Jul. 6th, 2016 12:50 pm
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This post is about pride, in more definitions than one.
Toronto had their annual Pride parade over the weekend. They have a huge parade, one of the biggest in the world. For the first time ever, a Canadian Prime Minister participated and marched in the parade and from all accounts and photos, looked like he had a fantastic time. He dressed casually, not in a suit, he allowed himself to be doused with water pistol ammunition. And a young man who marched with him or in his group turned out to be a short, gay Syrian refugee whose life has probably been saved by immigrating here, considering he had more stacked against him in his former country than just politics.

I am proud to live in a country that took on some of the refugees. I am proud that my Prime MInister even went to the airport late at night to greet the first families that arrived and invited at least one refugee who was gay to march in his entourage in the parade. I'm proud that the PM did march in the parade and celebrated with everyone.

Halifax has a fun Pride parade later in the month, in a couple of weeks and I will probably go unless it's teeming down. In anticipation of Pride Week here, several main intersections downtown and one in Dartmouth have had rainbow panels painted on them. Awesome!

I know that there's still a lot of negativity towards LGBTQ folks and they are often still targets for violence, even here in Canada and I'm not proud about that but I think,... I hope, little by little it's changing for the better.

Be proud of who you are.
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So that's July done.
I still don't have a date for the surgery yet. I really hope it's by the end of August or very early September. They did say when I asked if it would be before October that it would be.
Went to the local Pride parade on Saturday. I do like to go though I don't every year. The atmosphere is so different from every other parade. In a regular parade, like for Canada Day or Halifax's Natal Day, the participants seem more bored. Or if they're playing music or marching in formation they're usually more serious, concentrating. Some people are on floats or walking and waving and smiling of course, but in Pride, everyone is just having a great time. It's party time, people are happy, it's a very loved up warm and fuzzy feeling. You see people of all ages in the parade, all types, and everyone accepts everyone else for who they are. What you look like doesn't matter. How much you weigh, a lot or a little, it doesn't matter. Yes, lots of the floats are put in by corporations, banks, businesses and political parties. But I see it as coming out to support the community, not gladhanding (though the politicians....some of that too!) What I really like is seeing a few church groups in the parade.

And the other thing I like about it is the music and how it's so bright and colourful! This year I made it over to the park where they have a concert stage set up. I didn't stay over long because my feet were getting sore by then and the ground was a little soggy to sit on. THey do have a beer tent area but i was ready to go home by that time. I watched a bit of the music which was drag acts though a proper band took the stage just as i was leaving. I saw my nephew in the queue to get into the age-restricted area as well, where the alcohol was sold. I noticed they were checking everyone's ID, young and old and that's the other reason I didn't bother. All I had with me was my debit card! I haven't been carded in 35 years! I should have brought my credit card and told the "bouncer" , Honey I'm old enough to have a gold card. You don't need to see my ID!

Anyway, it was an enjoyable afternoon and as always, photos in case you haven't seen them on Facebook.

This weekend coming I'm renting a car and I'm going to go up to Moncton over Sunday to Monday to see my best friend J. Doing some shopping and errands here on Friday and Saturday. Maybe a road trip but I haven't decided yet. There is a regatta in Mahone Bay on the weekend. It used to be called the Wooden Boat Festival and now it's taken on a theme. It's a Pirate festival now. They've added pirates to the mix apparently with random people dressed up and walking through town causing mayhem. It's a pretty town though it would be quite crowded. There's another shop nearer though in the same direction i did want to check out. They carry a lot of British foods and gifts including some Corrie merchandise. I am thinking about doing some cooking for the freezer for when I'm off sick, it's easier to microwave something than cook it. I might also stock up on sandwich meats and buns because they'll freeze as well.  I have a limited amount of freezer space, though, so i have to watch that. I think Mom sold her deep freeze so i can't take advantage of that. 
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There were bubbles and balloons. There were flags and singing and dancing. Lots of flags. Smiles and hugs and lots of really happy faces. Yes, today was Pride Halifax and it was the 25th anniversary as well. 25 years ago it was a very different sort of parade, with a few dozen participants, some of whom even covered their faces with paper bags in case they were recognized. It was more of a protest march than a celebration.

Today the parade is filled with community and support groups but it's also corporations and businesses, governments and politicians. I'm of two minds about politicos in the Pride parade. On one hand it's fairly off putting seeing them gladhanding along the route but on the other hand, they've made the effort to show support to the LGBT community and that's good. Same with the businesses and corporations. They're out there showing support and there's as many good works types of organizations in the parade as there are businesses. One of the mayoral candidates in this year's election walked the parade with a group of his supporters, shaking hands and waving at the public (voters). Several of the provincial political parties were also represented as well as the local government though our mayor was nowhere to be seen, yet again. In fact, the float that the city government had in the parade was populated by only a few of the 23 councillors, not a great turnout.

The Pride parade is always such a feel good event, with everyone dancing and smiling, hugging and happy. The costumes and colours nearly blind you, they're so bright! Some are really inventive and there are all ages involved, from little kids to seniors. Some Photos here and more than those on my Facebook.
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