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Have developed a chesty cough. Crap. Was up most of the night though I have to say, the desperate act of using Vicks rub on my chest does help. Horrible Buckley's cough mixture does too. Tip: It works, it tastes disgusting, kind of like liquid eucalyptus, keep it in the refrigerator and you can get it down. At room temperature, your stomach may rebel. My dad called it Fuckleys. He was right.

Time for the monthly book catch up beneath the cut
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Starting the year off on a low note, I attended the funeral for the father of one of my old friends, who also happened to be my brother-in-law for many years up to about 12 years ago and the man that died is the grandfather of my nephews and niece. I've known him since I was a teenager though I wasn't all that close to him. He was a very nice man....

There wasn't a lot of attendees, not many of my old crowd went but one man that was there was someone I hadn't seen in over 30 years, perhaps once in that time I think but only briefly. In fact, I think it was at a wake for the father of another of our friends. I think I did the classic double take when I saw him. Nice to catch up, though.

Two more books to round up 2015

101 - Blind Goddess - Anne Holt
A Norwegian crime writer, her police detective is a female and there's a male criminal prosecutor. This story involves a drug ring that may be engineered by some lawyers and possibly a higher up figure. Not bad. Will probably read more.

102 - Hundred-year-old Man who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared - Jonas Jonasson
Good fun! Like the title says, an old Swedish man that escapes the nursing home on his birthday and ends up chased around the countryside by drug dealers who want the suitcase of money he took from the local bus station. In between chapters of that, they jump back and go over the adventures he's had in his long life in a kind of Forrest Gump kind of way, where he's had an inadvertent hand in some of the major events in history.

So that was 2015 reading, 102 books plus one i couldn't finish. 2016 is the year I'm attempting a reading challenge on a CBC Books group on by filling in a Bingo card with various categories. You find books that match the themes, prefereably by Canadian authors but not restricted to them either. I will give it a go and I think I'll make a plan to pick up a few more "classic" Canadian books/authors. Our classic books of course, are not as old as classic UK books and authors. Most of the best known authors and books only go back to about the mid 20th century. I don't know much about the publishing industry in Canada but I would expect it wasn't much before that, just maybe smaller independent publishers rather than anything national. There are still a lot of smaller publishing houses, as well but Canadian authors and books are becoming a lot more numerous. Canada isn't really known for producing great movies and I can vouch for that. I would estimate that only about 15 percent are *really* good and most of the best ones are character driven, not big adventure movies or complicated crime dramas. In many of the ones I've seen, the writing is kind of cliche and the acting is ... not bad, just not great, but that could be the writing contributing to that.

But the more Canadian books I read, the more I respect the authors. We have some very well known authors that are famous outside the borders such as Margaret Atwood but a lot of the ones i've read in the past few years are very, very good, too. Some authors at the top of my mind are Gil Adamson, Miriam Toews, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Patrick deWitt, Michael Crummey, Linden McIntyre, Wayne Johnston, Susanna Kearsley, Frances Itani and Heather O'Neill. Classic authors include Atwood, Margaret Lawrence, Robertson Davies, Mordechai Richler and Lucy Maud Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables).

There's a couple of good lists, here for the 10 authors you should read if you're Canadian student, this list of 25 classic Canadian novels (including a couple 19th century ones). The 25 top Canadian novels on this list have a few of the same entries but quite a few different ones, too. Not all of them are going to be to the taste of everyone, and I probably wouldnt' like a lot of them but I do intend on mixing in a few in my 2016 reads if i can.
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For name changes: Bank stuff done, work done. New ID on the way. Think I have most of the bills sorted including tennant's insurance.

On domestic matters, my oven isn't working! The plug on it stopped working a week or so ago, i discovered that when I tried to use the Keurig machine that's plugged into it. Nope. I haven't used the oven for a few weeks, with everything in microwave or on the stovetop so I don't know how long it's not been working. I tried changing the fuses but that didn't help. Called the building guy and he's going to try to check it today if he can but if not, on Monday. Might be a timer switch that sometimes gets nudged. I can check that but it won't be whatever caused the plug to stop working and I suspect they're related. If they can't fix it, and I kind of hope they can't, I will get the whole stove replaced. That would be very nice.

Mom's moving out of the house this weekend. She's kind of sad but also relieved and looking forward to not having to worry about maintenance and snow shoveling anymore. Or worrying about having to nag one of the grandkids living with her to do it. She's had one or more, in various combinations,  living with her since Dad died. She'll miss the company but not the extra cooking.

I've been reading Thomas Hardy's Far from the Madding Crowd. They've got a new movie version of it out and i thought i'd read it before seeing it. I thought i'd read it before but maybe i've only seen the 1960s movie of it. I have read Hardy in school but not this one. Have read Tess of the D'Urbervilles which I liked and Jude the Obscure which is horribly depressing. Madding is quite good. I had forgotten how lyrical his writing is. When it's that beautifully written, it truly deserves to be called "prose". When you read something like Shades of Grey or even the DaVinci Code, it's as far from "prose" as you can get, in my opinion. Prose, to me, is poetic, lyrical, exquisitely worded. For instance:

"Those who have the power of reproaching in silence may find it a means more effective than words. There are accents in the eye which are not on the tongue, and more lates come from pale lips than can enter an ear."

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Catchup on books. I've been really lucky so far this year, almost all the books I've read so far I have been able to give top marks or nearly top to on Goodreads. All generally very different from each other but excellent in their own ways.

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Good grief, It's cold outside today!
Even so, i decided not to hibernate and I went to the gym. Yes, on a Saturday. That's mainly because I've avoided it for the most part for a couple of weeks, I think i've only managed to go twice in those two weeks. Bad me. Ever since I gave up having a trainer, it's been more difficult to get myself to the gym. At the end of the work day, it's so easy to say i'm tired and i want to get on a bus and go home. I can't do that. I feel better when I go to the gym and it's good for my BP and my lower back. Those are my main motivations after all. So off i went today, did 20 minutes cardio spread over three different machines and then a bit of weights.

Picked up a package at the post office on the way home and a few groceries and when I got home, I wrapped all Graham's Christmas presents because I want to get them in the mail this week to make sure he gets them in time. And it's G's birthday today. Poor guy had to work this morning. . Now i've caught up on recorded telly, Constantine, Gotham, Big Bang Theory and Grimm.

Going to see the new Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay Part 1 tomorrow. That does annoy me and I blame Harry Potter. Wasn't that the first one that made two movies out of the last book? Or was it the Twilight ones? I'm not including Lord of the Rings where they made three movies out of one book. I didn't really like the first of the two part Harry movie that ended the series. I found it really slow and dull but the last movie, the second part of the final book, was good. Lots of action. They just seem to pad them so much and you feel like they're just doing it to suck more money out of you. Never mind, we've gone to the other Hunger Games movies so we want to see it through to the end. (Mom, Sister and I).

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Just catching up on my book list.

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My favourite series of books is by author Diana Gabaldon, commonly known as the Outlander books after the title of the first of the series. It's a series about time travel, a handsome Highlander, romance and adventure. It's way better than the average bodice ripper, well researched into the 18th century (The Uprising just before and leading up to 1746 and then later the American Revolution).  After 20 years since the first book, the eighth in the series is released this week and there's a tv series being made of the first book and that starts in August! All the fans of the book are just chomping at the bit for that one. It looks like they've cast it really well and though the author has no say in the casting, she has been consulted and she's very happy with the actors and what they're doing with the series too. The books are huge so there's going to be detail left out but the series will be 16 episodes and that's pretty good to be telling the story. I've got a post office card so I think that's the book arriving.

I pre-ordered it and used the rest of a gift card. It probably ended up costing me the same as it would have had i waited for it to come out in the shop this week because i had to pay for shipping. I have the whole series in hardback so I kept that up. I may get the ebook as well eventually because I have all those, too. The gift card reduced the price from 19.99 to 12 something but add tax and shipping and we're back up to about 22 or 23. If i'd waited for the book in the store, which is selling for $25 and used the gift card, i'd only be paying tax so probably would have got it a little cheaper. I didn't know what the selling proce would be in the store, though they're usually cheaper when it first hits the shelves. Oh well, never mind, I need to get to the post office this weekend so I can start reading it.
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End of January already!
I've had my flights booked and am going through the usual angst over choosing a hotel in Paris and London. The Canadian dollar has gone down so the pound is more expensive. We were spoiled for the last couple of years with the pound costing about $1.55 to $1.60 and it's not upwards of $1.80 or 85, back to the bad old days, nearly. The Euro is still steady though so that's helpful. I thought about consulting a travel agent, maybe they can get a good deal on the hotels with a one way Eurostar ticket to join them up. You can get really good deals on the Eurostar site as a package but only if you have a return ticket which we won't. The agent i spoke to just to find out said that but she said they could probably put something together for me. I'll give them the chance. I gotta get my hair done on Saturday so i'll talk to them then i think, if the one that i usually deal with is in.

I've read 8 books this month. I usually try to set a goal of 90 for the year. Only just made it last year. It sounds like a lot but when you have 3 or 4 on the go at a time, it seems to go quickly and I do average 6 - 8 a month depending on how long them are. I'm currently struggling through a D.H. Lawrence, the Rainbow. I do try to take in some classics or older books to broading my reading experience but this one is starting to be a struggle. Dear heavens the characters, particularly the males are drama queens! Talk about making a meal out of a minor crisis, it's practically a banquet! For instance, a young couple has just got married. After a day or two in bed, she decides it's time to get up and do some housework and get back to reality. He takes  a hissy fit, pouts, shuts her off coldly, his soul ground into the darkness, sulks, you name it. WTF? There's several pages of how pissed off, dark souled, angry, nasty etc. he is from both his point of view and hers. Get over yourself, buddy. And you, missus? Throw a plate or something! Tell him to grow the F$$$ up. Then she takes him to church and gets highly irritated that he doesn't take in the sermon like she does. Internalizing, of course, but highly irritated? Please. I'll give you highly irritated. But it's not grinding my soul into darkness, just giving my eye rolling muscles a good workout. It was not quite this bad at first but still the mostly male characters don't half go on and on in their thoughts and feelings and I really don't think people, especially simple country folk as these characters are portrayed as being, would philosophize, ruminate and sink into that mire of belly button gazing like the author has them doiong. I've probably just written what will end up being my review! Anyway, I'll stick with it for now, just so i can post that review on Goodreads when I"m done!

So the rest of the  books for January were:
(And i had the first four written before I realized I'd already posted them earlier in the month. Doh)
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That dance performance is going to be next Friday night instead of Saturday. They had fully paid up bums in all seats for the Saturday performance. I should call the box office through the week just to make sure the tickets are there. The daughter of my friend is in the dance company and we may get to meet her after, maybe go for a coffee or something. I'll have to scout the area for the coffee shops. Probably a few as it's on a university campus. Google street map, I think. :0

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I thought i was going to lose the will to live at one point. Think of a 3.5 hour meeting to which I pretty much had nothing to contribute. The first hour was ok, it was good to get an idea of what was going on but then a project charter and plan was being built and I was not going to be part of it so I am not really sure why I was there. I would have been contributing if the meeting, a staff bi-weekly update, had moved around to what I had been doing but it never did. They could have just come and got my and my coworker if they got to that point. *sigh*

In other news, though, we had decided to take a river cruise next spring. G. got his vacation approved already including the time off at the end of August to come to my niece's wedding and we settled on the cruise. It's 8 days from Paris up to Rouen with a tour in to Normandy and back again. We'll get a full day in Paris and whatever is left of the day we arrive to check in to the ship. The company is Viking and I've heard good things about it from a couple of friends who have taken their cruises. They have a 2 for 1 sale on if you book and pay before the end of July so it makes it much more affordable. We wouldn't have done it otherwise. However, it seems that the rooms that the travel agent was asking about last week are now sold out and the ones available now are nearly double the price. So much for 2 for 1. Can't swing that one. It sounds like you almost have to book a year ahead to get that price. Unless there's another sale with them or another cruise company, i guess we'll have to decide on something else to do. Bummer. Talk about being sold down the river! Back to the drawing board.

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Work's going ok. Cracked a problem yesterday with some help. It wasn't anything I was doing wrong, it was a problem with a connection from one server to another and it had to be done using a direct IP address instead of a server name. Have got quite a lot of requests on the board which is good plus a fwe other ongling projects. Training on Mondays to learn html5, css3 and PHP programming, also going well.

Mom's birthday was the 17th and we had a family party for her. We went together and bought her  Keurig coffee maker, similar to the popular Tassimo that uses a little pod or cup and makes one cup of beverage at a time. Everyone seems to be getting them and she wanted one. They're best for coffee though they do make tea and other things but for tea, I still find boiling the kettle is the best. I don't expect I'll get one until G. and i are living in the same apartment since he's a coffee drinker. My nephew's birthday was yesterday and we had another family get together on Sunday for that. Gave him the reusable filter for his Keurig that he got at Christmas. My birthday is this weekend and yet another family get together for that. My aunt's is the day after and we will have a joint party which is nice. My cousin, the one that lost his wife recently is coming over to my place on Friday to help me put my birthday bookcase together. I have to stop off and get some groceries because i promised to cook!

Also this weekend, my friend and i are going to a movie, possibly Quartet which looks wonderful. It's about a senior citizen's home for retired musicians. The ex-wife of one of them arrives and there's all sorts of friction while they are trying to put on a recital. Great ensemble cast including Pauline Collins, Maggie Smith, Billy Connolly, Tom Courtenay, Michael Gambon and Andrew Sachs (That's the guy that played Manuel in Fawlty Towers!)

This is the first year i watched none of the Oscars. Usually I watch the first hour or so but i just didn't bother for some reason. I did record it and i might FF through some of it over the weekend just to see some of the musical performances and the dresses, of course! I didn't see any of the nominated best movies this year. I'm not sure what it says when I can only say I've seen four of the five nominated animated movies! Pretty much everything else that was nominated for anything I also didn't see. Last year was not a year that i managed to get to see that much in the theatres though i did download a number of films.

I've been struggling to keep up with various tv series that i've been following, mostly British things including Utopia, Being Human, Mr. Selfridge, Ripper Street, US Shameless, Big Bang Theory, and soon Grimm will be back, also Game of Thrones. On top of that is my daily Corrie and Young and Restless as well as UK Corrie. Something has to give!

Now to catch up on 2013 books below the cut
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6 sleeps! I'm heading to Manchester Tuesday night for a quick bonus visit. There are Coronation Street connotations involved but getting to see Graham is the bonus that tipped the balance when I was deciding whether to go or not, January travel being what it can be. The long term forecast looks ok so I think I'll get there without incident. Ooh and I think my Evans order arrived already! I got a post office notification and I'm not expecting anything else. That was only a week since it left the warehouse, too!

Starting up with 2013 books already. I finished three in three days though didn't read each of them in a day. That's what happens when you are reading more than one book at a time, you finish a group of them altogether. I might read one on the bus and a different one in bed at night and a third one at lunch maybe. Or if a book is particularly good i'll stick with that one until i finish it.

1. Shaman - Noah Gordon
The second in a trilogy of books about doctors in the Cole family. This one takes place in the American midwest in the years before and through the Civil War. This one is about both the father and the son who are/become doctors, over half of the book is the father's story with about a third of it focussed on the son, nicknamed Shaman. It was good but i liked the first one, The Physician, better.

2. The Cornerstone - Anne C. Petty
A horror/supernatural book i won for a review. It's about a deal with the devil, Christopher Marlow, Faust and a stone that contains the spirits of a banshee and a witch. It's supposed to be about a woman who gets tangled up in the whole thing but her character really doesn't contribute a whole lot to the plot and nothing to the conclusion where she's pushed aside to be an observer. The theatre director, current owner of the stone is losing control of it and one of the actors in the Faust production he's putting on has more of an agenda than we know at first. Quite good, actually even though it's not my usual sort of book.

3. Stranger in Paradise - Eileen Goudge
From horror to romance... Story of a middle aged widow with two grown daughters. The widow falls for a young handsome man. One daughter is married to a man twice her age and the other daughter is divorced and can't have children. Into the mix comes a teenage runaway girl that the divorcee takes in. The daughters grapple with their mother's new love and surprise pregnancy. The divorcee finds love of her own. Takes place in a small town in California where you get all the gossip about a lot of the residents and shop owners in the town centre along with the rest of the story. Not bad. Light reading.
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Three weeks from today, Christmas will be over! Eek!
I am looking forward to it, though.

I've not posted book stuff in awhile. I didn't read that much in November due to the traveling. Even though I bring my book or ereader when i go away, i don't really get much chance to read other than maybe on the plane or in the airport waiting. In this most recent group of books, I've not had a lot of luck. There have been a couple of them that i did like but mostly they were meh and one i couldn't even get into so i didn't even try to finish it. That is not included in the group below because i didn't get very far into it. It just wasn't for me. Another i did get through but i didn't like it at all. Coincidentally (?) a few of the books i've read recently are paper books. Two of them were given to me, one i bought and one i received for early review. I have another paper book to read too, a Diana Gabaldon book of 4 novellas that are Outlander character stories. It was only available in the UK and it was released just before I got there. I have all her other books in hard back so it was no contest.

I've started one now that I'm going to like and I'm still picking at a biography of Cleopatra. I'm going to pick up the next in the Gabaldon Outlander books, two more to read to finish the series again. I think i've only ever read the last two once each. Her next in the series should be out sometime early 2013.

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Good grief!
I've just read a short news article where a condemned prisoner who is due to be executed by lethal injection in January is trying to get out of it citing health reasons. He weighs about 400 pounds and his first push of the envelope was that he feared the table would not support his weight. It was proven wrong by a test using a large jail guard and extra weights. Hmm. Well, he also claims that his weight, vein access, scar tissue, *depression* and other conditions would make his executioners "encounter severe problems". His lawyer filed something with the court to say that "there is a substantial risk that any attempt to execute him will result in serious physical and psychological pain" .
He's a murderer, judged guilty (for a murder 20 years ago, which is another rant altogether, these endless appeals). He's suffering depression? Is anyone feeling sorry for him yet? If he's worried about his weight or vein access, I'm sure a gas chamber can be arranged. Or a guillotine.
Apparently weight has caused problems in the past with injections according to this article. I suppose they're trying to say it's undue hardship or emotional abuse. The man is a murderer. And besides, I'm in the "obese" category and they never have any trouble finding a vein to take bloodwork or inject an IV in my arm. Every body is different and there's a lot of places in your body you could use to tap a vein.

The new iPad mini is coming out. (or "miniPad" *snork*) It's a 7.5 inch screen and more the size of the ereaders (slightly bigger) and some tablets. Apparently two weeks after it's released, another version will be out that can take advantage of cellular service. Doesn't say that it'll be a phone but probably that's the 4G network so you don't need a wi-fi hotspot. Seems like a lot of fuss for something that's already out there sold by other companies but Apple has to keep up, i suppose and they certainly have their dedicated fans. I do have an iPod touch, several generations old now and newer apps won't run on it. But then i always ran my PC operating system years past the newer ones that were offered. I don't own a smart phone either because i really don't think i'd use it to any advantage most of the time. I may upgrade the iPod at some point i suppose but there's no hurry. The main thing i use it for is tunes and it does that quite well.

I saw the latest Bruce Willis movie, Looper last night. good clean bloody fun. And I do mean that literally. Typical action movie shoot up all over the place with some timey wimey paradox confusion thrown in. It takes place about 30 years from now. And 30 years from that point, time travel has been invented but is illegal. Because disposing of bodies is also more and more difficult, Mobsters use it to send their targets back 30 years, where a hitman is waiting to shoot and then dispose of the body. The victim is sent with bars of silver attached to their back as payment for the hitman in the past. Sending the hitman himself back to be shot by his younger self is called closing the loop. The victims are hooded and the assassins don't know it's their future selves until they slice open the back of the jacket the body has on to find gold bars instead of silver bars. The equivalent of the gold watch kiss-off i guess. They can then retire and live their lives until they're sent back to be killed.

This loop closing is suddenly happening all the time. There's a mob boss in the future called the Rainman who has just taken control and is closing all the loops as his first order of business. Nobody knows who he is or what his real name is. Most of the loopers are youngish men, cocky, stylish, braggarts. One of them discovers his victim is his future self and can't kill him setting off a man hunt for both men. His best friend gives him up and later, one of his hits is, yes, his future self.

Spoilers )
That's as much as i'll spoil, without going into the ending. But suffice it to say that i had to chuckle when in a typical Bruce scene, he's squinting, cocking his head to one side, looking rather complacent and shooting the place down with a series of various guns. Most of the action movie guys are screaming or gritting their teeth, leaping about over-adrenalized, it's a big show of Tough Muthafuckin Badass. Kind of like when Bruce Springsteen is straining like he's passing a horse out of his arse, sweating and grimacing while crooning out a soft ballad. Not Bruce Willis. He's resigned to the fact but equally determined the opposition isn't going to cream his ass, he's going to take them out first. He's also a Tough Muthafuckin Badass but he doesn't have to make a big production out of it.

Anyway, I liked the movie for what it was. And Emily Blunt is in it. I always like her. And the little boy that plays her son was quite good for being so young. I didn't see the ending coming. Probably should have.

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By this time last year, i'd read 58 books. I'm almost up to 80! There were two that i didn't finish and there were one or two handsful of short quick reads.
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The fruit fly invasion seems to be over.

Graham still hasn't got his vacation officially authorized. Because he's four days short of time needed, they won't let him go unpaid or borrow from next year's allottment. I think it's because they don't want to do the paperwork. What they have said they will do is let him work a little extra every day and take the time off in lieu. But he's not been able to get his team leader to sit down and work it all out yet. *sigh* I really want to get this booked. I think they've agreed to the dates at least so maybe i could take the chance and book the flights to Manchester at least, before the Halifax/Heathrow leg fills up.

EDO on Friday, four day weekend! Labour Day is Monday. No plans as of yet. Might borrow Mom's car for a day or two.
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Last year i had to get my Kobo replaced and they replaced it with a Touch version. I liked it but i did find that it was overly sensitive and often flipped two "pages" at a time which could be annoying. The other day, i was reading about an Operating System upgrade with changes they made to it and saw comments on a blog post that a lot of people were having trouble after the upgrade. Hmm.... I worried. But after i bought a book and went on WiFi to get it, sure enough the OS upgrade started to download automatically. I did have the choice whether to install straight away or not but if i turned it off and restarted it, it would have installed it anyway so i went ahead and let it go, biting my nails at the same time. I had a web page saved with instructions how to reset it back in case it didn't work.

But luckily, it did seem to install smoothly and it works just fine. They've changed a few things and added features like the ability to create your own custom "shelves". I decided to do that and add to it the books i was currently reading. If you download a new book, it gets put on the front "menu" and if you load on a few then what you were reading is gone off that front menu until you open it again. Having a "currently reading" shelf lets me get to it quickly for things like that.

The other thing i do find is that it's noticeably less sensitive when turning a page now. It rarely skips 2 pages at once, but on the other hand, it's noticeably slower but once i get used to that, i think i'll find it less irritating than the double-skip.

And with that in mind...

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Went to an early showing of Men in Black III tonight with a friend. Sort of an early birthday dinner as she'll be in TO next week on business. We had a quick bite at Tim's first. Loved the movie, good fun! Will Smith's character goes back to 1969 to prevent Tommy Lee Jones's character from being killed. Josh Brolin played a young Agent K and wow did he have him down cold! He had the looks, the gestures, the vocals just right. Lots of aliens, lots of them being splattered, the main villain was quite creepy really, well. Apparently a New Zealand actor. He reminded me a bit of Tim Curry but i knew it wasn't him. Not in looks because with all the make up you couldn't tell what he really looks like anyway. It was just his voice a bit but anyway, it wasn't Tim Curry. Still did a great job, though.

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That baffling mystery at work from Monday finally got solved yesterday. Now we have to deal with the solution but we've got some clever people in this office. If only my service desk request would be sorted out it would make things a lot easier but i have a workaround (i.e. asking someone else to connect using their credentials until mine get sorted). It happens to be the worst week for trying to get anything done through the Service Desk because they changed the email over to a new program and they're being inundated by calls for help. On top of that, i couldn't log into the network this morning and even without the network, i couldn't get into anything. A change was made last night and it affected certain ports and lines. Mine was one of them. Thankfully it was early enough to get hold of the Service Desk before it got busy and they said there were others having the same problem too.

Took about an hour but i was finally back in and online.

As i said, they changed over the email at work. We were accessing it via a web browser and i really didn't like it much so i got the instructions to install the client and got it configured. There's still bits of Outlook i really don't like much but that's too bad. It's here, no going back. I don't use Outlook at home, either because i'm not as keen on it. I'm a Firefox/Thunderbird girl. I do use Chrome but i'm used to FF so that's what i mainly use. I like Thunderbird for email because it's less vulnerable to viruses than Outlook. I use my gmail a lot too, which is configured to pick up my home email account as well.

Gonna be a wet weekend. Might try to get to see the Pixar animated Brave. Got a new ebook from one of my favourite authors, Debora Geary, too. I know i'll be diving into that.  Oh i suppose i should keep my 2012 books up to date as well.

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Oh crap. I had an entry written, several paragraphs and hit the "home" button on the browser instead of New Tab and pooched the whole thing. Not even a link to restore from draft! What's the point of it saving as a draft somewhere temporary if you can't get it back? I've seen it ask me sometimes, when i've opened up the browser and come to here so maybe that's what i should have done. Too late now.

Hmmm what was I saying....

Work problem yesterday was mystifying though one mystery was solved and i have to start fixing that today. I can't do it until i get a new login for a server because my password expired ages ago and i've not kept it up because i've not had to access it for over 2 years, which is how long at least it's been that this one particular problem has been occurring and nobody noticed. Oops.

I did a factory reset on the phone and my texts are now readable without a microscope. I spent a half hour fixing up the settings again. I thought i had photos on the phone or on the micro card but i think the reset must have deleted them from the phone though it wasn't supposed to. It left an Mp3 ring tone that i'd loaded on. Never mind. I reloaded the card with photos i had at work. I like to change the wallpaper from time to time and it's nice to have the photos of family and some favourite travel pics. I also have them on my iPod but might not always have that with me.

Started reading a new author, Jo Nesbo. he writes thrillers about serial killers and a detective, Harry Hole who's a total fuckup and addict at this point. This isn't the first of the Harry books, it's the second at least and possibly third. They keep referring to the previous book about a serial killer called The Snowman. I like a lot of different kinds of books. Graham is surprised that i like books about serial killers and tracking them down because i'm not generally into horror books. Let's face it, the grim details of a serial killer's crimes can be pretty horrific. I dunno, it's just different. This guy is Norwegian so the front of this book claims he's the next Stieg Larsson (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books). That's not very fair really. He has his own style and take on things. He just happens to be from the same general part of the world as Larsson. He's good, though.

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