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You know what I'm like trying to pick a hotel... it's overwhelming and stressful, trying to decide on a hotel, location, what are the rooms like, reading between the lines of the reviews, will it be ok? Graham is quite happy for me to do all the booking and deciding and he's always liked where we've stayed. He knows I do like to do the organizing and I do send him links to check out and get his opinion just the same. Anyway, on Saturday after i got my hair cut I went to the travel agent.

Yes, I know the world wide web is out there and there are no end of booking websites. That's the problem. There are too many. Sometimes I get lucky and find something good, in the location we want and the budget we want without too much trouble and I'll book it myself. But travel agents can also get good or better rates than even on the lowest sites like Expedia or etc. They have their own booking agents that they deal with though the drawback is that those agents aren't going to have access to all the hotels that are out there. It doesn't hurt to check with them though. I generally do lots of web searching and make a short list of about 6 - 10 hotels then try to narrow it down. So I suggest those to the travel agent and see if there are any she can access. This time at least one was at her fingertips and she found another that I had seen but hadn't noted. She's put through for availability on those two. Both with wifi, both with breakfast included, one seems to have smaller rooms than the other though neither is a palace. We aren't too bothered but don't want a closet either if possible.

She also booked the Eurostar and found us a nice hotel in London for a lot cheaper than I would have found it because i looked after I got home. That hotel website had their cheapest rate at nearly $80 more than what we paid and the cheapest elsewhere was still about 25 or 30 dollars more. It's a Radisson Blu Edwardian and it's near Euston Station/top of Tottenham Court Road, a four star hotel and they call themselves luxury though to me Luxury is something like the Ritz or Claridges or Four Seasons. Anyway it'll be nice. It's got wifi and full breakfast as well and cancellation though still charging first night $$. I've already got cancellation for the plane tickets but I may see what else i can add on to it once everything is booked. Eurostar for sure and anything that will cost if it has to get cancelled.

Once all the hotels are booked, we can look at getting a car for a week in Manchester, and then when we figure out what we're doing for sure, see what we can book online. I think we're going to go to the Tower of London and there are 2 for 1 vouchers you can get with a rail ticket. Graham will have one of those for getting back to Manchester so we might be able to take advantage of that one. As long as you don't both need to have a ticket or we could get transport day passes at the train station and that would work. I do have two Oyster cards for London transport that we usually top up but i'll get the paper cards if necessary. We'll have half of Saturday and all Sunday so maybe we'll go on the Sunday though it's Easter weekend and both days will probably be insane at tourist attractions like that. Maybe aim to get there when it first opens. Note to self.
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ANd now I'm making lists for the next trip!
We're going to drive around Scotland in October but we may also do a weekend in London. If we do that, I think we'll take in the Tower of London since Graham has been wanting to see that. I've been but I haven't seen everything, probably not even half of what there is to see so there's still lots I would be interested in. Might go to Hampton Court as well. I'd love to see that again and didn't see all of it the time I was there. That time I took a day out walking tour that included Richmond and a boat trip from there to the palace. The guide took us around the highlights but by no means did we get to see everything and by the time it was done, so was I and my feet! There's a website where you can get Two for One vouchers for entrance fees for loads of London attractions and you just need to show the voucher and a rail ticket. We'd be going to London on the train anyway so it will save a lot since both places are very expensive to visit. They are also places you could easily spend all afternoon or even all day exploring so it's not quite such a hit on the wallet.

We might also try to get tickets to see Book of Mormon as well. We wanted to see that in New York but it was horrendously expensive. The London prices are far more reasonable though still high as it's a new show.

Scotland will be fun. We are making a list of main things to see and planning a route around that but will also just go where we feel, stop where we like and explore things that we discover. We're going to avoid the big cities. I've been to both and he's not bothered. As much as i really like both Glasgow and Edinburgh, they don't feel like the "real" Scotland to me, not like the jaw dropping countryside and smaller towns. They're mostly no different than any other city though Edinburgh does have that castle on a clifftop which is cool.
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When last we spoke, [ profile] gramie_dee and i were heading to London. One of the main reasons for our trip was to take in the Doctor Who Experience and exhibition at the Olympia Two. We are both avid fans and wanted to see this so tickets were prebooked for the day we arrived. Train tickets booked, what else can we do this weekend? We decided we'd also take in a show as we hadn't done that in awhile and after much discussion and perusing of what was on, we decided on Wicked.

All that, on one day! In retrospect probably a bit too much to do in one day but we'll know better next time. But at the time, there was a tentative picnic on Saturday out in Greenwich so we didn't want to have to worry about getting back to the city for a show. We arranged a pub meet for Sunday afternoon to hopefully catch up with some folks and later, the picnic was rearranged for Sunday as well so it ended up that we would have all Saturday free after all. But the tickets were already bought so there was nothing to do about it.
and away we went )
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Booked our Doctor Who Experience tickets for the afternoon we arrive in London. That'll be all done and then we'll have the weekend free, without any carved-in-stone times to be somewhere. The DWE is timed entry, not a general admission type of things. We arrive in London on Friday about lunchtime, can check into the hotel and get over to Hammersmith road, find a place for lunch and have enough time so we won't be late. Hope to meet up with some of you Londoners when we're there over the weekend. We're staying in a hotel by the Great Portland St. station at Regent's Park. Got a pretty good price on a hotel that's normally quite a bit more. We thought we might check out the National Gallery and possibly a walking tour somewhere. I'm gonna look and see what's on at the theatres too, we might find something we fancy, maybe Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

2011 books

20. Northlight - Debra Wheeler
It's written from two points of view - In the first person via Kardith, a female Ranger, a sort of militaristic warrior and in the third person, via Terricel who is lately a student who's mother is a city Protector. He is her de facto heir because his older sister, Aviyya, left years ago, having fallen out with their mother. Kardith has a troubled past that she's locked away, unable to face it and was Aviyya's lover until she disappeared. Kardith has come to Laurea City to deliver some messages and to talk to Avi's mother, Esmelda to get help to find Avi.

On the planet Harth, Laurea has engaged often in wars with a Northern nation. They don't really say the name of it, but the people are always referred to as Norther. That may be the name of the nation, it's not clear. the Northers are portrayed to Laureans as little more than violent savages. Laureans are a civilized society, fairly sophisticated though not technologically advanced by our standards but well educated.

Terricel decides to help Kardith look for Aviyya in spite of having no experience on horseback or with any sort of combat training which could come in handy since the area they are searching could be rife with random Norther raiders. It turns into a journey of discovery, both self- and a discovery of another culture. The story has political intrigue and adventure. The plot moves along well and is interesting. The characters, too, are good and you feel involved with them and their lives. It's billed as science fiction but it's more like fantasy really. I did like it, it kept me interested though it took a little getting used to the switching points of view.
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Andddddd it's 51 sleeps until i set foot on UK soil :))
We've got all our hotels for everywhere booked. We're at the Melia White House in London near Regent's Park for the last three days before i come home. Train tickets booked as soon as the cheap ones came out.  Still have to book the car. Will do that after payday in case i have to prepay it.

Booked this place as a base in Cornwall.  Then this one just near Wells for the overnight going down to Cornwall and the Holiday Inn Express in Bath for on the way back.  I figure we'll have the afternoon and a bit of the evening to see a little of the city centre in Bath. [ profile] girfan I'll be in touch closer to the date for contact details, (it's Friday 13th May) and still hoping you and hubby can meet up with  us. Anyone else in the area that wants to meet up, do let me know.

I've been to Bath twice before. Once as part of a bus tour in 1993. We had a lunch stop there after a drive around the city, with an hour or so just to look around. I don't remember that i saw much. I went in 2003 i think en route back from visiting a friend in Cardiff but i was ill so though i did see a bit of the city and i visited the Baths, the Pump Rooms and the Costume Museum, I really wasn't feeling too keen and didn't enjoy it. This will be a rush visit, too but we can have a walk around at least and admire the architecture, the Abbey and views.
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2011 tea tasting
This one's called "Read My Lips" and it's a combination of mint, chocolate, vanilla, red peppercorn and it's got wee little candy red lips too, that dissolve of course. It smells wonderful! You only smell the mint in the background and your mouth is kind of fresh with the mint as the aftertaste but it doesn't taste like mint tea or even a strong mint chocolate. The base is black tea which i like better than an entirely herbal tea. The description doesn't say that it doesn't have caffeine so i assume it does. There's quite a few black teas on their site that i might like to try. This is one i might get again sometime.

Am getting up a little earlier so i can catch an earlier bus. I can't trust my usual one at 7 anymore as it only seems to come half the week. I wish they'd get their shit together. Very frustrating.

Oooh and...... I booked my plane ticket today! Yay! The price had gone down but it looked like it was inching back up again and the flight i wanted also looked to be filling up already so i thought i better book. It looks like we'll be in London the weekend of May 20-22 and i'll leave from Heathrow from there on the Monday rather than fly down from Manchester and change like i usually do. We want to go to the Doctor Who experience thingy at the Olympic exhibition centre but barring that, it's all open so far. I suppose we'll get down to London in the afternoon of the Friday. Not sure yet where we're staying. Have a few possibilities. We're going to rent a car for the whole two weeks this time instead of flying out somewhere and we'll drive down through Cornwall plus do some day trips out of Manchester somewhere.
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There's a new Doctor Who interactive exhibit opening in London in February called the Doctor Who Experience. It all looks very exciting and might be worth a look if it's on when i'm over next and we can get to London. It doesn't seem to say how long the exhibition will run but Ticketmaster seems to be selling them at least through to May though the HMV ticket site is only a few weeks. They're pricey, too for a 30 minute "experience". But anway... I had to laugh, though, at one part of the website, that last bit of this this warning made me smile:

While there is no formal age restriction, we advise that due to floor movement and special effects during the adventure, we do not recommend that parents carry babies in their arms. Parents should also be aware that the special effects, loud noises and excitement involved in the Doctor Who Experience may be unsuitable for very small children, and there are no sofas to hide behind - accordingly parental discretion is advised.

I think they should have had a sofa or two just for the fun of it! Missed the ball, there, i think! It's at the Olympia on Hammersmith Road. I've not been to that part of London yet. There's quite a few parts i still haven't really seen including Notting Hill. Part of me would love to go to the big market there but the other part shies away from the crowds and i think the Brick Lane and Petticoat Lane markets would actually be more interesting. Even so, i'm sure Notting Hill has some interesting shops and streets. The closest i got to the east end markets was Spitalfields and once we'd done that, we were too cold to continue as it was a miserably chilly and damp day.

Our plan for my UK trip next year is to hire a car for the whole two weeks and take 4 or 5 days to drive down to and around Cornwall. We may stop overnight on the way down and back as it's quite a long road trip from Manchester. Possible stopover locations include Ludlow and Wells but nothing has been decided. I've been to Bath a couple of times and there's a lot to see there so i don't really think a quick stopover there would do. I'd rather stop over somewhere where there might be a little to see, like the Wells cathedral and a walk around a city centre to see some of the historic buildings. There's lots of possibilities anyway, so we'll see how it goes. It may mean that London again is not on the radar but maybe we can do some rejigging and do an overnight in London at the end of my trip and i can just fly out of there directly.  
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Apparently last Wednesday was Hobbit Day. Someone designed a map of the "underground" (based on the style of the London Underground, which has been taken up by most underground systems) as it would look for Hobbit Land. You can even get tshirts and posters of the design! Specially for LOTR geeks of which i am not one. I did like the movies but have never read the books. I tried The Hobbit and found it very hard to read so dropped it. that was many, many years ago and i've been tempted to try it or Lord of the Rings but i just can't bring myself to do it.
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As seen on my flist, some spectacular aerial photos of London taken from a helicopter at night or at dusk. I can't imagine how many the photographer actually took to get these good ones. There would be a lot of shake on a chopper even with high asa exposure. There's a few that would make great wallpaper for the puter! There's a link on that site that takes you to some more too. over here.
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Spent my lunch hour at the travel agent. I don't mind booking some stuff online but when i have to go to a half dozen or more sites, i figure it increases the chances of stuff ups and problems. and if an agent does it, it's one point of contact. I've got my main UK flight booked and i have her working on the flight to Schipol. She already managed to save me a big chunk of change. I had been planning to fly one way direct with KLM and she said that by doing that, without the return part, KLM would charge about $500 per person. If i used British Midland, and changed planes in Heathrow, the cost nosedives to about $100 per person. No argument from me on that. Only, because we're doing that, it takes up most of the day to get to Amsterdam so i though it best to fly out on Sunday instead of Monday. What we've saved more than pays for the hotel the extra night. She's going to book the Tulip Inn Amsterdam Centre for us and probably one of the Ibis hotels in Brussels. She's going to book the Eurostar second class to London. If we had more time and money, i'd love to spend extra days in Belgium. Maybe some other time. I've one friend that has been there several times. I at least want a taste of the city and hopefully, a side trip to Brugges.

I used and booked the Hilton Islington for 68 pounds a night, buffet breakfast included. Oh and it's not the first weekend of May, it's May 9/10 that we'll be there. Since we're staying in Islington, perhaps it'll work out better for a pub up that way. Londoners, we'll talk closer to the time.

I did discover a voucher from Air Canada that would have given me 40 dollars off this booking and i didn't realize i had it until after i booked. Crap. I also had to call AC to get my seat assignment as the website wouldn't let me do it, either when i booked or afterwards. That's sorted, too.

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It's just frigging typical isn't it! No computer, almost no tv too! I'm at mom's catching up right now but at the moment, as of yesterday, the guy that has my puter still doesn't know what's wrong with it. He's swapping parts around to try to eliminate things. I don't know what all he's tried but he's going to try a new switch next. I wonder if he's checked using new memory or if he's checked the hard drive? Well if i don't hear from him by tomorrow, i'll call him over the weekend. Maybe he's got a loaner i can use? I was going to see if i could borrow my sister's computer but hers' isn't working all that well either. Damn. You really do get dependent on it don't you!

Didn't i forget to bring my camera card to Mom's today too!

So a brief run down of our visit:
it certainly had it's ups and downs )
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We're here! We arrived in London on Sunday in the rain but the rest of the week so far has been overcast, cool but the sun has some out on occaision. I believe it's going to rain today though and get colder over the weekend. We've walked a lot and seen some lovely things and places so far, including St. Paul's Cathedral. Taking a cyber stop today to catch up though i may only be skimming lj as we've only paid for an hour and have used up almost half of that already. We've taken an open top bus tour though half of it we stayed down below where it was warm. We've done Harrod's and Fortnum's and had a look in Hatchard's book store. We saw the Lion King last night, very very nice and very clever costumes. Had a few nice meals. Might try to find a place to try tapas as we've neither of us had that before. Today i think we're going to Kensington Palace and having tea at the Orangerie. Later maybe a bit more shopping depending on how hard it rains.

Tuesday we went to Brighton though we only saw the sea for about 5 minutes. We'd spent all our time wandering the North Laines where teh funky shops are and the narrow medieval streets where the original village was and is now also called the Lanes with shops and restaurants. We went through the Pavillion which was really gob-stopping with opulence in some parts. By the time we got to the sea front it was getting colder and we were very footsore so we just had a look, took a few photos of the pier and got a cab back to the train station.

We're traveling around by bus with a bus pass on Oyster card which is really great. I think I can reuse them with other types of transport passes on future trips too. I've arrived in the 21st century! Graham arrives tomorrow, we're seeing Phantom tomorrow night, meeting [ profile] sparklielizard, [ profile] stevenothing, [ profile] naturalbornkaos and [ profile] sarahofthedead tomorrow and hopefully a few more of you on Sunday at shakespeare's head in Holborn from 3 onward. Hopefully we can get a table. We'll try to get there a little early and stalk anyone taking up one of the big round tables at the back lol!

Mom is finding so many new and different things to see and really seems to be enjoying London. Our hotel is fine, a bit worn around the edges but the room is cozy and beds are very comfy, the bathroom is a good size and we're happy with it all. Location is fab.

Right. Hi from both of us and we'll probably not get back to you until we get home!
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Not posted for a few days.
I now have my suitcase out of the storage closet, though! Yay! I will be dropping stuff in it, things i have to remember to bring.
Had an event meeting yesterday and then went to the gym. Also had a mooch around Pete's Frootique. Man, i love that place. It always costs me money though because i alway see neat and interesting things to try. Yesterday i bought a half of a papaya.
Today, Mom and i went shopping at Dartmouth Crossing. She was after a couple of things and though i wasn't, i did remember to pick up some ink for my printer, some paper as i was nearly out and then, in Wally World, i saw the electric kettles and decided i should get one. I have one already but the cord is removeable. That means sometimes it's a little loose so it sometimes un-powers itself or sometimes it sounds a little crackly around the cord connection and i really *really* don't like that. I got one that has a base with an attached cord but the kettle will come off the base, cordless, for pouring. I think that's better.
Just another week or so until the Steven Arnold event. Meeting with the volunteer team on Thursday night and then the dinner with the committee and Steven is next Monday night, with the event on Tuesday, March 4. I"m taking the Wednesday off because i expect Tuesday to be a late night and i'm staying in the hotel where the event is for Monday and Tuesday nights. Saves having to trek back home later at night. It's right across from work inside walkways all the way, too. Because i'm wrangling the volunteer team, is isn't necessary for me to be around in the days so i'll still be working on the Monday and Tuesday and can be over at the hotel at 4 o'clock on event night.
Then the next Sunday is the Tupperware party and the Saturday after that, we're away! Rar!

I'll be posting something about a London LJ Get together again soon, it will probably be at Shakespeare's Head again just because they have a nice big table and i know where it is and it seems to be ok for people to get to. [ profile] naturalbornkaos, we'll have to email and see what we can do for a lunch or something right after work. Same phone number? there's a couple of NOLJ people i need to catch up with too. [ profile] sparklielizard, think of a spot as well! I think i have your phone number too.
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Gah... i can't believe i agreed to get up this early on a Sunday! We're selling those event tickets at a big flea market. I thought my ride would have been here by now so i hope he bloody well does show up! I'd had to think the alarm went off at 7 for nothing.

I booked us on a day tour for the Easter Saturday. It goes to Leeds Castle, Canterbury and Dover. The first company i booked with emailed me back and said that the tour wasn't available on that date and suggested the Friday or the Monday, neither of which we can do. [ profile] gramie_dee doesn't arrive until about 1 on Friday and he's going back to Manchester on Monday at 4, after which, Mom and I will be moving to a hotel at the airport for the night. Luckily, i was able to book a very similar tour on another company which also has hotel pickup and probably drop off or close to it. It was a little cheaper too but the main difference for that is that this tour doesn't include an early evening Thames cruise on return to London. No matter.

And.... Happy Birthday to my wonderful mom, [ profile] nancy_j!!!
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I used my nifty little food chopper that i spent big bucks on from Tupperware. I know consider it money well spent. Oh. my. god. I peeled and quartered an onion and it had it in shreds and bits in seconds. No tears. Same thing with a half a green pepper.

I looked up a couple of companies that do day tours out of London and came up with this. It'll pick us up right from the hotel and take us, with a guide, to Leeds Castle, Dover and Canterbury with a late afternoon walk through Greenwich and a ride up the Thames. Sounds worth the money, all entry fees seem to be included and we would only have to buy our lunch. We were planning to go to Canterbury on our own by train and just wander but I think this might be nice, having the guide and a little free time in each place. Mom really wanted to see a castle and Leeds is a lovely one. I've seen it before and was quite impressed, (and it has a dog collar museum! Bonus!) Now she's *really* excited and wants to go NOW!!! I think this gets me the Daughter of the Year award. :) We'll still go to Brighton on our own i think, Mom and me. This tour will be the Saturday of the Easter weekend when Graham can come too.

37 sleeps!
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Heavens, a local woman gave birth to quadruplets, two girls and two boys, here yesterday. And they already have a 2 year old! was down last week when the host moved the site to new servers. It was nearly invisible to us, the users, until the "guestbook" forum wasn't working and the ftp logins were also borked. I started emailing. The site owner, then the web hosting service. Got the new ftp logins, but for 4 or 5 days the guestbook was still blanked. between emailing several people and cc'ing stuff to others, people who were more technically minded than me figured out the problem and sorted it. Moving the stuff to a new server broke some links in the guestbook config files, basically. A lot of people read and post to that guestbook, it's more like a chat forum in a way and people don't half miss it when it's gone!

Getting my hair cut and coloured after work and not before time. It's wayyyy too long and out of shape now but i don't think i'll go back to the shorter cut i've had lately. It'll still be short and still fuss free unless i want to mess with it and i'll be glad to get rid of the grey. There's more and more all the time but i'm not quite ready to go dye-free yet. It took two weeks to get in to see my stylist, though. She only works three days a week! Since i don't get my hair cut every 5 weeks like i probably should, i probably won't get it done again now until i get back from London.

Hmmm we get back from London on a Tuesday and I usually take the next day off. I should just put in for the rest of the week off.
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Last night on Coronation Street in the UK was a momentous episode. but i won't spoil it without a cut )

Mom and I ran around and did errands today. First and foremostly, we are booked for our trip in March (57 sleeps until we leave!!!). We have the flight and hotels booked, insurance and airport transfers. I have a Heathrow hotel booked for the last night and i'll look into getting theatre tickets online. seems to have them nearly half price for one of the shows which would be good. We're going to take a hop on hop off tour around the City so Mom can at least see the layout of the land and see a few sites that she won't otherwise be interested in actually going inside but wants to say she's seen, such as the palace and the Tower and Tower Bridge. I think we'll have a look into St. Paul's though, and I'd like to go into Kensington Palace with tea at the Orangerie after. We've got a bit of a list/itinerary that i did up and put on the web so she can send the link to some of her friends. As itineraries and things to do go, things may change without notice if we decide on the fly to do something different. That's all part of the fun! We shall be getting a 7 day bus pass and i've done research for what busses go where from the Strand and Trafalgar Square so we know ahead of time what routes we want. I've been to London lots but there's still areas i haven't been and i'm really excited to go there with her! We picked the Strand Palace hotel because it's so central and close to busses and very walkable to lots of things including both theatres for the shows we want to see. They are both within a few blocks of the hotel. Makes getting back afterwards really stress free.
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How was the trip to Paris? I have four blisters and very sore feet so yeah, a smashing success!!! :)) The strikes in Paris weren't toooo bad, there were still busses and metro trains running, some on quite reduced schedules but mostly they didn't get in our way and we walked a lot. A. Lot. It was cloudy and spitty rainy the first two days but Wednesday was lovely. still cool but at least sunny. we didn't do all the things i had thought about but looking back, what i had had in my mind would have been *very* ambitious even with a fully functional transport system. If the transport or general strike put up a roadblock we just did something else.

more details will be forth coming and i have to offload my pics onto graham's computer this weekend. Highlights were Notre dame, Montmartre, the Dali exhibition, the Louvre (sort of, i was completely knackered and walking on burning feet so we only saw a few things but it was still neat to be there) and the nighttime boat ride on the seine was pretty great too. oh and seeing the Eiffel tower all lit up and throwing off sparklies for 10 minutes every hour too was pretty impressive. we also dropped into the british museum for an hour of so before meeting up with London locals last night. (oh, and the eurostar in semi-first class was FAB and even the Virgin train from London today was nice).

Thanks to everyone that came out last night, excellent night and so great to see you all! [ profile] stevek, [ profile] silverfiligree, [ profile] sparklielizard, [ profile] zoo_music_girl, [ profile] childeric, [ profile] naturalbornkaos, [ profile] sarahofthedead, [ profile] ladymoonray, [ profile] swisstone, [ profile] kekhmet, Glenda and Barry (WANOLJ), and apologies to those I didn't get a chance to talk much to.

Back to Manchester today. the sun is shining (as it wasx in London yesterday and i have to say, in all my visits, i don't think i've ever seen it so blue in either city while i'd been before) and it's cold but it is almost december after all. Weekend will be somewhat low key while my feet recover. Dinner out with the Manchester area mob tomorrow night and dinner with G's dad on Sunday night. Then we're going to do a couple of day trips next week and i want to fit a shopping day in. We've got a nifty little hire car to zip around in and ooooh we bought each other new mobile phones for Christmas so we've got new toys to play with!
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Ok, just posting a reminder that [ profile] gramie_dee and i will be at the Shakespeare's Head in Holborn next Thursday, Nov. 22 from about 5 onward. Mobile number in this post. Am really looking forward to testing out the Eurostar to the newly renovated St. Pancras station. That opened up this week. Now if only the strikes in Paris would end by Monday, i'll be happy!


Aug. 31st, 2007 06:53 am
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I've just discovered that there is a new exhibit over the winter at the British Museum featuring the Terra Cotta Warriors from China. I didn't realize they were only discovered in 1974 and that there are thousands of them in the tomb for China's First Emperor, Qin Shihuangdi. There are only 10 at the exhibition, not thousands along with some other artifacts from the site. It's going to be on from September until early April so I'm hoping we'll get a chance to go. It's timed entry on the tickets so if we decide to go, i think we should book ahead and get tickets for late afternoon to make sure we have time to get from Eurostar, to hotel, have lunch and get to the museum. We were planning to go to the museum anyway so this is excellent news!

I get notified once a month of events in London, via an email list from and though it's obviously not that useful to me most of the year, it's nice to get for the month when i know i'm going to be there. It covers a range of activities from festivals to exhibitions to music and sport and clubbing. They give you the highlights and you can get more listings as well for each category. You can get more info on the ones you want and generate a pdf file too if you like.

We're going to get a deluge of rain today. I hope the busses are fitted with pontoons!

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