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I did all the rest of the top cupboards yesterday afternoon, then did the resulting dishes (some of the glasses and a couple of vases had got kind of cupboard-grotty). Also cleaned the tub and toilet while i was in the scrubbing mood. I cleared out old food and spices, anything that was old and opened like half boxes of pasta that were there a long time went as well as old tins of stuff i've had for years. If i've not had them by now, they aren't going to be used! Also weeded out some dishes in anticipation of a new set forthcoming for Christmas. I'm still keeping my most recent set of dishes, what's left of them but ditching the plates and bowls etc from the older set. My nephew is planning on moving out in the new year so if he wants them, he can have them. I still have to do the bottom cupboards but that's actually goign to be a harder job as it's difficult to be on my knees for too long to haul out the stuff and clean in there. I think i can probably use the sponge mop though, to clean so i won't have to reach in so far in the corner area. What's left in the kitchen is to do the oven and pull out the fridge and stove. God knows what's living behind there!

For my own records, mainly...The C List...
Corrie: Ping in 2 weeks, gather prizes, receipts. Email quiz to K. for copying. Will have to do the name labels when i get the registration list. Make notes on chat topics.
I must get some more Christmas chores done too.
Cards: I always like to get my cards done up and ready to go. I print labels for the addresses so i can tell how many of each type of stamp i'm going to need. I buy the cards when they're half price after Christmas so have them already. Also have to buy a few special Christmas cards. Disgustingly organized, i know.
Candy: I also need to make turtle candy but i have a four day weekend off, not this one but the one after so i might do it then.
Christmas decorations: Get them out of the storage closet, maybe do that on the long weekend too.
Gifts: This month i also need to finish my gift shopping. I've really only got three main things to get and a few smaller ones. Two packages to post, gotta get them done before the end of the month.
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I know. It was a nice, sunny day. Why wasn't i outside in it? If i didn't stay in and do the housework i planned to do, it would get put off for another week at least. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. The apartment isn't spotless by any means but the top of the stove is cleaned and refreshed, the bathroom is cleaned, the sheets are changed and the carpet is vaccuumed. You know that sticky backed shelf liner? it's hard to get on straight when you're head is under a cupboard and you're balanced on your knees while using both hands to peel and spread the vinyl covering.

Watched Deepa Mehta's Water. I think i should have watched the subtitled version because i found i missed some with trying to make out some of the accents. Very good movie, though. And the practice of making widows live in ashrams alone still happens in India in many places! The movie centers around a 7 year old who's husband (of an arranged marraige) dies (1938) and she has her head shaved and is put in one of these places to live among women of all ages. These widows are shunned by society and live in poverty. One younger woman has been prostituted in order to get money for food or cremations when one of the women dies. Even though the laws are changing, people don't follow them, and stick with traditions to suit themselves. It's a touching movie that ends with the hope of change to come with the emergence of Ghandi. Deepa Mehta made an English version and a Hindu version subtitled. I don't know that many of her movies but apparently she can be rather obvious in her messages. The movie is colourful and beautifully shot, though, and i will very likely watch it again in the subtitled version.
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Funny how 40 minutes of cleaning the oven and various grill racks wipes you out!
And at least i bought rubber gloves this time. Last time i did it, i didn't use them and got caustic burns on my palms. Cortisone cream is good!
One sponge, two SOS soapy steel wood pads and half a roll of kitchen towel later, it's done.
Probably not as good as it could be but it's a lot better than it was.
...and probably it won't set the smoke alarm off next time i bake something too.
Someday i'm gonna pay Molly Maid to come in and do it from top to bottom.
Oh god. Top. I didn't really clean on the top of the stove and replace the foil under the burners yet. That can wait. It's not that awful a job.
I did try to sit on a little Rubbermaid footstool but in the end that wasn't much better but kneeling on my water pillow took some of the ache off the knees.
I'm not sure what's worse, trying to clean the roof of the oven or hanging over the tub scrubbing the racks. Then having to clean the tub. But it's very shiny and clean now! Oven cleaner certainly gets the grime off it but you have to clean it with regular cleaner really well after or it's too slippery.
One hot shower later, a can of diet coke and Napoleon Dynamite on the telly. I think i'll try out the water soluble paints later.

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