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Yay! My shiny new passport is in my hot little hands! :)
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Oh FFS!! There was a phone message when i got home yesterday. From the man that signed my passport. He said they called his house and left a message which he didn't get right away and now has lost the number to call them back. So i emailed it to him this morning and i'll probably call Passport Canada to let them know to call him back if he doesn't get hold of them first.

This is becoming a farce and it's all my fault. I knew the man was moving out of town, WHY did I get him to be the guarantor? Why??? Passport Canada told me they'd try to get hold of him for 10 business days before telling me to start over. You just *know* what's going to happen here don't you? Agghhhh!
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The chiropractor emailed me back with a telephone number so i'll call Passport Canada with that today and hope it doesn't take them too long to get hold of him. I'll ask them to call me to let me know if everything is ok but i don't know if they will.

Went to another movie last night with one of my best friends, Tracey, to see In Her Shoes. We both enjoyed it a lot, good movie to go see with your sister, or a girlfriend/"sistah". It's a good chick flick. Shirley MacLaine was in it too and she was, as always, wonderful. One of the few movies that Cameron Diaz didn't totally annoy me. Just a little bit. Toni Collette apparently gained 25 pounds for the movie but you'd never know it. Mind you they dressed her in baggy frumpy clothes most of the time but even so, if that's what 25 pounds looked like on her, she must have been just as rail thin as Cameron to start with. And Cameron, to be fair, doesn't seem to be skinny to the point of looking anorexic like some of them do. It's based on a book, which i read when it was first out, by Jennifer Weiner and seemed to be a fair rendition from what i can remember at least. I like her books, her lead characters are not pretty/perfect but they still always get a nice sexy guy. Or two.

Anyway, the movie.

It's about two sisters, Maggy and Rose Feller. Their mother died when they were children. Their mother had a history of mental illness and it caused a lot of upset in the house over the years. She committed suicide by driving her car into a tree, leaving her husband to bring up the two little girls. He remarried a very strident, bossy woman who seemed to be cold to her step children, very much favouring her own daughter. Maggy and Rose are very different. Maggy is beautiful, blonde, wild, free spirited, a party girl and never holds down a job for very long. Rose ends up carrying her a lot, putting up with her and getting her out of jams. Maggy also cannot read very well which is another reason why she can't hold down a job. Rose is the older sister, responsible, a lawyer, rather plain and mousy looking. She works long hours, not because she loves her job, but because she doesn't have much else in her life besides work. She does, however, have shoes. She has a closet full of carefully packaged and arranged designer shoes and boots, most of which she never wears. It's her way of shopping to make herself feel better. Shoes always fit, she tells Maggy.

As the movie starts, Rose has found herself in bed with a handsome coworker, on of the law partners, when she is interrupted by a midnight call to come pick up her drunken sister. Not for the first time it looks like. The stepmother won't allow Maggy back in so Maggy ends up at Rose's, for an unspecified length of time. Rose tries to help her find a job, Maggy leaves the place in a mess, takes money, wears Rose's shoes. Rose goes away for the weekend, dissapointed that her office fling isn't going as was originally planned and fends off an earnest young lawyer who is clearly besotted. Upon her return, she finds Maggy in bed with the law partner and it all hits the fan. Again. She throws Maggy out.

About this time, Maggy discovers the existence of her maternal grandmother who lives in a retirement community in Florida. Her father had enforced the separation over the years so the girls didn't grow up knowing she was alive. Maggy has nowhere to go and ends up with Ella, her grandmother, a widow. The rest of the movie involves Maggy and Rose both finding out who they are and finding a way back to each other. Maggy grows up and Rose loosens up. Of course there's a happy ending with a few tears along the way.

It's a girly movie, as i said. The role of Rose is perfect for Toni Collette. Cameron Diaz is pretty good in the role of Maggy, as well. I do find her annoying, i don't know what it is. Perhaps her screechy voice. She did seem to be good in the role though. Shirley MacLaine is great as the frank but kind grandmother who's got a lot of regrets and keeps her grief over her lost daughter and family very much to herself. It's funny how she was more detached meeting Maggy, suspicious, yet glad but Rose walks in for the first time and it's all smiles and hugs. It's as if Ella instinctively knows each of the young women's personality and motives. Maggy, for all her wild ways, protects herself and her secrets and Ella stays at arm's length. The Rose we first get to know is reserved and doesn't always reveal much about herself either so it's odd to see her walk right into her grandmother's arms.

There's some interaction with the other senior residents of the community. They are not portrayed as eccentric and quirky, like in some movies. They are intelligent, funny, they have feelings and relationships with each other as friends, and it's a nice addition to the movie.
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Fecking Hell. You will remember that i had to have the passport photo retaken last Friday. On my work voice mail, there was a message from someone at the passport office. The person that signed my passport application as a guarantor, my old chiropractor, moved to Calgary about a week after he signed it. Now the passport office wants to contact him. Well Why on earth did the good Doctor sign it with his Halifax contact details? Sheesh. Now i have to get a number where they can contact him FFS. What a pain in the arse. I did get an email address for him but that won't be good enough and i know the Passport people won't be bothered to email, they'll want me to do all the legwork. *sigh* I knew he'd be moving, i just figured he knew what he was doing putting his Halifax info on the form.

*head... desk*
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Insurance cheque, obtained and in the bank... Check
Coins changed to paper money... Check
Passport application sent in.... Check
Hastily eaten lunch... Check
Post office, get stamps and pick up parcel...Check
Wallace and Grommit...Check!

All tasks present and accounted for. Actually i had to go up to Atlantic Photo to have my passport picture redone!! The clerk said that the top of my glasses was just over the edge of my eye and they wouldn't accept it. They are doing digital stuff now, and there will be processing and digital facial recognition at some point coming up and they need all of your face visible. No smiling. Even if a tooth shows, it's rejected. Sheesh. Anyway they gave me a note to take to the place i had the (second set of) photos done which is only a few blocks away from the Passport office. Up i go, back to the office i go, drop off the photos. They don't keep the birth cert. anymore either so i could bring that back home along with the old voided passport. I can't go anywhere out of the country now until i get the new one so don't ask me :)

I stopped to get a barbequed sausage from a vendor at the library but a few minutes' relaxing to eat was not in the books. Too fucking many wasps floating around. One little bastard i swear followed me down the entire length of the library wall so i kept walking and ate my snack standing up by the church near the building where the passport office is. grrrrrrr...Anyway, i went up to Park Lane to go to the new Wallace and Grommit movie.

They've renovated the cinemas. They have a lot of stadium seating and the arm lifts on the seats!!! Woo! They also raised their prices :S No matter.

The Curse of the Wererabbit was wonderful! Classic W&G, if you go see it, watch the background and take in as many of the little details as you can, things like the brand on the refrigerator 'SMUG' and on the car radio buttons, it spells out 'MUTT'. Watch for signs and newspaper headlines, listen for the terrible puns ("Arson around!") Helena Bonham Carter and Ralf Fiennes played the two other main characters and they didn't sound at all like themselves. I bet they had great fun doing it though. Very pompous, over the top and entirely silly. A few parodies of a couple of classic horror movies, look for em! Very little cgi and what there was was suitable. And maybe it wasn't cgi, maybe it was regular animation but i suppose they do that all by computer these days don't they. Anyway, i loved it and it's definitely on my dvd list. With Nick Park in the writer's chair and the director's hat, it's not gone "Hollywood" at all, i thought.

The little northern town is a-buzz. The annual giant veg competition and fair is nearly here. Eager gardeners nurture their veg and protect their gardens from pest with the help of humane pest controllers, Anti Pesto, owned and operated by our heros, Wallace and Grommit. They are ever on the alert for garden pests, mainly rabbits, and capture them without harm to animal or legume, which urges Lady Tottington "Call me Totty!" to call on them to rid her estate of rabbits. Her intended, or at least he intends to be so, Victor Quartermaine, will brook no quarter, and his methods of pest control are far more violent. After an experiment gone wrong, a giant wererabbit cuts a swathe through the gardens of the town folk, threatening the centuries old fair. Wallace and Grommit seem unable to trap the beast and Victor may be the last resort must to Lady Tottington's regret, having found that she has formed a bit of an attachment to Wallace but has been let down by his inability to be successful in his quest.

Grommit, as always, is silent but his doggy body language speaks volumes. Wallace is stalwart and true and a little bumbling as always and voiced by the same man that always did him. There are silly jokes, bad puns, parodies and candy floss. There are inventions that work and some that go horribly wrong. There is cheese, of course, and there are hordes of giant veg and hordes of angry gardeners. The full moon shines and the Wererabbit terrorizes the town and there is a happy ending.

Thoroughtly enjoyable. Lots of chuckles and i highly recommend it!

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