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I have succumbed to the inevitable. Using the vcr with the new tv really shows up how much the quality is lesser and i've decided to bite the bullet and pay for a dvr. Everyone says i'll wonder what i did without one and i know that's true but it still annoys me that i have to pay 15 dollars a month plus taxes for the machine rental. They are about $500 plus 15% tax to buy one and that is just as much of a rip off if you ask me. The cable companies have such a monopoly on it! You can't buy one online because it has to be programmed for the local cable company apparently. That sounds like bullshit but that is what they are telling us and the lads in the shop say the same thing. So i'm going digital finally. I also figured if i'm going that way i might as well pay a few dollars more and try the HD channel feeds as well. Both are on for a 6 month free trial so if i don't really find the HD does anything for me, i can get rid. I dropped one of my digital theme packs (4 or 5 channels) and that pretty much pays for the HD if i end up keeping that bit.

They're coming a week tomorrow to hook it up. They make sure it's hooked up and that it records properly. I can ask questions and get a quick demo. I like that i can finally tape one thing and watch another or tape two things at the same time (though not able to watch a third thing, but it could be useful if there are two movies i want to tape on at the same time as sometimes happens). The series set up is useful too as i tape a soap every day and can now tape a second that overlaps coronation Street. I always miss the second half of it because i change the channel. With the normal digital box you have to leave it tuned to the channel you are watching to tape something. (Or tune it to the channel you want to tape and turn off the telly as i do for daytime or overnight taping). Welcome to the 21st century!

It was a short week. We had Monday off for a holiday. From here to Christmas there is one holiday a month :) Next one is September 6 for Labour day. I'm still basking in the afterglow of the reunion last weekend. It was like one massive love-in. Woodstock or something. Everyone was so up, so happy. It didn't matter that i didn't know 95% of the over 700 people there. You'd see two people run squealing into big hugs and you'd just smile anyway. And that was just the men! ;) No, not really. lol But even men were hugging in a manly fashion or enthusiastically shaking hands. Everyone was smiling so much you'd think they were going to chew off their own ears! Wonderful! I think DHS really raised the bar for reunions! I almost don't want to go to another one because it just won't be as good.

The money raised is going to a scholarship fund and they're thinking of ways to add to that. Maybe making a dvd of the slideshows that would be nice to have as a souvenir or, for people that couldn't go, maybe a slide show of people's photos.
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I saw an ad in today's paper that a local doctor, Doctor Verge, is retiring after 55 years as a GP. It states it's for health reasons. I'm not surprised. The man has emphysema and has been toting an oxygen tank to work for quite a few years now. He doesn't come out to the waiting room to call the patients any more like the others do, he gets the receptionist to do it for him. If you go in to his office he'll do as much as he can while sitting, ie taking your blood pressure. I expect he's been keeping up the job to give him something to keep going for but he's so obviously been in bad shape for some time. I hope he has some time to enjoy his retirement but i have a feeling the lung disease is probably advancing. He's the last of the GP's i remember from when i was a kid.

The Monty Python night was fun though they didn't end up performing any skits themselves. Couldn't persuade anyone to play the straight man i guess :) 2 or 3 dozen total, from a variety of years of the 70s so that's good, it wasn't just the last few years where the actual Club was running in school. They had a bar, coffee and soft drinks, cake, veggie and meat/cheese tray. The man that organized it works for General Electric and i think he got some sponsorship out of them. That means swag... water bottles, pens, keychains with mini screwdrivers and some nice door prizes. Lots of mingling, laughs, and a John cleese video, more mingling and then the Holy Grail though by that time i had to come home. I'm working this morning so i had to get home but i hear the party went on until the wee hours with the last stragglers.

Lunch and a harbour cruise this afternoon.
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You either love them or you hate them. High school reunion season is upon us. My high school years at Dartmouth High were three enjoyable years. I made lots of friends, was involved with the yearbook and generally just had fun. I got my first taste of the travel bug on a senior year tour to Rome, Paris and the French Riviera. I had some really good teachers and a couple of crap ones. No school bus for us, we were in inner city school and walked there mostly, though we could take a city bus. We never seemed to do that though. I worked part time at a department store in the local mall for my pin money. I even had a credit card for the store where i worked, though it had to be cosigned by my parents as i was under 18. I had a 300 dollar limit! I mainly used it for things like a new mattress and a new camera and school supplies and as i worked there, i could pay it off easily.

With the onset of Facebook, someone started a buzz about a reunion. It evolved into a reunion for anyone that went to DHS between 1970 and 1980 and we're now calling it That 70s Reunion (after the sitcom That 70s Show). All the organizing is done and it's all happening over the next few days. There's a golf tournament, a fun run/walk on Saturday morning, a harbour cruise tomorrow and tonight is a Monty Python night. There was a Monty club for a few years in the late 70s. Much mayhem ensued. The boys in our group started the club with a teacher sponsor who was not long out of university himself. He also coached the boys' (ice) hockey team and was nicknamed Mad Dog (Rick Swan). Perfect sort to be the staff sponsor for the Pythonites. The girls in our group joined the club to hang out with the boys of course! The boys put on skits in assemblies and were very good at it, too. I can remember stomachs aching and tears streaming, we laughed so hard. So tonight, a meet and greet, a few skits and then we'll watch Holy Grail and probably something else. I likely won't stay to the end as i do have to work tomorrow but it'll be good.

I'm also going on the harbour cruise tomorrow afternoon though the weather looks a bit iffy at the moment. The boat has an inside as well as an upper outside deck, though, so it won't matter if it rains a bit. I think we're getting the worst of the rain today. Saturday night is the finale, a big dance. I think they have over 400 going so far.

A lot of people don't like reunions, they feel self conscious about their appearance or their lives. Maybe they didn't have much fun in school and really hated it. Maybe they didn't get to know too many other people. There will be lots there i don't know but maybe i'll meet a few new people. Never a bad thing to make a new friend or two. And we all have at least one thing in common, we went to the same school and had a lot of the same teachers.

There's been a Facebook group set up for yonks and there have been a lot of diverse people posting there about their lives, their successes and their challenges. One man had a really rough time of it most of his life but seems to have come out the other side. Brave of him to talk about it and reach out, too. Most people have had similar experiences, one or more careers, one or more marraiges, one or more kids. Oh one recent claim to fame that i found out, the guy that produces the Twilight movies, Bill Bannerman is a DHS alumnus who has flown in for the reunion. He's also done a lot of directing as well. I think i went to school with his younger brother. Or at least he was at DHS when i was, though maybe he was a tad older.

I remember a lot more people than i actually knew. Being on the yearbook committee you see lots and lots of photos of people, classes, committees, clubs, sports teams. You feel almost like you knew these people when they weren't actually ever in your classes or clubs etc. There's always the people that everyone knew, of course, the school student council folk, the ones that organized and participated in all the social activities, the jocks, and the troublemakers too. Our school also put on a musical production every year and did it very well, too. Those artistic and musical folk would get well known also.

Anyway it all kicks off tonight.

Now where did i put my handkerchief? Just kidding. I only ever wore a knotted hankie once, to a hockey game and wouldn't you know it? That was the one time it was captured on film and put in the yearbook! Aggh!
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I was more tired than a tired thing yesterday. I woke up at 3 a.m. and never did get back to sleep. I don't know if i just couldn't get comfortable again or what. I got up to use the loo and eventually, when my body didn't fall back to sleep, my mind decided it must be time to get up so i laid there and tried to rest at least while i thought about all manner of various things. Nothing that was bothering me, just... stuff. I can tell you my eyes were like two piss holes in the snow yesterday! Got a good night's sleep last night, though, so am right as rain today. Odd expression, isn't it? But i am well rested. Good thing as i have the gym after work.

There's a high school reunion happening at the end of next week. Anyone that went to my school in the 1970s right back to the class of 69 is invited. 69 was the first graduating class of the new school that was built to replace an old high school. So class of 69 to 80, anyone that went there in the 70s and they're calling it That 70s Reunion, a play on the sitcom That 70s Show. There's a golf tournament, a harbour cruise, a fun run/walk and a dance on the Saturday night. Oh, yes, and there's a Monty Python night as well with skits re-enacted and a couple of movies being shown. We had a Monty club in high school, fueled mostly by the guys in our group. The girls just went along with it to hang out with the boys ;) We did all enjoy the show but it was the boys mainly that would put on Monty skits on stage at assemblies.

I've got tickets to the cruise and dance and i discovered yesterday that since it's also our city's "birthday" weekend, Natal Day, there's going to be fireworks on Saturday night. Now, the venue, if it's in the rooms i think it's going to be, has an outside deck that will provide a very good view of the harbour where the fireworks will be! Cool! I'll just have to get out on the deck before the crowds and stake out a good place to watch and try for some photos! The reunion itself will be interesting. There will be a lot of people there i don't know but i'm sure there will be some i do and perhaps i will meet some new faces, too.

Monday evening i went out to dinner with a group of high school people as a sort of pre-reunion reunion. Most of the attendees turned out to be in my sister's graduating year, from 1979 so i only knew a couple of them. My cousin went as well and later on someone from my year came too but i only had a chance to talk to her for a short while as we were leaving. She was someone i actually went to school with pretty much since i started school and was in the same class with me all the way through elementary and junior high. Once in high school where we were mostly then in different classes depending on the subjects we took.
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The reunion last night was nice. A few of us met up beforehand at the home of one of us. "Us"? the group of friends that I hung out with in high school. We still keep in touch and see each other, less frequently than we used to but we still touch base. 8 of us went to the reunion this time. I saw a couple others i went through school with and had some nice conversations. The canoe club was a lovely place to have it, right on the lake. Most people stood out on the big deck rather than sit inside. I think there were not as many people this time as the last one i went to in 2002 but there was probably upwards of 100 there, most of whom i didn't know. I did recognize a few faces but never did know them well enough to talk to. There were two cash bars, one inside the old club building (lovely building too, apparently built in 1903 i think) and one outside on the deck. That was a canoe filled with ice and bottles of beer and coolers! Great idea! There are a few photos including one of the boat-bar here. Obviously not really relevant to most of you out there but the one of the boat with the beer in it is there too. Got home about 1 a.m.

Today i have to get a move on and get the car back to Mom early this afternoon. Tomorrow is a holiday, celebrating the birthday of the cities so there have been things going on all weekend. Not sure if i'll take in any of the events or not. It would be nice to get out in the sun.
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The course yesterday was way better than the first attempt. Only problem now is, can i remember how to do all the different things i did yesterday? I have the "dummies" book, though, for reference.

And guess what was waiting in my mailbox? Call for jury duty! I escaped it twice already and there's no way i can avoid it this time. It's in September so not close at all to my travel dates. If i even get selected. There's two dates that i would have to go there for. I think even if i got selected for the first one, i still have to go to the second one and i definitely have to go to both dates even if not selected for the first one. They do pay you $40 per day though we get paid here at work even if on jury duty so it's no financial "hardship" for me.

Sorted out a reunion ticket for this Saturday. Finally! I've been playing telephone tag with both of the people at the other end of the phone numbers that were given out. In the end, they're going to have to leave it at the door for me because the lady that i spoke with doesn't live in town and doesn't work in town so when she's off and available to bring the tickets into town, i'm at work. Anyway, no problem, i will still get the advance ticket price. Must make sure my camera batteries are charged up. No idea what i'm going to wear though i don't think i'm going to dress up much.

I've also got to make the trek to the doctor's office to get a prescription for the orthotics. I had hoped she might just leave one at the desk and Mom could pick it up but she apparently wants me to go in. She's like that. Plays by the rules. I think she's the one that wrote it last time when i first got them but that must have been 4 years ago at least. I'm well overdue for a new set and i think that's one of the reasons my back has been not as good over the past year.

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