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Note to Ms. Bus Driver.
When it's cold outside, and you've let your passengers off/on at the stop/terminal, could you please close the doors if you're just going to sit there for more than a minute? Thanks.

I'm all for having a cheerful driver who greets me pleasantly. Even better if he/she drives the speed limit and doesn't work the brakes for all they're worth. But come on. The driver has personal heating where they sit but I think they forget about the rest of us. The heating is on and it's nice and cozy and then we get to the terminal. Even if there's only a few minutes' wait until they have to leave, once everyone is off or boarded, there's no need to chill out the rest of the bus and let the wind whistle through. You can always open the door again if someone wants on or off. Sheesh. When will winter end? This part of Canada, it won't be for weeks yet. Other parts have a proper spring with weather starting to warm up by now or by the middle of March. What do we get? A day here and there that fools you into thinking Spring might just be on the way and then whammo with the snow or the sub zero temps again. At least now, it's more likely the snow will turn to rain or rain away within a few days. That's something.

Ok, weather whinge over.

Social media sure has it's positive side as much as some of it can be a pain in the butt. Endless photo shares, banal tweets, advertising. Twitter isn't quite so bad as Facebook because you don't seem to get quite as many repeat posts with half your friends sharing and re-posting the same cartoons and photos. Twitter isn't just about following celebrities either. I have a few that i follow, mostly Corrie actors but a couple others, there are people I know either in person or through the corrie community, a couple of local news and traffic feeds, and then there are things related to my interests of history, travel and photography. One of them came up trumps on the weekend. The BBC History magazine posted a notice about an upcoming exhibition at the British Museum about Vikings. Oooooh! We both like things like that. Quick-surf to the B.M. site and sure enough it's going to be on while we're there so I scored a couple of tickets. They have timed entry for things like this with a limited number of tickets for each time, in this case, on the half hour. It keeps the exhibit from getting too crowded and keeps the flow of people reasonable.

The last time I was in London during a major exhibit was for the Terra Cotta Warriors from China. We didn't manage to get tickets online before and when we went there in person we couldn't get in either. I'm sure they do keep some tickets aside for walk-ins. Anyway, that was over an Easter weekend the same as this upcoming visit will be so I didn't want to risk missing out this time. I snapped up the tickets before even talking to Graham but I knew he'd be cool with it and he was. We're going to that in the late afternoon on the Saturday and then to The Mousetrap that evening. Sunday we're going to the Tower of London and I"m hoping to catch up with any of you Londoners free on the Sunday afternoon. I'll get that coordinated through [ profile] naturalbornkaos closer to the date as far as finding a suitable pub and letting people know.

The weekend was very nice. My sister and I took Mom out to lunch for a belated birthday meal because last weekend the weather didn't coorperate, or we thought it wasn't going to so we cancelled. It wasn't great but it wasn't as bad as forecast so we might have been able to go but anyway, we didn't. I also went shopping and replaced all of my bras! All at once! The only thing i've noticed is that the bottom edge of the piece that the hooks are on is scratchy against my back so i've had to undo the bottom hook. I suppose that will soften over time with washings. Picked up a few tops as well that were on sale plus another 30% including a hoodie that is made from sweatshirt fleece. I am finding it really hard to get sweatshirts in that material anymore and I don't know why. It's nice and warm and soft and all cotton. Sometimes you can get it but it's got polyester in it or something, it's not quite as stretchy as cotton and thus doesn't wear and age as nicely.

Our new manager seems to be working out so far, settling in, nice guy. I think this is the first time i've had a manager that was younger than me, though. The last one was but only by a few years and all the others have been older or close to my age as well. This man is a good 10 years younger, maybe a little more and looks it. Not a gray hair on his head nor wrinkle on his face. I know he's over 40 but he looks about 30. I feel old. ;)
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I went to the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History yesterday. It took three bus rides and none of them had air conditioning and it was a stinking hot and hazy day. The bus let me down in front of the museum at a stop normally reserved for the city tour hop on hop off bus. I didn't take that as a warning because there had been road works that would have prevented it from stopping at the curb before that for a bit. When i came back out, i stood where i had been let off. I saw the bus coming, and was going to wave it down to make sure he knew i wanted him not the tour bus and watched the bus turn at a stop sign and go up a side road!!!! Bastard! According to the route map, it should have continued on the road i was on so i don't know what happened.

I wasn't standing there for another half hour for the next bus to see if it would pick me up so i walked towards Spring Garden Road which isn't all that far, and decided to cut through the Public Gardens which covers the last long block on my route. The Gardens are so nice in summer, with all the flowers out. I do wonder what happened to the ducks though. There used to be hundreds of them with people feeding the ducks on the pathways though i do know the staff always discouraged it. The last couple of years i've noticed there are no ducks in the park anymore and i wonder what they did to discourage them. They still have a couple of swans and one or two geese I think. Mainly the big pond has a few seagull floating in it and that's about all. The swans are usually seen in a smaller pond over to one side.

I got an ice cream from the canteen and sat in the shade for a bit and then walked over to the main road to catch a bus home. I had been planning to go to the West End shopping area to Pennington's where i mainly shop for clothes to see what they had left on the end of season sale racks. Mom and I may go to one of the closer branches today or tomorrow.

So yes, the museum. The exhibit was called Out of this World and consisted of about 40 costumes featured in various sci fi tv series and movies over the years. They were grouped by villains, heroes, and by series. They had costumes from the original Star Trek and a few from scattered other of the series. There were some Star Wars things, and, movie wise, they had the Terminator's jacket, Indiana Jones' jacket, The T-1000 costume from Terminator 2 which was quite cool, they had George Clooney's Batman cossie, Jim Carrey's Riddler outfit. There were a few props too. They had a Storm Trooper helmet and gun, Luke Skywalker's light saber and amputated "hand", They also had the original witches hat from Wizard of Oz which was cool. There were some Blade Runner costumes and even a fan-made outfit based on an Edgar Rice Burroughs 1922 novel and it was really good. If you can see Facebook albums, you can look here. The light was low and they were all behind domed glass so a flash wouldn't have helped anyway and the photos aren't great but i didn't do too badly.


Aug. 31st, 2007 06:53 am
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I've just discovered that there is a new exhibit over the winter at the British Museum featuring the Terra Cotta Warriors from China. I didn't realize they were only discovered in 1974 and that there are thousands of them in the tomb for China's First Emperor, Qin Shihuangdi. There are only 10 at the exhibition, not thousands along with some other artifacts from the site. It's going to be on from September until early April so I'm hoping we'll get a chance to go. It's timed entry on the tickets so if we decide to go, i think we should book ahead and get tickets for late afternoon to make sure we have time to get from Eurostar, to hotel, have lunch and get to the museum. We were planning to go to the museum anyway so this is excellent news!

I get notified once a month of events in London, via an email list from and though it's obviously not that useful to me most of the year, it's nice to get for the month when i know i'm going to be there. It covers a range of activities from festivals to exhibitions to music and sport and clubbing. They give you the highlights and you can get more listings as well for each category. You can get more info on the ones you want and generate a pdf file too if you like.

We're going to get a deluge of rain today. I hope the busses are fitted with pontoons!
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A lovely Sunday afternoon was had by [ profile] gramie_dee and me, prowling about Manchester city center with a friend or two. We took the bus in on our way to meet up with our mates Alan and Annie, i was lured into Lush and hey, they had a special offer on, if you spent over £15 and i forget the other criteria, but in the end i got to pick out two more things for free! Bought extra Karma body cream and a bubble bath bar. I also spotted a pair of boots in Ecco that i really liked and i want to go back and try them on to see if they fit. They're half price and are now only £65 i think and my old ecco boots are ready for the garbage (or should i be saying 'bin' or 'tip' ;) and went to the Wetherspoons at Piccadilly Gardens for a bite to eat. Lovely cottage pie! Alan had to take off then for the Gilbert and Sullivan revue but Annie stayed on and we walked over to the Shambles Square behind Selfridges and the Triangle where the observation wheel is. It's quite a bit smaller than the London Eye with it's 'cabs' only holding 4 i think. We were of two minds whether to go for it as the weather was iffy, and windy. Annie was definitely not going above ground level lol but in the end we thought we'd wait and hope for better weather when we come into the center on Tuesday. It looked like the heavens were about to start throwing it down.

Passed there and went to Urbis, the modern glass museum about City life. There was an exhibit on where a couple dozen people were given a camera to shoot pics from their daily life for a day. That was interesting to see what different people shot. Annie said it evoked a lot of emotions in her... sometimes looking at the pretentious, trendy shots and thinking "Wanker!" and other times laughing out loud. I thought some of the shots were quite good. There was one of the runway that a pilot took as the plane was just coming in for a landing just before twilight. Most of the pics were not taken with a flash so there were a lot of blurry ones and ones that had a lot of 'motion' in them.

The museum itself was good too. It is all glass and a triangle shape (see the website) and the elevator that takes you to the fourth floor where the exhibits start is along one of the glass walls and it runs up a diagonal track like a funicular! Very neat! Lots of multi media. You start on the fourth floor with a short film of images from cities around the world, on various screens all around you and on the ceiling. Very fast, quick editiing, you're looking all around you all the time to see all this whipping past your line of vision. Very Wow we thought. There was a section on the changing face of Manchester, and another booth where you sat in it and saw moving images of 7 different cities around the world and your face was projected on the screen in front of the images :) We did that :) Graham looks like he's not enjoying being there but really he was just watching the images lol I was sat there with either a silly grin on my face or a bemused expression. I did get a photo but Graham's computer doesn't seem to recognize my card reader. I'm going to get the images taken off onto a cd at a photo shop this week then i can just get printed later what i want.

What else... we stopped into Printworks to reccy out a restaurant that has excellent burgers, Graham's favourite :) This is an complex of shops, arcades, restaurants and a movie complex "Filmworks" in an old building or series of buildings that used to be a printers i think. There's a Hard Rock Cafe in there as well if that's of any interest. The restaurant we're going to is Henry J. Beans, which is i think Mexican but have good burgers.

Off to his Dad's in an hour or so for Sunday dinner and tomorrow visiting his mate Dale and wife Barbara. ##

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