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Today is our First Face Day! (happy FFD Sweetie! xoxoxoxox) The anniversary of the day we met face to face. this is the quote from a post where i described it:

"I did get there after 1 and saw him right away waiting where he said he would be. But just as he would have spotted me and my luggage, some tourists asked him a quesiton and he turned away. Damn, i didn't want to be 6 inches away when he first saw me so i held back a minute then was about 10 feet away when we made eye contact. Then it was like something out of a movie with us clutching on to one another in the midst of a busy train station, everything really did seem to fade away around us! I just could hardly believe i was there and he was there and ... oh ... wow..."

One of the two harbour bridges was closed all weekend while they were working on it. Apparently it was supposed to reopen at 5 this morning but didn't until about 7, which was just when i got my bus. As a result there was a huge amount of traffic heading towards the other bridge, which is the one my bus usually takes. We sat in traffic for ages just trying to get to the bridge but once on, it went pretty quickly. meanwhile the rain was coming down in sheets! It also rained most of yesterday but at least it's cooled off a bit.

I went out after work on Friday to Fishermen's Cove, a little community in Dartmouth where there is a good restaurant. I went with a friend who's birthday was Saturday and we had a nice meal. We walked around the area for a bit after, taking photos of the fishing village and looking in the craft shops. This photo is one of my favourites. It's looking down into the water at the edge of the wharf, you can see the lichens and a snail on the post. The other ones i took are here.

Saturday i did a lot of housework in preparation for a film crew coming to my house next Sunday! I've been involved with the people making a documentary about why Coronation Street is so popular with Canadian fans (along with lots of other people, not just me!) and they were tickled with the story that i met [ profile] gramie_dee in a corrie chat room and are now engaged. They filmed Graham at his flat a couple of weeks go when they were in Manchester filming at Granada Studios and next Sunday is my turn, and as well, they will be filming our ping. I don't know how much of it will make the documentary but there will be a little bit! They also liked that G. is into zombie movies and heavy metal and does a metal radio show for the internet. It makes him a non-typical type of fan in their eyes though because he's British, they wouldn't normally have found or filmed if but the Canadian connection is there :) Anyway yes, they are coming to my place next Sunday i think so i really needed a good tidy up. I still have to run the vac over the floor but i'm pretty much ready for them.

Beneath the docks
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Four young boys got on the bus this morning, all clearly related to each other and at least three of them close in age. In fact, i'd say there was a set of twins or, if not, "Irish" twins (i.e. less than a year apart in age), with the other two boys being younger. They all wore glasses, same style of frames. They were with two women who also looked similar, sisters i assume and i think the boys might have been split between them, making them cousins. But boy you could sure tell they came from the same gene pool.  The one that caught my eye, though, was one of the older two/twins. He was wearing black jeans where the others had on regular blue. He had on a pinstriped fedora style hat with a skull printed on the side and he had an earring. Dude! His brother was wearing a ball cap like most kids that age. And poor kid, (the dude), his mother was standing on the bus for a bit and wanted him to hold her purse (handbag) ! He objected and rightly so! No self respecting Dude would carry his mom's handbag! Definitely not cool and Mom should have realized!  She was also carrying a brightly coloured backpack. while the backpack might still look somewhat childish, at least that would have been a bit more manly. She didn't make him, she ended up holding both until she got a seat. I expect, it being the March school break, they were off to a day camp.

Yesterday, or it might have been Monday, there was a boy on the bus with his mom and i t hink some of her friends or relatives. They all got on together anyway.  He looked about 8 maybe, skinny kid but I think was going to get tall as he got older, he had long legs and arms. He sat on the end of one of the seats and leaned back and later he started singing to himself. Some hip hop thing or other from what i could hear but there also seemed to be some Christmas tune in there too. He was totally in his own world and not singing loudly but you could tell he just had the music in him. Bless!

And did i ever tell you the story of one other time i had got on the bus on a warm summer day. This was years ago now. I was sitting on one of the sideways bench type seats. This little boy got on with his mother or gran. She sat on the bench seat across from me but he decided to sit up beside me. He couldn't have been more than 4. Next thing i know, i look down and he's leaning up against me with his little arm on my thigh, his head in his hand as if he'd had a very long and tough day and was worn out. I think he forgot he wasn't sitting beside his mother/gran! I just smiled and left him to relax.

Sometimes the bus can be a real zoo but once in awhile you see things like this that make you smile.
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Ok. Now that's a new one.
Apparently there's a new trend/fashion/style called vajazzling.
So ladies, when you get a smooth Brazilian wax job, you could have Swarovski crystals glued on in patterns.
You could have your nethers sparkling like a disco ball.
I know glue can really stick to skin, superglue, and that sort.
But, wouldn't you want something a bit less adhering?
And wouldn't your underwear possibly pull off the crystals?
Or, i guess, you would have to go commando.
In a skirt.
*shakes head*
Apparently this came to light, so to speak, on a late night talk show.
Jennifer Love Hewitt does it.

Last night on the way home from work on the bus, there were several little kids all wound up, being loud and it just grated on my nerves. Not their fault, not the parents' fault, they weren't in a temper or crying, they were just hyped and loud. But childless me wanting peace and quiet just found it a bit much. I sent a text update to Facebook suggesting there should be an adult-only bus and it seemed to strike a chord with quite a few people. One person wondered who would drive the bus for the kids... I figure they could second a school bus driver. They're used to it. An adult-only bus could have peaceful music during rush hour, maybe some essential oil scents (or not, so many places are scent free these days!) They could serve drinks, hot and cold, provide newspapers. Sort of like a coffee shop on wheels. Oh well.

It's Friday again. It's been a busy week. Dinner after the gym after work on Monday, gym on Wednesday and out to a meeting last night. My personal fitness dragon will be pleased that i worked out both of my usual days while she was on her vacation this week. I see her twice next week and then every Wednesday and every other Monday after that, in an effort to stretch out the number of sessions i've purchased so the sessions don't run out before the biweekly payments!  I will still go on the Monday's i don't see her and am hoping to get there at least one other time, either for cardio or a full workout.
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*sigh* Another loud couple of people on the bus this morning, discussing, i think, car racing and the drivers and gossiping about the drivers' wives apparently. The man had a really gravelling voice, like Canadian comic character Red Green. Mercifully, the woman got off halfway through my commute so it was quieter after that. It's not like they were shouting, but their voices were fairly loud and most people talk quite softly on the bus, especially in the morning (unless they're on their mobiles and then their voice goes up about 40 decibels, unnecessarily. Why is that, i wonder? I find the voice i hear on the mobile is louder than my home phone so wouldn't it stand to reason that the person on the other end can hear me clearly, too? It's not that noisy on the bus and your mouth is very near the microphone on the phone. 

Downloaded and watched the first episode of Season 2, Ashes to Ashes. The general consensus was that Ashes wasn't quite as good as Life on Mars and i agree but judging from last night's episode, it looks like this season will be better. I really enjoyed last night's and it brought up some good, intriguing stuff that will carry through the season, i should imagine. On top of that, DI Alex is no longer dressing like a hooker and looks like a proper detective in normal clothes. Much more credible.
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...And it's only Wednesday!

Monday i forgot my wallet.
Good thing i brought my lunch.

Tuesday, debit card and driver's license weren't in my wallet.
Nor in my purse.
I knew where it was at home though.
Switching purses/handbags always results in an accident of one sort or another.

This morning
a small trail of liquid running down the aisle of the bus.
Wonder where that's coming from?
Followed it back to a puddle...
between my feet. eeeeek!
it can't be salad dressing because my dressing not vinaigrette today.
I looked in the bag.
It wasn't a container of grapes like it should have been.
It was sliced olives!
Brine all over the bus floor starting between my feet.
Rainy day would have been better. Wet shoes would have disguised it somewhat.
I can't tell you what it sort of looked like. :-&
You can probably guess, though.
The bag and contents aren't in as bad a shape as i thought so the container must have been on its side right against the bottom of the bag.
Small mercies.
And i forgot my reading glasses. *squint*
just at the newspaper though.
Computer's fine with regular specs.
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It's been a beautiful fall weekend, weather wise and i really didn't do a whole lot. Stayed home and did house stuff yesterday. Just got back from doing a few errands this afternoon. One woman got on the bus and before she sat down, the bus pulled away. She stagged a bit and SCREAMED! She didn't seem that unsteady on her feet when she got on and he didn't seem to pull away with a jerk but it caught her off guard anyway. Still, can you say "overreaction?" She then proceeded to complain loudly to the person whose lap on which she nearly landed and to the person sitting across the aisle... loud enough so the driver could hear but didn't address the driver himself. She's 57 and thinks bus drivers should have more respect for older people etc. All the way to the bus terminal, i could her her occaisionaly muttering about getting no respect, and something about dignity. Lady, if you're going to be passive aggressive, and not complain directly to whomever you need to, you're never going to get any respect. To be fair, some drivers don't wait until passengers sit down and some do. I've seen people complain in *both* cases.

I've made my Christmas list, people i will be getting pressies for and noted what i've already got. Yes, i've already got a few things. I really always took pride in getting it all done and dusted by December so i could stay out of the crowded stores. If i really need to, i will go right after work as it's the best time to go. It's insane on the weekends in December. I do buy stuff online as well, if i know what i want or i see something. It's like anything, i'll see it and think "oh so-and-so would love that". I actually have 6 people's gifts sorted and i've made some notes for what i might get for other people. I'll have to review the Christmas card list too, see if any addresses are going to need changing or adding/deleting.

Oh, remember that poll awhile back about which painting to submit to that United Way thing at work? The people have spoken and the folk-arty painting called The Ship was the overall winner so that's what i went with. I took it in and the lady that was collecting it really liked it too. She's got a contribution from someone else, can't remember if it's a painting or some other type of artwork, she's going to put photos of them both on our intranet at work and see if people will submit bids ahead of the kickoff which is in early November. So that's good, anyway. She seemed to think there would be enough interest in it. I'll be interested too, to see how much it goes for. I really should do more painting, i kind of slowed down on the output over the last year or so. I suppose because i have all these paintings and they're just there. Yes, i know, i should try to put them on ebay or etsy and sell them. I just keep thinking, well what if nobody wants them or i'm asking too much. Yet when i went to an art show in the mall from a few local amateur art groups, even unframed paintings were going for a lot more than i'd have the nerve to ask. And there were a few of them that i saw that i knew i could do as well or better.

When we went to the Eastern Passage boardwalk shops a few weeks ago, we got chatting to a man in the little gallery there and he's done something neat with some of his paintings. He makes copies on paper and then uses "podgy" which is a craft glue that dries clear, to stick them to small canvasses. The podgy, applied thickly and a bit unevenly, gives the impression of canvas and he just puts them on small wooden "easels" or stands that he paints to match a colour in the painting. They are only small, not even the size of a photo but he says they sell really well. It's an idea that i could do i suppose. If i put them on Etsy, i'd have to make sure to specify that it isn't an oil painting, but a print mounted on canvas so nobody would think they were getting ripped off.

The bus

Apr. 4th, 2008 09:40 am
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I had a post nearly all written on my phone when i got home last night and lost it. Grr.... It went something like this:

I loathe the bus. Why? Because when traffic is stuffed up because of an accident or weather or whatever, and i have to make alternative choices of routes to get home, i always get it wrong. Yesterday was probably the worst i've ever done! See, my normal route is the 53, takes me to my front door. My normal going home routine is take one bus from my office and transfer to the 53. But sometimes the traffic is heavy and i miss the connection. This happened yesterday. Now when that happens, i have alternatives. 1. wait for the next 53, about 25 minutes but longer when traffic is heavy like yesterday. 2. take a bus that goes relatively close and walk 10 - 20 minutes depending on the route and drop off point. 3. walk all the way home from the terminal, about 35 minutes, some of which is uphill.

Yesterday was cold and very, very windy. Add in another mitigating circumstance. I had to pee. Walking any distance is not a good idea. Accident may happen. This restricts my choices somewhat. By the time a bus that goes close came along, it was quite late as well so i first thought i'd just wait for the next 53 and i didn't take the alternative bus. Waited. Then decided, with wind buffeting my ears and neck, that the 53 would be late anyway so took a bus to go closer to my house. Now i could have walked from there, about 10 minutes but... still windy, still have to pee. I thought i could nip into the little grocery store, pick up a couple of things and get back out and probably not have to wait too long for the 53. This probably would have worked had i not been impatient. My downfall.

Another bus came by and i thought, oh i will take that to another nearby terminal where i could either wait for 53 or catch a 66 which would take me within a short block to my back door. Get on bus. Realize that it isn't going to go to the nearby terminal, this being rush hour and it's actually heading out to another community (Sackville) which is about 50,000 miles away. Aggghhh! It goes by an industrial park where the traffic is fairly heavy, about (oh i don't know) 2 miles from my house? maybe? whatever. I'm sitting on the bus, creeping along in traffic and have my head in my hand, and at this point, i'm not even frustrated or pissed off, because it's just so typical me that i had to laugh. Doh.

Anyway, i know i can get off at the main thoroughfare through the industrial business park and cross the street and catch a 66 that's coming back from Sackville and will eventually pass close to my house. So that's what i do. Better than going all the way to Sackville and having to turn around and come back. So again. Waiting. Windy. Still have to pee. Two busses come by but neither are the 66 though i thought one might have gone back to that "nearby" terminal. I asked the driver before getting on but no, he's not going that way. Probably just as well. Lord knows where i'd have ended up. In all, probably about 15 minutes waiting in the wind, passing the time by composing this post in my head (somewhat more abbreviated than it is now because my email on the mobile only allows 1000 characters). 66 comes along, it's warm and toasty and i can sit. Drops me off a short block from home and i get in the door nearly an hour and a half past when i normally would. Because i didn't wait for the 53 either at the main terminal or at the other stop.

If i did have a car, it wouldn't make any difference because i wouldn't take it to work anyway.
And, i did make it to the loo.
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I'm a bit cranky this morning but that will soon pass. The bus was late. It was crowded and i had to stand all the way. It's snowing so the traffic is heavier and slower than it usually is. My pass card wouldn't work with one of the access doors to this floor so i had to go down an elevator and around to the other side of the building and back up again. Sheesh. But that's not a problem with my card. The building management installed a disabled access automatic door opener and closer on this particular door which leads to a parking garage and ever since then, the security scanner is hit and miss but they aren't going to change it or try to make the two work better together. If i was in a wheelie and went to that door and my card didn't work, i'd be a bit pissed and i'd be taking it up with the building management but because i'm not, there's not a lot my complaint will do.

So then i am finally here and am reading the newspaper and i read about people getting their cars broken into in the parking lots of the malls. FFS 2 out of the 3 had left inviting parcels in plain view in the back seat! If you buy a tv or dvd player or something that's asking to be stolen, do you put it in full view? If it doesn't fit in the trunk of the car, i'd have the store hold it until i was ready to leave. People can be so naive. You can't help if your trunk is broken into but you can at least be a bit sensible, try to leave a coat or something over the dvd box (or whatever). This time of year is especially bad for it.

I see local Wal-mart stores are going to be open 24/7 from now until Christmas Eve. *shakes head* as if Sunday shopping wasn't enough! Don't get me wrong, i like Sunday shopping and i suppose there will be enough sales to make it worth their while bit it's a bit overboard. Ah Capitalism! The province is passing a law though, to mandate retail closures on statutory holidays and i agree with that too. It's nice to have especially Christmas *and* Boxing day where the stores and malls are closed and it's quiet and you can relax, visit, and chill out. There's time enough to exchange gifts and use up those gift cards. Most stores won't even take exchanges and returns on the first retail day after Christmas anyway because they're so busy with their sales.
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A data discrepancy puzzle at work was solved, i just need to get access to a different file to make the report work, now.

I think i have invented a new word. You know when your bus journey is a total disaster? Bad connections, bad drivers or even bad passengers? I think i shall call it a "busterfuck" instead of a "clusterfuck". I had a doctor's appointment and i took the bus to Dartmouth but the connection couldn't go it's usual route due to a police barricade, an accident or crime scene or something i suppose. Traffic snarled, bus takes the long way around to get where it needs to go but i still got to the appointment on time. But because of that situation, i was afraid going home would be badly delayed so i took the "back 40". Walked up to the Woodside ferry terminal to catch a bus that goes to Penhorn Mall instead of downtown to the main bus terminal i usually use. (because that route would have gone through the same delays i thought). From the mall bus stop, i could catch a bus that went cross country via another mall and close to my place. Except it didn't show up and didn't show up. It was chilly waiting too. 25 minutes i waited for a bus that was, by that time, almost 20 minutes late. Arse. Hopped on another bus that goes to the mall near me because there's another bus i can get from there. Only it wasn't scheduled to arrive for another 20 minutes. Gah!!!! I waited another 5 or 8 minutes and when a taxi arrived at the stand, i caught that and got home finally. Key-rist i hate the bus sometimes. And with my luck, had i gone home the normal way, there probably wouldn't have been any delays, by that time. I just didn't want to take the chance.

All was well at the doctor's office and i got a flu shot while i was there as well so my shoulder is a bit tender tonight.

So what does everyone think about this Dumbledore-is-gay business? Do you think she meant this all along or do you think she said it on the spur of the moment or only recently decided when she was writing the last book? Does it matter that he's gay? No of course it doesn't matter and i bet she never said anything before because her books came under enough fire already from the far right for all the "witchcraft" and so-called devil worship etc. Let's face it, if the right wingers can make a big to-do over a teletubby that carries a handbag, this will give them even more ammunition! *sigh*
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I may have a car pool in the event of a strike. cross your bits.

[ profile] silverfiligree tagged me for this meme
- List 7 habits/facts/odd things that characterize you.
- Tag 7 people to do this

1. I'm the one at the party/event/get together with the camera.
2. My favourite colour is red but everyone at work thinks it's black because i wear dark clothing mostly.
3. I have little patience, but mostly it's just with myself. Or lineups.
4. I'm clumsy
5. I have weak ankles and a glass back
6. I drive but i haven't owned a car since 1992
7. I'm anal about being late anywhere

And since i don't usually tag people, i think i will for a change.
[ profile] sammantha
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We're a lot closer to a transit strike. I guess i better get a ride sorted. And i took the chance and bought a bus pass for October already. Yesterday.

Can you spell "STRESS"??????
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Waiting for a bus that never shows up or, by the time the next one finally rolls in, getting on it right next to a crying baby who had himself worked up into a lather. Nothing would settle him and just when i thought he had finally stopped, he let loose with a glass shattering howl and he was off again. Gahhhhh! but nothing can put me in a bad mood faster than a late or no-show bus! This fall, the bus schedule system will be overhauled. Currently when you look at the screens at the bus terminals, or call up the GoTime phone line, all you get is the schedule spit back out at you. Come the fall, they will be on a GPS based satellite navigation system so the displays and recordings will be accurate. You can then find out if a bus has disappeared off the radar and when the next one will show up. Allegedly. I can see that working if a bus is just late but what would it do if it's broken down or for some other reason, un-traffic related, a no-show? I'm going to ask my boys over in the transit office next time we have a meeting about reports for the updated Incident tracking system.
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The sun is out! It's hot and lovely and not humid at all and it smells very nice on the street outside my building. I can see a couple of gloriously bright and blooming lilac trees in front gardens so that must be where it's coming from.
It won't last.
In other news, Mom bought a new computer today! Wahey! She's going to make the leap from a Pentium 1 Win95 to XP. Not sure of the specs but it will be an entry level system with a cd burner but it'll be like skidding on ice downhill, it'll be so fast compared to her old one! She's a Netscape user so i promised i'd set her up with Thunderbird and Mozilla as it's a lot closer to what she's used to. Sales geek tried to tell her it won't be any good after 2 years and tried to sell her all kinds of extras like a subscription to Norton and all the extra warantees etc. Between me, my nephew and my cousin, we'll have her up and running, firewalled and anti virused safely.

In the best news of all, [ profile] gramie_dee will be getting a job offer by letter very soon!!!!! Congratulations, sweetie!! xoxo

Seen on the commute home:
1. Woman with a tube top on. it did cover her little pot belly but the view from behind in ill fitting hipster jeans, love handles over the top and showing under the tube top, wiht a tattoo mid lower back drawing all the attention to it. *sigh*
2. Short, thin woman, the kind that carry themselves all hunched over, you know what i mean? She was wearing a tank top with straying bra straps. (fair dues to her, i have that problem myself sometimes). Not what you might class as an "oil painting", in fact, somewhat on the drab side of average with lank stringy hair and a sullen expression. Not young but maybe in her 20's or 30's. On the grubby tshirt was written "You're just jealous because i make this tshirt look so good" *snicker*

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