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There's a sign in the mall for one of the hair salons saying they have a "happy hour" deal, $19.99 for a blow dry. I assumed this might mean a trim and blow dry but no, they just want 20 dollars, and that's the "on sale" happy hour deal, to wash and dry your hair. Bizarre. Though I suppose if you had a lot of hair or a special event to go to, you might take advantage of that service. Boggles my mind. However, on further inquiry, they will wet (not shampoo), trim and dry my short hair for 5 dollars more. A shampoo would cost me an extra 10 dollars on the total cost of the haircut. Ladies of my grandmother's era would make a weekly appointment to get their hair "set" and styled, because they would spend a lot of time putting their hair in rollers when they did it themselves. They'd get a set (maybe a trim and shampoo as well), with loads of hair spray and it would do them all week. My white haired Gram would have a tint of blue or purple put in her hair, which is supposed to stop your white hair from looking yellowed but instead, she'd have blue or purpleish hair long before it was funk-chic to have that! My other grandmother was a hairdresser so she did all of this for all the other older ladies! She had a chair in the front living area of her house with a little waiting area to one side.

Did I mention the crack in my kitchen cupboard ceiling came back? I noticed it in the summer. I called about it a few weeks ago, didn't hear anything. Called and left a message last week, I think, and still nothing but I got hold of the building manager today and he said they'd been up on the roof two days ago so now they had to wait and see if they fixed it i.e. if i got more water in my kitchen! If I'm dry (we're supposed to get a heavy rain tomorrow, it's raining a little today but i don't always get leaky if it's not heavy) then they can re-patch the ceiling. tsk. I am, or my ceiling is,  the weakest link.
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Since i've had this new hair style, a bit longer, with bangs, the stylist always uses a straightening iron on it. I've not bothered to get one until now. I've finally bitten the bullet, as it were. One of the things that annoyed me about this style is that my bangs would curl instead of stay straight, and the ends would curl as well, being tucked behind my ears. Not so much the day i would wash and dry it but the next day and i didn't want to have to wash it every single day if it doesn't need it, which it usually doesn't. I decided to try the iron. That way, if it's a bit curly on the ends in the morning, i can just heat up the straightener and give it a touch up. This morning is the first time i've used it, on freshly washed hair. Seemed ok. I didn't burn myself, and it did a decent job. The heat controls are hard to see though, being on the inside between the two "arms". Without reading glasses i can't see the numbers on the settings but i just put it on what looks to be half way and can adjust from there. Why they didn't put it on the outside of the thing, i don't know. The arms shadow it too so you're holding it in an awkward position to get the light on it. *sigh* aging eyes!

I'm not really that adept at styling my own hair like some people are. I have always gone for styles that were no or minimum messing about required unless for a special occasion and then, my efforts are only reasonably successful. My hair has a wave in it and generally doesn't want to do what i want it to do. not for long anyway. Let's hope this straightener iron will tame the curly ends that annoy me.
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I donated The Ship to the Silent Auction for United way at work. They were starting all donations at $20 and mine has a $25 bid on it already! They're taking online bids through the intranet until the kickoff in November. I got an email today from someone at Fire Services wanting to know if i would donate a painting to another auction which is raising money for a local youth swim club. Of course, sez I. I think i might send over the Lighthouse. It's not framed but i will get an inexpensive frame for it on the weekend.

Scheduled myself for a hair appointment for after work on Tuesday, highlights and the works. I saw the big grey streak down the center of my head where the roots have grown out and it wasn't pretty. I"m feeling my age, let me tell you!

Long weekend for us in Canada as we celebrate our Thanksgiving in October. Supposed to be good weather all weekend too! Yay! Probably the last of the nice weather, too.
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Is there anything more frightening that going to a new hair stylist?? It's a girl thing, i can't imagine too many men would be nervous at the thought of subjecting their head to someone with scissors who hadn't applied them to their locks before. In the olden days, a woman's hair was said to be her "crowning glory". Most women, even those of us that don't fuss much with their hair, still want their hair to look ok, decent, tidy and fear a bad haircut. Yes, hair grows so if you get a haircut you really don't like, it's only temporary.

So i'm about to try a new stylist at a different establishment. Funny thing is, at the old place that i've been going, i've used several of the stylists that aren't my usual one and haven't worried but I suppose when you go to a particular salon, and you're happy with one stylist, you figure the others will be as good and i've had nothing to complain about with any of them. The only thing is, it's getting hugely expensive. I go to a spa because the gal i went to at a hair salon in the mall here moved there and i followed. I knew it would be a bit more expensive but the last time i went, i got a cut and colour and it was $100!!! I'm sure i used to pay about 70, though i'd pay the 100 if i had highlights put in as well. It seems they've upped their colour price to be the same as highlights, probably encouraging you to do that since it's the same cost. I was shocked and appalled and i've decided i'm not going to pay those rates again.

One of my friends suggested the salon in the little shopping mall where the Delta Barrington hotel is, right across the street and which is actually closer than the spa which is down in a hotel on the waterfront, a few more streets away. I went over there at lunch to talk to them and though they didn't have any record of my friend (which is odd, but maybe i got the location wrong of the place she goes), i decided to give them a try anyway. Friday. She told me that they only charge $50 for a cut and colour for someone with my length hair which is short or no longer than collar length).

Yeah, that's more like it. My only qualm is that this studio is fairly new in a location that's had quite a few different retail stores in it over the last few years. I half expect to get used to it and then have them move out or close down. Still, in a hotel, you'd think they might do ok. Looks like they do manicures and pedicures too though the woman that does my pedicures now is fine so i shall probably not change that.

A new salon and new stylist that apparently is not the one my friend goes to but i suppose it'll be ok. Stay tuned on that one.

In other news, i had a call from one of the workers at the cemetery. Before anyone freaks out, remember, i work for the City of Halifax and one of our departments looks after all the HRM owned cemeteries. I've done application work for them in the past as well. Anyway. The headstone for the grave of my friend Carole who died last year is going to be installed very soon, probably Friday afternoon. I'd been talking to him awhile back and asked him to let me know when it was going to be installed and he remembered. A few of us here in the office wanted to go and set flowers on her grave when the stone was put down so i will let them know, too. Last month, I visited the bench that we'd donated to Shubie Park. I knew it was the one year anniversary of the weekend i'd found out she'd died and then later realized, because this is a leap year, it was actually on the anniversary date. I also heard that the plaque on the bench was stolen and had to be replaced by the parks people. I hope they put the same wording on it.
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Heavens, a local woman gave birth to quadruplets, two girls and two boys, here yesterday. And they already have a 2 year old! was down last week when the host moved the site to new servers. It was nearly invisible to us, the users, until the "guestbook" forum wasn't working and the ftp logins were also borked. I started emailing. The site owner, then the web hosting service. Got the new ftp logins, but for 4 or 5 days the guestbook was still blanked. between emailing several people and cc'ing stuff to others, people who were more technically minded than me figured out the problem and sorted it. Moving the stuff to a new server broke some links in the guestbook config files, basically. A lot of people read and post to that guestbook, it's more like a chat forum in a way and people don't half miss it when it's gone!

Getting my hair cut and coloured after work and not before time. It's wayyyy too long and out of shape now but i don't think i'll go back to the shorter cut i've had lately. It'll still be short and still fuss free unless i want to mess with it and i'll be glad to get rid of the grey. There's more and more all the time but i'm not quite ready to go dye-free yet. It took two weeks to get in to see my stylist, though. She only works three days a week! Since i don't get my hair cut every 5 weeks like i probably should, i probably won't get it done again now until i get back from London.

Hmmm we get back from London on a Tuesday and I usually take the next day off. I should just put in for the rest of the week off.
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Thinking of getting my hair cut a bit shorter than i have been. something like this, i want to be able to scrunch and spike it a bit without having to use the hair dryer, too. I might not be able to get away without a bit of hair dryer action but at least it will dry fast. What do you think? I'm really crap at making my hair look good though. That's why i go for something with as little fuss as possible. Short hair always suited me better though i've had it long a few times over the years.

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