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So... retirement do yesterday at work for a man i've worked with for 24 years. There was an in-office cake and gathering and a party at Cheers after work with a stupendous turnout and lots of faces from way back! Gosh what a shock to see one of them at least. There were a few others that we don't see much but who do come to these things now and then. Good party but i don't tend to stay late at them because i don't tend to drink a huge amount and by 8 or 9 everyone's getting pretty legless and if you're relatively sober it stops being as much fun.

The cake was incredible. It was made by a local fancy restaurant, Scanway and had shaved white chocolate all over it and it was white layered with fresh strawberries. Oh wow!. I painted him something from a photo he took in Ireland and gave it to him last week. Graham added in the figures of his wife and daughter, something i would have been crap at attempting and overall it made a really good painting.

Photos of the painting )

Today, i went to the community centre where the mother of a friend of mine wanted to do a practice run for teaching a painting class. There were three of us, two of us had painted before and one never. I think the "teacher" decided that she probably won't teach after all but it was fun to sit and chat and paint for the morning and part of the afternoon anyway. This was my effort.
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Back to work and the routine. Don't know yet who the interim manager will be.
My hip isn't too bad in the daytime, moving around keeps it loose though i'm still walking a bit off kilter. The worst part is at night. I can get to sleep but i wake up half way through with hip pain and can't get comfortable enough to get back to sleep. Toss. Turn. Get up and walk for a few minutes. Repeat. I found a bit of comfort laying on my stomach but i hate sleeping like that. Trying to put cold pack on it when i'm home but that doesn't really seem to have any effect though the chiro says that's what it needs, not heat.

One of my coworkers is retiring this Friday. I've worked with him since i started this job in 1988 and we worked quite closely together for the first 8 years and usually sat close by each other for a long time after that on and off. He's a good friend and he's always cheerful and I'll miss him. The retirement do will be quite a bash! I did a painting for him using a photo he took on his vacation to Ireland a couple of years ago with his wife and daughter sitting on a pile of rocks at Giant's Causeway with the bay out behind them. I did the scenics and Graham did the two figures because i'm rubbish at that. We took it over to him last week and they really liked it. I forgot to take his picture with it and i asked him to but i'll have to remind him again. I'm pleased with how the painting turned out.

Speaking of which my friend's mother is going to teach painting in Kentville and wants a practice run so my friend, me and i think one other person are going to the community centre here on Saturday where she's going to lead us through a How-To session and we all come away with a painting.

We saw two movies last week, too. The Avengers and Dark Shadows and liked them both quite a bit. G. liked The Avengers more but he did enjoy DS. I liked them both about the same, but they're very different movies. Avengers is super heroes and lots of action and effects and cgi and DS is Tim Burton and Johnny Depp and it's all Goth and wry and camp. The actors in the Avengers were all good but Robert Downey Jr. as Ironman stole it for me but i'm a bit partial to him anyway. Mark Ruffalo played Bruce Banner (Hulk) and was really good in the part. The guy playing the villain, Loki, was excellent too. Dark Shadows is based on the old soap from the late 60s so it emulated that a bit with the style of soap story and acting. Characters with secrets, pasts, a witch, a curse, ghosts and lost love. And Johnny Depp. Excellent. Both movies were good fun.

Mom's out in Victoria, BC visiting her brother and it sounds like they have a full schedule for her!
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Seeing how LJ is working at the moment, let's see if it lets me post!

First an update...
Took Friday off and since Monday is a holiday here, I have an extra long weekend. Pity about all the rain yesterday, though. It's an event weekend with lots of stuff going on in the area to celebrate the city's birthday but it was all flooded out yesterday. There are fireworks rescheduled for tonight and I might take those in. They're planning to fire off a waterfall effect off the harbour bridge, something i've only seen once before and they don't do it every year so I'd like to give that a go. There's usually a bridge walk where they close that bridge and allow people to walk but i think that's tomorrow afternoon with a parade in the morning. Doubt i'll get up and going in time in the morning to see that but you never know. I should make the effort since i missed the Pride parade last weekend due to feeling rotten.

I am feeling better now though still have the cold around the edges.

Work was very quiet this week as it's now prime vacation season.

I started a painting yesterday. I haven't done one in a couple of years. Partly because, since i don't really do anything with them when i finish, i kind of felt like i was wasting my time. It isn't really, i know that, as it's a hobby and i do sometimes gift paintings but now that i look back on the ones i've done, i'm thinking they aren't really as good as i thought they were after all. I don't know why i think that. They're done by an amateur and they look it but then you can look at paintings that sell for hundreds and they don't look like they're that skilled either, some of them and some of them are so superb that you want to burn all your brushes! Anyway, this one is going to be for a coworker who is retiring next year. He went to Ireland last year and one of the photos he took, with his wife and daughter sitting on the rocks at Giant's Causeway, made me think it would make a good painting. I'm going to do the scenery bits and Graham is going to do the figures because i have no talent for that and he does. I did most of it yesterday but i want to pick at it a bit more, make some adjustments to the sky and maybe the rocks.

The rotten balcony saga continues. They've put up barriers on all the buildings now and we got a letter yesterday with the schedule for the demolition and reconstruction. As i suspected, they won't be complete until December!!! My building is scheduled to be done in October so i have no access to the balcony until the end of Oct. It's not that i use it a lot but, on one hand it seems a bit pointless to barrier up all the buildings if they aren't going to rebuild for another couple of months. On the other hand, I suppose they have the equipment rented for now that lifts them up to the balconies to put up the barriers. Anyway, I'm just glad we were able to leave the inside door open to let air in. They're supposed to be reducing the rent by 30$ each month we are blocked in. I'll be checking next week when August's rent comes out.

People are starting to use the new Google Plus thingy. I'm on there too as well as twitter but i'm not overly active on either. I post a bit and maybe with G+ it will get a bit more as more people i know are on there. Twitter is not bad, like Facebook used to be with a running status update. I have picked up on links to interesting things via that so it's been worthwhile but I'm not one of those people that tweet my every waking thought and indeed when i've had people on my feed that have, i've dropped them. Spamming is spamming. I've got a separate twitter feed for my Canadian Coronation Street blog to increase the traffic there by feeding my blog posts to it.

Anyway, enough of that..

and a meme gacked from [ profile] liz_lowlife
5 less common likes and five less common dislikes. (although some of my friends do feel the same as I do)

Many of my friends seem to like these but I don't:

1) Running
2) Vacations on the beach/resorts
3) Tim Hortons' coffee
4) Gardening
5) Reality tv shows

Many of my friends seem to dislike these but I don't:

1) Metal/Industrial music
2) Reading about History
3) Live Journal/blogging
4) Old movies
5) (can't think of anything else right now)

Day 20

Dec. 20th, 2009 10:21 am
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Today's topic is a hobby of mine.
Yesterday was all about photography so my other hobby, i guess, is painting. In conjunction with my usual New Year's Resolution to try new things, a few years ago i decided i wanted to learn how to paint. With oils. I tried taking a class but it wasn't overly successful, most of it i still had to figure out myself but i think i did ok. That doesn't mean i still don't think a lot of my paintings are all that good though [ profile] gramie_dee has nothing but praise for each and every one and earns a million Good Fiance points for it. I haven't been painting as much lately but I really do want to do some more. I keep saving photos i find that i think will make nice paintings so it's not like i'm suffering for choice. I always paint from a photo for the most part. The one time i didn't, i wasn't all that keen on the result.

I tend to paint landscape type stuff, or scenes, not people. i maintain that if i tried to do people they'd come out looking like Bart Simpson.

No snow yet but it looks grim out there.

Ego busting

Dec. 3rd, 2009 05:45 pm
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A couple of months back i was asked if i would donate a painting to a silent auction. This wasn't for work, it was for another government organization. They said they'd pay me 25% of whatever they got for it. I thought the subject of a minimum bid had come up and i had mentioned $20. I guess they didn't do it. I got a little envelope in the mail today with my 25%. Total received: $1.25
This painting garnered a grand total of $5.00 at the auction making them a net total of $3.75, less really because it would have cost nearly 60 cents for the stamp to send me the money. Hardly worth it to them or to me. I guess i won't be doing that anymore. At least at work they put a minimum on it even though i don't get any proceeds from the sale. The painting is 12x16, too, not a little one. It was one of my favourites and it kind of hurts that someone only bid 5 bucks for it and won it. It's worth so much more, well i thought so anyway. Even $20 isn't much but at least it's some value.


Bras D'Or Lakes, Near Baddeck NS
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Painting of the Bras D'Or Lake at Baddeck
You may or may not remember this painting i did last year. A friend sent me a link to a website that was asking for donations for a silent auction for the United Way in September. Any of you local crafties, photographers or painters, if you are interested, get hold of them by Wednesday. You will also get 25% of whatever the auction raises on your donation. I'm not sure if it's a public auction or if it's for the NS Government employees. I think it's public but there's no listing of the event on the Trade Centre website or on the local United Way website. Maybe they just haven't put the notice in yet. I also donated a couple of photos to our own UW function at work, which will be held in October or November. No proceeds from that, unfortunately. They actually put one photo on the intranet for an advance auction and it went for $30. I've got another one to give them too. The first was the Bluenose sailing in front of the Halifax skyline and the other will be the Bluenose docked with a blue sky behind it but it's nearing dusk.
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I donated The Ship to the Silent Auction for United way at work. They were starting all donations at $20 and mine has a $25 bid on it already! They're taking online bids through the intranet until the kickoff in November. I got an email today from someone at Fire Services wanting to know if i would donate a painting to another auction which is raising money for a local youth swim club. Of course, sez I. I think i might send over the Lighthouse. It's not framed but i will get an inexpensive frame for it on the weekend.

Scheduled myself for a hair appointment for after work on Tuesday, highlights and the works. I saw the big grey streak down the center of my head where the roots have grown out and it wasn't pretty. I"m feeling my age, let me tell you!

Long weekend for us in Canada as we celebrate our Thanksgiving in October. Supposed to be good weather all weekend too! Yay! Probably the last of the nice weather, too.
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It's been a beautiful fall weekend, weather wise and i really didn't do a whole lot. Stayed home and did house stuff yesterday. Just got back from doing a few errands this afternoon. One woman got on the bus and before she sat down, the bus pulled away. She stagged a bit and SCREAMED! She didn't seem that unsteady on her feet when she got on and he didn't seem to pull away with a jerk but it caught her off guard anyway. Still, can you say "overreaction?" She then proceeded to complain loudly to the person whose lap on which she nearly landed and to the person sitting across the aisle... loud enough so the driver could hear but didn't address the driver himself. She's 57 and thinks bus drivers should have more respect for older people etc. All the way to the bus terminal, i could her her occaisionaly muttering about getting no respect, and something about dignity. Lady, if you're going to be passive aggressive, and not complain directly to whomever you need to, you're never going to get any respect. To be fair, some drivers don't wait until passengers sit down and some do. I've seen people complain in *both* cases.

I've made my Christmas list, people i will be getting pressies for and noted what i've already got. Yes, i've already got a few things. I really always took pride in getting it all done and dusted by December so i could stay out of the crowded stores. If i really need to, i will go right after work as it's the best time to go. It's insane on the weekends in December. I do buy stuff online as well, if i know what i want or i see something. It's like anything, i'll see it and think "oh so-and-so would love that". I actually have 6 people's gifts sorted and i've made some notes for what i might get for other people. I'll have to review the Christmas card list too, see if any addresses are going to need changing or adding/deleting.

Oh, remember that poll awhile back about which painting to submit to that United Way thing at work? The people have spoken and the folk-arty painting called The Ship was the overall winner so that's what i went with. I took it in and the lady that was collecting it really liked it too. She's got a contribution from someone else, can't remember if it's a painting or some other type of artwork, she's going to put photos of them both on our intranet at work and see if people will submit bids ahead of the kickoff which is in early November. So that's good, anyway. She seemed to think there would be enough interest in it. I'll be interested too, to see how much it goes for. I really should do more painting, i kind of slowed down on the output over the last year or so. I suppose because i have all these paintings and they're just there. Yes, i know, i should try to put them on ebay or etsy and sell them. I just keep thinking, well what if nobody wants them or i'm asking too much. Yet when i went to an art show in the mall from a few local amateur art groups, even unframed paintings were going for a lot more than i'd have the nerve to ask. And there were a few of them that i saw that i knew i could do as well or better.

When we went to the Eastern Passage boardwalk shops a few weeks ago, we got chatting to a man in the little gallery there and he's done something neat with some of his paintings. He makes copies on paper and then uses "podgy" which is a craft glue that dries clear, to stick them to small canvasses. The podgy, applied thickly and a bit unevenly, gives the impression of canvas and he just puts them on small wooden "easels" or stands that he paints to match a colour in the painting. They are only small, not even the size of a photo but he says they sell really well. It's an idea that i could do i suppose. If i put them on Etsy, i'd have to make sure to specify that it isn't an oil painting, but a print mounted on canvas so nobody would think they were getting ripped off.
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Work is having a United Way charity launch in November and they are going to have a table of items donated by staff for a silent auction. They are looking for crafts, artwork etc. and I thought I would donate one of my paintings but i don't know which one. So here are the candidates, with description and size and of course a poll. I will be getting a frame for whichever one i submit so don't worry that they aren't framed.

Thumbnails and the poll )
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Been doing a bit of housework and laundry and then decided that i have not been painting very much lately and it was time to rectify that. I had been doing Flickr searches for various locations in Cape Breton because we'll be heading there in a couple of months and came up with some photos by a fellow Lj user who is on the flist of a couple others on my flist and i've seen her comments many times. I had not realized what a wonderful photographer she is. So.

Inspired by this photo taken by [ profile] grammardog in Cape Breton. This is the Bras D'Or Lakes in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. It's a beautiful part of the province and I loved the photo because it's foggy and moody and i hope i captured the same feeling.

I booked all three places to stay in Cape Breton yesterday so that's all sorted. Just have to reserve the car. Ocean View Chalets for Cheticamp though i've booked a King bed room instead of a cottage. 25% off for off season rates too. Baddeck Heritage House for Baddeck. They haven't got much of a website yet but the description in the Doers and Dreamers' guide sounds good so we'll take a chance. The Stacey House for Louisbourg. An old Victorian house. I've booked the Stacey Room.
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CBC in it's ever infinite wisdom is seriously considering dropping the theme tune to Hockey Night in Canada. This was written in the late 60s which surprised me because it's so ingrained into our consciousnesses here in Canada. You just don't think of hockey here without that tune running through your head. Apparently the contract with the company that owns the rights to it ended and CBC is saying they can't come to an agreement though the company is saying CBC isn't really pushing that hard either. I think public outcry is going to make the decision for CBC. I don't watch hockey anymore so it won't make any impact on my life whether it's there or whether they use Happy Birthday for the theme tune. Whatever. But I just can't imagine it without that tune and a lot of people are very passionate about it. You can sing that tune anywhere in the world and if there's a Canadian in the room, they'll know it. Getting rid is like changing the Coronation Street theme tune of nearly 48 years. Unthinkable really.

Mom's neighbourhood is having a yard sale tomorrow and she's got some stuff she's putting out. I brought a stack of cds and some dvds i didn't want but i offered them to the guys at work this morning first. That got rid of half of them right there. Someone might as well enjoy them. I wouldn't be asking for much for them at the yard sale so i don't mind giving them away here. I am also going to see if a few of my paintings will sell. Hard to know what to ask. I might just duck out of it altogether and see what someone would offer first and dicker from there. What do you think?

Friday five...

1. What's your weather?
Looks semi-sunny, it was cool this morning and it is probably going to rain later on.

2. Where are you on your way to?
After work, to mom's for the night. Neighbourhood yard sale tomorrow and it will be my nephew J's birthday tomorrow as well.

3. Are you good with directions?
Usually yes.

4. Do you know your neighbors?
I have a passing acquaintance with a few, exchanging friendly words and such. One or two over the years i've actually been friendly with. Living in an apartment building, you don't tend to see them other than in the elevator or waiting for busses and such. In a house, you're out in your yard, or out shoveling snow etc. You have more interaction.

5. What do you smell?
Couple of coconut cookies that I'm having with a mid morning cuppa.
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...Painting, that is. I started this yesterday and when i got up this morning i decided to finish it off. Haven't had breakfast. Haven't had me tea. I haven't painted in quite awhile so i'm pleased with how it came out. It's not that i thought i'd forget how, it's just that, oh i don't know really. I'm just glad that what i thought would be a nice painting did come out as well as it did. I'm not always that satisfied. (Edited: I forgot to mention, it's a view of the "Seven Sisters" and the white cliffs of Dover)

It's raining again today, a holiday Monday. Two out of three in case you're keeping count. This is pretty bog standard for our May long weekend here.

My friend Tracey came over last night to get a tape and she stayed for a nice long visit. She's doing all sorts of things. She takes Belly dancing classes and has started to make jewelry, long dangly earrings to sell for dance but also makes some nice beaded earrings and necklaces and one of the pairs of earrings i really liked. I would have paid for it but she said to have it and spread the word :) She's been buying Belly dancing related things off ebay too, things like fabric, jewelry, head pieces all sorts of things, making items and selling them both online and to her class mates etc. She's also selling Tupperware and working full time and has a four year old. Very talented multi tasker! I was telling her about a recipe i was wanting to make but i didn't get round to it. It's a guinness steak and mushroom pie but it's supposed to be slow cooked for a few hours for the filling and i just never took the time though i got the beer and the puff pastry. She offered to make it for me in her slow cooker. I supply the Guinness and pastry and she'll do the rest. Brilliant to have such good friends, isn't it!

Got an email from Mom last night. Do I want to go to Chapters book store today? Silly question!!! It's raining though so she might not want to go. We'll see. I guess i better get something to eat and some tea.

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Many of you know [ profile] blueberrymoon and if you don't, you should definitely check out her journal. She's an artist and a photographer. She sells her paintings on eBay and prints of her paintings and her photography on and today she greeted her friends and family at the Love, Me boutique on Birmingham Street in Halifax. Love, Me features crafts and hand made items including local artists and they are featuring her photos and other items made from her photos and paintings such as buttons, cards, mini purse mirrors, and her prints, framed and unframed. You can see the framed prints i the pics through the cut. I went after work for a little while but my back was not up to standing for too long. The shop was filling up when i left, though. Shelagh's work is always wonderful. Her paintings are bright and cheerful folk art and her photography is just *that* good! One of my favourite photos is this one that she took of her daughter's checked socks and red shoes against a black and white tiled step in London. I bought a set of cards, one of which is this one so i can get a red frame for it. I also bought a button of one of her paintings, cat looking at a night sky. Seeing a photo or painting on her LJ always brightens up my flist :)

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Almost ever episode of Brothers and Sisters makes me cry at some point. Tonight's episode was worse (better?) than some. My God/dess, it's a good show!

I started a painting but i think i have to let this bit dry before i continue on. My best friend sent me a postcard from Ireland, a whitewashed wall from a cottage, a red window, a black teakettle on the windowsill with a bit of ivy growing in it, and a bit of reflection in the window with a red curtain. So simple. And i do love doors and windows! It would look good in a red frame, too!

I'm looking for some new music for the gym. Therefore it has to be fast, maybe techno with a good beat (not too fast/trancey) or with a rock/metal fusion, or anything with a good thumping beat and crunchy guitars. I've downloaded some Red Hot Chile Peppers to try that, and some Yazoo. Other songs that have been on the gym playlist include Snake River Conspiracy, Rob Zombie, Faith Hill (This Kiss), Skinny Puppy (worlock), Paul Simon (Kodachrome), Orgy, Rolling Stones, HIM, Van Halen, Morgueazm (naturally!), Great Big Sea, CJ Lines ;), ELO, Prince... you get the drift. Anything that's going to be motivating but not toooo fast. Suggestions?
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I haven't done one of these in awhile, mainly because i started this one and it didn't inspire me and it took all summer long until today to get it finished. I'm not really all that happy with it. It's not really very special. It's larger than i usually paint too, 12x16 and i'm not sure i like the larger canvases. Not for this one anyway. Next one will be a small 5x7 one again as the photo i'm using for the source really only lends itself to a small painting.

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Jaw is less puffy but still a bit sore to touch. Stitches are annoying me. They come out on Wednesday noontime. I expect that will sting a bit.
Had a nice visit with the birthday girl and the rest of the family today including some funny stuff which won't translate very well here as it is a "have to be there" kind of thing. Let's just say there *is* a difference between a beaver and a horse and cakes should not collapse on the table. I know it's cryptic but you'll just have to fill in the blanks.

One commercial that always makes me laugh is the Ikea one where the woman is running out of the store hollering 'START THE CAR!!! START THE CAR!!!!' as if she's just robbed a bank when in actual fact she's been shopping at Ikea but acting like she robbed the place with the prices being so cheap and all. She jumps in the car as hubby starts it and she raises her fist WOOOOOOOOOOO! It sounds stupid but it's actually quite reflective of how excited you can feel if you've got a really REALLY good sale or bargain. In our family, when that happens, you ring someone up or email them and exclaim OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY. The number of "oh boys" is indicative to how good a sale you got or that you've finally got something you've always wanted. My Nan used to do that and that's where we all picked it up from.

Finished another painting, this one was a commission. Laurie's Rick asked me to paint a view of his parents' cottage for their anniversary. I just added a couple of hanging baskets with red flowers so you'll have to imagine them there.
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My lovely niece Staci's 19th birthday today. She's been counting down the sleeps with great excitement. More than usual. See, the legal drinking age in Nova Scotia is 19 and she can now go to a pub or bar downtown without worries of being carded and turned away. Her boyfriend is older so when a group of them go out downtown, she has not been able to go with them. Her paternal grandparents are celebrating their 60th anniversary today too so she and her brothers will go there in the late afternoon/early evening. She got a big surprise yesterday, her father called and he had arranged to come here on business to time it for his parents' anniversary (and her birthday). She didn't know he was coming and was thrilled. He moved away to B.C. in March i think it was, for a new job, and she's really missed him. I'm really pleased he was able to be here for the anniversary too, because it would mean so much to his mom and dad.

There were some really nasty thunderstorms in parts of Nova Scotia yesterday but they bypassed us in the city completely though i think some of the outlying suburbs got some rain from what i heard. It's overcast again today. No change there then. I've done some more on a painting that i am doing for [ profile] sammantha's Rick which is a commission, done for his parents' anniversary this summer. I have to let it dry now again, to put the finishing trim on it. Then it has to dry out really well before it can be framed. I may hurry it along with a cool hair dryer setting.
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I did go to the gym after work, as i 'd promised myself. Only when i got there, i pulled out my headphones and there wasn't an mp3 player attached. Nor was it in the bag. It's sitting here on my desk just where i left it when i charged it up via usb a few days ago. Doh. Thus, my cardio wasn't really as motivating as usual. I did a few stretches and some of the machines but one of them had a twisty thing that wouldn't untwist. It's very hard to turn at the best of times but I just couldn't make it turn so i could adjust it. Skip that one then. And there was a group of 4 or 5 guys over by the free weights doing various things including using both of the stability balls of a size that i would use. It was a bit intimidating so i used one of the machines instead of the weights for the arm curls and didn't wait around to see how long they would be using the ball for. That all cut my workout short by about 10 minutes but i got through most of it.

Mom is bringing over her old coffee table tomorrow, with my cousin, who's going to cart out my old paint splattered one. Now that i have an easel i don't have to sit on the couch and bend over the coffee table to try to paint. Speaking of which, i've got me first commission! Sis's fella asked if i could do a painting of his parents' cottage. It'll be for their anniversary this summer so i got a start on it tonight. Anyway, Mom is going to stay over tomorrow night and we are thinking of going to see Pirates of the Caribbean :)
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Today is Canadian Armed Forces Day, well, this Sunday is. This morning, there was a proclamation ceremony across the road in front of City Hall and an email went around a few days ago to let staff know that anyone that could get away would be welcome. It's important to show the support for the troops, i always feel, regardless of whether you think the policy of sending them to places like Afghanistan or anywhere else is wrong. It's not the troops' who make that call. they're just there doing their job and as it happens, pretty much all of the men and women who are serving in Afghanistan believe strongly that they should be there. Living in a military town like we do here in Halifax, you tend to be on the side of the troops, it seems. I've had relatives that served in the navy and i lived for 5 years on an army base when i was married before.

Anyway. P. and i went over from our office and there were others from the other departments there. Red shirts on many backs. That's a growing thing here in Canada, wearing red on Friday to show your support for the troops. I don't always remember but i did today and quite a few others did as well. That campaign was a grass roots one that started in the U.S. but Canadians picked it up after two wives of soldiers picked it up and started a campaign for it here, making lots of noise and publicity in the media and on their website. It seems to be fairly popular apparently. Canadians identify with red since it's the main colour of our flag.

So the ceremony. Nice. Military brass band played the anthem at the start and God Save the Queen at the end. Raising of the flags on the pole, opening remarks by the Mayor, a soundless speech by a general (the sound system was only good if you were right on top of the microphone.) and a prayer by another military person. That last one i did hear fairly clearly. A few photos starting here.

I think i've only seen my desk at work for about a total of 2 hours today, and one of that was lunch. I even got pulled out of one meeting to have another one and back to the first one after that. Two more this afternoon. Gah! Don't anyone mention the word "meeting" to me all weekend, kthxbye.

I started a painting a few weeks back. It's not going well. I may rethink and make it more of a folk art type thing than a "realistic" look because i think that's the only thing that's going to save it's sorry canvas.
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Weather is absolutely foul out there. Cold rain, very windy. Going to be nasty for the rest of the week too but at least we don't have to shovel it.

Picked up the camera yesterday and anxiously waited for the battery to charge up which was less time than i thought, considering i thought it would take all night for the first go round. Took a few pics in the apartment just to try it out and so far so good. Anti-shake isn't that good in low low light but then i wouldn't expect it to be. The zoom is pretty cool too. Can't wait to get right outside and test it properly. Not sure the digital zoom is going to be that much use but it might be better outside than inside. Cropping down a 5 mp. pic will probably be the better way to go there. Lots of settings and things to try out.

That painting i sold a few months back? She's finally sent the money order. Not to worry, I never sent the painting. Was waiting until i got the cash first. As it's on the way, i expect i will get it by the end of the week so will mail that off to her then. Someone else has bought another painting, the one i just did. We're working out a trade, small amount of cash and a one hour aromatherapy massage for it. Sounds fair to me :) I'm going to get a frame for another painting and give that to my aunt and uncle for their 50th wedding anniversary. The invitation arrived yesterday. Kind of had me with a lump in my throat though, because their wedding picture....Well, it's Dad's twin brother and though Uncle Keith's hair was different and his face was just a little heavier than Dad's, it wasn't that different from Mom and Dad's wedding photo taken the year before. Well, aside from the bride that is.

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