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Been quiet lately. Still gathering documents and waiting for stuff to be mailed.
Graham's first official piece of mail arrived this week, his new ATM bank card! I activated it with a balance check at a machine and will get it away to him. In order to take advantage of a fee discount, it's a joint account for now but it can be changed to him only when he moves here. If it was his only now, he'd be paying a monthly fee, even if there was nothing in the account, due to not having a regular deposit i.e. payroll or something but i have a few accounts and investements at the bank so i qualify for no fees on that account so it was to his advantage. Far as I am concerned it's his account but it does make it handy if i have to send him money for something, like topping up my UK phone for instance, before I get there so it's ready to go when I hit the ground. Normally we use paypal for that but the exchange rate isn't as good as the bank machine even with a foreign transaction fee added on. Paypal has a worse exchange rate *and* they charge a small fee.

Speaking of UK phone, I guess i'm going to have to get him to get me a new SIM. The one i got last year i never kept topped up so it will have been lost now. I'll get one over the summer and get him to mail it to me. I've kept my old phone and I will use that when I'm over there.

I'm having a battle with my new mobile company, too. Graham isn't getting any of my texts though I can phone his mobile from my phone. I have a service ticket open but I don't think they know why texts aren't getting through. I confirmed the number is correct and the international format is correct. I've sent texts directly and also tried replying to his sent to me.  I know phone calls go through a different service than texts but i never had a problem with the old mobile company. They think it's going through from their end and i am getting charged for the texts (though was credited for a few I sent when I didn't know they weren't getting through) so they don't know why Tmobile isn't picking them up. I should call again and nag them. It's not like I send a lot of texts to him as a rule but i like to be able to in case I'm going to be delayed or not able to get online for some reason when he's expecting me to be there. He doesn't have a smartphone so if he's not at the computer, an email isn't going to be any use though that may end up being the only alternative. It's only for another year, I suppose but that's not the point!
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Talk about waiting for a bus and then two come at once, shortly after i posted the other day about thinking i had someone to video the wedding, i discovered that the partner of one of my coworkers not only does video but is a pretty damn good editor as well! AND they are already invited to the wedding! I emailed the other guy and he hasn't got back to me yet but I told my friend to say yes to her partner bringing his camera anyway, it never hurts to have a second person taking video and he said he'd put all the video together and make a nice dvd of it. So even if the first guy doesn't email me back, i'm covered and if he does, I have backup! I don't want to put the first guy off since he's offering but on the day I'll mention that another guest says he's bringing his as well.  The more the merrier, I say!

That's off my mind at least.

Now I think we're good to go! Little things that are left are not show stoppers.

After work yesterday I went to the EAstlink store (local cable company) and changed my mobile phone over to them. Telus wasn't willing to give me the package that I wanted to get, they don't have anything cheaper than 70 dollars for a minimum data package plus the "tab" to pay for the new phone, plus taxes so you're looking at about 30 dollars more than i'm paying now. And it's just not worth it to me! Eastlink has a basic package with 200 mb data for 35 (normally 40 but i get 5 off for bundling it with everything else), plus 15 a month for the phone for two years. Plus taxes. But then, They had a promotion on and because I've already got my landline, cable tv and internet with them, they basically waive the mobile package base price and are only charging me for the phone. How they do it, though, they take $40 off my other bill and at the same time i get a second bill for the mobile services for 55 plus tax. They don't combine the two bills, not yet anyway, it's two separate entities apparently. Sounds complex, i know but I've still worked it out and with taxes it will still only cost me about 18 dollars more a month for all the services over what i'm playing now for the Eastlink services.

My old Telus bill was about 50 a month give or take. Doing the math, overall, I'm going to be paying out about $25 less. In two years, when the phone is paid off, the mobile bill goes down $15 unless i turn around and upgrade again. If it's working perfectly well, i likely will keep it.

And what did i get? I decided on a Samsung S4 which is actually 2 models older since they've just come out with an S6 but which was much cheaper because of it. The S5 would have cost $150 up front and the S6 was about $250 or possibly more. The camera on the S4 is better than the one on the Nexus 5 which was my other choice and it's got facility for external storage which the Nexus doesn't. I like that.

I found an awesome phone case on eBay that i've ordered. There is actually two in the package, but it's for the one that i decided on it. One has a Tardis under some brightly coloured clouds or some sort of thing and it's nice but the other one has a group of minions looking out the door of the Tardis!  See???  It's more awesome than an awesome thing! God I love eBay sometimes!
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It's been unseasonably warm the last day or two. oh, not beach weather or anything, but mid to high teens in temps which is weird for late October. Keep waiting for the arctic air to hit and it will, oh yes, it will. I remember one year, though, a few years ago, I didn't have to wear my winter coat until December. That's very unusual.

It's been a quiet week so there isn't much to write about really. I've nearly got all my Christmas gifts bought, just a couple of gift cards to pick up and a few small items. Need to make Turtles and wrap and mail a couple of things, though, and order one thing online for G.

I got a call from Telus last week with an offer to upgrade my phone and renew my contract. Six months early. But the upgrade would apparently be free and the balance on my old phone written off. There's going to be a catch in there somewhere. I will wait until the spring when my contract is nearly up and go in then. But I did wonder should I upgrade the phone or not? I do like my phone, it's a Google Nexus um... 4 I think. It's made by LG and has been a good phone but there are a couple of things I don't like about it. The main thing is that it doesn't have external storage, ie. a micro sd card. There's 12 or 16 G. internal storage which is pretty good of course, but i couldn't put a lot of music on it and use it for the gym like i had done with my iPod. I don't particularly like the music player on it and it seems like these phones, being Android, prefer you to use the Google cloud for storage. I don't like to do that because it would use data to stream music from my storage, wouldn't it? I'd prefer to have it stored on an sd card.

The other thing is that if someone sends me a picture message, I can't save the photo to the phone. There doesn't seem to be a way to do it at all. I don't know if that's normal for picture messages. Anyone? Perhaps that is how they all work but it sucks if someone sends you a nice photo that you want to keep without it clogging up your message area. I'm sure my old phone allowed me to save a picture from a message though it wasn't a smart phone type device.  It's also stupid that you have to turn on Data to see it, even if already connected to wifi. I think they all work that way, though.

As for upgrades, the Samsung phones are generally thought of as the best of the Android devices. I got the Google phone because it was unlocked but apparently they are all sold that way now here in Canada. Must check to make sure. I'll stick with Android but wondered about the HTC phones. Are they good, reliable phones? I think they're Android, yes? Do Windows phones really suck? I kind of think they might, if only for the bloated OS if it's anything like any other Windows product. Any thoughts or recommendations?
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I took the plunge.

A few weeks ago i jumped into the Smartphone-iverse and bought a Nexus 4, the new phone that Google is sponsoring though it's made by LG. I'd kind of been looking at the Samsung, though not the newest one out and the guy in the Telus store showed me his Nexus. It's all integrated with google of course, which can be convenient. All your phone stuff gets backed up to the google-universe.

The main selling point of it though, was that they're sold unlocked. That means I can get a local SIM card in the UK and use it there. I don't have to use it for data there, just on wifi if there's a hotspot and Graham has wifi at home as well. I always have a phone for when i'm there for texts and calls but my phone is getting old and the battery is going. I don't know whether i can keep the same number but it doesn't really matter. It doesn't even really matter if i just throwaway the number each time though i may still keep it topped up. TMobile won't let me register my credit card online though as it's not a UK card so I may flip to a different company. Doesn't really matter. What matters is i can use it there or anywhere else i happen to be with a local micro sim. I can't use the same Sim that's in my current UK phone because this phone uses a micro SIM not a normal sized one.

I had the phone for about a week. Figured out a lot of things like how to load up "apps", how to use some of them, found some settings to re-set, made a call, used wifi, even sent a text. Then it rang. And i couldn't figure out how to answer it! hahahahaha!!!! Yeah. Read the effing manual. Got it. So little by little i'm figuring out things i can do with it.

Today i was reading a magazine and noticed those black square barcode style things you can scan with your phone and get information or go to a website. Ohhhh.... Hmm... taking a picture of it didn't work or do anything. Go to Google. need an app for it. Right. Downloaded two of them! One does pretty much just scanning but the other, Google Goggle, will let you take a photo of something and it will search Google for you. It doesn't work with everything but will work with things like well known paintings or for something like a photo of the Eiffel Tower or other famous sight. It's not sophisticated enough to search to identify a plant or bird yet. I wonder if it would work if i took a photo of a celeb LOL! It will scan a business card or address and let you phone the number or add it to your contacts. You can also scan something in a foreign language, like menu information for instance, and Google translate it. That might be useful. It also does bar codes.

I learned how to do a screen shot of what's on the camera and it saves it as a photo. I learned how to use the panorama feature on the camera which i wish i'd known about in New York on the cruise we took. The camera is pretty good but not great for zooming as it's just a digital zoom but for straight pics it's not bad at all.

And i can make and answer calls!
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I really should clear off my desk before i go on vacation shouldn't i? It's just cluttered really. I can't seem to help it.

Naturally at 3:30 yesterday I got notification that something broke. Something that hasn't been touched for months and that has been working all along until yesterday. Also nothing that I can really fix but it was down to me to track down. Something is redirecting the browser to an invalid url it looks like. Why all of a sudden it is doing that? No idea. Nothing that i know anything about and one person that might is off sick. Everyone swears nothing has changed but obviously something has. I just want to sit here under the radar until i can go home and start my 2 weeks off!

I'm starting to think about maybe, just maybe, getting a smartphone. I don't need one. I don't use a mobile phone a lot, definitely not for conversations. Would i use it more if i had a fancy phone? Hard to say. If i did get one, i'd find the least expensive plan. I know you can do pay as you go with a smartphone now but you have to buy the phone outright and that can be pricey. I don't really want to spend that kind of money. I'm not really paying anything much extra for my landline, it's part of my cable and internet bundle so i wouldn't be saving anything by letting that go.

Then there's the dizzying array of plans. Would i use it a lot or a little? I have wifi at home and at work so i can get away without using as much data for most of the work week.

It's certainly not a necessity, just a toy. I had thought of a low end iPhone which would replace my iPod as well, mainly because i already have iTunes and it's all set up. Would be easy to sync everything over to a phone. But also, I like the look of the Samsung S 3 phones and I was talking to a rep yesterday who was showing me lots of info about it. Very nice. My cousin has one too and loves it. I have a feeling i may end up putting it off for at least another year but then i could jump right into one too. My current pay as you go voucher expires at the end of June so i would probably decide by then what to do. I may also jump ship to Virgin instead of Telus because i like their plans a bit more. They seem to be less restrictive. That's if i go with a contract at least. Need to do more research on that.
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You may or may not know i have several Coronation Street blogs on the go. I co-edit one in the UK corrie timeline with a friend, and have one of my own that i write in a couple of times a month. I also maintain a Canadian timeline blog with no spoilers as well. About 18 months ago i put Google ads on it. They're fairly discreet and unobtrusive since i didn't want to beat people over the head with it. They don't pay out until you have earned 100 dollars and last month i got my first payment of $120. :) It took 18 months! But i think the traffic on the blog is up some so it may not take that long next time though at the rate it's going it will still take 8 or 9 months. Nice bit of extra money now and then.

This brings me to something i was reading through one of the ad links. It was on the Rogers telecom site for their smartphones and i noticed that the cameras in the various phones are a minimum of 8 megapixels!!! One, a Sony, has 12! Holy Shit. That's pretty amazing for a camera phone. I'm sure the quality is fine but the optics just can't be as good as a full size camera. Not yet anyway. They are all pretty good outdoors, though. Even my little 2 MP camera on the phone is fairly good though i can still tell by looking at the photo that it's from the camera. No zoom either or a very iffy digital zoom. Never use it even on the full size camera. Or rarely. I might if i have it on a high resolution setting and want to get something quite far away, like when watching the tall ships sail out on the harbour. High res and cropping will usually do a bit better job.

I haven't gone to a smartphone. I really don't think i'd get the use out of it and i'm far too cheap! Even a cheap data plan for pay as you go is going to cost 50 to 60 dollars once the taxes and stuff are added on. Fine if you use it. I don't use the phone for more than a quick call or text. I have an ipod touch with wifi that i can use if i have a hotspot to connect to, that's usually fine if by chance i need to find something on a map or check the weather or an email. My phone is a Pay as you go plan, about 10 dollars a month. I buy the 100 dollar vouchers that don't expire for a year so i don't have to top up every month.

All the phone companies here make you do that. It's a real rip off. If you don't top up every month, your minutes expire and you risk losing your phone number altogether after awhile. I think a higher top up amount may give you two months and the 100 dollar one is a one year thing which i find is the best for me even if i sometimes have to give it an extra 20 a few months before the year is up. It's really annoying though. I have a UK SIM card for when i'm over there. I top it up when i go and it's good for about 6 months of inactivity after that. Graham can top it up online for me for a minimal amount. A few times i've lent the phone to friends who were going over so they've used and topped it up which keeps it active for me.

I could probably power it up here and send myself a text if i can get a signal but one of the problems with my old phone is that i could never get a signal in my apartment. It hooks up to the Rogers network with the UK sim cards and that's the worst one here. I used to have to stand on my balcony to get a signal to send a text! That's the main reason i switched companies and i use Telus at the moment. Not a problem getting a signal in my apartment.

Anyway i can't see myself getting a smartphone anytime soon and no doubt there will be some sort of alternative available in the near future. Probably at some point that's all you will be able to get. I just hope the companies get some sort of competition that brings the prices down.
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Oh crap. I had an entry written, several paragraphs and hit the "home" button on the browser instead of New Tab and pooched the whole thing. Not even a link to restore from draft! What's the point of it saving as a draft somewhere temporary if you can't get it back? I've seen it ask me sometimes, when i've opened up the browser and come to here so maybe that's what i should have done. Too late now.

Hmmm what was I saying....

Work problem yesterday was mystifying though one mystery was solved and i have to start fixing that today. I can't do it until i get a new login for a server because my password expired ages ago and i've not kept it up because i've not had to access it for over 2 years, which is how long at least it's been that this one particular problem has been occurring and nobody noticed. Oops.

I did a factory reset on the phone and my texts are now readable without a microscope. I spent a half hour fixing up the settings again. I thought i had photos on the phone or on the micro card but i think the reset must have deleted them from the phone though it wasn't supposed to. It left an Mp3 ring tone that i'd loaded on. Never mind. I reloaded the card with photos i had at work. I like to change the wallpaper from time to time and it's nice to have the photos of family and some favourite travel pics. I also have them on my iPod but might not always have that with me.

Started reading a new author, Jo Nesbo. he writes thrillers about serial killers and a detective, Harry Hole who's a total fuckup and addict at this point. This isn't the first of the Harry books, it's the second at least and possibly third. They keep referring to the previous book about a serial killer called The Snowman. I like a lot of different kinds of books. Graham is surprised that i like books about serial killers and tracking them down because i'm not generally into horror books. Let's face it, the grim details of a serial killer's crimes can be pretty horrific. I dunno, it's just different. This guy is Norwegian so the front of this book claims he's the next Stieg Larsson (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books). That's not very fair really. He has his own style and take on things. He just happens to be from the same general part of the world as Larsson. He's good, though.
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I made the rounds of all the tech stores in the Crossing yesterday and only saw one netbook possibility. There were  a few but they were HP ones and i don't really like them. They look and feel cheap and i am not really confident in them. The one i saw at the last place i looked is an Acer notebook, 11 inch screen, 4 G ram. I forget how big the hard drive was but it was reasonable. They didn't have any in in spite of having a display model out. And no, I don't really want to buy the display model. They did have another version, 2 G ram and a smaller hard drive...FOR THE SAME PRICE. Dude. No. It doesn't work like that. What would you expect from Future Shop, though eh? Even if he said Acer is the one that sets the price? Don't think so.

there's another place i may go to look at the netbooks but i'll wait to see when the busses go back. They were talking and negotiating all weekend and there's a contract offer to vote on tomorrow so we might have them back on the road by the weekend. Everyone cross your bits!

So the search continues but you know? If i don't end up getting one it's no big deal. It was always a "nice to have" rather than something i really needed. I did get a new phone, something similar to the one i have now and wouldn't you know it? The random shutting itself off hasn't happened all weekend! Now i don't know if i should activate the new one or not. I might though, as it's a Samsung and they're usually tough little buggers. It wasn't expensive since it isn't a smart phone and it has the slidey out keyboard. Mine has the keyboard but it's a flip out one. I kind of like that better as it's sturdier but if the phone isn't reliable, it's not reliable. The camera on the old one is 3.2 MP which is better than the new one at 2 MP but i could always keep the old phone in my purse as a spare camera! I'd have to see how good the pics are on the 2MP one. They might be fine. One thing i think the new one can do that the old one can't, at least from the user guide i downloaded, is setting the ringtone to an MP3 which my old LG phone won't do.

I also replaced my slow cooker so the shopping trip wasn't completely wasted.
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Here's a link to a photo of particular interest to [ profile] girfan  who really enjoys the Tour de France. That site, How to be a Retronaut, is quite interesting. They feature photos, postcards, views and video from the near to distant past from all over. You might see scans from a mail order catalogue from the 1920s or 1970s, or you might see postcards from Russia in the time of the Tsars, maybe photos taken of Suffragettes or yearbook photos of really bad hair from the 60s and 70s. It's all really interesting and worth checking daily.  Examples:

Illustrations from a Soviet version of The Hobbit, published in 1976
Reenacting your childhood family photos
Evolution of the Batmobile
A version of London if New York City "invaded" circa 1905-07
Even whimsical Star Wars Travel posters

My niece called me last night on my mobile and again, i cut her off. For some reason, i've never quite figured out how to answer the damn thing without cutting off the caller since i got the new phone last summer. Goes to show you how often i use it for incoming calls! See to use it from the external keys, you have to hit the OK button to unlock the keys first. Every time i try to answer it, i seem to hit OK and then it comes up with two choices, Quiet or Ignore, neither of which i want to do to most incoming calls. Then i end up cutting off the caller. So this morning i looked up my user manual for it and tried it out. Seems when a call is incoming, you don't have to unlock the keys first! I can just press the answer key straight off and it answers the call! Sheesh! My last  phone was a slidey one and i answered it by opening the phone. Simple. My first phone was a flip phone. Unflip, hit any key, sorted. I think this one, with the slide out keyboard, can also be set to answer with any key but i think using the proper answer key is probably better for me.

I don't use the phone for a lot of different things. Very basic Pay as you Go features without extra plans. I don't text a lot so it wasn't worth 5 dollars a month for the 250 texts and free incoming texts. Most of the bastard mobile companies over here now charge you for incoming texts as well as outgoing ones (15 or 20 cents per I think) and that included picture messaging (50 cents) but i still wasn't breaking even so i just pay per use now. Overall it's cheaper for me. I only make quick outgoing calls to make appointments or check if  someone's home or ask a question, i don't use it for conversation as a rule. People rarely call me and then just to find out where i am because i'm obviously not home, they've checked there first. Even so, i still like having it and i do use it to send text messages to a few people and send updates to twitter and facebook and the occasional photo to FB. I do like the 3mp camera on it. It's not too bad though i can still tell it's a camera phone pic because the lens is obviously not going to be the quality you get on a proper camera but it's ok and with a little photoshop help to smooth out the rough spots it's just fine for the average photo.

The other thing the mobile companies here do for PayGo is insist you top up every month whether you've used up the credit or not. Unused credit rolls over. None of this putting 20 dollars on it and not topping up for 3 or 4 months because you only use the phone for emergencies. Not in Canada anyway. all the companies have got on board with that. Greedy pigs. The cheapest way for it, for me who doesn't use the phone much, is the $100 voucher that gives you 365 days before you have to top up again. With tax, that's $115 and just over 10 a month rather than the usual minimum $15 + tax a month if you don't use the higher amount top up voucher. Last year i still had to put an extra 20 on it before expiry because i was experimenting with the web browser and that's bloody expensive if you don't use a data plan. The web browser is next to useless on this phone. I think there's a bug in the OS because it won't let me enter login forms. The fields just disappear. So i can't log in to LJ or FB or anything else on the phone's browser. Possibly there's a firmware fix but i'm not that bothered really. Web browsing on a non-smart phone is a pain in the arse really and not worth the aggravation.


Jun. 4th, 2010 09:15 am
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Just read about a lottery ticket that was rejected in a town in Newfoundland. A customer came into a shop and asked for a $10 ticket but the clerk printed off one that was more expensive by mistake. The customer didn't want it and the ticket was voided. You guessed it. Turns out it was a winner, $30 million worth! Aggghh!

Actress Rue McLanahan died. She was one of the Golden Girls. I think Betty White might be the only one left as Bea Arthur died last year and Estelle Getty the year before. That was a great sitcom. Rue was actually a breast cancer survivor but had a stroke earlier this year and died from a subsequent stroke. She did a lot of tv work and some films but Golden Girls is what she was mainly known for. She also had a small part as a deranged nanny on my old favourite soap Another World, back in the early 70s. I only barely remember that storyline and don't remember that it was her but if IMDB says it's so, it's so.

I'm in another phone quandary. Going to get a new mobile and change companies. Virgin has the best reputation for customer service so i'm pretty sure i'm going with them but it's not 100%. Even though Bell owns Virgin, i'd prefer not to go with Bell directly. They have extra fees and their plans aren't as good. I prefer to go pre-paid and that's the problem. It really pisses me off that there is so little choice of phones available for prepaid. You can buy one of their other phones but it's over the odds for price and then i don't think it includes all the features that the prepaid bundles include like call display etc. That would cost extra. I know that doesn't make sense but that's what i think i've been told. Prepaid seems the best fit for me since i don't use a phone for a lot of talking or texting, just short calls and a few texts now and then. A monthly plan means i have to add on for things like call display and other features and it ends up costing me double in the long run. I might like to do a bit of web browsing but again, not a lot so the pay per use is fine.

So the phones. The one that Virgin has that i like is the Samsung Vice and the other one is the LG Rumour 2. Looking up reviews of them online there's more bad than good for both of them. Gah! However my current phone is a Samsung slider and i've had it nearly 3 years and it's great. One sales person tells me they prefer Samsung and another says oh they've never had any of the LG one returned. They're both about the same price and have the little keyboard that slides out. I'm not locked into having one of those keyboards but the other phones either have a rubbish camera or i don't like the feel of the keys on them. I want a phone with a half decent camera. the Samsung has the best of the lot with a 2 MP one. The LG is 1.3.

Over at Telus we have the LG Keybo 2 and the Samsung Intensity. The LG has a 3 MP camera vs the Samsung 1.3. Reviews seem to indicate that the LG shuts itself off randomly for some people. Not good. However, this HTC smartphone could possibly tempt me into a contract except i know it'll end up costing me a bundle with the web browsing etc. But isn't it beautiful? I reckon with the way the plans work, and an addon for data, it would cost me in the neighbourhood of $50 a month. really, that's a lot, and would i use it enough to justify it? I'm not really a phone junkie and i don't really want to be one. That's a fantasy phone...but it *is* nice!

So, ok, anyone got any experience or preference between Samsung and LG in general?

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I know, i know, i've been quiet. Gym, work, slogging through the days, counting down the sleeps. Still have some last minute things to pick up. My return flight was changed and now i have to fly Manchester-Heathrow-Toronto-Halifax, flying 2 hours further west from home to turn around and fly 2 hours back again. Long day. Apparently i'm in row 54. 54!! And there;s 63 rows of seats! That's one big mofo of a plane! Probably be heaving with people too. *sigh*

But three weeks from today we'll be in Copenhagen and we're looking forward to that quite a bit.

Meanwhile i'm in another mobile phone quandary again. The battery in mine is slowly going. I have to charge it every few days. I got another battery off ebay but it's no better than the other one. Got gypped i guess. Didn't cost a lot so i'm not that upset. It's just annoying. Plus i've never been happy with Rogers coverage here in Canada so i think i'll change to a different company, probably Bell or Virgin as they have the best coverage. Was looking around. What really is frustrating is that pay as you go customers get very little choice of phones unless you want to pay hundreds of dollars. I don't need a lot of bells and whistles but a few would be nice. Anyway, i've seen one or two i like at Virgin so i might go that way and keep my old phone just for when i'm in the UK.

Having lunch with some friends from out of town tomorrow so that's nice. They're the couple that lived in Labrador and moved to Quebec City. She was a teacher and decided to retire, and go to university in Montreal to become a minister! Now she's got one of the only English churches in Quebec City with a lovely 200 year old manse to live in! She's got family here so is here on a flying visit to see them and her grandkids and we're getting together tomorrow for a bite. :)
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Weirdest dime placement yet.
We have a weekly status meeting and yesterday, my supervisor opened his portfolio... the leather kind that you can put a pad of paper in, a pen, business cards, that sort of thing. His zips around the outside to keep it closed. Anyway he opened it and i caught a flash of something shiny inside. Yep. A dime. He had no idea how it got there and i told him an abbreviated version of the story. I think he was skeptical. No worries. I know the truth. ;)

Mom always finds dimes when she's thinking about Dad or having a particular memory or a chat with him. I find them completely randomly and they always make me smile when i do see one.

I bought a new battery for my mobile phone on ebay. It arrived last Friday but i left my charger at work. Fine. Yesterday i made sure to bring it home but i forgot to charge the new battery last night so i slipped it in my purse to bring to work and plug it in here. The phone charger is always in my tote bag, y'see so i can charge the phone at work when i need to. This morning, since i don't go to the gym on Tuesdays, i decided to take my paperback book out of the bag and put it in my purse instead of dragging the large bag around. Yep. Charger is still in the bag. At home. So i can't charge up the new battery. Doh.

The battery in my phone has never really been great. It doesn't seem to last long even though i don't use the phone a lot. I get next to no reception inside my apartment and i think the battery gets sucked dry by the phone always looking for a signal so i usually try to remember to offline it when i get home. Sometimes i do forget though and by the next morning, it's down to one bar of power or it's off altogether. I thought it might be a good idea to get a new battery with more juice to it. Might not improve the reception but maybe it will last a little longer on standby. Can't hurt and it only cost me about 10 dollars total including the shipping from the UK.
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Today was an informative day and a really cool one too! Not temperature wise, the weather is quite nice today. Cool in that my Christmas pressies from [ profile] gramie_dee finally arrived from Amazon! Seems the box got a bit damaged so when i picked it up at the post office, it had been rewrapped in heavy plastic. I expect that's what caused the delay in it's arrival. Still, it got here before 12th night tomorrow so it still counts! I also got groceries and when i got home, i called him so i could open them with him on the phone. One of the items was the Doctor Who Encyclopedia, all things Doctor from the most recent three seasons, the "revival" if you will. What i thought was amusing was when i did a search on amazon UK to find that link, this came up:

"Earthlings, take a trip to our tardis-like Doctor Who Store where you'll find DVDs, action figures, books, audio CDs, games, homewares and everything else Doctor Who fans could ever want."

The other thing was a box set of the tv series Cold Feet, all five seasons and an extra dvd. :)))) He remembered!!! I had been wanting that for awhile. Both gifts are excellent!

Now... the informative part of the day. I stopped in to a Rogers store to ask someone there about that MMS problem i've been having. I had an idea and i wondered if my sim card was so old that it wouldn't work with the more modern things. I wondered if i could get a new sim card and that would then work. Sadly, no. It's not to do with the card at all. I thought it was worth a try, though, even if it wasn't likely. The problem stems from the fact that it's been built and loaded with software for the European networks, not the North American ones. She said they see it a lot, and MMS seems to be one of the things that won't always work, specifically the receiving of a multi media message. Some phones also have trouble with the web browser though that's not a problem for me. I can send MMS to another North America phone but not to Graham but they don't guarantee MMS or even text messages will work off-continent. I just can't receive one on my phone. It will either go to the web storage area of my Rogers account or to the storage area of the provider of the sender, i.e. T-Mobile (uk). She said the data network here doesn't seem to be compatible with phones made for networks elsewhere. It all sounded very logical. The Tech people on the phone help system were distinctly unhelpful and didn't seem to know that this was probably the problem. Ah well. At least i know what is going on and i can live with it. It all does work when i'm in the UK and mostly everything works here and everything that's important works here. (phone calls and texts). Also the earbuds on the headphones are driving me insane. They don't really work with my ears, are loose and tend to fall out. The gal at Rogers suggested that i can get an adapter that will fit my headphone jack which is also the same connector for the recharger but the adapter would have a jack for a regular type of headphones. I think that might work better for me than a bluetooth set up and i will look for one when i go over in March. She thought i'd have the best luck of finding one at an O2 or Vodaphone store so will keep that in mind.

I also found a purse with a nice long strap. It's not leather, it's a nylon but has lots of zip pockets for stuff which will be useful for traveling and it has a padded section inside that would fit the digital camera. Also useful.

Have also undecorated the tree and taken it apart with *no* disasters! W00t! Just need to get the boxes out of the storage to put it all away.

P.S. Only the Muppet Show could make a song and dance number out of a half dozen rag mops :)
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Yay! Email from the mobile works!!!

ETA: And i can send a photo with it! My phone is not getting good reception to the signal from inside the apartment but it works from the office just great! Plus, i didn't have all the email settings saved. At least now, until i get a usb cable or get the damn mms working just right, i can email a pic i take with the phone to my home email address or to LJ :) I didn't think i had the settings right because i couldn't get onto the browser or send email when i was playing at home. I can get to the net now but not with a lot of success due to a bit of awkwardness with the browser. No matter. I got the email settings sorted out too so that's handy. I can now post short messages to LJ with it, including photos, or send/receive emails via my ISP's servers. Now i just have to see if i can get the picture messaging to work. Currently if i send a photo to myself, all i get is a text saying i have an MMS and to log on to Rogers website to see it. It all works when i'm in the UK, mind you, on Virgin but i wasn't holding out hope for Rogers here. seems all i really needed was a good signal.

This pic behind the cut (sent from my phone) was taken in Euston Station. It was cold!

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As always, [ profile] gramie_dee writes me a song for Christmas. He had it done early and he didn't want to wait until Christmas to let me hear it. Thus, the latest song, Canadian Girl is online here and also on the jukebox on my own homepage where the others are as well. He says he's got another idea for one for Christmas so i'll hold him to that.

So much for Manchester's blue sky yesterday. I made sure to take a pic to prove it can happen lol We're heading up into the Lake district on Monday, which still may have rainy periods but seems like it will be the best day for it. Last night consisted of telly, and playing with our new phones. It took some figuring out and some digging about on the Virgin mobile site but mine now can send and receive picture messages though it's slow. We'll see what kind of aggravation it is to set up on Rogers when i get home. I should have taken a new sim card for TMobile which is the same as graham's. It didn't really matter. The place where we got them says you have to have a 10 pound top up and it can be for any system because they don't give you a voucher to top up what you already have, they give you a whole new sim card which means a whole new phone number. a bit of a waste, i think but anyway, that's how they get you isn't it?

We also downloaded our photos to the computer and had a good look. Quite pleased with them, both of ours. I'll have some time over the weekend to start uploading to a couple of album sites, one for most of the pics, and one for my favourites. Tonight we are out with a group of local friends for an all you can eat curry buffet! :)
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I know i've not posted a lot lately, but there hasn't been a lot going on nor anything in the newspaper that makes me want to comment either. Am still perusing mobile phones but have decided to wait until i get overseas to get one there. If the prices are stupid, i'll get one when i come back. You know, i've been looking at a few of the UK websites that sell phones and it seems that some of them sell an unlocked phone at a lot higher price than one locked to a network and Virgin phones seem more expensive for the same phone than, say, TMobile. Tsk. If i'm going to get a phone and get it unlocked, i don't care what network it's on, thankfully, and have been thinking of switching providers anyway to something i don't have to top up every 6 months to keep the number active. Graham's with TMobile and only has to use the phone, top up or send a text once a year. that would work better for me. I shall investigate. Anyone got any recommendations?

Mom and i *might* take a one week trip to London next spring. Maybe. We're thinking about it anyway. It'll depend on finances mainly. I expect it would be over Easter so that [ profile] gramie_dee can come down and visit for the long weekend leaving us to our own devices for the first few days. Mom's never been overseas and only fancies going if i go with her as tour guide :) I think if we go, we might be better off mainly using the bus because there are a lot of stairs in many of the tube stations though some aren't too bad. I don't want her hips and back to go out while we're on hols, and we'll be walking a lot as it is. Bad enough that almost every loo in the country seems to be up or down a set of stairs ;) I've already looked and the airfare for March is very good. We'll know a bit more after Christmas i think and we can decide then. I get an extra 5 days vacation allotment next year as it's my 20th year here so i have "wiggle room".

Buggeration. I just had a wrangle with the online banking which kept telling me i had my password incorrect. I had to go through all the hoops to reset it only to realize that i had indeed entered the wrong password at the start. No wonder it objected! When it comes to things like banking online or things financial like ebay or paypal, i don't use the same password for them all. I had just logged into paypal to transfer funds to my bank account and then went to the bank account just to check balances right after that. Thus, i tried to enter the password for paypal into my bank site. Doh.
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Or something like that. I just got off the phone with Rogers Customer Service, trying to get some info about changing my mobile phone to Pay as you Go when my contract is up. One thing he did offer me that they don't widely advertise is an "Emergency use" only plan. You get 40 minutes a month, with 50 cents a minute if you go over that. Texts are extra. The total cost including access fee and taxes for me would be just over $14 per month. That's about $20 less a month than i'm paying now and that would be a good deal except i think, for me, going PayGo is still a better deal. In the nearly three years i've had the phone, i've used a total of 18 hours worth of minutes. That's about 32 minutes a month and even that seems high but now and then i will use it for a conversation. Here in Canada, you can't just top up the PayGo phone and leave it for months. They expire your minutes after 30 or 60 days so you have to keep topping it up even if you don't use it.

My Virgin Mobile only has to be topped up maybe twice a year if i'm not using it and i can do that online in preparation for when i go over to the UK. Just did that the other day so i think i'll be just under the wire when i arrive in November. If i had a world phone, i could turn on the phone here once in awhile and let it roam and make a quick call. That would keep it activated and i wouldn't have to top it up as often when i'm home. I plan to get a new phone (maybe for Christmas?) when i go over in November and get it unlocked. One of the things i asked the agent was if Rogers needed to do anything at their end or could i just drop the current sim into a new phone like i could overseas. No problem, i can do that myself, he said. *check* I can switch to PayGo and use my same phone *check* and keep my same number *check* It's all good.

So that's the plan. Mid July i have to call them up and do it over the phone, though. They can't do it in the Rogers store. I didn't bother to ask how much it would cost for me to do it earlier. It's only 2 more months anyway. Nice to know about the Emergency plan though, so anyone out there with Rogers that doesn't use their phone much can keep that in mind. Again, probably have to do it through the call agent, (that's 1-877-764-3772 but it's a verbal menu, rather than a touch tone. I think if you ask for the 'Cancel Service' option, you can talk to the correct agent)

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