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There were bubbles and balloons. There were flags and singing and dancing. Lots of flags. Smiles and hugs and lots of really happy faces. Yes, today was Pride Halifax and it was the 25th anniversary as well. 25 years ago it was a very different sort of parade, with a few dozen participants, some of whom even covered their faces with paper bags in case they were recognized. It was more of a protest march than a celebration.

Today the parade is filled with community and support groups but it's also corporations and businesses, governments and politicians. I'm of two minds about politicos in the Pride parade. On one hand it's fairly off putting seeing them gladhanding along the route but on the other hand, they've made the effort to show support to the LGBT community and that's good. Same with the businesses and corporations. They're out there showing support and there's as many good works types of organizations in the parade as there are businesses. One of the mayoral candidates in this year's election walked the parade with a group of his supporters, shaking hands and waving at the public (voters). Several of the provincial political parties were also represented as well as the local government though our mayor was nowhere to be seen, yet again. In fact, the float that the city government had in the parade was populated by only a few of the 23 councillors, not a great turnout.

The Pride parade is always such a feel good event, with everyone dancing and smiling, hugging and happy. The costumes and colours nearly blind you, they're so bright! Some are really inventive and there are all ages involved, from little kids to seniors. Some Photos here and more than those on my Facebook.
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Take Pride

Jul. 22nd, 2006 07:43 pm
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We had a lovely lunch at the Thirsty Duck on Spring Garden Road. Their brunch menu comes with a free cocktail so we had mimosas and the eggs benedict florentine was really, really good!! We went over to the library so [ profile] sammantha could use the public access internet to check what time her son's flight arrived and then we set ourselves up on the wall around the library to watch the Pride Parade. I discovered that my digital camera batteries were dead and so were the spares i brought!!! I went up to Atlantic Photo to get some regular AA's and it took them ages to find the item in the computer and get it rung up. I just wanted someone to sell me some batteries FFS! Oh for the days of the old fashioned cash registers. Poke in the price, add up the tax and voila! Sold!

Back to the wall, tanked up the caffiene at Steve-O-Reno's from across the road and waited for the parade. Justin and his bf and two other friends joined us. Weather was threatening but it didn't rain. The parade was great! My first Pride parade! It didn't last more than a half hour though, i expected it would be longer. I must say it was the most colourful parade i'd ever been at, what with all the rainbow flags, clothing, flower leis etc. The police led the parade, with one on horseback and then a flag about 20 feet long at least was carried by 6 or 8 people, a few in military uniform. There were city councillors, at least one provincial MLA (the one for my district and who also lives in my building) and one MP, Scott Brison and his entourage. Lots of music and dancing and lots of open affection which was wonderful to see. Sis saw a few people in the crowds that she knew and we ran into [ profile] psychfringe and her hubby, daughter and mom, Carm as we were heading to the car after.

Went to Mom's for a visit and then home. Sis is picking up her son at the airport tonight, a flight that was supposed to land around 3:30 and is so far, going to land about 8 due to bad weather down in the eastern US i think. Or because the plane they were taking was delayed getting to Boston because of bad weather. I don't know which.

Some pics... and an album Here
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