is a far cry from leaving at noon, flying to toronto (2 hours past my home destination), a 2 hour layover and flying 2 hours back east and landing at 7:30 at night.

[ profile] gramie_dee was supposed to go to work today, and got up and left for his bus, leaving me in tears. He came straight back because he'd forgot his sunglasses. damn. Didn't want him to see me upset. He left again. Then came back again 10 minutes later and said he called in to work and said he wanted another vacation day, couldn't let me go to the airport on my own! Turned out they weren't overly cooperative but said he could but would have to come in to work later on so he's got to leave the airport, go to work and stay until 9 tonight. Bastards! But it gives us a few more hours. I love that man! xoxoxox
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Every year, [ profile] gramie_dee and i open our presents with the webcams on so we can see each other opening, and of course, we generally do it a few days before Christmas. He also always writes a song for me and this year's was inspired by ZZ Top, only he calls it GG Top! The song is called Lovin' Long Distance and if you click here you can hear it. Another brilliant tune!! xoxxoxo

He also gave me a dvd, a book and some chocolate and a lovely silver celtic knotwork necklace that sits right at my collarbone
And of course the cd art goes with it! )
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Facebook here (32) or Flickr here (19, my faves)

I'd definitely go see them again in a heartbeat!

Before the show we had a lovely dinner at Trapeze which is in the Casino. It's Italian but has other as well and the food was very good, more than plentiful and we had good service. Yesterday was spent doing a few errands in the shops and we took coffee up to Mom's for a visit. Gotta do a bit of laundry today and might try to get together with my friend Tracey if she's free. Going to Mom's tonight to do door duty with the Trick or Treaters.
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Ok, next trip up.... Graham's next visit to Canada.
Plane ticket booked... Check (arrival Oct. 29, depart Nov. 15)
Aeroplan tickets booked for Montreal...Check (depart Nov. 2, return Nov. 7)
Hotel booked for Montreal...Check (staying in a suite hotel with a kitchen).
Montreal guide book bought...Check

To Do: Rent a car for Nov. 7 to when he leaves, returning car the day after.
Ongoing: Sacrifices to the weather gods

Really looking forward to the Tall Ships this weekend. They arrive on Thursday and I'm thinking i might go down to see them later in the evening, at dusk and after dark for some pics that are different from my usual ship pics. Not a late night, just to see them lit up. Probably will go see them after work on Friday and then Saturday is the cruise on the sailboat, Liana's Ransom at noon. I'm taking Monday off to go see the Parade of Sail and heard from my mate Tracey and she's taking the day off too so we discussed where we might go to get a good vantage point. We were both of the same frame of mind in our potential location, the Dartmouth waterfront at Alderney Gate. The ships generally go down that far or a bit more towards the bridge before turning to return so it might be a good spot. Get there early so we can get a good spot to sit.

She also mentioned an outdoor concert that's happening here on the first weekend in August, it's called Halifax Rockfest and is sponsored by, of all people, the military! Along with other corporate sponsors of course. The headliner is a "supergroup" called Chicken Foot. No i haven't heard of them either but the base player is from Van Halen and the lead singer is Sammy Hagar, the drummer is from Red Hot Chili Peppers and the lead guitarist is no less than Joe Satriani, an ace guitarist. Second on the list is Canadian rock act, Our Lady Peace and they're a pretty good rockin band as well. Perennial openers, Sloan, of course and The Trews. All kicking rock acts though, for me at least, Halifax band, Sloan is a bit run of the mill but they're not bad and they've done well enough, have cds out and songs on the radio. Sounds like it would be a pretty heavy gig. At 75 dollars a ticket for entry, not really so bad. Do I want to go to another all day outdoor thing? Maybe. I think it would be a good show

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