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Very quiet weekend due to a good sized snowstorm on Saturday. While it wasn't quite as bad in the city as they said it would be, it was still over a foot of snow. The rest of the province away from the water got it a lot harder, as did other areas of the east coast. The winds were really high too and that caused damage. We are supposed to get a little more tonight and then it's turning to rain. Which is also typical.

I spent the weekend mainly catching up on video and stuff i'd recorded, and reading. Made a nice chicken soup in the slow cooker on Saturday and had that to keep me warm as well.

Wow, I just read that Pope Benedict will resign at the end of the month. I don't really mind one way or the other but it is significant in that it's been 600 years since the last time one quit. He says he's not strong enough to continue. And then you think about little John Paul II who kept going even while he was ill. I suppose, at 85, he probably isn't strong enough to do the job. There's been a lot of pressure on the Catholic church with the corruption and abuses being uncovered all over the place. I don't think anyone should get their hopes up, though, the church is never going to change it's main points of reference (i.e. no women priests, abortion, same sex marraige etc)

In Canada, the cell phone companies have a lock down on people. If you go with the pay as you go plan, you *must* top up regularly to keep your service and if you go for a contract, most of them are locked into 3 years. You can't get unlocked phones easily and roaming fees are scandalously high. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommuncations Commission, aka CRTC, is having hearings this week on things like that. The main issue people are griping about is the three year contract and the high fees you have to pay to get out of it early. One of the reasons there are longer contracts is so that people don't have to pay up front for the expensive phones. You always see advertising for a smartphone for nothing or under 100$ with a 3 year contract. It subsidizes the cost and you cant' get a smart phone without a contract, I don't think. And that's probably fair because the data plans would probably be astronomical if you paid as you used them. Or not. But then why have a smart phone if you aren't going to take advantage of it?

I don't have one. I have a phone that has a little keyboard for texting. I pay as i go, though the way i do it, i pay 100$ but that means it's good for a year rather than have to pay every month. It works out a little cheaper than the cheapest monthly top up. I really don't use a phone a whole lot so I get away with the least expense I can manage. The CTRC does have the ability to recommend rules and regulations for things like that. I have my doubts but they may do something useful.


Jun. 4th, 2010 09:15 am
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Just read about a lottery ticket that was rejected in a town in Newfoundland. A customer came into a shop and asked for a $10 ticket but the clerk printed off one that was more expensive by mistake. The customer didn't want it and the ticket was voided. You guessed it. Turns out it was a winner, $30 million worth! Aggghh!

Actress Rue McLanahan died. She was one of the Golden Girls. I think Betty White might be the only one left as Bea Arthur died last year and Estelle Getty the year before. That was a great sitcom. Rue was actually a breast cancer survivor but had a stroke earlier this year and died from a subsequent stroke. She did a lot of tv work and some films but Golden Girls is what she was mainly known for. She also had a small part as a deranged nanny on my old favourite soap Another World, back in the early 70s. I only barely remember that storyline and don't remember that it was her but if IMDB says it's so, it's so.

I'm in another phone quandary. Going to get a new mobile and change companies. Virgin has the best reputation for customer service so i'm pretty sure i'm going with them but it's not 100%. Even though Bell owns Virgin, i'd prefer not to go with Bell directly. They have extra fees and their plans aren't as good. I prefer to go pre-paid and that's the problem. It really pisses me off that there is so little choice of phones available for prepaid. You can buy one of their other phones but it's over the odds for price and then i don't think it includes all the features that the prepaid bundles include like call display etc. That would cost extra. I know that doesn't make sense but that's what i think i've been told. Prepaid seems the best fit for me since i don't use a phone for a lot of talking or texting, just short calls and a few texts now and then. A monthly plan means i have to add on for things like call display and other features and it ends up costing me double in the long run. I might like to do a bit of web browsing but again, not a lot so the pay per use is fine.

So the phones. The one that Virgin has that i like is the Samsung Vice and the other one is the LG Rumour 2. Looking up reviews of them online there's more bad than good for both of them. Gah! However my current phone is a Samsung slider and i've had it nearly 3 years and it's great. One sales person tells me they prefer Samsung and another says oh they've never had any of the LG one returned. They're both about the same price and have the little keyboard that slides out. I'm not locked into having one of those keyboards but the other phones either have a rubbish camera or i don't like the feel of the keys on them. I want a phone with a half decent camera. the Samsung has the best of the lot with a 2 MP one. The LG is 1.3.

Over at Telus we have the LG Keybo 2 and the Samsung Intensity. The LG has a 3 MP camera vs the Samsung 1.3. Reviews seem to indicate that the LG shuts itself off randomly for some people. Not good. However, this HTC smartphone could possibly tempt me into a contract except i know it'll end up costing me a bundle with the web browsing etc. But isn't it beautiful? I reckon with the way the plans work, and an addon for data, it would cost me in the neighbourhood of $50 a month. really, that's a lot, and would i use it enough to justify it? I'm not really a phone junkie and i don't really want to be one. That's a fantasy phone...but it *is* nice!

So, ok, anyone got any experience or preference between Samsung and LG in general?

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Yay! Email from the mobile works!!!

ETA: And i can send a photo with it! My phone is not getting good reception to the signal from inside the apartment but it works from the office just great! Plus, i didn't have all the email settings saved. At least now, until i get a usb cable or get the damn mms working just right, i can email a pic i take with the phone to my home email address or to LJ :) I didn't think i had the settings right because i couldn't get onto the browser or send email when i was playing at home. I can get to the net now but not with a lot of success due to a bit of awkwardness with the browser. No matter. I got the email settings sorted out too so that's handy. I can now post short messages to LJ with it, including photos, or send/receive emails via my ISP's servers. Now i just have to see if i can get the picture messaging to work. Currently if i send a photo to myself, all i get is a text saying i have an MMS and to log on to Rogers website to see it. It all works when i'm in the UK, mind you, on Virgin but i wasn't holding out hope for Rogers here. seems all i really needed was a good signal.

This pic behind the cut (sent from my phone) was taken in Euston Station. It was cold!

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I know i've not posted a lot lately, but there hasn't been a lot going on nor anything in the newspaper that makes me want to comment either. Am still perusing mobile phones but have decided to wait until i get overseas to get one there. If the prices are stupid, i'll get one when i come back. You know, i've been looking at a few of the UK websites that sell phones and it seems that some of them sell an unlocked phone at a lot higher price than one locked to a network and Virgin phones seem more expensive for the same phone than, say, TMobile. Tsk. If i'm going to get a phone and get it unlocked, i don't care what network it's on, thankfully, and have been thinking of switching providers anyway to something i don't have to top up every 6 months to keep the number active. Graham's with TMobile and only has to use the phone, top up or send a text once a year. that would work better for me. I shall investigate. Anyone got any recommendations?

Mom and i *might* take a one week trip to London next spring. Maybe. We're thinking about it anyway. It'll depend on finances mainly. I expect it would be over Easter so that [ profile] gramie_dee can come down and visit for the long weekend leaving us to our own devices for the first few days. Mom's never been overseas and only fancies going if i go with her as tour guide :) I think if we go, we might be better off mainly using the bus because there are a lot of stairs in many of the tube stations though some aren't too bad. I don't want her hips and back to go out while we're on hols, and we'll be walking a lot as it is. Bad enough that almost every loo in the country seems to be up or down a set of stairs ;) I've already looked and the airfare for March is very good. We'll know a bit more after Christmas i think and we can decide then. I get an extra 5 days vacation allotment next year as it's my 20th year here so i have "wiggle room".

Buggeration. I just had a wrangle with the online banking which kept telling me i had my password incorrect. I had to go through all the hoops to reset it only to realize that i had indeed entered the wrong password at the start. No wonder it objected! When it comes to things like banking online or things financial like ebay or paypal, i don't use the same password for them all. I had just logged into paypal to transfer funds to my bank account and then went to the bank account just to check balances right after that. Thus, i tried to enter the password for paypal into my bank site. Doh.
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It's raining quite hard. After that one week of stinking hot and humid weather, it's not been quite so bad and this will help. I think. Anyway it will be cool for sleeping tonight.

Had a lovely chat last night with [ profile] lola_is_naughty all about Paris. I shall take lots of his advice on board. :)

All day today, it's felt like Thursday. Odd since we had Monday off. You 'd think it would feel more like Tuesday than Thursday. Only wish it was because then tomorrow would be Friday!

A few weeks ago i bought some cards on Ebay. The artwork on the cards is (are?) a print of paintings that an actor from Corrie has done, in the form of cariacatures, or, Corriecatures as she calls them. The ebay auctions said they'd be signed and numbered but they weren't so i emailed her. She's gonna send me more! :)

Hmmm I tried to top up my new Pay as you Go and take advantage of the $100 top up that then gives you 365 days before it expires. I tried to do it via the automated menus on the phone. Except it doesn't know that you can't just do that by telling it how much you want to top up and giving it your credit card details. It just says it can't process your credit card and transfers you to a real person. Who then told me they only to the $100 by voucher, so i'd have to buy a voucher first and then call and have them top up using the voucher number. Fair enough but they will need to get the automated menu to tell you that it only takes 10 or 20 dollar top ups. :) I'll just wait until payday now, i guess and do that then.
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I tried to plug in my phone last night for a recharge, which is having to happen more often these days as the battery is slowly dying i think. No power. No nothing, not in any outlet i tried so it's the charger, not the power in the outlet. I then removed it and put it on a table and realized one of the prongs was still stuck in the outlet! Okay then. Definitely need a new charger only it pisses me off because i'm going to get a new phone by the end of the year anyway so that's about 3-4 months use out of a new charger for a phone that's got a dicky battery anyway and will be replaced. Could i get away without the phone for 4 months? Yeah probably but it's useful so i'll probably get a new charger. They don't have a lot of choice for the PayGo phones so i'd rather wait until i go away in November to find one i really want.
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I'm on stream to switch my cellphone contract for pay as you go starting in August. Bloody Rogers charges $50 to do it and keep my number though i think the fee is more about switching than the number. Well, they're losing money, aren't they? They don't want you to stop your contract. Pay as you Go in Canada is still a bit of a rip off because your minutes expire after 30 days. However, they do offer a $100 voucher and your minutes don't expire for a year. I plan to take advantage of that. I'm sure it would probably do me a year and even if it costs me a bit more, it's still cheaper than $35 a month. If i use the 100$ i can top up with 20$ and still get the original full year before the minutes expire. Topping up at the end of the year will carry any balance over. It seems to add up as the best of a somewhat dodgey way of doing it. It used to be that your minutes wouldn't expire but the companies weren't making any money so they all changed it to the 30 day expiry, the bastards.

I will be getting a new phone, just don't know when but i want to get one that's already unlocked if i can. There's a couple of sites in Canada that i could look at. Or i'll get one in the UK when i go over and get it unlocked there. One phone, two countries. Perfect. Might also switch providers for the UK one which means i'll probably just get a new number though i do want to use up some of my built-up credit. Tmobile, which is the company [ profile] gramie_dee is with, gives you a year as long as you use the phone at least once to make a call or send a text. That's better than Virgin where i have to top up by 6 months (which i can do online) or lose the number. I think. Perhaps if i was over there using it, i wouldn't have to top up within 6 months. Maybe Tmobile is the same, i dunno. Anyone know for certain? Anyway, i'll decide on that when i get there. Might still just keep the same number for now.

So yes, new phone. I think i kind of fancy those ones that slide open rather than a flip phone. Anyone have one? Are they durable? Sony Ericsson makes some nice ones and so does Samsung. Doesn't have to do anything *really* fancy but a camera phone might be handy. I think most of them do that nowadays and also i'd like to get one that plays mp3s but that's not a requirement.
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Discovered that Rogers now sells a $100 pre-paid mobile phone card where the minutes don't expire for a year and if you use them up before the year, you can top up with a lesser amount which would normally expire in 30 days but will not, as the 365 days takes precedence. This means would not have to buy another one year voucher until end of year for first voucher reached. I checked my last six months' bills and i've only used a total of 51$ worth of air time calculated on 33 cents a minute if using the "anytime" minutes plan. This is good. Probably means that when my contract expires, i should be able to stay with Rogers and go pay-as-you-go. Now i just need an unlocked tri or quad band GSM phone. Then i can use it for the UK or anywhere else as well. I doubt i can get one unlocked around here so will have to get one off ebay i guess, before next summer. Won't be in the UK to get a phone and get it unlocked before then. Don't suppose anyone has a used unlocked one they'd like to sell? I don't need fancy features, calling and texting will be enough. Prefer flip phone.

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