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Weather was overcast much of today, it's foggy now. While that could provide some interesting photo opportunities, i passed. I just hope the rain stays away for the parade of sail tomorrow. I'll be disappointed if it's cancelled due to rain. It's expected to be showery so i don't know if it will go or not and i have no idea where to call or listen tomorrow to find out if it's on or not. (i don't have a radio) I could go and try and wait and see i guess. I can always take my gym clothes and go work out if the parade of sail doesn't happy. Got a doctor's appointment at 3 and was planning to watch the sail from the Woodside Ferry terminal which is handy the office. At least i got over to see them twice anyway.

I didn't do much today, though i did take the bed apart to get at the bedframe to tighten up the screws. One was loose somewhere and was making that metal on metal scraping sound when i moved around in bed. Really annoying. I think i got it all tightened up. I'd hate to think i went through all that palaver for nothing! Got some laundry done, sheets changed, just bits and pieces done.

Another taste of Tall Ships for you. This is the Royaliste, out of San Francisco, which was moored on the Dartmouth side and done up like a pirate ship with the crew in fancy dress and everything.

Royaliste (San Francisco)
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I just spent a half an hour doing that long year end meme that's going around but i have just deleted it all. I usually do my own year end round up, not a question and answer type meme, it's a month by month review in point form and a few lists but i don't post it until new year. Obviously this year has had some good things in it, but there's been the shadow of Dad's death from the start. I learned some things about myself though. I got through it a lot better than i thought i would be able to but i've had a lot of support too. One friend of mine lost her dad to cancer in May so we've been touching base by email and that's helped, too. We're experiencing the same things at almost the same time frame.

I don't know yet what i'm going to do today. A bit of housework probably. Must get on the horn to Future Shop and find out if they got my camera off the truck yet. Honest to God/dess how long does it take? If it's ready for pickup that means a trip over there. Thankfully it's a free standing shop, not right in the mall. It's cold but it's sunny, i could walk over.
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Looks like we're going to get a respectable snowfall! Usually big, fat flakes don't equal a lot of snow but it's been coming down most of the afternoon after a wet morning. I had the window open earlier to take a pic and it's not really cold out there, just hovering about zero.

I've been feeling a bit better tonight but definitely felt like the tail end of the flu earlier. I did some laundry and made a jambalaya so i could get moving around a bit.

But to cheer me up, i found three Christmas cards in the mailbox this afternoon AND a LUSH Christmas edition of Lush Times! Yay!
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1) Name one of your bad habits:
chewing on the inside of my cheek
2) What do you expect from friends?
accept me (faults and all), be honest, supportive and make me laugh
3) What is the last thing you wrote down?
a list of things to take to my friend in Amherst next week
4) What is the last favor you did for someone else?
Filled up Mom's gas tank is the first thing that comes to mind
5) What is your favorite TV show?
Coronation Street

It's my last EDO/Flex friday off and what am i doing ? Waiting. See, i bought a new bed and bedframe back in January. I've noticed that the bedframe is getting very squeaky. I know beds and mattresses creak but these are distinctively metallic sounding squeaks and grinds. So i'm getting them in to check it and maybe i may get a new one. Maybe i will just get regular legs on the bed i don't know. Oooh they're here...

There. No more squeaks. Side bolts of the frame needed tightening. At least i know what the problem is now, and i can do it myself or get someone a bit stronger to give the bolts a good twist if they work loose again. Not5hing so offputting as a squeaky bed. Also took the opportunity to put the bedskirt on over the box spring. The bedskirt is too wide, it being a king size and my bed only a queen, but i've folded it up and let the longer bit drag on the side nearest the wall. So, Mom, My box spring is now tastefully covered :)


Now i need to get a few more things together, and i should go out to the bank today to get me holiday cash to have in hand for the road trip.
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I know. It was a nice, sunny day. Why wasn't i outside in it? If i didn't stay in and do the housework i planned to do, it would get put off for another week at least. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. The apartment isn't spotless by any means but the top of the stove is cleaned and refreshed, the bathroom is cleaned, the sheets are changed and the carpet is vaccuumed. You know that sticky backed shelf liner? it's hard to get on straight when you're head is under a cupboard and you're balanced on your knees while using both hands to peel and spread the vinyl covering.

Watched Deepa Mehta's Water. I think i should have watched the subtitled version because i found i missed some with trying to make out some of the accents. Very good movie, though. And the practice of making widows live in ashrams alone still happens in India in many places! The movie centers around a 7 year old who's husband (of an arranged marraige) dies (1938) and she has her head shaved and is put in one of these places to live among women of all ages. These widows are shunned by society and live in poverty. One younger woman has been prostituted in order to get money for food or cremations when one of the women dies. Even though the laws are changing, people don't follow them, and stick with traditions to suit themselves. It's a touching movie that ends with the hope of change to come with the emergence of Ghandi. Deepa Mehta made an English version and a Hindu version subtitled. I don't know that many of her movies but apparently she can be rather obvious in her messages. The movie is colourful and beautifully shot, though, and i will very likely watch it again in the subtitled version.
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I found this week went by really quickly, didn't you? After last Saturday's marathon of Rawk in the Rain i am mostly going to stay inside and dry this weekend. Got housework to do. Never did get round to doing the top of the stove when i cleaned the oven so i am going to knuckle down to that and shall have fresh sparkly burner liners (courtesy of tin foil) and scrubbed stove top.

I came across a marvellous poem this morning by Alfred Lord Tennyson called

The Kraken

Below the thunders of the upper deep,
Far far beneath in the abysmal sea,
His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep
The Kraken sleepeth: faintest sunlights flee
About his shadowy sides: above him swell
Huge sponges of millennial growth and height;
And far away into the sickly light,
From many a wondrous grot and secret cell
Unnumbered and enormous polypi
Winnow with giant fins the slumbering green.
There hath he lain for ages and will lie
Battering upon huge seaworms in his sleep,
Until the latter fire shall heat the deep;
Then once by men and angels to be seen,
In roaring he shall rise and on the surface die.

"slumbering green"..."below the thunders of the upper deep"... wonderful imagery. Sounds a lot different than the vengeful cgi Kraken in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, doesn't it?

Mom is hostessing friends from Arizona today. Wouldn't you know it? It's going to rain. They aren't going to see our lovely city under a very good light.
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First off, my mom had lunch with [ profile] kazza_ yesterday. Report here. They had a great visit! [ profile] kazza_ is a good mate of mine, yes an "internet" friend because that's how we met and mainly keep in touch, irc and the telephone and we've met in person once. She's the kind of friend i really wish i lived closer to (we're on opposite sides of the country) so that we could hang out more.

I woke up last night and had a little dizzy spell. Then when i turned on my side I had another one, quite strong and then got all cold sweaty. It subsided but when i turned over it hit again. I don't know what it was, or why and it concerned me. Anyway i didn't go in to work today and though i didn't really sleep soundly i did doze for a bit. It seemed to be worst when i turned over to my right side which i did very slowly after that and it doesn't seem to be bothering me sitting up. Doesn't seem to be there now though i still feel a bit off and slightly spacey. No pain anywhere, no other symptoms or i might have suspected food poisoning although my cajun chicken that i made last night was well cooked.

Personality Meme/quiz nicked from girfan )
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Funny how 40 minutes of cleaning the oven and various grill racks wipes you out!
And at least i bought rubber gloves this time. Last time i did it, i didn't use them and got caustic burns on my palms. Cortisone cream is good!
One sponge, two SOS soapy steel wood pads and half a roll of kitchen towel later, it's done.
Probably not as good as it could be but it's a lot better than it was.
...and probably it won't set the smoke alarm off next time i bake something too.
Someday i'm gonna pay Molly Maid to come in and do it from top to bottom.
Oh god. Top. I didn't really clean on the top of the stove and replace the foil under the burners yet. That can wait. It's not that awful a job.
I did try to sit on a little Rubbermaid footstool but in the end that wasn't much better but kneeling on my water pillow took some of the ache off the knees.
I'm not sure what's worse, trying to clean the roof of the oven or hanging over the tub scrubbing the racks. Then having to clean the tub. But it's very shiny and clean now! Oven cleaner certainly gets the grime off it but you have to clean it with regular cleaner really well after or it's too slippery.
One hot shower later, a can of diet coke and Napoleon Dynamite on the telly. I think i'll try out the water soluble paints later.
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The oven will be cleaned tomorrow. that's a promise, seeing as i've already sprayed it down to sit overnight. When the oven smokes and the smoke alarm goes off and you haven't even used the broiler, it's time to clean it lol!

Had coffee with my friend T today. We were discussing baby names and how the celebs are all naming their babies strange names. T. thought that the poor kids would suffer in school. Au contraire! all the celeb kids will probably go to the same school anyway so it'll be the kid named David or Mary that gets their arse kicked in the schoolyard!

Got a baby fix today, cuddling the 2 month old son of [ profile] teaone and [ profile] hello_city. He found a nice comfy spot (left boob and shoulder) and had a nice long snooze. Photos are in my sister's camera so will point to them when available. I can go years without holding a wee one and in the last month i've got to cuddle three!

You will be pleased to know that the new pillow was very nice indeed. Time will tell but so far, so good.

that is all.
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Aren't Fridays lovely? Even horribly rainy ones like this one is turning out to be. Tail end of a tropical storm. Raining sideways. I got home ok though, it was pouring when i left the office but when i got to the bus it wasn't too bad. One of my workmates lent me a hat which was better than nothing. When i got off the bus at home, it had almost stopped but it's howling outo there again now. The amount of rain coming down doesn't seem to be huge other than in fits and starts, but the winds are gusty and it's whirling around out there. Umbrellas are neither use nor ornament in this weather.

I seem to have a cloud of fruit flies in my kitchen. Tossers! I think i had something in the garbage can that i forgot was a breeding ground for the little bastards. I now have two traps out and they're accumulating little bodies rapidly. I use cider vinegar with plastic wrap tightly over the top of the dish and poked with a few fork holes. You can use wine vinegar and a guy at work actually uses white wine (but he has it to spare as he makes wine). Works a treat but it takes a few days to get them all.

Can i just say that Farmers ice cream in the flavour of Banana Splitz is really good! Banana ice cream with strawberry and chocolate in it and these little white chocolate bits with i think some sort of jam inside.
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It won't. It's been tipping it down all day today, but not steadily. Just in intervals enough that just when you think it's safe to venture out, it starts teeming again. Sideways. I think i'll just put a Corrie dvd on, make a fresh cup of tea and do a bit of painting instead. Now i've said that, it almost looks like it might be brightening up a bit. More fool me though, if i do decide to go out. Nope. Dishes soaking in hot water, then tea and paint thinner for me this afternoon. Just a little canvas i think. Results to be posted in due course.

[ profile] blueberrymoon recommended me to Shutterstock (why do i keep wanting to call it Shuttercock? ooh er missus!) and it's been a bit frustrating trying to upload photos because in spite of what i've been told, they seem to be insisting on 4 MP size photos. Perhaps that is only because the first 10 are dependent on your continuing your membership, at least in the short term. If rejected, i can submit more in 3 months. It's a stock photo company that sells uploaded photos and film footage and members get a cut of it. Most of my photos are travel related so we'll see how they fit in. Anyway. All my photos are under 2.5 megapixels and you can't upsize them more than 5%. I did do that to make them 3.2 but they still wouldn't have it. More than one way to depilate a feline, sez i. I got a few prints out and scanned them at 600 dpi resolution so they are actually over 5 mp and uploaded them. Result! Now i wait to see if they are going to actually approve any of them. Photos with people in them have to have a model release so I can't submit some i have that i really like because of that.

Ok, off to the easel.
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It's quiet in LJ land today.

It's raining. I shouldn't really complain but it's been gloomy for weeks now with only brief encounters with the sun. At least it's not as cold as it was.

Watched a 2 hour crime drama about a forensic psychologist starring Robson Green. He's small and compact but he does have lovely eyes. What was it called? oh yes, Wire in the Blood. Must try to catch it next Saturday too. Some might want to compare it to Cracker and the the premise is similar. Psychologist helping the police find criminals, pretty lead detective that fancies the psychologist but the psychologist isn't as flawed as Robbie Coltrane's Cracker and much better looking. Although... couldn't you just cuddle up to Robbie on a cold night? I suppose nowadays he's Hagrid in everyone's mind but in my mind's eye, he's Cracker (not "crackers" although i wouldn't kick him out for eating crackers ... well the name and the sentence just led into that one didn't it? lol!)

Doing some serious thinking about what to pack now. will probably wear the dregs of the wardrobe this week so i can keep clean the stuff i want to take.

Won 10 dollars on the lottery ticket from last night. When i bought it i thought to myself "Ok, Dad, send down some magic... oh who am I kidding? He bought tickets for 30 years and never hit a big win. Never know t hough and i won the tenner, which is more than i usually win so that's something eh? Come to think of it, there's a free ticket going off one i bought a week or so ago and do you think i know where i put it after days of shifting it from pillar to post to pocket!

Finally got back to painting this morning. I've been gathering photos and pictures that would make nice paintings so i will not be short of inspiration.
Four more working days! Yay! Pedicure and massage on Friday! Yay!
Had a nice meal out with Mom last night.
Baby shower tomorrow for [ profile] teaone!
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The latest episode of Doctor Who was fabulous! It featured Sarah Jane Smith who was a companion to the Doctor in the 70's.
some minor spoilers )

You know how therapeutic it is to clean out closets and things? I cleaned out the kitchen drawers earlier. I had the front panel fall off one of them so i had to nail it back on, thus having to empty it. I proceeded to empty the others too and weed out old sticky plastic bits and pieces and other stuff i don't use. Then i chucked the sticky plastic bits i probably would use into the sink to wash. erm... just how many funnels does one person need anyway?

Mom is feeling better and she came over this afternoon for a visit. We went out to Tim's for a tea and then dropped in on her best friend who lives a few blocks away from me. We had a nice visit. She's off to Hilton Head in about a week and gets back the day before i leave. The break, the change of scenery is going to be good for both of us.
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We've finally got some sunshine and clear blue skies!!! I think it must have been the worst week for weather in April i've experienced in ages. But that's fairly normal i think. You can experience all four seasons in a week! Lovely blue skies yesterday and today though quite high winds yesterday. I did a bit of shopping for a new spring coat. I have one that's a sort of nylon but it's heavy like leather but it's not real leather or like fake leather because it isn't shiny like that. Anyway. The collar is all cracked and it's getting kind of ratty looking. The other one is an old cloth one i really don't like. I found one that fit me though it's a bit dressier than i would normally pick but it is quite nice. Almost knee length, black cloth, with a collar and a button on hood with white top stitching around the cuffs and collar and actually it looks kind of nice because it's not overdone. Won't be waterproof like my nylon one so i don't suppose i will be retiring that one just yet. I also went into the men's big and tall store to get a couple of plain basic tshirts. I can get tshirts in the large size ladies' stores but they aren't really long enough or full enough for the gym and my old tshirt that i used for the gym is stained and just manky! I got a couple of v-neck shirts for 20 dollars each and they're quite comfy. I tried a larger size on but though it was find, the top part was just too huge around my shoulders and chest. I may have big boobs but my shoulder area is definitely not broad like a man's. I even threw out my old tshirt in the bin in the locker room at the gym yesterday too so i wouldn't be tempted to keep it for "just around the house". I do like it because of the logo on it which is the same as on this icon and promotes the beauty in us women who are built for comfort and not for speed ;) I'll have to make do with just the icon now.

Today i took my bucket and put a little elbow grease into the squeegee and cleaned my living room/balcony doors and windows. What a difference!! The winter grunge is gone and even though there are one or two streaks, it's so much nicer to see out through clear glass! Laundry is in the dryer and i've just had something to eat.

[ profile] gramie_dee is off to see War of the Worlds performed at the MEN arena in Manchester tonight with some of our friends so i will be waiting to hear a complete review about that. I'm sure he'll post his review on LJ tomorrow. Hmm that reminds me. Alice Cooper is playing here in a couple of weeks, May 3 i think, and he wants me to write a review of the concert as well. I know i won't remember all the playlist but he said that won't matter. I guess i'll give it a go!
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But cut so you can skip it if you want )

And in other events, i spent my day off huddling inside. The wind is very high out there and it sounds very cold! So instead i cleaned the bathroom, vaccuumed and dusted, packed up allllll the old papers and stuff and took them all down to the recycle shelves. Then my internet connection just died on me. Agghh! After an hour i called up, mainly thinking it was probably an area outage due to the wind but no, it seemed to be an IP address conflict somewhere and the lad spent a half hour on the phone with me doing this, that, and the other. Finally we had to fool it by putting in a static ip address, connecting and then going back to the random address so that the computer/modem would request a different one instead of the old one that it stubbornly refused to let go of. Anyway the upshot is, it's working again.

[ profile] gramie_dee made me giggle this morning unintentionally. Pronounciation differences between the east side of the Atlantic and the West side rather clashed over an attempt at telling a joke. Let's just say we won't have to worry about him telling Newfoundland jokes when he comes to Canada. ;)
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And what did the postman leave me this week? Three dvd's, one of which i did not order and it's already been sent back. Zoor the sequel. You've got to be joking. Droolworthy Antonio aside, i saw the first one and it was ... ok. barely. The sequel, from all accounts, blows chunks. I must have missed the mail order deadline though i'm usually pretty careful. I missed one last year and i kept it because it was Spiderman 2 and [ profile] gramie_dee was keen on it anyway so i saved it for a Welcome to Canada pressie last year.

The other two dvd's were (buy one get one free) Chocolat with lots of Johnny Depp goodness and Corpse Bride which i have been told by many that it is Ace and i shall watch it this afternoon. (later... why did i not know it had musical numbers! Fabulous!!! Already i foresee screencaptures for icons!)

It's a dark, rainy day and i feel quite lazy. I do need groceries but i think i'll make do until Monday and pick some up after work then.
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Quiet day yesterday though i did semi-firm up another social date for when i'm in Manchester with some old friends.
I then attempted to make a brew but when i turned off the hot water, the tap kept on turning off. I mean. the water stopped but then the tap kept spinning lol Ok ... call the superintendant. He came over and brought some screwdrivers and a wrench and tried some leftover taps he had but they didnt' fit so i suggested he put the cold tap on the hot side for now. That worked. He's putting in a work order and said they'll probably replace both taps today which i'm surprised with. The speed, i mean. The only other time i had a problem, i had to put in the work order to the supers myself though not the current ones and the company never did show up. I had someone fix it myself. It was only a replacement fluorescent tube but i couldn't quite get it properly in as it was awkward. Anyway. While he was there with a wrench i asked him to fit the new shower head i was given for my birthday so that's installed too. He mentioned the the new owners of the buildings are going to be replacing the tubs and fitting new tile on the walls which would be lovely since my tub has some pretty worn spots. I also have a bad patch on the wall by the tub that is going to need replacing again so if they do a new tub, that all will get fixed. I've been in this apartment since 1989 and things do start wearing out.

am going to be doing a small application at work in java starting this week. Shouldn't take very long but i am woefully out of practice so this will be good to get me up to speed a bit before the big projects start coming down the pipe.
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Very industrious today. I undecorated the tree last night and took it apart today, stuffing it into it's box. The box, even though brand new, was already starting to fall apart so i don't know, i figure by next year, i'll have to store it in garbage bags. Duck taped it in and wedged it into the storage closet so i don't think i'll have branches springing out at me when i open the door next time. Ah yes, the storage closet. Someone tell me why i've kept a box with one or two odd lengths of fabric from some things i sewed about 10 years ago? And why did i keep a bag of coffee mugs? And oh.. a bunch of other stuff that is now in the bin or sitting on the recycle shelves in the garage of the building. I also bundled my old tree down there too and stuck a note on it "Free to a good home". Ran the hoover over the carpets. No my apartment still isnt' tidy but at least one task is done.

Been struggling with Nero 6 for this dvd writer. It seems like once it's installed and i reboot, i'm no longer booted up as the administrator and several applications won't run including Norton Anti Virus and it won't let me activate it because it's telling me i'm not the administrator. Bah! I even tried disabling Norton and disconnecting from the internet while i installed but no dice. I will ask around among the techies at work this week, maybe someone has some software i can use instead or some ideas of what i can try. The drive works as far as reading and playing goes, i haven't tried to write to it yet.

I nipped out to Wally World (Wal Mart) to find a frame for the painting and i found a nice one, it's a mahogany colour with lots of gold flecks on it and it looks nice with the painting. I don't need to get an oval cut out matte for it though, it really does look ok as it is. I took it up to Mom's and we put the pic in the frame and left the glass on to protect it. I'll take a photo once it's on the wall but they need to get proper picture hanging wire and those little round plastic things you can attach to protect the paint on the wall. Am now just waiting for delivery of a donair and garlic fingers with cheese. mmmmmmmm.....

Have organized a sort of reunion for our chat room for tonight as well, and i expect to see a lot of people that have got away from it over the years. The chat room is not very busy these days and Saturday nights used to be party night there, we'd all listen to the same web radio and have a blast. It'll be nice to see some of the old names again :)
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Well they didn't last very long. Ok. some of them did.
The straps for the sheets that hold it down over the feather bed, i mean.
One kept slipping off. Today i changed the sheets and tried to attach them to the clean one.
Bloody things kept snapping off. Or i couldn't get them on. They hook on like garters do for stockings. But they're rubber. They should be metal. i guess what i'll have to do is buy some elastic and sew it on because i'm not going to fight with them again.

Caught up on a bit of housework. Started a painting. Need to make something to eat soon. I have some salmon fillets that i think i'll bake.
Fifth Element is on telly. Love that movie. :)))
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And the main problem with that is, [ profile] gramie_dee isn't here with me!

Good god it was a long frigging day!

Got the express to Heathrow at 7:10 am. walked about a mile it seemed to get to Terminal 3 and checked in. Had breakfast. Shopped. (got Shirley Valentine on DVD and a few things in Harrods :) Seemed to be leaving it rather late to give us a gate for the plane but finally got it. And it was a long walk. lol The plane didn't even start loading until it was about the time it should have been taking off. Delay.

Finally got on board and settled.


They tell us because the plane was late landing in the air traffic bottleneck that is heathrow in the morning, they were late getting on. Because of the high winds they would be an hour and a half landing in St. John's. Oh and they are having this problem with the baggage containers or something or other and that delayed us because they couldn't load the baggage containers onto the plane. Then they are told that because they are so late now, they will not stop in St. John's after all so they need to take on more fuel.

We rolled away from the gate about 2 p.m. We should have left at 11:30 a.m. 8 hours estimated flying time to Halifax. People are up in arms because they want to get to St. John's and others are upset because of missed connections. But by God, Air Canada worked hard for them. They put on an extra flight to take the people back to St. John's, they made sure all the people for a Montreal connection got off the plane first to get through customs because they're holding the other flight for them. They rescheduled some Toronto connections and others will be sorted as well.

We landed in Halifax about 5:30 ish and really, i got through customs quicker than i thought i would. When we were still on the gate in London, i was able to call Graham to ask him to email Mom to let her know i was going to be late, to check the website. She got that message ok. I rang Dad's mobile when i was standing in the queue at Customs. I had some stress because i didn't see my bag and the crowd was thinning but then i spotted it over in the side where a baggage guy had taken it off the conveyor already and was putting bags yet unclaimed to one side. I don't think it had made it round the loop or i'd have seen it so probably they were just getting bags off the belt so they could stop it. The little beagle/drug dog was being led around randomly sniffing at bags.

Anyway i'm back at Mom's at the moment. Dad has to pick up my neice from work so to save him a trip, i'll just stay here until he has to go get her, or at least a little before that so i can get home and back to my nest.

All the rest of the stories will have to wait until tomorrow if Graham hasn't told you all first.


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