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Good grief, It's cold outside today!
Even so, i decided not to hibernate and I went to the gym. Yes, on a Saturday. That's mainly because I've avoided it for the most part for a couple of weeks, I think i've only managed to go twice in those two weeks. Bad me. Ever since I gave up having a trainer, it's been more difficult to get myself to the gym. At the end of the work day, it's so easy to say i'm tired and i want to get on a bus and go home. I can't do that. I feel better when I go to the gym and it's good for my BP and my lower back. Those are my main motivations after all. So off i went today, did 20 minutes cardio spread over three different machines and then a bit of weights.

Picked up a package at the post office on the way home and a few groceries and when I got home, I wrapped all Graham's Christmas presents because I want to get them in the mail this week to make sure he gets them in time. And it's G's birthday today. Poor guy had to work this morning. . Now i've caught up on recorded telly, Constantine, Gotham, Big Bang Theory and Grimm.

Going to see the new Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay Part 1 tomorrow. That does annoy me and I blame Harry Potter. Wasn't that the first one that made two movies out of the last book? Or was it the Twilight ones? I'm not including Lord of the Rings where they made three movies out of one book. I didn't really like the first of the two part Harry movie that ended the series. I found it really slow and dull but the last movie, the second part of the final book, was good. Lots of action. They just seem to pad them so much and you feel like they're just doing it to suck more money out of you. Never mind, we've gone to the other Hunger Games movies so we want to see it through to the end. (Mom, Sister and I).

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What a gorgeous summer day! Finally!!!! I went over to Halifax, found somewhere to get my hair cut as my regular stylist was fully booked. This one did a great job, too. Wandered around and window shopped a bit, stopped to sit in the sun and had some chips from Bud the Spud's truck. Walked back downtown and then went to the gym so I feel semi-righteous about that (minus the chips, of course!) it was so nice to get out into the sun!

The new library is nearly finished, too. They've done most of the landscaping around it and I think all that's left is interior stuff. It is going to be open this summer. Can't wait to see it from the inside. I've been taking photos once or twice a year while it's been built so when it opens i'll get to take the last ones from inside. They have a rooftop cafe as well with a nice view over the city. The building looks like a stack of books with the top one at a sharp angle from the rest. Some people think it looks really odd but I love it.
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So that's July done.
I still don't have a date for the surgery yet. I really hope it's by the end of August or very early September. They did say when I asked if it would be before October that it would be.
Went to the local Pride parade on Saturday. I do like to go though I don't every year. The atmosphere is so different from every other parade. In a regular parade, like for Canada Day or Halifax's Natal Day, the participants seem more bored. Or if they're playing music or marching in formation they're usually more serious, concentrating. Some people are on floats or walking and waving and smiling of course, but in Pride, everyone is just having a great time. It's party time, people are happy, it's a very loved up warm and fuzzy feeling. You see people of all ages in the parade, all types, and everyone accepts everyone else for who they are. What you look like doesn't matter. How much you weigh, a lot or a little, it doesn't matter. Yes, lots of the floats are put in by corporations, banks, businesses and political parties. But I see it as coming out to support the community, not gladhanding (though the politicians....some of that too!) What I really like is seeing a few church groups in the parade.

And the other thing I like about it is the music and how it's so bright and colourful! This year I made it over to the park where they have a concert stage set up. I didn't stay over long because my feet were getting sore by then and the ground was a little soggy to sit on. THey do have a beer tent area but i was ready to go home by that time. I watched a bit of the music which was drag acts though a proper band took the stage just as i was leaving. I saw my nephew in the queue to get into the age-restricted area as well, where the alcohol was sold. I noticed they were checking everyone's ID, young and old and that's the other reason I didn't bother. All I had with me was my debit card! I haven't been carded in 35 years! I should have brought my credit card and told the "bouncer" , Honey I'm old enough to have a gold card. You don't need to see my ID!

Anyway, it was an enjoyable afternoon and as always, photos in case you haven't seen them on Facebook.

This weekend coming I'm renting a car and I'm going to go up to Moncton over Sunday to Monday to see my best friend J. Doing some shopping and errands here on Friday and Saturday. Maybe a road trip but I haven't decided yet. There is a regatta in Mahone Bay on the weekend. It used to be called the Wooden Boat Festival and now it's taken on a theme. It's a Pirate festival now. They've added pirates to the mix apparently with random people dressed up and walking through town causing mayhem. It's a pretty town though it would be quite crowded. There's another shop nearer though in the same direction i did want to check out. They carry a lot of British foods and gifts including some Corrie merchandise. I am thinking about doing some cooking for the freezer for when I'm off sick, it's easier to microwave something than cook it. I might also stock up on sandwich meats and buns because they'll freeze as well.  I have a limited amount of freezer space, though, so i have to watch that. I think Mom sold her deep freeze so i can't take advantage of that. 
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I went to the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History yesterday. It took three bus rides and none of them had air conditioning and it was a stinking hot and hazy day. The bus let me down in front of the museum at a stop normally reserved for the city tour hop on hop off bus. I didn't take that as a warning because there had been road works that would have prevented it from stopping at the curb before that for a bit. When i came back out, i stood where i had been let off. I saw the bus coming, and was going to wave it down to make sure he knew i wanted him not the tour bus and watched the bus turn at a stop sign and go up a side road!!!! Bastard! According to the route map, it should have continued on the road i was on so i don't know what happened.

I wasn't standing there for another half hour for the next bus to see if it would pick me up so i walked towards Spring Garden Road which isn't all that far, and decided to cut through the Public Gardens which covers the last long block on my route. The Gardens are so nice in summer, with all the flowers out. I do wonder what happened to the ducks though. There used to be hundreds of them with people feeding the ducks on the pathways though i do know the staff always discouraged it. The last couple of years i've noticed there are no ducks in the park anymore and i wonder what they did to discourage them. They still have a couple of swans and one or two geese I think. Mainly the big pond has a few seagull floating in it and that's about all. The swans are usually seen in a smaller pond over to one side.

I got an ice cream from the canteen and sat in the shade for a bit and then walked over to the main road to catch a bus home. I had been planning to go to the West End shopping area to Pennington's where i mainly shop for clothes to see what they had left on the end of season sale racks. Mom and I may go to one of the closer branches today or tomorrow.

So yes, the museum. The exhibit was called Out of this World and consisted of about 40 costumes featured in various sci fi tv series and movies over the years. They were grouped by villains, heroes, and by series. They had costumes from the original Star Trek and a few from scattered other of the series. There were some Star Wars things, and, movie wise, they had the Terminator's jacket, Indiana Jones' jacket, The T-1000 costume from Terminator 2 which was quite cool, they had George Clooney's Batman cossie, Jim Carrey's Riddler outfit. There were a few props too. They had a Storm Trooper helmet and gun, Luke Skywalker's light saber and amputated "hand", They also had the original witches hat from Wizard of Oz which was cool. There were some Blade Runner costumes and even a fan-made outfit based on an Edgar Rice Burroughs 1922 novel and it was really good. If you can see Facebook albums, you can look here. The light was low and they were all behind domed glass so a flash wouldn't have helped anyway and the photos aren't great but i didn't do too badly.
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hair 003
hair 001

My first Earned Day Off in many years and I really am enjoying it. I booked in to get my hair cut, I wanted something different but not too different. It's now layered with a bit heavier bang/fringe and when i left the salon, it looked a bit Joan Jettish with the layers and she'd straightened it. Now it's gone flat again so you don't see that look so much. Still, it's cool and light and i like it.

I then went up to Pete's Frootique and spent a bomb. I always do when i go there because everything looks so nice and fresh and there's lots of different things to try. I got a bunch of different fruit, satsuma manadarins, cherries (red and yellow), mangos and plums. I was going to get strawberries but they were expensive and we're going down to my aunt's cottage tomorrow so we'll stop at the fruit and veg market on the way there and they'll be much cheaper. I got some lovely bread with cranberries, apples and currants in it, and some foccacia for sandwiches. Several different kinds of cheese. a ginger ale made with natural cane, (it was lovely), anyway... i spent a lot and i'll have nice things to nosh on.

I have to make pasta salad for tomorrow. I cooked up some macaroni this morning and promptly forgot about it until i could smell burning and hear a little sizzle coming from the kitche. you don't get desired results when you cook it for 45 minutes! Doh!. I had to make another batch. I got the things go to in it and i'll make it up later so it will be chilled overnight.

I was going to go to a movie but i had two very full bags of groceries and some of it would need to be refrigerated so i came home. I was standing waiting for the bus and my nephew Ryan walked by. He gets off work at 3:30 and we caught the same bus going to Dartmouth and had a nice visit :)
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As crap as the weather has been this summer, we've lucked out on weekends that have been mostly quite nice. Yesterday I decided it was time for my annual visit to the Halifax Public Gardens, 16 acres of wonderful in the middle of the city. The flowers were glorious and they were setting up for a dahlia festival later in the month. Some of the dahlias were blooming and they were really beautiful. It seemed like there were quite a few varieties, i hadn't realized that. Just seeing what was in bloom already, I'm marking the dates on my calendar (Aug. 30 - Sept 1) so i can go back and see all of them in bloom. It will be an explosion of colour, i tell you. I have more pics on Facebook here.

After that i went to the nearby Park Lane shopping mall where there's a multiplex cinema and saw The Help. I really liked it. It's pretty much a women's movie since it's all about women. It takes place in Jackson Mississippi in the early 60s and tells the story of how the black maids were treated by their employers, usually not that well. There is still a lot of racism around but thank God/dess it's not as bad as that anymore. ie. one women had a little cubicle built in the back outside as a toilet stall so the maid wouldnt' use the family toilets for fear the family catch something. You could tell that a few of the women weren't as bad but still bent to peer pressure when it came down to it.

One young woman, a peer of the other  young wives, has returned to Jackson from university. Her friends have all married and started families. They have bridge club every week and they have Womens' league type groups. She doesn't really fit in anymore but still takes part. She wants to be a journalist or write a book and gets a job at the local newspaper writing a domestic cleaning column. She gets help from one of her friends' maids in answering the letters and decides she might write a book about the black maids from their point of view. This is basically illegal and at first none of the women are willing to be interviewed or if they do, they are very circumspect. One does agree to start with and little by little the rest do as well. The book, with names changed and written by "Anonymous" hits the bookstands and is a scandal.

I'm sure that life in the deep South under those circumstances was fairly accurately depicted and the characters are pretty well drawn out. Emma Stone is the new "flavour of the month" and she plays the writer, Eugenia aka Skeeter and she's really good. Her character is realizing that the way she was brought up is wrong. We're at the start of the civil rights movement and you know that Skeeter will be in the thick of it before long. I saw her recently in Easy A and she was really good in that too. I think she could go places. Viola Davis is the central maid character, Abilene, and the narrator. She's been in lots of things and I recognised her mainly from the Jesse Stone tv movies (Tom Selleck). Abilene is sympathetic, she loves the children she has to raise and tries to teach them to be strong and independent and give them a sense of self worth even when they have mothers that basically ignore them. She hopes to show the daughters that there is a different way but most of them still end up like their mothers, haughty and condescending and status conscious. She feels things deeply but seems resigned to her life though she dreams of more. Her best friend, Minnie, also a maid (Octavia Spencer) is more prickly and defensive, sassy and occaisionally prone to impulse. She's living with an abusive husband and a house full of children. 

Most of the men in the movie have very small parts and focus. It's about the women, women who are head of the houses and women who keep the houses and homes together from behind the scenes and one woman that wants to change things. It's not overly sentimental like some of these movies can be but you also know it's all going to work out in the end.

There are a lot of movies that come out that are about women. Every once in awhile there is one that really stands out with a great ensemble cast, great characters and this one is one of those, for me at least.

Dahlia Starry
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We're thinking of going to Rome next spring so of course i'm already looking at hotels. We were going to stay three nights but maybe will stay a fourth and do a day trip to Pompeii. Graham has not been to Italy at all though i have and he really does fancy seeing Rome and the ruins. There's lots of choice for hotels at least so it's a matter of picking one, probably in the walkable vicinity of the train station so if anyone has any reccomendations, please let me know. Price range up to 150 Euros if poss. Definitely not more than 200.

Lovely weekend. Weather wise it was hit and miss. 50/50. Saturday it rained alllllll day. So much for "Scattered showers"! But luckily by the time i did have to go out it had more or less stopped. [ profile] sammantha had her birthday party at her house for the family. Rick did some lovely bbq chickens on a spit plus some jumbo hot dots, veggies, fruit and Mom and I got a cake and brought that. I took the car home overnight and then picked up Mom and my auntie on Sunday.

We were heading out to the country for an anniversary party. I say "country", it used to be, but it's grown up a lot with lots more houses and a couple of subdivisions off the road. This is the community where my grandparents had a small cottage, or "camp" and several other relatives lived on the road as well. A few still do and that's where the party was. The sun was gloriously warm with a lovely breeze so you didn't mind the heat at all. Nice to see some family members that we don't often see. Unfortunately the ones that do go are fewer and fewer these days as the oldest ones pass on and the next gen and younger don't seem to go as often. Of course there was a lot of guests that were friends and neighbours of the anniversary couple (25th ann.) that i wouldn't know anyway. Very good turnout with 4 or 5 barbeques going and several cooks. Lots of food. My aunt Bonnie cooked 50 pounds of potatoes for salad!! She was giving it away as people were leaving!

This week will be the usual. A work week isn't usually filled with much. Gym after work two days is about the extent of it. Evenings otherwise are spent chatting to my sweetie (53 sleeps!) Next weekend is the start of Halifax Pride week and there's a softball game on Sunday i think, the "Divas and Dykes" game which is always a laugh. The parade is the weekend after. Not sure yet if i'll go. I do like it but year after year makes it feel very "samey" so i prefer to go every few years but they do have an outdoor picnic and concert after which might be good. I didn't go to that last time because i'd been out in the sun for so long that i just needed to go inside and cool off.

Had a lovely chat on the phone to my "bezzie" mate last night. She might be in town for a flying visit at the end of the month, picking up her daughter at the airport so i might get a chance for some face time then.
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It's the Canada Day long weekend and there's loads going on around the city. I only managed to get to a fraction of it and less than i had planned as it happened. Friday, I went over to the Multicultural Festival, something i don't do every year but i hadn't been for a few years. Unfortunately it was a bit of a disappointment for me this year but I think it was more of a case of bad timing than anything.

Luckily it was a beautiful, hot day, something that's been rare these days. I finally got down there mid afternoonish and found the entrance. This festival used to be on the Dartmouth side of the harbour at the ferry terminal. This new area, by the cruise ship piers and the new Art College campus, and the Seafront Farmer's market, is a much larger area for it, i guess but it's more out of the way for me at least. That was annoying to start off with. One of the main attractions is the international food tent but I didn't find there was as much choice as there used to be. Still some variety but not as much as it used to be and mostly the vendors were selling "meals" rather than little samples. I didn't see the barbeques anywhere either and assumed they were not there so that was another strike against it. I had some authentic Mexican food (not spicy) and some Indian curry.

I stopped to watch some dancers on stage but unfortunately they were not that good. I didn't think so anyway. They were from South America in the Andes, or representing that area, I should say. Now I know most of these dance groups are not professionals but many of them do dance for lots of recitals and come across as very professional and very good. This first group was not in that class. It felt more like a group of women in a family or a group of friends all decided that's what they were going to do and did up costumes. The dancing wasn't really good and one of the dances, a "flirtation" type dance, had two women performing, one dressed as a man with a moustache pencilled on her face. The woman that they had introducing each dance did not speak Spanish so her pronounciation was all over the map. It annoyed me so i walked back to the tents where the exhibitions/vendors were to have a look. Very nice things, most of it for sale of course. At the back of the two long tents i saw...... the barbeques! Doh! After i'd already eaten! I walked around a bit more, went to see if there were any other dancers on stage, (there weren't, the Latin America ones were still faffing about) and decided i'd had enough. Shame really, because i've seen some wonderful performers in the past.

As i was handy and as it was free entry on Canada Day, i went to the Pier 21 immigration museum. Halifax was the arrival point for immigrants to Canada between 1928 and 1971. They arrived by ship and dispersed across the country by rail from there. The complex contained an arrivals hall, luggage hall, rail ticket and waiting area, and also things like interview rooms, a place to have someone's general health checked out, etc. During the war, the troop ships left from this pier and after the war, ships bringing the War Brides started arriving. Immigrants arrived from all over the world. The museum tells the stories of the immigrants and the people that worked there. There are artifacts, recorded stories, and lots of things. The museum is on the waterfront and you can look over the outer harbour from the tall windows. Earlier in the morning they'd had a ceremony to create some new Canadian Citizens. They do that every year.

I was hot and tired and footsore from there so i got the bus home. I had planned to go back out in the evening to listen to some of the free music and see the fireworks but once i got home i basically just wilted. I think i was dehydrated to some extent and did feel better after re-liquifying but i just didn't bother to go out again.

Today was another beautiful day. I had plans to meet with my friend T. and her family to go over to the Halifax Common to see the Mi'kmaq Powwow, called Mawio'mi which means The Gathering. They had a Grand Entrance with lots of different people, all ages, all dressed up in full costume and they danced around a circle for awhile to various songs. There were drummers/singers to the sides who were providing the music. The bands were all announced as their representatives entered. We got there fairly late so we didn't get a chance to get a seat on the bleachers but we squeezed in on one side. Thus, most of those photos tended to be of their backs going in the circle. The music is eerie but rhythmic, notes soaring high above the thrumming of the drums. We watched that for awhile and then I went for a walk with T's little boy who is a very active 7 or 8 i think. We went over by the big teepees set up as a village. They had some demonstrations in them for various crafts like beading and basket weaving. Most of the teepees were just canvas and plain but one was decorated with various paintings. T. caught up with us and we went back to find her fella. We left the boy with him and went for a browse along the vendor craft tents. There were lots of interesting items there, from hand made jewelry to the various implements that the performers and dancers would have for their costumes and performances. ... drums, bells, hoops, furs, headpieces. We saw some change purses and a bag the size of a small backpack made of turtle shells on the outside, with sueded leather behind it.

T. had told me about the Indian "tacos" that she had there last year, said they were really good but when we found the food vendors, the prices were stupidly high, 10 dollars for one! I wasn't paying that no matter how good they were! Back to the performance circle, it was nearly over but we managed to get seats this time. The drummers were right in front of us and performed a number for a "hoop" dance. There were young people dancing on the field with hoops but i never saw them, i was too interested in the drummers. They sit in a circle and pound on the drums and sing... well it's kind of howl really at the top of their voices, but it's amazing stuff. The drumming itself is more or less just a rhythm to keep time with just a few variations.

There are photos and a few videos on Flickr here.
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Mom and i went to the Metro Centre yesterday to see a touring production of Mamma Mia and we really enjoyed it! This was my early Christmas present to her. I've never seen it on stage before so i don't know if the set is similar to a permanent stage but it was minimalist, with two pieces of "walls" that spin around depending on whether you are outside the taverna or inside, with appropriate other ephemera like tables and chairs or a bed to indicate where you are.  The stage lighting was nice too. The show and plot were as expected and having seen the film, there were only a couple of songs/scenes that were different. It was nice that the three men cast in the father roles could actually sing! The three in the movie were not really very good and even the "best of them" Pierce Brosnan looked as if it was a struggle for him. Meryl Streep wasn't tooooo bad but the actress in this production was wonderful. There's always a difference in the acting style for stage, having broader gestures and the like but it was fun!

Another difference is that all the actors are, i believe, wired for microphones and it always gives me the feeling that they are not really saying the words, but are mouthing or gesturing to a pre recorded audio track which they are not doing of course. But sitting far enough away that you can't see if they're speaking in tandem with the words you're hearing so that's probably why it had that somewhat artificial feeling. I'm not being picky, it was just a strange sensation and i've noticed it in proper permanent theatre productions too. They're all wired into the sound system now rather than having to project and strain so it must be easier on their voices in the long run.

anyway, it was fun and bouncy and very enjoyable as far as the play went. I'm not really very comfortable in the seats in the Metro Centre as there's not much leg room and my knees or shins are pressing against the backs of the seats in front of me.

The rest of the weekend was fine. We did a bit of shopping on Saturday and treated ourselves to Chinese food for lunch at Fan's in Dartmouth and the food there is always top. This weekend i'm going to get my Christmas tree put up. That's always a chore because i always get the lights plugged into the wrong spots but at least i don't have to struggle to put the lights on or off the tree anymore. They're all wired onto it already. Also this weekend is the annual Christmas Daddies telethon where quite a lot of money is raised to bring Christmas to underprivileged kids in the Maritime provinces. The telethon features lots of local entertainment, school groups etc. Some of it's good, some not so good but it's all fun and all part of the tradition. People donate their time and money to help out and that's the main thing.
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Out and about today took Mom and I to the new Seafront Market, first. It's in an old warehouse on the south end of the waterfront. This area has been rejuvenated in recent years. The Pier 21 museum is here, telling the history of the immigration to Canada for much of the 20th century though Pier 21 in Halifax. There is now a venu that is often used for music and concerts. In another of the old "pier" warehouses, the Art College has moved in and built light, airy studios and classrooms and now the old Farmer's Market has mostly moved into a new building as well. I say "most" because not all of the vendors decided to make the move from the old Keith's Brewery where all the little rooms and spaces with the stone walls and low ceilings really made you think you were back a century. But the throngs of people just couldn't get through and the market was over crowded. I think there was some bad feeling or politics there, and not everyone agreed with the move. Most went, a few stayed but i think they're fighting a losing battle.

Anyway, the new market is still crowded but everything is on one main floor. The second floor has mostly crafts and artwork and there will be a third floor as well but it's not ready yet. This time of year, there's lots of produce. There is also cheese, meat, fish, sausages, sweets, homemade jams, wines and bakery goods. There's cooked foods, too, so you can grab some lunch and try something new.

We went to lunch at Smitty's after that and when we were done, we walked across the street to Victoria Park, a long, narrow greenspace near the Public Gardens. All this was part of the original Common land in Halifax but has got chipped away over the centuries. Today, there was a classic car show in the park and along part of one of the streets. And oh, i do love the old cars! It's a photographer's dream, as you would expect. It's not even the whole car i like to photograph, i like to get details, like wheels, ornamental decoration, reflections, all that sort of thing. There was also a large group of British Cars from the people that belong to a British Automobile Association. Jaguars, MGBs, Triumphs, and they had a Rolls Royce and a Daimler as well as a Sunbeam Tiger and a Mini, of course! Lots of other cars on display too including a 1927 Bugatti Roadster. Here's a taste and here's an album on Facebook. I think you can see that as i made it viewable to everyone.

Market peppers
Blue select
Triumph and MG
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Wow, i haven't posted all week! I guess LJ really is sliding downhill and i do miss reading what everyone's doing. Facebook isn't the same really. I tried Dreamwidth but nobody was using that at the time either so i haven't bothered with it.

Really, though, there hasn't been a lot to write about anyway, not without whinging at least :) I just seem to have one ache or pain after another. I pulled a muscle in my neck while stretching in the shower the other morning, this just as my twisted ankle is nearly better and the infection (sty) in my eye was nearly gone. Also, during that heat wave, my hands got all puffy, as they do, and my ring finger knuckle got really sore and swollen. I didn't think i would be able to get my engagement ring off but i did manage it and am wearing it on my right had for the moment. The left ring finger is still a bit puffy and knuckle still a tad tender but i *can* get the ring back on. The ring always was a slight bit snug getting on and off though i could always twist it round while on my finger. It's made a dent though and the rest of that part of the finger seems a bit fleshier or puffy and i wonder if the ring has always been a little too small. I'm kind of thinking i might get it resized a little bit but i'll wait a little until the swelling in that knuckle goes away completely. It's still enough that it's a push to get the ring over it.

Was thinking of going to the air show this weekend but there's a 60% chance of showers. I don't know whether i should take the chance or not. If the cloud cover is too low they won't have the planes in the sky even if it doesn't rain. Sunday might be better so i might hold off until then. I haven't been to the airshow in a lot of years. boy the price sure has gone up!

I'm getting a Costco membership too. I don't go a lot but i might go more often and it will be more convenient to have one of my own rather than go with Mom all the time. They used to let a guest pay for their own merchandise as long as the card holder was with them but now they insist that the card holder do the paying so i have to make sure to send the money to Mom right when i get home. Plus they are doing an aeroplan signup bonus now if you join up. I don't think they give you points on your purchases normally though there is a current promotion where you will get the points if you shop online.

Getting on good with the new trainer. she does some different things but is easy to get along with.

The musical Spamalot is coming to the Metro Centre for three performances. A group of my friends is planning to go though not sure if we'll all be sitting together. I've definitely got a ticket sitting with one woman so i won't have to sit on my own. Unfortunately it's the day Graham goes back home so he won't be able to come with us. Any other time, he'd be traveling with Air Canada and leaving at midnight. We could have gone to the afternoon performance but this time he's flying to Toronto, changing airlines and then from toronto direct to Manchester which is better for him not having to wait around in Heathrow half the morning after the overnight flight. I'm almost tempted to do that myself if it goes smoothly for him though i'm loathe to give up all the lovely aeroplan points i get from the flights overseas. Using Air Canada and then the Thomas Cook charter via works out to the same price as flying it all via Air Canada who are expensive even with seat sales. Since he's not bothered about air miles, it works for him.

I have the rental car booked for his visit and one booked for one day in Toronto when we're going to Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake. The only thing left is tickets to the Bezercus gig that features Black Label Society and Children of Bodum. He reckons i might even like BLS! I don't mind. I'll go anyway.
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You either love them or you hate them. High school reunion season is upon us. My high school years at Dartmouth High were three enjoyable years. I made lots of friends, was involved with the yearbook and generally just had fun. I got my first taste of the travel bug on a senior year tour to Rome, Paris and the French Riviera. I had some really good teachers and a couple of crap ones. No school bus for us, we were in inner city school and walked there mostly, though we could take a city bus. We never seemed to do that though. I worked part time at a department store in the local mall for my pin money. I even had a credit card for the store where i worked, though it had to be cosigned by my parents as i was under 18. I had a 300 dollar limit! I mainly used it for things like a new mattress and a new camera and school supplies and as i worked there, i could pay it off easily.

With the onset of Facebook, someone started a buzz about a reunion. It evolved into a reunion for anyone that went to DHS between 1970 and 1980 and we're now calling it That 70s Reunion (after the sitcom That 70s Show). All the organizing is done and it's all happening over the next few days. There's a golf tournament, a fun run/walk on Saturday morning, a harbour cruise tomorrow and tonight is a Monty Python night. There was a Monty club for a few years in the late 70s. Much mayhem ensued. The boys in our group started the club with a teacher sponsor who was not long out of university himself. He also coached the boys' (ice) hockey team and was nicknamed Mad Dog (Rick Swan). Perfect sort to be the staff sponsor for the Pythonites. The girls in our group joined the club to hang out with the boys of course! The boys put on skits in assemblies and were very good at it, too. I can remember stomachs aching and tears streaming, we laughed so hard. So tonight, a meet and greet, a few skits and then we'll watch Holy Grail and probably something else. I likely won't stay to the end as i do have to work tomorrow but it'll be good.

I'm also going on the harbour cruise tomorrow afternoon though the weather looks a bit iffy at the moment. The boat has an inside as well as an upper outside deck, though, so it won't matter if it rains a bit. I think we're getting the worst of the rain today. Saturday night is the finale, a big dance. I think they have over 400 going so far.

A lot of people don't like reunions, they feel self conscious about their appearance or their lives. Maybe they didn't have much fun in school and really hated it. Maybe they didn't get to know too many other people. There will be lots there i don't know but maybe i'll meet a few new people. Never a bad thing to make a new friend or two. And we all have at least one thing in common, we went to the same school and had a lot of the same teachers.

There's been a Facebook group set up for yonks and there have been a lot of diverse people posting there about their lives, their successes and their challenges. One man had a really rough time of it most of his life but seems to have come out the other side. Brave of him to talk about it and reach out, too. Most people have had similar experiences, one or more careers, one or more marraiges, one or more kids. Oh one recent claim to fame that i found out, the guy that produces the Twilight movies, Bill Bannerman is a DHS alumnus who has flown in for the reunion. He's also done a lot of directing as well. I think i went to school with his younger brother. Or at least he was at DHS when i was, though maybe he was a tad older.

I remember a lot more people than i actually knew. Being on the yearbook committee you see lots and lots of photos of people, classes, committees, clubs, sports teams. You feel almost like you knew these people when they weren't actually ever in your classes or clubs etc. There's always the people that everyone knew, of course, the school student council folk, the ones that organized and participated in all the social activities, the jocks, and the troublemakers too. Our school also put on a musical production every year and did it very well, too. Those artistic and musical folk would get well known also.

Anyway it all kicks off tonight.

Now where did i put my handkerchief? Just kidding. I only ever wore a knotted hankie once, to a hockey game and wouldn't you know it? That was the one time it was captured on film and put in the yearbook! Aggh!
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Had a lovely day yesterday. Mom picked me up in the afternoon and we headed over to Halifax. She wanted to go to Costco but it turned out only for a couple of books which they didn't have. I can't believe we both got out of there without spending a cent! Not quite the same result in Chapters where i got another travel book on Cornwall. :)

We then went to a movie, Letters to Julia which we both really liked. I do like "chick" flicks, or romances but some of them really are silly. This one wasn't. It establishes that the main woman is a fact checker for The New Yorker but wants to be a writer and she's engaged to an Italian man who's very busy opening up an Italian restaurant. He doesn't seem to have a lot of time for her or her interests. Movies like this, even when enjoyable, are predictable so you know he's going to end up dumped by the end of it. It's all a formula but it's the writing and the characters that make it good. If you don't like the characters or the actors playing them, it's going to fall flat.

So they are going to the romantic city of Verona for a pre-honeymoon trip where he's going to be looking up suppliers for the restaurant. Thing is, he spends all his time doing that and no time with her exploring so she's left on her own a lot. She discovers the attraction, Juliet's House (This is city in which Shakespeare based Romeo and Juliet and there are several related tourist attractions there including a house with a balcony for *that* famous scene). Turns out women leave love lorn notes stuck to the wall of the house in the little courtyard and a group of local women, paid by the local government, collect them and answer them. Sort of a Dear Abby service! The young woman, Sophie (played by Amanda Seyfried), is intrigued and later she finds a letter written in 1957 that got lodged behind a stone and forgotten. It sparks her romantic imagination, a woman who fell in love with "Lorenzo" and wondered if she should throw caution and her parents' objections to the wind and run away with him or go back to England.

Sophie writes her back and lo and behind, a few days later, who appears but the woman who wrote the letter, Claire (played by the wonderful Vanessa Redgrave) and her grandson Charlie who came with her so she wouldn't come alone on a quest he sees as fruitless. He comes across as arrogant and obnoxious and he and Sophie clash. Right. Standard plot... these two will end up together. That's also a given. Claire wants to find Lorenzo after 50 years, though she's nervous and Sophie ends up helping them track him down and tags along on the journey because she wants to write the story. No guessing how it all works out. :)))

As i said, it's a standard romance but the actors playing the characters are good and the story is simple but written well with good dialog for the most part. There's the age-old sentiment of "What if..." that most people can buy into and of course you want to see the happy fairytale ending. We just really enjoyed it, it was standard but it didn't feel contrived. The Tuscan scenery was fabulous and i remember some of if from when i was there in 1996. I hadn't spent a lot of time there but did drive through it on the bus tour with a couple of stops including one in Sienna where a few scenes were shot. Never got to Verona but it's similar to other Italian cities i did see. If you like this kind of movie, this will not disappoint

After the movie, we had a meal at Smittys and came home and watched some video. Mom stayed overnight because my niece was having a birthday party at the house and mom wanted to get out from under their feet.
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It's been a full day. I did drag myself to the gym but the whole workout was a struggle this time around. I don't know why but i did finish.
Got my hair highlighted and coloured and cut and it feels so much nicer.
Went and picked up some groceries and i still need to put them away but i had to download the new Doctor Who first and watch it.

And speaking of which...
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This is my mom, [ profile] nancy_j. Some of you have met her, some have not. Some know her through LJ. My nephew Ryan and I took her out to Sullivan's Pond for a photo shoot. She'd been wanting a proper portrait for awhile. Ryan is taking a photography course and has the better equipment so his shots will be much better but i tagged along as well so i could get a few of my own. This was one of my favourites and the rest are here. It was a stunningly beautiful day out there. Temps hit the high teens. My weather thingy on my computer currently says it's 20 degrees! It felt a little cooler but only slightly. Anyway, we had fun and went for a meal after.

My favourite of Mom
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Apparently, the local mall is heaving with people and the traffic coming and going is beyond belief. No surprise there. One week before Christmas? I wouldn't go near there today for any amount of money. I bet the WalMart is equally bad. Sis's fella, Rick, came over and fixed my kitchen light so now i have brightness and can see! Yes, i could get the building people to do it but the thing is, the light fixture that was there before and that broke isn't theirs, it was one Dad put up for me. I kept the original one and that's the one Rick put back up. I'll have to patch a couple of holes where the old screws were and then maybe i'll repaint the ceiling. Mom has some leftover i think i could probably use. It's a very small kitchen.

Rick dropped me down to the local grocery story (not at the mall!) and the parking lot was quite full. There are other stores in that little shopping centre but i figured most of the traffic would be in the grocery store, A. because of impending Christmas and B. there's supposed to be a storm tomorrow and people go nuts stocking up even though it's only one day of bad weather. Anyway. All those people for all those cars? No idea where they were because they weren't in the grocery store. It was not busy at all! It was after 3 p.m . but that isnt' all that late. Had a nice chat with my friendly neighbourhood produce manager, an old school friend of mine and picked up what i needed. I'd forgotten my list but there were only two things i missed off it and neither are needed right now. I'll have to go back again this week as I'm expecting those new tops to arrive and the post office is also in the same place. I'll pick up what i need then. If i remember.

Still cold today but no wind so it feels warmer. Getting warmer is probably the indication that the snow is on its way. I can make candy tomorrow and get the laundry done. I also am going to try out a Jamie Oliver recipe for Pork Vindaloo (curry). Nom!
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I had a nice day off yesterday. I had a doctor's appointment mid morning. It snowed the night before but rained so it was mostly all gone. And i discovered that there are now two busses that go by the office, one every 15 minutes so i wasn't the last minute getting there which makes me happy. She was happy with my BP and was pleased to hear about the gym. They've got a new office now, so they're not up on the fifth floor. It's a nice office but there's no great view over the harbour anymore. There was a drugstore in the old building but there will be a new drugstore going in next to them in the new complex too which will be convenient. They've needed the new office for a long time. The old one was getting pretty tired and worn looking. it's only a few blocks away on the same road. I won't say convenient because it's a bit out of the way without a car but it's no worse than it was before. There's free parking at this place as well.

I went to the dollar store and loaded up on gift wrap, bows and tags and i bought some fuzzy Christmas socks too. They're so soft and warm! One is red, green and white striped like a candy cane and another is red and white striped, like another kind of candy cane :)

Today, i logged into the network at work and discovered we'd got hit with a virus yesterday. I'm not sure if my machine is infected or not. I didn't think so but one application doesn't seem to be there so i'm not entirely sure. I didn't check all the others but the ones i was using were ok. On top of all that yesterday, apparently there was an evacuation fire drill! Good day to be off!

Another day in the 30 day meme, this time a photo taken of me recently. This was taken in Montreal when we were visiting my cousin B. This is his baby Lyla.
Me and Lyla
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There's one very large oil rig moored in the harbour and i can see it from the window at work. There's another one just down a ways which i can't see from said window. I took a couple of sunrise shots of it this morning and planned to take the ferry home after work to take some pics of it in the daylight. Luck stayed with me and it was a really nice sunny day. The big-ass one is the Rowan Gorilla, one of the largest rigs in the world and is used for deep sea stuff. I think it's off to the Hibernia oil fields off Newfoundland from here. The other is Seajack Kraken, a lower platform rig. As you can see, it's pretty freakin' big too as judged by comparison with the little blue sailboat next to it, but the Gorilla is about three times that size. You can see a panorama of the harbour showing both rigs here to give you an idea and there's a full album of photos on Facebook here. There are more photos in that album than just the rig, i also took some photos of the pretty trees behind the parking lot at the bus terminal. Sadly they will mostly be mowed under since there is going to be a larger bus terminal built there soon. I thought it was supposed to be under way by now but obviously not.

Rowan gorilla in the morning
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A face in the crowd

I had a lovely day though i got out a bit late. By the time i got over to the farmer's market in the old Brewery, they were starting to pack up. I did manage to get some fresh veg for a pot of hodgepodge which i think i might make tomorrow, though i have to look and see if i have any tinned milk. If not, i'll just nip to the corner store and all will be well. The market is great, there are crafts, food, wine, bakery, all in nooks and crannies, down staircases and up and through little low corridors. I can appreciate there isn't a lot of room there and it's going to be moving to a big warehouse type place down at the shipping piers. Sadly, i think it's going to lost a lot of it's atmosphere but there will be a lot more room for the vendors. It's one of the oldest running farmer's markets in Canada, i believe. These gourds were at the market, see the little face someone drew on one? :)))) I did buy a bottle of raspberry cider, too which i haven't tried yet. It still is an apple based cider but with raspberry tones added to it. I think it might be interesting.

From there, i walked along the waterfront, taking photos as i did in the market. I ran out of battery power so i nipped into the Maritime Museum shop to get some. I dropped into the library and then out to Mom's as we were going out to Jack Astor's for supper later which we did. I had decided on one thing but saw something else and changed my mind but i forgot and ordered the first thing that i wanted instead. Doh. I do that a lot. And no, it's not age related. I've done that many times over the years. Decide, oooh i think i'll have an egg sandwich for lunch. Go to the cafe, order a sandwich, and then, because i changed my mind on the way and decided to order, say, tuna, wonder why it tastes so funny because i was expecting to taste egg when i bit into it!

Tomorrow i think i'll make the hodgepodge (a sort of fresh-veg chowder) and I might to a spot of painting in if the inspiration moves me.
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After the hurricane breezed by  us the other day, the weather really has changed. It was a lovely day today but the temp didn't hit much above 20 and the breeze was chilly! It'll be cool for sleeping tonight at least. End of August, the nights do start getting cooler but it happened so quickly. We've really had a crap summer. August was an improvement over July and the last week or so was quite warm and humid but aside from the occasional hot, sunny day in July, that was about it. The last really good summer we had was 10 years ago, that was the summer we were on strike! 11 weeks! The whole summer was absolutely gorgeous, too! Too bad we weren't getting paid!

I actually took today off to go to an appointment that was in the middle of the day but as luck would have it, i didn't really sleep in that long this morning and i was awake and up by 7:30. Ah well. And it's always the way, when you have to be somewhere, that things out of your control mean you could be late. Traffic. Bus gets stuck in traffic due to construction. Grrnrnhhh... But i was only a few minutes late. It was the doctor's office and she's always running late so i figured i wouldn't miss my appointment. I only had to wait about 10 minutes which was exemplary for her.  Picked up a few groceries on the way home. Why do they always stuff the fabric shopping bags with so much! They are good for carrying heavy stuff but you can only carry so much! It's like they assume everyone has a car, rather than slogging the bags on the bus. Even if that's true, you still have to be able to get them out of the car and into the house.  Even though i took a taxi back, it was still awkward and difficult to get the stuff in because of the weight on my fingers. Mom has bought one of those little shopping trolley carts for getting her stuff from the car to the house. 

not sure what i'm doing this weekend. Maybe, if the weather looks ok, going to Truro for the last day of the Nova Scotia Exhibition. Never been before and it isn't that far away. They have farm stuff and crafts and activities and lots of things to do and see. If not, Sis and i planned to go to a movie, we can always do that Sunday if she's free. We'll see how the weather goes. We won't want to go to the Ex if it's going to be miserable. Some of it is indoors but you still need to get around from building to building.

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