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First off, my mom had lunch with [ profile] kazza_ yesterday. Report here. They had a great visit! [ profile] kazza_ is a good mate of mine, yes an "internet" friend because that's how we met and mainly keep in touch, irc and the telephone and we've met in person once. She's the kind of friend i really wish i lived closer to (we're on opposite sides of the country) so that we could hang out more.

I woke up last night and had a little dizzy spell. Then when i turned on my side I had another one, quite strong and then got all cold sweaty. It subsided but when i turned over it hit again. I don't know what it was, or why and it concerned me. Anyway i didn't go in to work today and though i didn't really sleep soundly i did doze for a bit. It seemed to be worst when i turned over to my right side which i did very slowly after that and it doesn't seem to be bothering me sitting up. Doesn't seem to be there now though i still feel a bit off and slightly spacey. No pain anywhere, no other symptoms or i might have suspected food poisoning although my cajun chicken that i made last night was well cooked.

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Ugh... took three bites of an apple and i thought it tasted kind of sour and .. just off... looked down and i'd been eating into a very brown inside! Bleurgh! I wish apples that were rotten inside looked like it on the outside! Those nice red "delicious" apples generally aren't. If you can get a good one, they're fab but quite often they're mushy, or rotten. It really is a shot in the apple barrel? I had a green one instead and they're pretty much always ok. Sour yes. Oooh speaking of green apples, i found a packet of Jello in the back of my cupboard. (that's the brand name for jelly here, thus, every brand of it is generally referred to as Jello) And it was green apple flavour! Really good too! They've got cranberry flavour as well which is yummy, too. And an image of Dad just went through my mind... he always poured on a little milk when he had Jello as he did if he had a bowl of pudding. He always said pudding tasted too "dry" without the milk! lol!

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Haven't posted in a few days because well, not a lot going on, nothing much in the paper to rant about and anything else i could have posted would just be an obvious play for hugs or something. I'm fine, though.

Anyone use Bit torrent sites? I have tried them, using uTorrent as a client and keep getting ridiculously low transfer rates, like under 1 Kbps which would take weeks to download anything. I've not had the patience to wait and see if it improves past 15 or 20 minutes of trying yet. I can't see what everyone things is so great about it but surely most people are getting better rates than that.

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Silly quiz about classic rock. Which is ok i guess. A lot of American artists but most of whom were pretty famous internationally anyway.
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