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I've got a request for a photo and this time, they are asking how much i would charge for it. It's for a book on museums. I have no idea what to ask. Anyone think $100 is too much? I'm going to ask for a copy of the book if possible because i love museums and if they say yes, maybe i should charge less? I don't want to say which one because I don't want to jinx it ;)

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Apr. 15th, 2010 10:53 am
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I am reading the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I'm not too far into it yet, the protagonist is just about to start his investigation into the missing woman. All the characters have finally been introduced to the reader but not all to each other. The movie opens here this weekend! It's not the U.S. Version, it's the original and probably will turn out to be the better of the two. I'm kind of guessing though, it won't stay here very long. therefore, if i want to see the movie on the big screen, i kind of have to see it this weekend or maybe next weekend if i take the chance that it's still here. The problem with that is it will spoil the ending because the book is always better, isn't it? No spoilers, please but if you have read the book and especially have seen the movie as well (it's been out in the UK already), Should i see the movie before i finish the book? You know books are always better and it often spoils the movie so maybe it's better to see the movie, spoil the ending and finish the book after. Aggh!

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Work is having a United Way charity launch in November and they are going to have a table of items donated by staff for a silent auction. They are looking for crafts, artwork etc. and I thought I would donate one of my paintings but i don't know which one. So here are the candidates, with description and size and of course a poll. I will be getting a frame for whichever one i submit so don't worry that they aren't framed.

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Apparently Mick Jagger is still in the 10 ten sexiest *older* men list. Seventh, to be exact. Pierce Brosnan is number one (and who can argue with that?). Sadly, Alan Rickman didn't make the list nor did Harrison Ford. But Prince Charles did (wtf? oh wait, that was on a style poll, not sexiest older men. That's all right then. I'll agree the prince has style. He can afford to!) and Ozzy Osborne too. (double wtf?) Actually Jagger made the top style poll too and i would go along with that. He always looks nice and wears pretty sharp clothes but i never found him sexy. Ever. Rod Stewart was also on that list (nope, doesn't do it for me) as well as Sean Connery (yes!), Sir Paul McCartney and Tom Jones (neither do it for me either). That brings me to a poll.

(edited... oh arse. How come i can't see the poll results? If you have answered, or are going to, can you also add a comment?)
(edited again... this is very strange. maybe it's just my browser. I clicked on the link in the email i got when Wyn commented to the post and that takes me to where i can see the poll answers! *sigh* anyway, good choices everyone!)

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A discussion at the bus stop this morning harkened back to another one i had over the weekend about names that people are calling their kids lately. More and more there seems to be an awful lot of made up names in an effort to be "different" i guess. Celebs are not making up names but they're using unusual names to the point where we wonder how the child will ever manage to escape the schoolyard unscathed. I figure all the Hollywood kids will be going to the same schools so it'll be the kid named David or Ann who will get their ass kicked on the playground. A woman i spoke to this morning has a new grandchild. Her son is Randall. She said the baby was being named after him. What's wrong with that, you ask? Well the mother (barely 17) is calling the child Randez. She also mentioned another baby that was named LaPrincia and one named Kyeleesha (i have no idea how it's actually spelled but that's what it sounds like). I mentioned the age of the first mother because the majority of these parents that seem to be making up the names from random letters or bits of other names seem to be under 20. Names that seem unusual to me but which are ethnic in origin are lovely. I object to the ones that are obviously made up and really sound it. Randez???

Which brings me to the inevitable conclusion of the post....
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Hmm... According to the Staples flyer today, the printer/scanner i've had my eye on, the Canon M150 is on sale for 99.99! I was going to wait until i got back to get one but this is very tempting indeed. It doesn't have memory card slots but that really isn't necessary. I don't print a whole lot of my digital prints myself. If i have a lot to print, i get them done at a photo lab so printing at home is generally only on occasion for photos. And i get paid this week. This calls for a poll ...

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According to's dating tips, they recommend men be different than the average guy in order to find a woman. I feel a poll coming on.
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I've been storing my photos online at KodakGallery for a few years now, when it was first called Ofoto. All free. Or so i thought. I got an email from them a couple of weeks ago that said I only get free storage if i make a purchase once a year. Now i have purchased from them in the past. Once, an archive cd, i've also ordered a few prints from photos other people have stored in their galleries, and i don't remember if i've received a similar email before that prompted me to purchase any of these. Anyway i have far too many photos and galleries and it would take forever to re-upload them all to a new site not to mention all my links that would have to change. Just a warning for anyone that's using them, then. They didn't say there had to be a minimum purchase so i suppose if you use them, you could order a few prints and get away with that. Their prices aren't unreasonable although the archive cd price is pretty high. I have a good burner and do my own now though have so many photos that i have to put travel photos on one cd and the other photos on another one and then i make a backup cd of my files and other miscellanea on a third. I think it's time to start thinking about a dvd burner lol

I keep photos on as well but there's a limit to how many galleries you can have for a free user. There's also LJ which has a photo section for paid users. There are lots of free galleries out there. I've used a few in the past including Webshots and Yahoo. Well i'll bite the bullet and order something or other off Kodakgallery, grudgingly. I guess they have to make their money somehow and in the past, two different companies i used both went tits up although at least they gave fair warning and i managed to save the photos in their appointed galleries to my hard drive. I use photobucket to store photos i want to link to LJ, on a temporary basis.

I also have an account at Snapfish because i had to in order to view some shared albums. Anyone use that? Do they make you purchase stuff to keep your photos there for "free"? I've used Yahoo photos and i'm not keen on their format and i avoid using microsoft anything if i can help it.

Edited: I do have my own website and webspace through my isp and there are photos there, just not set up in nice galleries. I could i suppose do that but my space is still limited.

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