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Had a lovely day yesterday. Mom picked me up in the afternoon and we headed over to Halifax. She wanted to go to Costco but it turned out only for a couple of books which they didn't have. I can't believe we both got out of there without spending a cent! Not quite the same result in Chapters where i got another travel book on Cornwall. :)

We then went to a movie, Letters to Julia which we both really liked. I do like "chick" flicks, or romances but some of them really are silly. This one wasn't. It establishes that the main woman is a fact checker for The New Yorker but wants to be a writer and she's engaged to an Italian man who's very busy opening up an Italian restaurant. He doesn't seem to have a lot of time for her or her interests. Movies like this, even when enjoyable, are predictable so you know he's going to end up dumped by the end of it. It's all a formula but it's the writing and the characters that make it good. If you don't like the characters or the actors playing them, it's going to fall flat.

So they are going to the romantic city of Verona for a pre-honeymoon trip where he's going to be looking up suppliers for the restaurant. Thing is, he spends all his time doing that and no time with her exploring so she's left on her own a lot. She discovers the attraction, Juliet's House (This is city in which Shakespeare based Romeo and Juliet and there are several related tourist attractions there including a house with a balcony for *that* famous scene). Turns out women leave love lorn notes stuck to the wall of the house in the little courtyard and a group of local women, paid by the local government, collect them and answer them. Sort of a Dear Abby service! The young woman, Sophie (played by Amanda Seyfried), is intrigued and later she finds a letter written in 1957 that got lodged behind a stone and forgotten. It sparks her romantic imagination, a woman who fell in love with "Lorenzo" and wondered if she should throw caution and her parents' objections to the wind and run away with him or go back to England.

Sophie writes her back and lo and behind, a few days later, who appears but the woman who wrote the letter, Claire (played by the wonderful Vanessa Redgrave) and her grandson Charlie who came with her so she wouldn't come alone on a quest he sees as fruitless. He comes across as arrogant and obnoxious and he and Sophie clash. Right. Standard plot... these two will end up together. That's also a given. Claire wants to find Lorenzo after 50 years, though she's nervous and Sophie ends up helping them track him down and tags along on the journey because she wants to write the story. No guessing how it all works out. :)))

As i said, it's a standard romance but the actors playing the characters are good and the story is simple but written well with good dialog for the most part. There's the age-old sentiment of "What if..." that most people can buy into and of course you want to see the happy fairytale ending. We just really enjoyed it, it was standard but it didn't feel contrived. The Tuscan scenery was fabulous and i remember some of if from when i was there in 1996. I hadn't spent a lot of time there but did drive through it on the bus tour with a couple of stops including one in Sienna where a few scenes were shot. Never got to Verona but it's similar to other Italian cities i did see. If you like this kind of movie, this will not disappoint

After the movie, we had a meal at Smittys and came home and watched some video. Mom stayed overnight because my niece was having a birthday party at the house and mom wanted to get out from under their feet.
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This is my mom, [ profile] nancy_j. Some of you have met her, some have not. Some know her through LJ. My nephew Ryan and I took her out to Sullivan's Pond for a photo shoot. She'd been wanting a proper portrait for awhile. Ryan is taking a photography course and has the better equipment so his shots will be much better but i tagged along as well so i could get a few of my own. This was one of my favourites and the rest are here. It was a stunningly beautiful day out there. Temps hit the high teens. My weather thingy on my computer currently says it's 20 degrees! It felt a little cooler but only slightly. Anyway, we had fun and went for a meal after.

My favourite of Mom
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Oh i was meant to post this last night. Mom ([ profile] nancy_j) sent me a photo of her latest creation, a crocheted afghan in a tartan pattern that took a bit of hand weaving some of the cross threads as well! Isn't it lovely?

Me again

Jul. 16th, 2006 04:53 pm
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I called up Mom and asked if she wanted to go to historic Scott Manor House out in Bedford. Her plans for today included housework so... no contest and off we went. I knew about the house but [ profile] blueberrymoon tweaked my memory of it a few weeks ago. It's only open in July and August daily in the afternoon. I went to the website to check directions and discovered they were having a demonstration of "Old English" dancing from the 1850's era. Perfect timing!

The house dates back to 1767 and was built just after Halifax was founded. There was Fort Sackville right next to it, built to defend the land approach to the city. the house was used as a residence right up until 1992. A lot of restoration has been done over the years of course but there are still some original bits. The oldest part is in the "attic" which has higher ceilings than the rest of the house. It has the original wide pine floorboards and handmade nails and sawmill cut wood. Apparently these were very expensive and would have cost more than the wood itself. There are hand hewn beams there and in the kitchen. The fireplace in the kitchen also has a little bread oven. There are a few antiques and artifacts from Fort Sackville as well as some old furniture and appliances, crockery and a lot of old photos from the Bedford area, from various eras.

The dancing was nice too, outside of the house which is actually the back of the house but is now the main approach. There's an addition on the back and the veranda is not original either. The chimneys are actually loose stone type and have remained upright even through the Halifax Explosion. The house was built by one of the original settlers of Halifax who came over in 1749 though the house was built a little later.

The tea room is nice and served oatcakes, tea and lemonade and berries on ice cream in season. Of course we had to have that!

Inevitable photos here
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It's quiet in LJ land today.

It's raining. I shouldn't really complain but it's been gloomy for weeks now with only brief encounters with the sun. At least it's not as cold as it was.

Watched a 2 hour crime drama about a forensic psychologist starring Robson Green. He's small and compact but he does have lovely eyes. What was it called? oh yes, Wire in the Blood. Must try to catch it next Saturday too. Some might want to compare it to Cracker and the the premise is similar. Psychologist helping the police find criminals, pretty lead detective that fancies the psychologist but the psychologist isn't as flawed as Robbie Coltrane's Cracker and much better looking. Although... couldn't you just cuddle up to Robbie on a cold night? I suppose nowadays he's Hagrid in everyone's mind but in my mind's eye, he's Cracker (not "crackers" although i wouldn't kick him out for eating crackers ... well the name and the sentence just led into that one didn't it? lol!)

Doing some serious thinking about what to pack now. will probably wear the dregs of the wardrobe this week so i can keep clean the stuff i want to take.

Won 10 dollars on the lottery ticket from last night. When i bought it i thought to myself "Ok, Dad, send down some magic... oh who am I kidding? He bought tickets for 30 years and never hit a big win. Never know t hough and i won the tenner, which is more than i usually win so that's something eh? Come to think of it, there's a free ticket going off one i bought a week or so ago and do you think i know where i put it after days of shifting it from pillar to post to pocket!

Finally got back to painting this morning. I've been gathering photos and pictures that would make nice paintings so i will not be short of inspiration.
Four more working days! Yay! Pedicure and massage on Friday! Yay!
Had a nice meal out with Mom last night.
Baby shower tomorrow for [ profile] teaone!
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Had a nice visit with Mom yesterday. Once i finally got there!!!! Have i mentioned lately that i really hate the bus? Ok. this time it wasn't the bus's fault but that's no excuse! I went out to catch a bus i thought was going to go by at 10:35. It never came. why, i rant to myself, Why!! It's always when i'm expected to be somewhere. *NEVER* when i'm just out rambling around with nobody waiting for me. and no ... doh... i forgot my phone at home so i couldn't even all to let Mom know that i would be late and i knew she'd start to worry. While i waited, someone else came to the stop and asked if i'd been waiting long. I mentioned my predicament and she said, no the 72 doesn't go by here. Huh? But i saw it go by in the other direction? Yes but it doesn't return this route. The schedule lists major stops and sure enough, the stop that would indicate that it was coming back in my direction was not listed. Damn. Damn and Bollocks!! I had to catch a different bus and transfer to get to the terminal where i was picking up the car that was left there by my sister when she went to work that morning. I got to Mom's about 45 minutes late and she was indeed just starting to worry. Agghh!

No matter. I'm there in once piece. We decide to have lunch out first because i was starving and i treated her to lunch in a local place that has good homemade type food (The Palladium, on Cole Harbour Road). I took her to Halifax to the passport office which is right downtown and the underground parking, where i'd never been before, was just a tad confusing. You actually have to (or at least that's what i did , not seeing any other way around it) go to the lobby of the Four Points hotel which is a new addition to the office tower, then go up the elevator one or two floors, down a hall and then into the lower level of the shopping center, up two sets of escalators to the main elevators for the office tower and then up to the 15th floor... where there was quite a crowd of people waiting. In fact, there were people sitting on the floor out in the hall! We got in line and got a number and there were a couple of seats or we wouldn't have stayed. Mom would not have been able to stand. There were 19 numbers ahead of us in the series of numbers we had. (They have about 4 or 5 different series of numbers, i guess depending on what you are there for, dropping off, picking up, service in French, service in Albanian, i don't know. Anyway, so it wasn't just 19 people ahead of us, it was probably double that between all the sets of numbers. Some got through quicker than our series. We were there an hour which wasn't too bad considering but then were in and out fairly quickly. the clerk that took Mom's application recognized my face! He's the one that took my app back in the fall. Imagine that, and he probably has seen hundreds since then. He was cheerful. The experience was mercifully brief after that wait and we made it back home again for a well deserved cuppa. The dining room table was full of birthday cards, she'd been getting phone calls and someone was sending her flowers to be delivered today since she was out when they tried earlier. Must find out who they were from.

So today...

Currently the temp is down to -15 with the windchill and expected to go down to -29 overnight and tomorrow at some point. I'm glad i am borrowing Mom's car today to get groceries and don't have to faff around waiting for busses or i just wouldn't have gone. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing. I'd have saved myself a shedload of money! I did get two new pairs of pants, jeans and black casual ones, both were 25% off and i saw a nice short sleeve top i liked so got that too. Also some comfy stretch pants for exercising in because i'm determined i'll get back to that and my old tights that i wore to the gym are in pretty ragged shape. Ok for around the house but not for out in public.

Is there anything more stressful than the parking lot of a busy grocery store on a Saturday afternoon? I think i nearly clipped a couple of people in my creep around the lot to get out today. I was barely moving, looking every which way and you just can't swivel your head fast enough sometimes or see around other cars. Sheesh. got out unscathed and didn't hurt any small animals, but with a grocery bill of $134!! You try to eat better and this is what happens. Better? well yes i did get some healthy stuff but i also got some convenience stuff, some of which i can take to work for lunches and save a little there. After a bill like that, i can't afford to eat out every day! LOL! That always happens when i have the car too, i can get heavy stuff and take advantage of specials like 2 2-litre cartons of OJ for $5.00.

And appropos of nothing, DVD Shrink works with dual layer dvd media! Too bad they're so expensive but when i see them on sale, i'll pick up a few. I don't want to mess about trying to stop and end frame a movie in the middle to fit it on two regular disks if the compression is too severe that it would be like watching PixelMan on the screen.
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I've finally had a chance to watch a bit of the Olympics with sports taht i actually find interesting. Soem of them, in a "train wreck" sort of way. My god, some of these winter games are dangerous!! People hurlting around an ice track on a little sled at speeds that would get you a ticket if you were driving a car! One wrong turn and you'd be heads into the side or over the edge of it and instantly killed! same with the downhill racing. I've seen some pretty spactacular falls over the years and some near misses. The one i'm watching now is called "skeleton" and man if you crashed, that's about what you'd be. I still haven't managed to catch the downhill skiing but maybe i will over the weekend. Hockey is so popular in Canada that if there's a game on with the Canadian team, CBC will have that on but i just saw a Canadian win bronze in the men's skating and a Canadian woman was up for, i think it was, bronze in the skeleton sled thing.

[ profile] abishag mentioned in my post from yesterday, that the announcers aren't mentioning the music that the skaters use and the scoring for the skating is very different. I wonder if that was because individual judges were criticized a lot when you could see what each judge gave the athlete and people thought they were favouring one or another or being unfair. This makes it pretty generic, you don't know who gave what score that ended up as a total or average or something. And the costumes are a bit bizarre too, at least a few that i saw today. One fellow from France i think it was, had what looked like torn strips of netting hanging off his costume and there was a bit of printing on the screen with his name and a reference to "fashion diva". *choke* Oh for the days of Philippe Candeloro who dressed up as D'artagnan or Conan or when Kurt Browning would dress up as Frank Sinatra with the fedora. Mostly the men usually just wore a floaty shirt and plain dark bottoms. now they seem to have jazzy, stripey, patterned outfits. One i saw this morning had zebra stripes, black and white on the front, red and black on the back, blue sparkly arms. Sheesh!

Is it ever foggy out there this morning which, at least, means it's not too cold. I'm going to Mom's today as it's her birthday!

Happy Birthday to my Mom, [ profile] nancy_j!!!!
One awesome woman, my mother. I love you!!

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