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Ooh the sample Lush face cream, Gorgeous, was.. er.. gorgeous! Feels very nice. Apparently though it's one of their more expensive ones and i've just got a new pot of Imperialis so Gorgeous will have to wait or go on my Christmas list :) They never did get the new Lush toothpaste in yet though i'm of two minds whether to try it as i expect it will be expensive. Anyone elsewhere have the chance yet? My "Sympathy for the Skin" has gone as liquidy as lotion too. Not sure when that happened but i wondered if transporting it from the UK in the cargo hold of the plane (cold, no cabin pressure) changed the chemistry of it. It still works find, it's just a lot more liquid than it should be. Well it's nearly gone anyway so no matter and i still have over half a tub of Karm body cream. I really am determined to use up all my stuff before buying more. Yeah right.

These little LJ tags... I know you can click on one and see the entries you've associated with them but i haven't found where i can edit the tags to delete similarly named duplicates or just click on the entries for a tag. As it is now, i have to find an entry that uses a tag to click on the tag to see the rest. Nothing in the site map. Been trolling around the FAQ's and there's nothing there but in a community for suggestions i see a list of tags on the side so maybe some of the styles have that incorporated. The one i use doesn't i guess. My suggestion would be why there isn't a drop down pick list of previously used tags when i post. Ah well. Future enhancements i guess.
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Last chance at a computer before i get home on Saturday so.. quick update.

Where was i?
Did i tell you about cooking a veggie lasagna for Graham and his good mate Malc on Saturday?

How about meeting up with a couple of my friends for Sunday lunch and going to the museum called Urbis...

yes ok, i did tell you all that... sorry...

Well Sunday night we had dinner next door with his Dad who put on a lovely spread, big plate of dinner at 7:30 and then brought out a bite to eat about 11.

Monday we took the bus to Newton Heath where his good mate Dale and his family including their German Shepphard Saxon. Quite the hugest GS i've ever seen and he's like a big puppy! We had a lovely visit and a meal and we lucked out and got the bus back that takes us right here instead of having to take one into the city center and back over to Salford. Good timing there.

I've developed a cold but it doesn't seem to be getting any worse than a bunged up head at the moment. I imagine i will run it's course. It's definitely *not* like what i had the last time so though i may be a bit 'poorly', i'm not going to be seriously ill.

Today we went back into the city center (they don't call it 'downtown' like we do). I wanted to go on the observation wheel and the weather, though it rained this morning, cleared up so there were good views. We had lunch and then did some shopping. I got some digital prints done and a roll of film developed though i wanted the digital files onto a cd, they got it mixed up and put the roll of film on the cd instead. I'll just wait until i get home now and put it all on cd for graham. I brought the memory card reader but his computer doesn't recognize all the 'drives' or memory slots and the one mine is in, isn't the one it does 'know'.

I got some more Lush stuff.. face cream...and i got new dress boots (not winter type boots really ). We sat in a very noisy Starbucks for an hour killing time and then took the bus out to Chorlton for a pub quiz, meeting my friends John, Nikki and Annie. But the quiz wasn't on because there was a football game on (soccer that is). We had a good visit anyway though and are just back here, having a late snack. I am pretty much all packed up again and we're off to London tomorrow morning. I'll see some of you tomorrow night and the rest of you Saturday when i get home :)))
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A lovely Sunday afternoon was had by [ profile] gramie_dee and me, prowling about Manchester city center with a friend or two. We took the bus in on our way to meet up with our mates Alan and Annie, i was lured into Lush and hey, they had a special offer on, if you spent over £15 and i forget the other criteria, but in the end i got to pick out two more things for free! Bought extra Karma body cream and a bubble bath bar. I also spotted a pair of boots in Ecco that i really liked and i want to go back and try them on to see if they fit. They're half price and are now only £65 i think and my old ecco boots are ready for the garbage (or should i be saying 'bin' or 'tip' ;) and went to the Wetherspoons at Piccadilly Gardens for a bite to eat. Lovely cottage pie! Alan had to take off then for the Gilbert and Sullivan revue but Annie stayed on and we walked over to the Shambles Square behind Selfridges and the Triangle where the observation wheel is. It's quite a bit smaller than the London Eye with it's 'cabs' only holding 4 i think. We were of two minds whether to go for it as the weather was iffy, and windy. Annie was definitely not going above ground level lol but in the end we thought we'd wait and hope for better weather when we come into the center on Tuesday. It looked like the heavens were about to start throwing it down.

Passed there and went to Urbis, the modern glass museum about City life. There was an exhibit on where a couple dozen people were given a camera to shoot pics from their daily life for a day. That was interesting to see what different people shot. Annie said it evoked a lot of emotions in her... sometimes looking at the pretentious, trendy shots and thinking "Wanker!" and other times laughing out loud. I thought some of the shots were quite good. There was one of the runway that a pilot took as the plane was just coming in for a landing just before twilight. Most of the pics were not taken with a flash so there were a lot of blurry ones and ones that had a lot of 'motion' in them.

The museum itself was good too. It is all glass and a triangle shape (see the website) and the elevator that takes you to the fourth floor where the exhibits start is along one of the glass walls and it runs up a diagonal track like a funicular! Very neat! Lots of multi media. You start on the fourth floor with a short film of images from cities around the world, on various screens all around you and on the ceiling. Very fast, quick editiing, you're looking all around you all the time to see all this whipping past your line of vision. Very Wow we thought. There was a section on the changing face of Manchester, and another booth where you sat in it and saw moving images of 7 different cities around the world and your face was projected on the screen in front of the images :) We did that :) Graham looks like he's not enjoying being there but really he was just watching the images lol I was sat there with either a silly grin on my face or a bemused expression. I did get a photo but Graham's computer doesn't seem to recognize my card reader. I'm going to get the images taken off onto a cd at a photo shop this week then i can just get printed later what i want.

What else... we stopped into Printworks to reccy out a restaurant that has excellent burgers, Graham's favourite :) This is an complex of shops, arcades, restaurants and a movie complex "Filmworks" in an old building or series of buildings that used to be a printers i think. There's a Hard Rock Cafe in there as well if that's of any interest. The restaurant we're going to is Henry J. Beans, which is i think Mexican but have good burgers.

Off to his Dad's in an hour or so for Sunday dinner and tomorrow visiting his mate Dale and wife Barbara. ##

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