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Our new Prime Minister was sworn in the other day. He's got a really good cabinet, 50/50 male/female with a good number of minorities represented, a new emphasis on "science". Interesting department/ministry name changes including one that has "climate control" mentioned. Sounds like he's going to revive that one, something Harper kept ignoring. The new cabinet minister for Defence is a Sikh who is a decorated veteran, and his nickname is apparently Bad Ass. What more could you want in a Defence Minister! When he was questioned about the 50/50 split, why he chose to do that, he just said "it's 2015". I could almost hear echoes of contempt for the previous government in his reply!

Time will tell as to how well he'll do. His father, Pierre Trudeau was hugely popular when he was first elected. He was hip and charismatic, he married a flower child. He also had a lot of hate directed his way over the subsequent years but a lot of people still think he was one of the better PMs. He held the country together in the days when the Quebec Liberation group was terrorizing things and he held the country together during the constitutional crisis, which also had repercussions for Quebec wanting to be it's own independent state. Most governments are going to have their fans and detractors, some more than others. Stephen Harper and the Conservatives seemed to be one of the worst, at least from the central part of Canada to the east, and on the west coast. The Conservatives always had more support in the Prairie provinces. Even now, those provinces have mostly elected Conservative MPs.

I'm not a political junkie and I don't follow it that closely to know all the ins and outs of the policies and direction but politics still affects everyone's lives and I always get a general idea of the platforms before voting and I always vote. I was quite pleased that both of my nephews and my niece voted this time, at least one of the three for the first time even though he's been eligible for 12 years or more. He's finally realized what I said, about politics affecting your life even if you hate politics, which he does. It shows how much the previous government has pissed people off when someone that never bothers with politics is determined to vote and make a difference. Someone at work, who's also in her 30s I think, also voted for the first time for much the same reason. There were huge turnouts for the advance polls over our Thanksgiving weekend and overall I think the voter turnout was higher than the past averages.
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And that was the Thanksgiving weekend. I forget why it's 6 weeks earlier in Canada than in the US, probably a shorter growing season since Thanksgiving was based on the harvest in the first place, more or less. The family turkey feast was at my sister's. My mom just doesn't want the fuss and it tires her out even if everyone else does the cooking at her place so our family dinners have mainly been at my sister's these past few years. I have absolutely no room for it. Maybe someday if i have a bigger place, I can accomodate more guests for a big meal. The other problem with apartments is the tiny kitchens they have. But that's not always a roadblock. you adapt.

Sunday, my cousin and I went for brunch and then she wanted me to take some portraits of her. She wants to send some in to an agency and maybe pick up some catalogue work as a side earner. I'm pleased with how most of them turned out but I can't seem to get the computer to realize there's a dvd burner. I used it a few weeks ago, to burn some movies but when I put a blank disk in at the moment nothing happens. Weird. I can always put her files on a usb stick so i'm not overly concerned but i would like to know what's the issue.

My cousin and I also went to vote at the advance polls. Apparently there was a 16% increase in the advance polls over the last election and that's great! There was someone in a meeting this morning who said she voted for the first time ever, not really being very interested in politics but she really wants to help oust the current PM. My nephew also said he was going to vote and I don't think he ever did before either. People might say they aren't interested in politics and that's fine. But politics still affects your life especially if the country is ruled by a party that is doing detrimental things to it. People comment that all the parties are as bad as each other. That is probably also more or less true but if the one that's in power really sucks, you should give one of the others a try, things might be better. They won't be better with the status quo. Pick the least distasteful option and cross your fingers.

I also vote because women fought long and hard for the privilege. There are people of both sexes in many countries in the world that don't have the option at all, it's very difficult to vote or they don't really have an option to vote for who they want to. Australia has a law. You must vote. I'm not sure if that's a good thing, either, making it mandatory, even if you can vote for your candidate of choice. It feels a little wrong but at least you know that the winners weren't elected by 51 percent of 65 or70 percent of the population.

The Canadian federal election day is next week. 
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Yesterday's commute both ways was quite smooth, surprisingly so at 5 o'clock. Today was the same as last Thursday, a bit slow but not really bad. Each day we don't know what to expect. There are a lot more people walking across the bridge and i saw a couple of people that were probably not normally bike riders struggle up a couple of hills, a bit on the wobbly side. The riders, not the hills.

There's a new entrant into this year's Mayoral race, a politician who's well known locally, who was a federal MP at one point and whose family has a lot of political history and pull. His name is Mike Savage. His father, John, was premier of the province for awhile. I think current Mayor Kelly is going to have very stiff competition this time around. He's pretty much been land-slid in the past three elections with no real threat for opposition. If he decides to run again, he's going to have a fight on his hands. I think voters are tired of him, to be honest and I think Savage will sweep the election. That's just a guess, mind, but I think it's a fair bet. One of the other candidates has already pulled out and is backing Savage. Should be interesting.

As far as the strike goes, no talking between the parties at this point. I reckon they'll be out on strike for a few weeks at the very least, maybe more. Public opinion is divided but leaning against the strikers. The media picked up on one story about a student that has decided to drop out of university because he can't get to classes.
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We've had our third federal election in 5 years. This time we've got a majority. I'd say "finally" but it' the Conservative Party and that is not a good thing. Now nothing can stop the right wing. Harper's policies suck esp. for women and we have no way of keeping him in check. the New Democrats are in opposition for the first time in history but the other parties didn't get enough seats to be a threat. In fact, the Bloc Quebecois, the party that wasn't the province of Quebec to break away from Canada was reduced to only 4 seats and the party leader didn't win his. He's out, needless to say. I"m not sorry to see that party decimated. Anyone that wants to break up this country, and because of their location, would isolate my part of the country from the rest of it, has no business being in Parliament, taking Canadian taxpayers' money for their salaries, pensions and benefits.

Even the Liberal party was shoved to third place, a first time for that, too. Kind of glad they didn't win. I don't think having a Prime Minister who's nickname was Iggy would be a good thing.  Thing is, the Conservatives only got 39% of the vote but things being they way they are, they had more MPs elected. I haven't dug into the newspaper yet to see what the percentage of eligible voters actually was. It's always less than 50% as a rule, or in that ball park. If you think your vote doesn't count, you're wrong. In my riding, the Liberal was ousted and we have a New Democrat MP so I guess that's one positive at least.

But a Conservative government. *sigh*

That's it. I'm leaving the country.

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Scandal first, well it's only going to be interesting to local people.

The RCMP charged four men yesterday for fraud and theft. All of them are or were MLA's (Provincial legislature members, the provincial versions of the federal MPs). The one that's currently a sitting member is the one that happens to represent my district and i used to know him. He lived in my building on my floor and worked part time in the corner shop while also managed a drug store. This was before he got into politics. Next thing i know, he and his girlfriend got married, bought a house and he's running for the New Democrats. About a year ago, he was in the papers for all the wrong reasons. He was accused of fraud and theft. 

Seems he had alcohol and gambling problems, he has connections to fraudulent expenses, outstanding personal bills and apparently has lost his house or is about to, as well! It looks like he really got himself into hot water with the gambling addiction and at the time, he was ejected from the NDP and sat as an Independent but they hadn't charged him then. A year later, they've done all their investigations and have laid charges yesterday. The other three are former MLAs. The sitting MLA is also the youngest of the four and is facing the fewest charges but he's facing theft charges in addition to fraud and breech of trust by a public officer. The other ones face fraud,. breeching trust and forgery charges.  I do feel the tiniest bit sorry for him for his addictions but it's no excuse. He's insisting that he's still on the job, still representing his district. Innocent until proven guilty and all that. I think he can stay until he's found guilty and then the government will have him out though by rights, morally, he should probably resign. 


I've just realized that i have FOUR books on the go! Good grief! Three ebooks and one paper book. Actually, no, i have fifth ebook too but it's only one i pick at on occasion. It's Keith Richards' autobiography and it's not all that great but easy to pick up and put down. Non fiction is often like that, since there's not really a thread of a story you have to keep up with as such. You can read a chapter and be satisfied and if you don't pick it up for a week, you haven't really lost the plot. If you take that sort of attitude, then i even have a sixth, paper book about the history of London on the go too which i only pick up once in awhile.

That one's actually not really a straight line of history but it picks on particular aspects such as housing or markets or even prostitution and talks about that. IT's more about the history of life in the city rather than a political history.  It's London: The Biography by Peter Ackroyd. He talks about transportation, childhood, crime, all sorts of different topics to give you an idea of life in London over the centuries. It's easy to pick up and put down and i've had it on the go for months. It's also the size of a door stop!

The idea of having so many books on the go might baffle some people but i've always been one to have a couple at least on the go with a non-fiction one in there as well.  if a book is really, really good and i can't put it down, then that's the only one i'll read until i'm done. Having the ereader and a library of ebooks on my puter is spoiling me and giving me so much choice that i think that's why i keep starting new ones!  Then i can decide which one i'm in the mood to read since i've got three of them on the go on the ereader.

I also put a few on my ipod touch and have read one on that and have started another. Sometimes on the way home from work, i just use the ipod to read from instead of the ereader. That's often if i've just been at the gym and have been using it for tunes anyway. Sometimes i'll just listen to a podcast instead of reading though i don't always take it all in. I kind of drift and the bus can be noisy so i don't always hear it all well.

Now i'm getting ready for a trip, i'll be putting various maps and pdf documents on the ereader as well, probably just on the memory card for it. I've created a Word template to the dimensions that workr well with the ereader so i can put lists and copy/paste info from websites into that and create pdfs from it. i haven't actually tried that to see what it looks like though.  I guess i should, eh?

So, another of the 2011 books (#14) completed is Coraline by Neal Gaiman. I saw the animated movie last year and when i saw that i had the ebook, i had to read it and i put it on the ipod touch. I really liked the book and yes, of course, the movie ends up being different. They actually added a character to the movie that isn't in the book, the character of the next door neighbour boy but other than that, the story is pretty much the same minus the 3D graphics to jazz it up some. Coraline is an only child of two parents who are writing a gardening book and don't seem to have much time for her. They've just moved into a big old house that's been divided into flats with some decidedly eccentric neighbours in the other flats. There are two older ladies who used to be cabaret or vaudeville type stars and there's an older, foreign man who keeps mice that seem to be a bit psychic. Well they do seem to be able to predict things and the man can communicate with them and he trains them to perform. It's children's book, right? So you can do stuff like that.

Coraline finds a door in the parlour that at first seems to have been bricked up in behind but which, in reality, leads to an alternative universe where everything seems the same but the people all have buttons for eyes and are just a little too perfect. Her "Other" mother pays her all the attention she ever wanted but little by little Coraline realizes things aren't as they seem and she's got a battle on her hands.

I have Stardust by Gaiman as well so i will definitely be reading that as i saw that movie too and liked it. That one was a bit more complex than Coraline Must check to see if i have any more.
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30 minutes after the polls closed and they're already projecting a winner. What's the frigging point of watching the results? Mind you, it's an NDP win they're predicting and that's the first time that party is going to be in charge in Nova Scotia. Will they do any better than the Conservatives or the Liberals? Dare i say it couldn't be any worse? Or is that going to jinx things? They might as well have a go, I say. See if they can do any better.
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Provincial election day today. I forgot my voter card but i have ID so that'll be ok. Poll station is convenient, on the way home from work. I'm going to vote, are you? I don't even care how you vote (well, yes i do but it's none of my business!) but make the effort!  I overheard a young woman on the bus this morning saying she wasn't going to bother, it didn't mean anything to her. It does though. People don't realize how much that a government does that affects your daily life. Our bus fares are going up. One of the reasons is the higher cost of fuel, and aside from the world price of oil, one of the other reasons fuel is so high is the amount of taxes on it, taxes the government sets.

I haven't posted too much, not a lot to say really. We had a family birthday for my nephew on Sunday and this weekend there's a flat warming party for one of my cousins that i may go to and a graduation party for another relative. I don't know him really but it's a good reason go get together and see family that i don't see too often. A former coworker is visiting Halifax in a couple of weeks so there will be an after work drinks do to catch up with her for those of us that knew her when. She decamped to the balmy breezes of Florida and loves it there.

Season 2 of Ashes to Ashes finished last night in the UK. here be spoilers and speculation )


Jun. 4th, 2009 08:30 am
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I was reading about the European Parliament elections this week where they're hoping the voter turnout surpasses the previous 45% or so. We have a provincial election next week. Not sure what our voter turnout was last time but I don't suppose it was much higher than about 60%. Our municipal elections certainly weren't any higher and by-elections historically only hit about 30%. I always vote in any election. I think the only time i didn't was when i absolutely could not decide. The candidate i liked represented the party i wouldn't touch with a bargepole and the candidate for the party i would have chosen was one i didn't like.

But there's so much apathy out there about voting, especially among younger people who say they can't be bothered, nothing is going to change and their vote isn't going to count anyway. So wrong! How can anything change if you don't vote? If all those people that say their vote doesn't count actually got out and voted, boy would it ever change things! Then i read that this is the 20th anniversary of  the confrontation in Tianamen Square in China. Those people don't get the choice. There are lots of countries that either don't have a chance to vote at all or are pressured or coerced into voting for a corrupt government. We are very lucky to have free choice. We can vote for whomever we want to and won't be punished for our choices.

Women, especially... that's another reason why I make sure to vote. Women have only been able to vote for about 120 years at most. New Zealand was apparently the first to give women the vote in 1893. Women fought long and hard to be able to vote and I think it's important to remember that.

Sometimes it's difficult to decide who to vote for when you don't see that there's any suitable candidate, or suitable party that matches your own ideals and beliefs. People get disillusioned by the results of a government's policies, they see things getting worse, not better. Sometimes the party you vote for hasn't got a chance in hell of winning even a seat let along the election. Even so, it still means you've registered your opinion and exercised your right to choose. If the people in power are sucking your country/province/city dry, then try to get someone else in there that might have a chance of changing things, things that definitely will not change if you do nothing.
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A small lunchroom in a small city in a small province in Canada.
More than 2 dozen people, plus more coming in and out to listen for a few minutes.
Sitting, standing, crouching,
Watching history being made.
Joining millions of people around the world
At the same time
Doing the same thing.
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Today is Coronation Street's birthday. Any television show that lasts 48 years must be doing something right!

Liberal leader Stephan Dion has resigned and there seems to be infighting among the Liberals as to how to appoint an interim leader until the leadership convention. If they have any hope at all of keeping their coalition together to bring down the Conservatives, they really can't be seen to be at odds with each other so they better get their shit together or say goodbye to running the country. And even then, they really aren't promoting a very good impression to the country by the two potential leaders squabbling over how the appointed leader is selected because they both want it. Well, Bob Rae is doing most of the whinging mainly because he's not got as much support as the other guy whose name i can barely spell and can't pronounce. Only in Canada would you get top politicians or even actors and celebrities with long, involved names that become household words, such as Gzowski, Hanomansingh, (i.e. "Handsome Man Thing" as one of my friends calls him ), Stroumbolopolous and the potential Liberal Leader Ignatieff. Thank god his first name is Michael ;))) I do joke, of course. Canada is a multi cultural society and I'm very glad it is.

Ah yes, "Strombo". aka George Stroumbolopolous. He's "Teh Cool" on CBC, promoted as hip and "in", trying to bring some trendy edginess to the stodgy CBC. He gets good guests on his late-ish night talk show but Strombo isn't exactly a cutting edge interviewer. He doesn't really probe and dig and it's mainly light entertainment. It's casual, friendly, but it's never going to be deep. He's having a full hour with Tom Cruise tonight and you know, he's not going to ask the hard questions and he's not going to do any sort of expose. Oprah asks harder questions, ffs! It'll be a puff piece. So to speak. It'll be online tomorrow if anyone is interested but if you're hoping to see Cruise made a fool of, you won't see it. Strombo can be a bit sycophantic. The only time i've ever watched the show is if there has been a guest on that i did like, such as Billy Connolly who always has something interesting to say. That's also if i even know who's going to be on the show, which i usually don't because i don't check the listings. I only happened to find out about Cruise because i was getting the link to The Hour to post here.  I don't hate Strombo, but he's not a must watch either. I do hate Tom Cruise.


Dec. 5th, 2008 08:25 pm
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The Royal Canadian Air Farce is having a field day with the political mess... Best joke of the night...

The Coalition parties have been compared to a cross between a skunk, a snake (i think), and a porcupine

... smelly, hard to handle and lots of little pricks!
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So PM Coward has run away to hide for a month or two to see if he can't bolster public opinion, bully the Coalition and come up with a budget that isn't going to get his ass shredded anyway, putting off the inevitable. Would a coalition government have been any better for Canada? I don't know. It wasn't going to work the way it was, though, with everyone at odds and lines drawn in the snow. Canadians, prepare for a bombardment of spin.

It's Friday!
I think my Christmas tree will have to go up this weekend. Good time to tidy up this mess, too.

One more Face in Hole...

Create your own FACEinHOLE
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The editorial cartoonists are having a field day!

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Quite a good letter featured in today's paper about "Democracy at Work" with one paragraph in particular that tickled me.

It is a colossal mistake to believe that there should be a single, well-behaved model for government conduct. Government at its finest provides us a relatively cheap form of entertainment and diversion, and above all it keeps us free.

The Conservative party are backed into a corner and are fighting for their political life. That means they're going to play every dirty trick in the book and make up a few to survive. The Governor General is flying back early from a business trip. Will Harper ask her to suspend Parliament? Will she sit on her hands and "think about it" for enough time for the confidence vote to scupper the Tories? Will she say go ahead, bring em down but you have to call an election, not rule by coalition? The C's are trying to spin the situation, telling Canadians that the other three parties are ganging up on them like bullies, that they're undemocratic. yadda yadda yadda. But it *is* democracy at work. The ruling party can only rule if they have the confidence of the House and they don't. THey say "oh but we were elected!" So? As one newspaper article pointed out, we elect a Parliament, not a government. Harper whines that the Liberals are getting in bed with the Bloc Quebecois who want to break up Canada. Um. Hypocrite! He wanted to do the exact same thing a few years ago to try to topple the minority Liberal government. He says that forcing a confidence vote is just wrong. A few years ago he said just the opposite (when he was in the postition to bring down the Liberals). If Parliament gets prorogued until the end of January, expect a massive amount of PR from the Conservatives aimed at the coalition parties and trying to win over the public opinion to their side. Talk about Weapons of Mass Destruction!

We have as many opinions here at work about what will/should/might happen as we have people but we have good people and everyone respects each other's right to have their own opinion. I'm not a political junkie as a rule but i'll be following this one a little more closely than i usually do. Either way, I don't think PM Harper is going to have a very good Christmas.

Coup D'etat

Dec. 2nd, 2008 08:19 am
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My god. 7 weeks after a federal election put the Conservatives in power by a hair, the three main opposition parties are ganging up to form a coalition government and bring the government down in a non confidence vote! Rather than having another election, they propose to run as a coalition for a couple of years. It's happened once before in 1926 so there's precedent. The Conservative government had pretty much no plan of attack to deal with the economic crisis and that's what spurred this on. Or rather, that's the excuse they needed to implement what was probably their plan all along, who knows? There doesn't seem to be a whole lot PM Harper can do though he may have the option to "prorogue" the legislation session which is basically closing down the parliamentary session until he can put a new budget together later in the winter which will probably still bring down the government if the Liberals and NDP have their way. Stick your head in the sand, Harper but it's not going to go away. At the head of the table is beleagured Liberal leader Dion who was going to quit after the dismal showing in the recent election but he'll stay on and be PM until a leadership convention in the spring replaces him. You can't make this stuff up!

The Conservatives compounded the problem with a sneaky little deed this weekend that came back to bite them in the ass. A Conservative MP was accidentally brought into a conference call that was set up to discuss the coalition. What did he do? Damn right he participated, and he taped the whole call and then sent it to the media!!! I don't know if the idea was to represent the other three parties as conspirators but it only made the Conservatives look sneakier and more underhanded. Doh. So it's going to be interesting watching all this unfold.

Now, my book and my reading glasses, that i'm sure i'd put in my canvas tote bag, aren't there this morning. I'm hoping they're on my shelf at home and i'm just getting a vision that they probably are. I took some stuff out of the bag when i got home yesterday and i'm picturing that i took those items out to get the other stuff out so they're probably sitting there at home. I'm more concerned about the glasses but i don't need them to work and i am sure i can manage to read the newspaper under a good light. I did forget my security access card as well. another Doh.
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Oh well, i might as well weigh in on the buzz. And buzz it is. That's what everyone is talking about isn't it? GOBAMA! :) I stayed up until he took Ohio and at that point he'd doubled the electoral votes over McCain though hadn't reached the magic number yet. It seemed pretty safe to Peter Mansbridge who said that if all else being equal to the last election, taking Ohio would give him the gold. I haven't looked at the coverage in the paper yet but the screaming headlines on the front page 'YES, HE DID' and Obama's picture with a raised victory fist says it all. He blew them away and got the Congress and Senate backing too. That's awesome! I hope he'll turn out to be a good 'un and not just another scuzzy politician. Time will tell but there's a lot more optimism this time around. Huge turnouts, too, i hear which is a good thing.

Only worries are for his security. I would imagine the Secret Service will be doubled and more vigilant. Sadly, there are a lot of racists and extremists out there that won't be happy about it. I also hear McCain gave a very gracious concession speech. I never thought the man himself was a horrible person, he just represented the wrong party. I'm sure he is a highly intelligent man but his party let him down with the running mate. She really got him shot down in flames, i think. All that mockery, mud slinging and bad publicity hurt him. She'll be slinking back to the wilds of Alaska where she can become a grandmother in peace. I wonder if you'll see her daughter marry the father of the baby after all? No matter.

Anyway, everyone here for the most part seems pleased at the outcome. I must go read the paper before heading out to the United Way kickoff.
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The heating and air conditioning system in the building where i work ... isn't ... working, that is. Our floor is very warm. We were all falling asleep/nauseous/sweating/suffering yesterday and, expecting more of the same, i wore a sleeveless top today. Glad i did. Apparently they are working on the water cooling system and ran into complications on the weekend. THey're still trying to fix it. One floor up? Freezing. Typical. Neither one is very condusive to working.

One election down. One to go. TheReform Rednecks Conservatives were reelected, still a minority but with more seats so in effect they really pretty much have a majority. It will take all three opposing parties ganging together to bring the government down and if they didn't do it over the last few years when it would have been easier, they aren't going to do it now. Sheee-it.


Sep. 11th, 2008 08:00 am
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My friend Tracey WINOLJ and i took advantage of a 2 for 1 movie coupon i had and used it last night, on it's last day of validity! We went to see Bottle Shock which is about wine and Napa Valley and has Alan Rickman in it. It wasn't a big, dynamic movie, just a nice little one. I liked it but i think it could have been better. It's based on a true story, of a blind wine tasting event in Paris in the 70s that a California winery won, to the shock and surprise of ... well.. the world, really. It's based on a winery in California, run by a man who used to be a lawyer, from what i can tell and then decided in to buy a vineyard and make the perfect bottle of Chardonnay. He and his son, Bo, always seem to be at odds. Bo is drifting through life, he parties, he loves women but he does know a fair bit about wine. They take out their frustrations in a makeshift boxing ring, Bo usually being on the losing end but getting a few licks in just the same. Bill, the father, is divorced and his ex wife, we find out, is now with one of his former law firm partners so there's resentment and anger there and a lot of frustration as the winery eats up more and more of the bank's money.

Enter into the story, Steven Spurrier, a British man who has a wine shop in Paris. He's most definitely knowledgeable about wines to the point of being a wine snob who thinks nobody can make a better bottle of wine than the French but his little business is suffering too and stories of the upstart California vineyards are starting to drift across the pond. He decides to set up a blind wine tasting contest and visits Napa Valley to see if there are any wines that might possibly be good enough to be entered. Mainly, then, we see him driving around to the vineyards and asking to taste the wines and he's maining on the periphery of the storyline. Bill Barrett has no intentions of allowing his wine to be entered but his son has other ideas.

Actually some of the smaller parts were the ones that wished they'd done more with. There's also Freddy Rodriguez as Gustavo, who works with the Barretts but is secretly making his own vintage. Gustavo grew up in Napa and has winemaking in his blood. Sam is the pretty blonde new intern that comes to work with the Barretts and there doesn't seem to really be much reason for her to be there that i could see other than the obligatory love interest. They could have done more with her. I think it would have been good to have more storyline between Gustavo and the Barretts but that's not what the movie was about. The owner of the neighbouring shop in Paris, Maurice (Dennis Farina) was good as was the female bartender in the local bar, Jo who, if i was a bloke, i'd have found hotter than blonde Sam. Apparently she was Faith in the Buffy and Angel series.

Still, it wasn't all that bad. Nice scenery. Alan Rickman. Good friend to go see it with. Half price. Worked for me!

Last day at work. Vacation starts tomorrow! Have a pedicure at lunchtime. Pick up the rental car tomorrow. Need groceries and wine and cider and a coffee maker. I lost mine. I know, I know! How can you lose a coffee maker? But i can't find it. It's a small one. I've got the coffee pot, just not the maker. I'm sure i took it out of the cupboard to make room but no idea where i stashed it. I only just bought it a year ago March when my old one died.

Federal Election in Canada in October. The mud slinging has begun. The Conservatives (yes, the ruling party at the moment) had a website up that showed a bird crapping on the Liberal leader's shoulder *smirk* They took it down quick but not before it hit the national media. The PM apologized for it and the Tories vaguely blamed it on young web developers having a joke. Yeah right. The television networks weren't going to let the leader of the Green party in on the tv debates because she hasn't anyone in an elected seat in Parliament. However, she does have one seat, an Independent that joined the Greens and she *is* the leader. A couple of the other party leaders, including the PM, didn't seem to think she would have contributed significantly either. There's been such a stink that they've let her in. She's been hollering about the Good Old Boys' Network and it's been in the media daily. Oh, ok, you can play. They don't take her very seriously. Ok, it's not as if the Green Party was in with any sort of chance of winning the election and running the country but so what? They're running a candidate in most of the ridings across the country. That's serious enough for me.
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My "one day at a time" desk calendar has loads of little facts and trivia from the Today's little trivia fact is interesting.

Do you know what the first tv ad for a toy was, what the toy was and when?

Well i'll tell you )

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