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 Welcome to May. Facebook is littered with those stupid Star Wars Day  memes. Every year, the same damn thing. I'm not going to repeat it so if on the off chance you don't know what that is, go look there :) 

There was supposed to be a baby shower for my niece on Saturday but she's had a bit of a crisis and is in hospital. She started losing amniotic fluid yesterday and my sister took her over to the maternity hospital pronto. They're keeping her for 72 hours and giving her stuff that might prevent her from going into labour and giving her steroids to encourage strong lungs in the baby in case she does. She's 31 weeks along and they say the baby weighs about 3.5 pounds. Her sister-in-law had a preemie even younger than that last year and the little fella made it through. They're going to put her on strict bed rest and hope to keep the baby inside as long as they can. Seems likely she won't go full term to July though. Needless to say the shower has been postponed. The cookies I'd ordered were already made but the woman said she'll feed them to her grandkids and make more later when we do go ahead with it. I thought she could just pop them in the freezer but she prefers to remake fresh which is nice of her. 

Yes we did get the Hawaii package booked and now I'm looking at hotels for Vancouver. Booked the airport one already. My cousin invited us to stay with them so I think what we'll do is stay in a hotel for the first few days in the city and go to her on the last two and maybe she can take us to the airport when we go to Hawaii. Or at least to the skytrain where we can change to the airport line in the city centre. Another friend in Victoria wants us to stay there as well. I can coordinate that with my aunt and uncle's dates, a few with them and then a night or two with my friend. That way, we aren't imposing on any individual too long and we still have some hotel time for our own privacy as well. 

Our second anniversary is next week but as it's a weekday, maybe we will do something on the weekend though I hear we're in for torrential rains so it might be prudent to wait and see. It's gorgeous out today but the forecast shows rain for the next week. Ah, spring. 

The series for The Handmaid's Tale has started. I have seen the first episode but not the second. They broadcast two on the premiere night and it will be once a week after that. So far, so good. I recently reread it and it was all pretty new because it's been decades since I've read it and quite a long time since I saw the movie that was made from it, too. I like the series so far and even G. watched it with me and thought it was ok. Not usually his sort of thing but he was interested enough. But for our mealtime tv watching last night, he was far more interested in the latest Gotham which I do enjoy as well. I saw something yesterday, though, that there was approval for a second series of Handmaid's Tale. Wtf? How they would be doing another series from the one book, unless someone's going to write  a sequel, I don't know. Having said that, I did hear rumours that Margaret Atwood may be doing just that so we'd finally get to know what happened to Offred after the end of the book/movie. 
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 I think we've decided on the hotel for Hawaii. Well, I've decided. He's quite content to let me do the research and make the arrangements since I really like doing it. I always show him what I'm going to book before I book it, though, to make sure he is ok with it. Haven't booked it yet because I'm trying to do the Air Canada Vacations package and the booking site doesn't appear to let you book the extra leg room seats on top of the basic package so I am going to go to a travel agent to see if they can do that. It's worth the extra money for me. The flight is run by Air Canada Rouge, a not-quite-no-frills airline from Air Canada, kind of like their charter service I think. Apparently a bit less leg room than normal and you pay for pretty much everything including seats, baggage and food. I'm tempted to book the Hawaii package with the business class which is cheaper than regular Air Canada B.C. but still twice the price.

Looking it up, 2 tickets for the basic fare return from Vancouver to Honolulu is a total of $1386. Business class for the same thing is 3432 and that's without the hotel. If we then booked the hotel on it's own, that is, without being in the whole package, 1469 for a king bed room with a bit of extra space. That's booking on the Air Canada site or on Expedia, a sale at the moment. Looking on the hotel's site, with the hotel's points program (which I have already joined) it's 1385 for the same room or maybe that was the basic room. I forget now. That plus the separate flights are 3053. 

An Expedia package, flight and  hotel for that hotel is  and an Air Canada package is 2278 and if i can get the extra legroom seats added on, it's still only 2560.  Save 500 booking AC package so that's a no brainer but it was worth doing the research just to check. 

Also been checking hotel prices for Vancouver but I don't know yet for sure how many nights we'll need. I'll be contacting my cousin and though I won't invite myself, I'll see if she does invite us to stay  for a night or two. I do want a hotel for part of the Vancouver stay but I'd like to stay with them for a couple of nights. I wouldn't impose more than 2 nights if she asks. I did assume I would be staying with my aunt and uncle in Victoria and I believe I did verify it was ok when I saw them last year when they were at my mom's visiting. Again, not more than a few nights. Would like to drive up to Parksville to see my friend Kazza overnight while on Vancouver Island and again, no assuming she'll ask us to stay with them so will ask her about a motel nearby. I hope to be able to drive around the island a bit, either on the way to Parksville or on the way back to Victoria. I've heard that the little town of Tofino is gorgeous!

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