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I'm home today, i was awakened about 5 a.m. by that nasty dizzy thing that i had a few months back. Doctor said then that it was caused by some sort of virus. It leaves my head muzzy and if i move the wrong way too fast, i get a little spacey but i think the worst is over now. I had a good sleep until my back just wasn't going to be comfortable anymore. It wasn't as severe as the first time i had it but it does take it out of me and i feel a little off. I did put my Christmas tree together last night so i will start decorating it today and over the weekend, a bit at a time. It's so nice to have the lights already on it! When i was putting it up last night, i thought about how that was always Dad's job, putting the lights on and how he hated it lol I think he'd have got down on his knees in thanks if they'd had one of these trees available years ago! They've really only been around the last couple of years. Mom was getting tired of putting up a tree anyway so the fairy lights were at the end of the tunnel for him anyway! Still, since my niece and sister are in the house, Mom says if they want the tree up they can do it! It *is* nice to have. I always like to have it and i put mine up early in December. I quite like the lights and will often sit in the dark with just the tree lights on.

Tomorrow, if i fell ok, i think i'm going to go to the tree lighting at Sullivan's pond in Dartmouth. I think the weather is going to be ok and not too cold. I see in the paper today that if you bring two strings of the old style Christmas lights, they'll replace it with one string of LED lights for free. I might do that as i have the old lights in the box of decos and it doesn't hurt to have a spare string of lights, for the window or something.

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