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This week appears to be a God of Lost Things Found week.
Awhile back i had misplaced a usb thingy. It's not a flash drive or a memory stick, it's a shell that you put an SD card in. And i had an SD "converter" so i could put a micro card from my phone in it and load it up with music or get photos off the phone. Naturally, there was a converter with a micro card in it when i misplaced it though i had a micro card in the phone as well. That's because i had lost the damn thing before and had to buy a new micro card and then found it again. And it went walkabout sometime recently. Anyway....I was looking for my spare camera battery (that's another story) and i went through my backpack, thinking i might have had it in there because i might have used the backpack last time i stayed over at Mom's. And if that was over Christmas, it would make sense that i had my camera and extra battery. No battery. But i found the usb thingy!

Still no battery though. Looked in drawers and makeup bags and my purse. Last night, I had one more look in my purse and realized i hadn't checked in the inside zip pocket. Yep, there it was!

Mid week, i had a massage booked. I got home and realized one of my earrings was gone. No idea if i'd lost it at the massage/chiropractor's office or if it came off on the bus, but i had an adjustment the next day and they said they'd found the earring!

Hmmm.. There's a sort of documentary/movie on at the moment about the Canadian city of Winnipeg, aka "Winterpeg". You don't want to go there in winter. Anyway, they said taht Winnepeg has 10 times more sleepwalkers than anywhere else in the world. I wonder if it's true? Probably not but the documentary maker isn't saying. Here's something about the doc from the National Post. I sounds more like a flight of fancy. The movie touches on the history of the city as well as the man's family history and it's made it a dreamy sort of atmosphere. My Winnipeg, it's called.

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