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I have my credit card back in my hot little hands. The man that found it was a Sergeant in the military. The recruitment office was in our tower until just recently but he had come in early to go to the gym and had stopped for a coffee on the way to his new office. He found the card at the coffee shop where i had been probably only minutes before. I feel comfortable not cancelling the card altogether and getting a new number as i believe he's trustworthy and anyway, if anything had happened, i could just go to the military police. There would be evidence enough as he'd reported it to the card company giving his name etc. I know exactly how i lost it, too. I had it out, laid it back in the wallet without putting it in a card slot and it fell out when i went to pay for my tea.

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Yesterday was "First Face Day". Did you see this? It's based on this photo here. At least i get to be Elsie Tanner and not Ena Sharples! I have a fella with a very odd sense of humour and very good self esteem lol! I commented elsewhere that menopause was very cruel to Ena Sharples. :)))) Isn't he lovely! Well, not with a hairnet, no, but he indulges me in my Corrie fandom and even goes along with it for the ride, putting up with paying 10 quid for a bus tour around his own hometown (Corrie remote locations tour!) He agreed to be filmed in conjunction with a documentary being made about corrie fans in Canada, too! They loved that we met in a corrie chat room and are now engaged!


I'm a lucky girl in more ways than one. When i got home yesterday, there was a message on my answering machine from the bank that issues my Visa card. They wanted me to call. Hmmm... Now i had noticed that my card wasn't in my wallet yesterday but i had it out of my wallet the night before for a little online shopping. I just thought i'd left it on the desk. I went looking for it and couldn't find it. uh oh. I called the bank and it turns out i had actually lost it just as i came into the complex where i work. Someone found it and called the bank! I just hope they didn't memorize the number! I could get it cancelled and have a new card issued but i think it'll be ok in this case. They gave me the guy's phone number and i left a message. I assume it's his work number so i am expecting him to call this morning.

I should buy a lottery ticket.

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Mar. 27th, 2007 12:22 pm
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Further to Yesterday's post about the lottery tickets and scratch tickets, i cashed in my $14 total and got another ticket for Friday night and another scratch ticket. And won another $2.00! With little amounts like that, it's just as simple to get another ticket and see how long my luck runs. I have never gone past 3 tickets in a row counting the first paid one so i'm already one up, this being number 4.

Going to a meal tonight with my best friend J who's in town visiting for two days and then T and i are going to Moncton on the weekend to see her again there. We're leaving Friday night and coming back on Sunday and i've booked a lovely B&B, Archibald B&B. Off season rates of $65 for a room with private bathroom and breakfast, plus taxes. Pretty good. I was expecting about 100 a night.
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Had a quiet Sunday. Spoke to my sweetie and wondered why my ear was feeling very flat. Hmmm... nearly 2 hours on the phone will do that! Thankfully i've changed my Primus long distance over to their 2 cents a minute international plan. It means that Canadian calls are now 6 cents a minute as opposed to 5 cents but i think i will come out a bit better overall. If i don't, i'll switch back to 5 cents a minute for both. Nice thing is i can do it all online.

Just checked my Super 7 Lottery ticket and whoooo!! I won 10 dollars! I had a run of good luck with a scratch ticket last week too. Bought one, won $2 so got another. that one got me another $2 so i got a third and this one has $4 on it. Must go down and cash them in. Maybe try one more scratch ticket and get another Super 7 for Friday night. And a narsecuppatea at Tim's. I have two back to back meetings this afternoon. I'm going to need a caffeine top up.

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