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I've been on LJ since 2002 i think. Same username the whole time. I am still pretty good about keeping it up because i like to write and it's not just about letting other people know what's on in my life, it's also for my own records. I don't keep a paper journal anymore so i still like to witter on, post recipes, rant about the news, etc.

I've met lots of nice people through LJ. There are some i've never met face to face, some only once or twice and some a few times. I feel quite fond of many of my LJ friends and look forward every time i get the chance to meet up with one/some. The person that introduced me to it was [ profile] naturalbornkaos who then left it for a bit but returned. In fact, i may have been the one that sent him the (re-)invite back then when you needed one to join. He's probably the only one i met pre-LJ, other than my family members that joined later.

Major changes that LJ has witnessed in my life include meeting and falling in love with [ profile] gramie_dee though LJ wasn't instrumental in this. Also, my father's illness and death was significant. I think there has only been on drama, and I'm not going into that as it's over and done with long ago. LJ has been a place for me to post travelogues and photos from my travels as well.


May. 24th, 2009 09:05 am
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Everyone else is doing it (Dreamwidth) in case LJ goes tits up so i will too. It's very similar to LJ isn't it? Nice touch that you can automatically cross post to LJ, too. I've been adding people so feel free to add me if you like, as well.

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