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I believe I have all my shopping done.
Need to put my tree up. Decorate. Turn lights on.
Need to wrap things or assess for size of gift bags. I love gift bags!
Office Christmas lunch is *this Friday*. Don't laugh. the corporate dinner/dance was November 23.

I had a voucher for 100 free prints at Black's after I bought my camera there. I also had 60 free prints at Costco for my first photo order so I split the uploads between the two. Didn't get more than the 100 at Blacks because their regular price is .39 per print where Costco is something like .15 or .16. Quite a difference. Picked up the Black's photos and the Costco ones over the weekend. Somehow, either the default was this or i made a mistick. Yes. "mistick" ,... you know, when you tick the wrong box on a website. Anyway, I have 100 6 x 8 inch prints from Black's. That's 6x8 which is non-standard for frames or photo albums. Sheesh. Now what? I have 200 4x6 inch standard prints of everything else. Doh.

I'll have to have a look around and see if i can find some sort of album or refill pages that will fit those and the standard ones because i want them altogether. And no, the larger ones are not all the same subjects, some are from Rome and some are not. Live and learn.
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What's really frustrating is when people request something and then go on vacation straight after. How on earth can i get them to test the results if they're not here? Why didn't they wait until they got back to put in the request? I'm sitting here with 5 different things that either need testing or need a consult with someone and none of them are here. This is prime vacation time but i never take summer holidays, preferring to travel in the spring and fall.

Thinking of replacing my camera. Nothing wrong with the old one but as Graham says, "you change your cameras like other people change their socks". I am not going to a DSLR though and i'm not sure i want to go to a micro 2/3 or any other kind of compact with changeable lenses but maybe something that looks like that but has a fixed lense. They have longer zoom on them but still small. Only thing is, they aren't going to fit in a pocket or small carrier/purse, it would need either it's own little camera case or i'd have to carry it in my regular purse (handbag). It would then make the purse a bit heavier. If i got a new camera, i probably wouldn't keep the one i have now, i'd probably give it to my mother. Another nuisance is fewer of the cameras use AA batteries which can be convenient. I'd have to find somewhere to buy a spare battery pack. You would think the shops would carry them but they all seem to have to order them or you'd get them off ebay or something. Just inconvenient but it's definitely worth having a spare. Never mind. I go drooling over these things every now and then and stick with what i have after that. This too shall pass. Maybe.
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It's never really been a bad-luck day for me, historically, not that i really am superstitious in that way. (Other ways, yes!) Remember this photo, the one i sold last year? The cheque arrived today! :)))) 100 lovely dollars. I think i'll probably have to take it to the bank to cash it/deposit it, mainly because I'm pretty sure it's in US dollars so i don't think i can put it straight into the bank via the ATM. I may lose a couple of dollars in the exchange rate but that's no bother. Now, what to do with it? I think I may just pop it in the travel account and buy something on one of my trips this year (unless i see something before then! *koff*). We're probably going to Quebec City in May and probably going to Rome in November though i don't imagine i'll hold on to it until then.

Pretty exciting though, getting paid for a photo i took. It's for a literacy program and it's going to be in a little book about museums and they did say they'd send me a copy when it's out.

Leeds Castle, Dog Collar museum

I've finished the final book of the Game of Thrones series, book 5, A Dance with Dragons. That's number 5 for the year so far. I can't say i overly enjoyed it though. I've read all five over the past 6 or 7 months and i'm done with it for awhile. I have found that i don't like how he drops major characters for a whole book or even two, or barely touches on them. The story is almost too sweeping and large, it gets hard to follow sometimes. Then he also drops bombshells and kills off major characters. It's like bloody Hamlet, i think there won't be anyone left standing at the end! Parts of this book were good, parts of it were told from the point of view of strangers that didn't always really add much to the story. There was a couple of chapters scattered through about one character and she was only in it a couple last time as well and I still can't figure out what he's doing with her because it has absolutely nothing to do with the overall picture yet. It's frustrating and it's starting to piss me off. Apparently there was 6 years between the 4th and 5th books. I don't think i'll miss it if it's a long wait for the next one. But the series from book 1 was really good and the next series starts in April. I did enjoy the first three books quite a lot so i'm looking forward to the next series at least.
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Leeds Castle, Dog Collar museum
Remember when i said i was contacted about a photo for a book on museums for a literacy program? I asked $100 for the photo and they accepted it. Earlier this week, I finally received a request for the High Res version along with a release form to sign and send back and a request for the invoice so i've sent that along. The release form said that their print run would be up close to 1 million copies of the book. I think i didn't ask enough! Anyway, I did ask for a copy of the book, too and they said yes. I don't know when it will be out but they must be getting closer if they're now gathering all the photos. I reckon it won't be out until next year sometime. Don't know when they are sending payment but it's in the works at least!

Have I also mentioned that my new office space is cold!! I've got my scarf around my neck today to cut the draft and bought some fingerless gloves which help as well. It's the only complaint i have, otherwise i do like this space. It's large and bright and i do like having the window.

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Further to my post yesterday about what to charge for a photo, I did a bit of googling and the project they're doing a book for seems to be a company that has a program to help children who are struggling to learn to read. IT's called a Leveled Literacy Intervention Program. I found a website and they publish little books. I figure this is what this book about museums will be like so i won't feel like i'm asking too much to ask for a copy of the book at least.

I think I'll ask $100 and see where it goes from there. Thanks for your input, peeps!

ETA I emailed and asked for 100 plus the book and they got back to me quickly and said they would pay that!! W00t! I've probably underpriced myself but I'm not that bothered. At least if it happens again, i know i can get $100 if they're offering to pay.  I don't know yet when they're going to publish or when they'll need the photo but they're sending a release letter for me to sign.
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I've got a request for a photo and this time, they are asking how much i would charge for it. It's for a book on museums. I have no idea what to ask. Anyone think $100 is too much? I'm going to ask for a copy of the book if possible because i love museums and if they say yes, maybe i should charge less? I don't want to say which one because I don't want to jinx it ;)

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Someone else on my LJ flist posts occaisionally about his photos being bought or used for things. I've not been paid for use of a photo yet but as i mentioned the other day, one is now in a textbook. I have had an email this morning that someone doing a thesis in Manchester wants to use this photo as it contains drawings in the mural of two theatres she's interested in. The thesis won't be published for a few years yet. The building is on Oldham Road in Manchester city centre but is apparently being torn down now. I took it from the car one morning after we'd picked up a rental car.

Mural on Oldham Road, Manchester
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I have had this photo published in the book, Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology, Third Canadian Edition. It is a text book and selling, in paperback for 127 dollars yet they were only willing to credit me for the photo. Oh well, i did it anyway. They did send me a copy :) I picked it up today. They found my photo on Flickr and contacted me through there. Maybe the photo will generate a little student tourism! It was taken in a little fishing village on the south shore of the province, called Blue Rocks. It's very picturesque.

Blue Rocks  Rockscape
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A little taste of spring for you. I saw this outside a flower shop on Granville street on my way back from the bank. It was a really sunny day though not overly warm but spring is definitely in the air. Tomorrow i need to pick up some things i ordered from the Sears Catalogue and i need to get some groceries.

And it's only 28 sleeps until i get to the UK so i think i'll hit the sheets and knock off another one!

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Out and about today took Mom and I to the new Seafront Market, first. It's in an old warehouse on the south end of the waterfront. This area has been rejuvenated in recent years. The Pier 21 museum is here, telling the history of the immigration to Canada for much of the 20th century though Pier 21 in Halifax. There is now a venu that is often used for music and concerts. In another of the old "pier" warehouses, the Art College has moved in and built light, airy studios and classrooms and now the old Farmer's Market has mostly moved into a new building as well. I say "most" because not all of the vendors decided to make the move from the old Keith's Brewery where all the little rooms and spaces with the stone walls and low ceilings really made you think you were back a century. But the throngs of people just couldn't get through and the market was over crowded. I think there was some bad feeling or politics there, and not everyone agreed with the move. Most went, a few stayed but i think they're fighting a losing battle.

Anyway, the new market is still crowded but everything is on one main floor. The second floor has mostly crafts and artwork and there will be a third floor as well but it's not ready yet. This time of year, there's lots of produce. There is also cheese, meat, fish, sausages, sweets, homemade jams, wines and bakery goods. There's cooked foods, too, so you can grab some lunch and try something new.

We went to lunch at Smitty's after that and when we were done, we walked across the street to Victoria Park, a long, narrow greenspace near the Public Gardens. All this was part of the original Common land in Halifax but has got chipped away over the centuries. Today, there was a classic car show in the park and along part of one of the streets. And oh, i do love the old cars! It's a photographer's dream, as you would expect. It's not even the whole car i like to photograph, i like to get details, like wheels, ornamental decoration, reflections, all that sort of thing. There was also a large group of British Cars from the people that belong to a British Automobile Association. Jaguars, MGBs, Triumphs, and they had a Rolls Royce and a Daimler as well as a Sunbeam Tiger and a Mini, of course! Lots of other cars on display too including a 1927 Bugatti Roadster. Here's a taste and here's an album on Facebook. I think you can see that as i made it viewable to everyone.

Market peppers
Blue select
Triumph and MG
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Blue Rocks  Rockscape
I got an email today and a request to use this photo in a textbook on geology. No payment, just a credit. Neat, though.
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I took a couple of experimental photos this morning, working on motion blur. this one came out really neat! I was on an overhead walkway and it was rainy out. The windows on this side of the "pedway" weren't as wet and drippy as on the other side facing the wind. I was taking shots of vehicles going by, and using a 1 second shutter speed. I was gobsmacked at this one, where the bodies were blurred but the legs/feet weren't. You can tell that the legs are the rights and lefts from the same people, too!

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Today i saw the Queen. Queen Elizabeth II, that is. I waited after work for about an hour, hoping she would do a walkabout where we were all standing. Turned out she did one but it was down by the waterfront. She'd been on a ship reviewing the international fleet and came ashore by the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic to unveil a plaque. She did a bit of a walkabout there but where i was, outside that area, she drove through when she was done. I had a good spot to wait if she'd been on foot, too. But alas, i only got a brief glimpse of her in her car as she passed. At least i was standing on the right side of the car to see her and she looked right at the direction i was standing. I know it's not much, but it's all i got :) I'm unapologetically a monarchist though i know many are not. No photos as she went by too quickly. I should have taken video footage instead. I was pleased enough that i did see her.

Got home and there's a copy of Heritage Magazine. One of my photos is in it! Yay! It's this photo below of the Little Dutch Church in Halifax. The magazine article is about a program to help some National Historic sites in Canada. The article is in English and in French and my photo is with the French one. The churchis one of the oldest churches in Canada outside of Quebec and still has a cemetery from back then. It was founded just after Halifax was, in the early 1750s. The article is here, under the link that starts "Un effet tangible..." on the right. That's a pdf file and it's on page 4 of the file. I didn't get paid for it but i do have a photo credit :))) My first published photo (that i know of!) I also had one that was published on a tourist website for the Peak District in the UK. But this is a real magazine :))) Much cooler!

Dutch Church
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I am still upright.
I felt like crap over the weekend and have only really started feeling more human the last two days. I haven't gone into work and feel guilty about that after being off 3 weeks for holidays and compassionate leave. But i really wouldn't have made it in and stayed upright. Today is the first day i've been feeling a bit more energy and my ears are actually unblocked. Looks good for getting back to work on Monday and back into a routine. Might even try to get out a bit on the weekend. I did walk over to the corner shop yesterday and i might do again today as i see my bread is getting low. Still coughing but am managing to get more sleep. That is, i'll sleep 2 or 3 hours at a time instead of waking every hour.

I've spent the days just sitting here, watching tv and typing up my travelogue, updating various travel tip websites that i contribute to. My photos have been delivered to Best Buy so i might try to get a lift over there on the weekend and get them and get a couple of photo albums to sort them into. As always, i take so many photos and even just printing some of them to get a good feel for a trip ends up still being a lot. So photos:

For the full Denmark experience, in slideshow format, this is where you want to go but be warned, there's a lot.
Photos from our visit to Trentham including the Monkey forest and our run up to the Lake District in slideshow format are here.
Coronation Street fans, Our tour of shooting locations and visit to the set and the subsequent party with a couple of special guests is in this Slideshow album.

Now, for most of you that don't want to slog through all that, there's a Flickr "Highlights" set here. A little of everything including a couple of video clips from Copenhagen.

If you're on Facebook you might have seen photos there already too so i won't link to those.

The travelogue still needs to be fit into a template and the one i had set up seems to be at my pc at work so i won't put that online until next week. I want to go through it and edit it anyway. We had a lovely trip as always, spending lots of time together, visiting Copenhagen and meeting up with local people there that [ profile] gramie_dee knows there via his internet connections. We again had a nice drive up through the Lake District and stopped at Grasmere and the Castlerigg Stone Circle. We saw a live production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and had a great weekend hanging out and doing Coronation Street related things including another great visit to the set at Granada Studios. We also went to Trentham near Stoke to see some gardens and some monkeys! The Monkey Forest was way cool!

Then i got delayed by the volcanic ash cloud and got home two days later and then found out my uncle had died. Two more days off for that and then the cold i came back with hit me hard and i've been off all week. It always comes in threes doesn't it! Hopefully it'll be a smooth ride forward from here.
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This is my mom, [ profile] nancy_j. Some of you have met her, some have not. Some know her through LJ. My nephew Ryan and I took her out to Sullivan's Pond for a photo shoot. She'd been wanting a proper portrait for awhile. Ryan is taking a photography course and has the better equipment so his shots will be much better but i tagged along as well so i could get a few of my own. This was one of my favourites and the rest are here. It was a stunningly beautiful day out there. Temps hit the high teens. My weather thingy on my computer currently says it's 20 degrees! It felt a little cooler but only slightly. Anyway, we had fun and went for a meal after.

My favourite of Mom
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I saw this via [ profile] ladymoonray and it comes from A Simple Woman's Daybook.
January 25, 2010
Outside my window...I can see a little bit of the harbour between some of the buildings and the Dartmouth side, with a bit of snow on the ground.
I am thinking..."it's Monday again and it's the last week of January already!"
I am thankful for...being Canadian. We get a lot of respect internationally and though there's always things that could change in our country, it's still a pretty damn good place to live.
From the learning rooms...(if it applies) ...not all that sure that it does...
From the kitchen...My kitchen light is a bit wonky. I must call the superintendent about that.
I am wearing...Black pants, blue tshirt under a black sweatshirt.
I am creating...nothing lately. I must get back to doing some painting though.
I am the gym after work.
I am reading...a biography about David Bowie and, for the bus commute, a novel by Candace Bushnell, One Fifth (Avenue)
I am get to the gym a bit more often than twice a week.
I am hearing...people in the office and keyboard "chatter"
Around the house...needs a serious tidy. I need to take the garbage and compost bin out tonight as well.
One of my favorite things...A large tea with two bags from Starbucks. They've changed their everyday teabags to real loose leaf tea in a silk bag and it's so much more flavourful. The two bags might even be a bit much. I had two before because i got the largest size and one was just too weak for me.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Gym today and Wednesday (and Friday i hope), massage at lunchtime tomorrow to unstick my shoulders and upper back,
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...This is a photo i took on tour of Italy in 1996. We had a stop in Assissi to see the cathedral ("duomo") that has a lower and upper chapel. within a few months, it was badly damaged in an earthquake. It was an overcast, sometimes rainy day as we wandered through the town a little and i took this picture of a shrine built into the side of a building that was on an intersection. I never thought of it as an extraordinary photo but when i started putting it in Flickr challenges, it seems a lot of people seem to like it quite a bit. I guess it's the lines of the narrow streets leading through and all the little things going on in the photo.
A corner in the town of Assissi )
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A local website/blog, Haligonia, promoting things that go on in Halifax has featured a handful of my Flickr photos on their New Year's Best of 2009 slideshow on YouTube. They have a Flickr group, Haligonia where i sometimes post pictures i've taken of local sites or events. The video and photos are here.... beneath the cut )
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Ryan, Staci, Justin

These are my nephews and niece. They are wonderful and i'm really proud of them. We did a photo shoot in early December so they could have some portraits taken for gifts for their parents and grandparents for Christmas. This link goes to a flickr set of my favourites. I am really pleased with how they came out, how their personalities really came through. The full set of over 100 is here but most of you probably won't be interested in all those.
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In which i must blow my own horn. I do not do that comfortably but i do modestly say that i can take a pretty good photo when i want to. Sometimes it's just sheer luck but i do think about composition and try to capture light sometimes. I've given up the SLR now because carrying it around in my purse while traveling is getting cumbersome and heavy and i have come to enjoy the freedom of digital. No more worrying until the photos come back from being printed if they will all turn out. They always did, bar maybe one or two on each roll that either didn't or i just didn't like how they came out. I suppose eventually i'll splash out and get a digital SLR but again, we still have the problem of it being cumbersome to carry around on a trip. I don't carry a separate camera bag for gear and the large purse is heavy on my neck and shoulders with a camera in it. And sometimes a small tripod. And sometimes a zoom lens. So a point and shoot digital with a good zoom is what i use for now though sometimes i still miss the SLR. Too bad you couldn't convert a film SLR to a digital one by changing the back but i suppose that would cost more than buying new!

Anyway, yes, i've been taking pictures since i first got a polaroid camera when i was about 12 or 13. I'm by no means a technical photographer, never was, i don't usually get into fiddling with completely manual settings though i do miss a manual focus. I would change the aperture or the shutter speed sometimes but never both together, i'd usually let the camera pick the other setting.

Since joining Flickr, the photo website, i've also put my photos up against others in little contests and they have often been judged well. Flickr uses some various criteria to give your photos "interesting" status. This widget below is a link to a page showing the current "interesting" photos in order of appearance. I think it actually will scroll through every photo so you don't have to go through them all, but you might like some of the first 10 or 20 as they're generally the best and my favourites anyway.

tvordj - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver

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Today's photo is a picture of me taken 10 years ago or more. I was going to post a pic from my childhood but this one will do. It's maybe just a little less than 10 years ago but not by much. The perm wasn't too bad then but subsequent perms did not do my hair any favours. The other woman is my cousin Pam.
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