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I really don't know what's wrong with some people, i really don't. The rocks around Peggy's Cove are dangerous at the best and dryest of times but after a hurricane has passed, you can well imagine the height and treachery of the surf. Does that stop people from going there and walking down around the rocks? No it does not. They even had guards and police there yesterday and dozens were removed from the rocks and STILL three teens got washed off into the drink by a wave. Lucky for them they didn't go down on the ocean side, landed on their feet in a rock pool. But Jesus! The little road through the village was submerged at one point, it dips right down to the level of the water at one point before going back up by the lighthouse. The RCMP even closed the road into the village trying to keep people safe. Yes, i understand that the views would have been pretty spectacular but you can watch from a safe distance, even by the restaurant that's at the end of the road leading to the lighthouse. One of the low lying craft shops was even knocked away from it's foundations a bit!

One of my best friends grew up in that village and says they lose tourists to the sea every year pretty much because they go too close and don't always expect a rogue wave to splash up. Because they can, even in what appears to be a calm sea.

Overall the hurricane didn't really do a huge amount of damage with some power outages and flooding but it didn't make landfall, just skirted the coastline by about 100 miles or thereabouts. That's usually what happens. It's rare that one hits us directly like it did in 2003.
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...And it's only Wednesday!

Monday i forgot my wallet.
Good thing i brought my lunch.

Tuesday, debit card and driver's license weren't in my wallet.
Nor in my purse.
I knew where it was at home though.
Switching purses/handbags always results in an accident of one sort or another.

This morning
a small trail of liquid running down the aisle of the bus.
Wonder where that's coming from?
Followed it back to a puddle...
between my feet. eeeeek!
it can't be salad dressing because my dressing not vinaigrette today.
I looked in the bag.
It wasn't a container of grapes like it should have been.
It was sliced olives!
Brine all over the bus floor starting between my feet.
Rainy day would have been better. Wet shoes would have disguised it somewhat.
I can't tell you what it sort of looked like. :-&
You can probably guess, though.
The bag and contents aren't in as bad a shape as i thought so the container must have been on its side right against the bottom of the bag.
Small mercies.
And i forgot my reading glasses. *squint*
just at the newspaper though.
Computer's fine with regular specs.
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Aggravating commercial of the month: McDonald's advertising deli "sammiches". Ok it might be "samwiches" if you listen closely. But even so...

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ABC is advertising a stunt by David Blaine. Can he hold his breath under water for 9 minutes?
It's a 2 HOUR SHOW! WTF? Why???? Endless interviews? Training shots?
Will it take 111 minutes to revive him?
Are there warm up acts? like..
How long can someone withstand being squeezed by a boa constrictor before they have their insides mushed?
How many boiled eggs can someone fit in their mouth until they choke?
Do we care?
Not I. This is just beyond ridiculous *and* sublime.

*goes off shaking head in despair for the human race that will sit for two hours and watch shite like that*

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