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First proper session with the new PFD. He really knows his stuff, and he's going to do some different stuff than i've done before so that's good too. He really watches how i sit/stand and do the exercises so i do them right. It didn't seem like we did a lot today but i'm already feeling it. He did say he wanted me to know tomorrow that we met and my muscles are already telling me. Anyway i think it'll be a good fit.

2010 books - I've also got Pride and Prejudice on the go on my ipod version of Kobo. It is familiar to me but i think it's because i've seen the series so many times because i know i've not read the book before.

28. Lacuna - Barbara Kingsolver
This book is in a sort of autobiography format in the form of journals written by a man from boyhood into his 30s. The journals are edited by his secretary and published. His mother was Mexican and his father was American but the book begins in the 1930s when he and his mother are living in Mexico with a man who his mother hopes she will eventually marry, once he's left his wife. As he grows up, he meets artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Frida becomes a good friend. During the time he works for them he also meets Leon Trotsky. All this will come back to cause him grief later in the late 1940s after he's a published writer and the Communist hunters are on the rampage. The journal entries are not written in the first person, but in the third and have lots of dialogue so are easy to read. You get a bit of a sense of the man but not as much as you would if you'd read his innermost thoughts. The journals have been edited by his stenographer and though she's allowed some of the man's personality and thoughts to come through, she's also been judicious where his privacy is concerned. It's not a bad read, a little different. I've read one of her books before, Poisonwood Bible and liked it. This is very different from that one.

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