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I love my Kobo eReader, i really do. But it doesn't suit all ebook formats. I bought a guide to Rome from the Kobo site the other day but it's full of links to jump through the book and none of them are active in the Kobo. Pooh. It's really a better fit for an ipad or even reading via an app on a computer or laptop. I decided to get the Kindle app for the iPod/iPhone as it was free. I had an gift card stored and you can use that against Kindle purchases so i found a wi-fi hotspot, registered the ipod through the Kindle app and bought three Rome guides using the gift card. (Two of them were $.99 and the other was $3.99, using up my gift card credit. Result!) One of them even has a phrase book included which is handy. In the Kindle app, you can tap on the links to jump around through the book and expand the little maps as well. I also appear to have an Oxford American Dictionary which must come free with the app. That may prove useful.

I can see that the Kindle app would be quite good for things like travel guides that don't need a wi-fi connection to show you where you are like many of the iTunes travel guides need. I did use one on Copenhagen that was great, it could be used offline as well as connected and we actually found a pretty good restaurant near the hotel using it.

I must see if i can figure out if i can add Kindle books to the ipod via iTunes and have the Kindle app recognize it rather than have to buy and download via Amazon.


Oct. 1st, 2009 08:07 am
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There's more to this WiFi than meets the eye, doncha know.  The iPod would pick up what it thought were networks but nothing would work. However, i have a Starbucks card and found out i could register it and get 2 hours of WiFi at Starbucks' hotspots every day as long as i used the card at Starbucks at least once a month. Fair play. I registered and when i came in this morning, i went to the Starbucks and voila i'm in! So i guess it just depends on where you are and if you have a password to the network. Some networks must be "free" somewhere, and i know people don't always secure their home connections. I wouldn't presume to use one of those if the iPod found it but i'm just sayin. I know hotels that offer it still must give you a password to get in and that's fine, too. At least i was able to get my gmail to work and that's really the only one i need as it will pick up my home email as well. The Yahoo account still doesn't recognize my password but i'm not as bothered. The iTunes software synced my Yahoo contact book to the pod and i got rid of the contacts i won't use or need and added phone numbers and emails to the ones i might use, including LJ so i can update LJ from the road if i get the chance. Facebook lets me text a status change but the email function is spotty at best. I set up my home weather location, and i tested out the Google maps function which shows the satelite and the map and you can "pin" specific addresses which is cool for noting where a hotel is.  I think i'm good to go now.

Speaking of hotels, i changed the one we were going to use in Montreal. I belong to Travelzoo which emails you deals every week and some hotels were featured on a three day special. One in Montreal was about half the price of the one i had booked but when i was reading up on it, there were some things about it that i wasn't as keen on, plus that particularly cheap rate was not for a suite, so the room i did book after researching only ended up being a little cheaper for the sort of room i wanted but still, it's a bit of a savings. We are going to try a suite hotel. Not so we can do proper cooking but it's nice to have a fridge, microwave to heat up stuff and maybe do breakfasts or snacks. It's also nice to have the fridge to keep milk for tea rather than the UFT fake stuff. The original hotel had a more equipped kitchen i think. This one, they will bring up dishes and stuff if you ask which is fine. They also do housekeeping daily which one of the others that i had considered did not. That was a long term stay suite place and they only do the housekeeping once a week though you can request new towels at the front desk if you want them in the mean time. I think i'd like having the daily service if i'm in a hotel so that's one of the reasons i picked this new one.

This one, an Embassy Suites by Hilton has a full cooked breakfast with the room which you can take back to your room if you want, and they give you two free drinks each at a manager's reception in the bar every night. Those things alone are worth close to 30 dollars per person if you take advantage of the drinks as well as brekkie, going by standard hotel prices. The location is really good too, right down by Old Montreal, around the block from Notre Dame basilica and a block from a couple of Metro stations and Boulevard St. Laurent, the main drag through the city. Another bonus is i should get Aeroplan points for the stay as well which i wouldn't have got at the other place. Most chains belong to the Aeroplan program but the other hotel was an independent one.
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2009 books:
24. My Life in France - Julia Childs
Seeing the movie made me want to read her story and a jolly good read it is! Yes, she really does talk like that, very folksy and up beat. Her nephew is the one that ghost-wrote it as she was nearly 90 when he asked her to write it with him. She told the stories, he put it together. I found it very interesting and loved to hear all about the restaurants and scenery in France among other places she and her husband Paul lived in Europe and what her thoughts were on the various cultures. It's also interesting to see her take on the American culture when she seemed so immsersed in the French culture. Much of the book covers the 1950s and up to the publication of her first major cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. It took nearly 10 years for her and her collaborators to do it and it really seemed like part obsession part quest and in the end it was a triumph. It led her to television and made her into a well known face in the American culture.

Am delving into Diana Gabaldon's latest book, An Echo in the Bone, the seventh in the "Jamie and Claire" series of books which started with Outlander/Cross Stitch (in the UK). I"m not sure if this is the final book or not, and i don't want to read at the end to see if it is. I think it was supposed to be though. She also plans to write one or two prequels about Jamie's parents, Brian and Ellen and their love story which has been mentioned over the course of the series. So far this book seems less focussed on the main characters and has brought Jamie's son William into the mix as a main character so the plot seems evenly spaced out between Jamie/Claire, William/Lord John, and Brianna/Roger.

Liking the iPod but still can't seem to get it to connect to WiFi. There's a couple of spots in the mall downstairs that have wireless feed but though it seems like it will connect, then it doesn't. I can't seem to find all the right settings and when i set up my email, it doesn't take the password even though i know it's right. *sigh* Things are never as easy as they say they're going to be. Other than that, though, i like it fine. Someone mentioned that if i got a GPS Bluetooth receiver and got a map application for the iPod i could turn it into a GPS navigator because the iPod has Bluetooth in it. It's a good idea. You wouldn't need wi-fi for that, just the receiver. May investigate that sometime.

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