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Had lunch with [ profile] sammantha as planned and with my nephew Justin, unplanned. He was in the food court on his lunch break at the same time we were :) He's been a busy lad this morning at the hotel and made a mittful of tips with it. He's going to be in the Pride parade this Saturday with a bunch of his friends if he can get the time off he requested and sis and i were planning to go watch. We may head over early so we can check out that Encampment thing i wrote about earlier. The parade will be going right along that same area of the city. Talk about contrasts, re-enactments of Victorian and Revolutionary military drills etc, alongside of a Gay Pride parade. :)

I no sooner got off the elevator on my floor when i realized I LEFT MY PURSE UNDER THE TABLE!!! Panic!!!! Back down to the food court and i was rushing. Someone told me they found my purse and took it to security, some woman i've never seen before but she must have seen me there earlier or figured as i was rushing to the food court, that was my purse they'd taken away. She said "they" not "I" so i guess it wasn't her that took it. Anyway, it was in the mall security office and i only had to tell them a couple of things that were inside it to claim it. You try remembering what's in your purse! My mind went blank for a second! oh ... um... (colour of) wallet, a book.... That was enough for them. Phew!

LJers [ profile] teaone and [ profile] hello_city are in the maternity hospital today waiting for [ profile] teaone to go forth and multiply. Sprog is just about ready to pop. THey've been making voice posts to LJ this morning! THAT'S dedication! As of an hour ago, she was 9cm dilated and i expect by now they're in the delivery room welcoming baby Marshall! Anxiously awaiting further news.

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