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Sep. 18th, 2007 07:52 am
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I laid in bed this morning thinking i had loads of time but after 10 minutes, i remembered that i hadn't called the "hotline" last night to see if the trial was still on this morning so i got up and called. YES! it's been cancelled! :) We are dismissed from any further obligation. It remains to be seen whether i'll ever get called up again. Some people never do and some get called a few times. I was called twice before, but the second time was because i couldn't do it the first time and said she could put me on the roster for the next time around. Which she did but then i had to be excused that time too because Dad was in hospital. I figure that kept me on a list somewhere, perhaps my name got sent to the bottom of the list. No idea how far ahead they generate each monthly list.

So it's back to the usual routine.
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Big birthday greetings go out today to [livejournal.com profile] sarcaustick!

Here i sit. I actually have time for a cup of tea at home this morning because i don't have to leave for another hour. I didn't bother sleeping in though. I like having the extra time. Have to report to the court again this morning. Cross your bits everyone, i really would prefer not to do this. I don't know why. I guess it's the inconvenience of it. It doesn't interest me in the least. I'd rather just read about a trial in the newspaper! Civic Duty, Democracy and all that. It's just not my kind of thing. A coworker of mine did it a few years back and she didn't want to either but was on a jury and did find it very interesting. Besides, although i do know that mistakes get made and innocent people are arrested and convicted, there are a whole lot more guilty people that get off on a technicality. Most of the people that are arrested, are for a good reason and I don't want to put a guilty person on the street. That's my excuse and i'm sticking to it.
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I had a pretty quiet weekend, nursing my back which is feeling much better. Still creaks a bit getting up out of a chair but then it does that often anyway. My real annoyance for today is a call i got at 1:30 a.m. from a doctor wondering if i was the one that paged her. This has been happening lately, not constantly, but 3 or 4 times a month at least, various doctors calling and answering their pages. I asked the doctor last night where she was calling and she said she just gets a page that has a four digit number, i.e. 4444. She calls in and tells the person that she was paged from 4444 and they forward her call to that number. But they could be forwarding it with the full 7 digit number, i.e. 444-4444 and it's coming to my house instead of the hospital department where it was supposed to go. Or... whoever in a hospital paged the doctor and entered their own code is entering 4444 and should have entered 4445. Just example numbers there. If it's that situation, i won't be able to track down the problem but if the problem is originating at the paging service, i might be able to call them and speak to someone and tell them to make it stop! I didn't get back to sleep last night for over an hour because it was quite warm.

Latest news which isn't really any news at all from the Transit people, when asked how the negotiations are going, the response was "They're going". I take it from that to mean that they're still talking which is a good thing. I just don't know whether to buy my bus pass or not. If i get one and they strike, it's going to be wasted money. If i buy tickets and they don't strike, it's fine just for going to work but i use the bus outside of work as well so it'll end up being more expensive than a ticket and i can't use it for a tax deduction like i can the pass. I might get the pass and cross my fingers.

I have to report for jury selection on Tuesday and also on the Monday two weeks after that. If i get selected, and i'm car pooling because of a strike, that's going to cause trouble. Maybe i can get excused for that, i dunno. They do pay a daily stipend that would probably be enough to pay for a taxi but the traffic is going to be murder.

My cousin Linda and her husband are driving across Canada as we speak. It will be the first time she's been east from where she grew up and lives in British Columbia since she was a kid in the late 60s. I've stayed with her twice on visits out west and a couple other relatives have stopped by but she doesn't know most of her cousins and relatives here. It will be nice to see her again and Mom is having a bit of a family get together on the weekend. They're planning to be here by then, and then going to PEI after that. They're travelling in an RV with their little dog Zeke as well :)
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The course yesterday was way better than the first attempt. Only problem now is, can i remember how to do all the different things i did yesterday? I have the "dummies" book, though, for reference.

And guess what was waiting in my mailbox? Call for jury duty! I escaped it twice already and there's no way i can avoid it this time. It's in September so not close at all to my travel dates. If i even get selected. There's two dates that i would have to go there for. I think even if i got selected for the first one, i still have to go to the second one and i definitely have to go to both dates even if not selected for the first one. They do pay you $40 per day though we get paid here at work even if on jury duty so it's no financial "hardship" for me.

Sorted out a reunion ticket for this Saturday. Finally! I've been playing telephone tag with both of the people at the other end of the phone numbers that were given out. In the end, they're going to have to leave it at the door for me because the lady that i spoke with doesn't live in town and doesn't work in town so when she's off and available to bring the tickets into town, i'm at work. Anyway, no problem, i will still get the advance ticket price. Must make sure my camera batteries are charged up. No idea what i'm going to wear though i don't think i'm going to dress up much.

I've also got to make the trek to the doctor's office to get a prescription for the orthotics. I had hoped she might just leave one at the desk and Mom could pick it up but she apparently wants me to go in. She's like that. Plays by the rules. I think she's the one that wrote it last time when i first got them but that must have been 4 years ago at least. I'm well overdue for a new set and i think that's one of the reasons my back has been not as good over the past year.
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Excused from jury duty.

Legal Eagle

Nov. 1st, 2005 08:38 pm
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Hmmm thick envelope from the Law Courts arrived today. I have been summoned to court in Decemberfor JURY SELECTION!!!!! Ack! The timing really sucks! I am supposed to be on a plane out of the country on Dec. 27 and while the selection dates seem to be earlier in December, i don't know when the trial would be. and if it's then, what happens if it gets delayed or postponed until the New Year and i'm supposed to be away then? I can apply to have myself deferred a month or so, so i might do that and see if they'll let me. I did get cancellation insurance as a last resort and if i have to, i'd have to postpone my trip but i hope that doesn't happen. Jury duty is not something you can just not show up for or you get fined and into big trouble. I don't know if the selection dates are the dates that the trial starts or if the trial is later. Of course they can always be delayed even after the jury is selected. I'm going to see if there's a number i can call for information besides the one they provided that has prerecorded info on it. I can talk to the jury coordinator and explain the situation. If i knew for sure that the trial would be early in December and wrapped up by Christmas, it wouldn't be a problem. I hate the unknown so i shall endeavor to find out and apply for the deferment if necessary.

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