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Discovered that Rogers now sells a $100 pre-paid mobile phone card where the minutes don't expire for a year and if you use them up before the year, you can top up with a lesser amount which would normally expire in 30 days but will not, as the 365 days takes precedence. This means would not have to buy another one year voucher until end of year for first voucher reached. I checked my last six months' bills and i've only used a total of 51$ worth of air time calculated on 33 cents a minute if using the "anytime" minutes plan. This is good. Probably means that when my contract expires, i should be able to stay with Rogers and go pay-as-you-go. Now i just need an unlocked tri or quad band GSM phone. Then i can use it for the UK or anywhere else as well. I doubt i can get one unlocked around here so will have to get one off ebay i guess, before next summer. Won't be in the UK to get a phone and get it unlocked before then. Don't suppose anyone has a used unlocked one they'd like to sell? I don't need fancy features, calling and texting will be enough. Prefer flip phone.

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