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Mom and i went to the Annapolis Valley today to visit Domaine de Grand Pre winery. We had a tour of the vineyards though didn't get to see the actual winery beneath the main building. There was taste testing and I actually discovered a white wine i liked, called Seyval Blanc. It's very light and didn't taste sour at all like i find most whites to taste. I'm not a white wine fan really, but this was quite nice. Most of their wines are only available for sale at private wine stores, not the general Liquor commission stores, or from the winery itself of course. They do ship within Canada. More pics here. We had lunch at their restaurant, Le Caveau which was superb! I had what they called a seafood "fricasee" which was basically a chowder but packed full of shellfish and fish and tasted unbelievably good. Mom had a herb and garlic soup and pronounced it very good too. I had a piece of apple cheesecake for dessert. Mom was saving her calories for homemade pie later on.

Then we drove about 15 minutes towards Canning to the Fox Hill Cheese House which makes and sells.... cheese! Mainly Gouda, Havarti and a bit of Cheddar. They also do yogurt, gelato and something called Quark which is a soft cheese sort of like that yogurt cheese you can make but nicer and half the fat of cream cheese. They apparently do do tours but only for groups and as it was Saturday, we didn't see the making of cheese in action in the work area. That's ok. I bought cheese :) One that i got was a havarti with fenugreek added which tastes a little maple-y once you've had it and it's really lovely.

From there, we stopped at Hennigar's Farmer's Market which has a bakery, produce, crafts and a garden center. More bread and strawberries bought there along with two little tubs of jam, one cranberry and the other a cranberry and strawberry (i think) blend.

The Evangeline Motel has a restaurant that serves really good homemade pie and Mom was craving it so that was our last stop. I'd had cheesecake with my lunch at the winery so i just had my tea.

Baby grapes More vines
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First and foremost, Yay! No transit strike tomorrow! They have been talking all weekend and hammered out a deal that the union is going to recommend to the members. Phew! And i won't have wasted that bus pass for October that i bought last week!

Mom, Laurie and I spent the day in Mahone Bay on Nova Scotia's south shore taking in their annual Scarecrow Festival and antique car show. We didn't get to the antique sale venues! It took long enough to stroll around the Main street area, check out the cars and scarecrow displays, have lunch, shop a little, have cheesecake and tea, shop a little more. By that time we had had enough. The scarecrows were really quite clever, quite a few of them anyway. Lots of individual and pairs in front of the shops, buildings and inns as well as some larger displays such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Pirates of the Caribbean, a Cafe Society, Dance of the Seven Veils, a Harry Potter set up (though only Hagrid and Harry were recognizable), and the Royal family in front of the post office. There was also a "robot" couple set up which I really liked.

We had a good lunch in the Mug and Anchor pub, cheesecake in the Cheesecake Gallery which combines art and sweets in a two level interior as well as a deck outside where someone was singing (not that well either) and their shar-pei (i think) dog was wandering about charming people. We also walked a bit off the main street to see some of the lovely homes and a little park. Mahone Bay is full of big, rambling, Victorian homes on quiet leafy streets. Some of the big houses both on the main street and on the side streets are bed and breakfast inns, too. One shop sold every kind of tea you could think of, plus teapots and cups, accessories and they had a few tables for tea and biscuits or scones. They also served coffee as was on the menu on the wall "Coffee..... if you must"

The weather was perfect. Not too hot but it was sunny and warm. We all ended up with pink shiny faces, windblown hair and happy, satisfied smiles.

a few photos here )
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Mom and i had a nice day on another road trip. This time, down to the Annapolis Valley a little ways, to just before the town of Wolfville. We wanted to try the pie as recommended by [ profile] blueberrymoon at the Evangeline Inn and Cafe which was very good indeed! We drove down to Evangeline beach for a look and stopped for a photo op at a tiny community church that overlooks the marshes and then stopped into the Grand Pre National Historic site for an hour walking around the grounds. Mom hasn't been there since she was in school though Laurie and i were there a couple of summers ago. The apples were ripening on the old trees and there was a bit of a crispness in the air but the sky was blue with wonderful cloud formations and it was a good day for walking around, unlike the stinking hot day it was when i was here last. We also stopped into The Tangled Garden to have a quick look (Mom bought some lemon thyme jelly) and a walk through the lovely gardens out back where my camera battery promptly gave up the ghost a few photos into the walkways. Naturally. There are a few of my photos here.

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I'm taking an extra day off at the May long weekend and Mom and I decided to take a road trip up to New Brunswick to see a few relatives. I might actually get to see the city of Saint John, the one i missed in March when my back was bad. I'd like to go in even if for a couple of hours to check out the market. We'll drive up Friday and come back on Sunday, at least that's what the plan is now. Cross bits that the weather will at least be decent. Here in Halifax, the long weekend isn't always a nice, warm and sunny one but as long as it doesn't rain the whole time, we're ok. Now i've said that, i've probably jinxed it!

Saturday afternoon is a party for my aunt and uncle celebrating their 50th anniversary which is actually later in May. Lots of family, lots of pics. I bid on a couple of camera batteries on ebay, proper Panasonic brand ones, not just generic replacement batteries. Still only 7.99 US each with a shipping cost ending up more than that, about 8 or 9 dollars each but when you consider the cost of buying them in the stores here is 80 CAD plus 14% tax, it's worth it. Am getting one for me and one on my coworker's behalf. Am thinking about the trip this fall, and though i have two 1gig memory cards, i have a feeling i might get another one because even three days in Paris means i'll probably be taking a lot of photos and at 5 megapixels on "fine" quality, I will probably put a serious dent in 2 cards. I wouldn't normally need more than one card but for trips? Never have too many, the way i take pics.


Mar. 20th, 2007 09:59 pm
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I was doing some bouncing around in my web browser when all of a sudden the mouse started acting weirdly. It kept selecting areas of the page even though i only clicked the mouse, not "drag and selected" it. Every time i clicked on a link it would open a new window. I tried to get to the control panel but it kept selecting all the icons up to and including the one for the mouse. When i managed to get into the mouse settings, everything seemed correct. Couldn't reinstall because i don't have the disc. It was all very strange. Even a reboot didn't work and when i tried to do a system restore, i could open the application but buttons or links wouldn't click. only the X to close the app worked. Sheesh. I finally called my cousin to see if he had any ideas and i told him it was acting as if i was holding down the shift key but i wasn't. I looked down. The shift key looked like it was stuck in the.... down position! Uh. Yeah. dislodged a crumb of something or other and up it popped and the mouse now works fine. *slinks away*

One of my best friends, Jo, moved out to Edmonton a couple of summers ago and she's going to be visiting her family for the next couple of weeks up in New Brunswick. Turns out she's going to be making a trip down here to Halifax for a few days too so i'll definitely get to see her!!! The other of our "three musketeers" group, Tracey, is going to go up to NB the last saturday in March overnight to see her too and i might go then as well. I would have had to sleep on her sister's couch though and i don't think i should trouble my back with that but i think i'll take Tracey's suggestion to get a bed and breakfast, one she knows of that's good. So if i do go, that's the plan, depending on if i think my back will stand a 3 hour drive.

Road Trip

Jul. 8th, 2006 04:12 pm
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Happy birthday to my sister, [ profile] sammantha :))))

We've had a lovely day so far, sis, Mom and i on a chicks' road trip down to the Annapolis Valley to a little zoo there. They have mostly smaller animals from a lot of different places but they do have some camels, zebras, lions, and a couple of other big cats including a snow leopard. It was really hot and we had a nice couple of hours strolling around though many of them were sleeping in the shade of their little huts. Some are open enclosures and some are fully covered cages but not box like cages. They have greenery and pools and high domed cage tops over the enclosures, mostly that's the bear, the cats and monkeys/lemurs types of things. Sweet little foxes with little faces and great big ears.

We had lunch in a really nice restaurant in Berwick, called Kellock's which is on the main street, Commercial St. for anyone that's down that way. It's in an old house, all renovated. Crown mouldings on the ceilings, antique lamps, Bass River tables and chairs, lots of nice touches around the 3 or 4 small rooms of tables. Excellent food too! The bartender wasn't bad either ;) He had an awesome tattoo all over one foot and around the ankle of a multicoloured lobster. He said his friend in Ottawa did it and won an award for it. He said he also had a Celtic style one over his upper arm, shoulder, upper back and chest but he only lifted his shirt sleeve so we didn't see the rest of that one lol If it was anywhere as good as the one on his foot, though, it must be impressive.

Stopped at one of the many farm markets on the way home and I got a few punts of strawberries. Mmmmmmm!

We're also going out for Sis's birthday dinner in a bit.
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Digby and Grand Pre

Grand Pre is a national historic site in the Annapolis Valley, the heart of Acadie, the French settlements in Nova Scotia. The British under General Winslow deported the French settlers under appalling conditions starting in 1755. The national historic site was created in the early years of the 20th century and includes a church that was built as a memorial. There are acres of grounds, some gardens and some marshy dykeland across the road. There's a very good visitor center with research facilities.

Digby is a fishing town on the Fundy shore of the Annapolis Basin. It's famed for scallops. There is a lovely waterfront, a few historic houses and churches and you can always plan on getting excellent fresh seafood here. [ profile] aditi_ lives here and [ profile] sammantha and i went down for a visit last weekend. We drove through pretty Bear River, a lovely little village full of craft shops, then went to Grand Pre before coming back home.
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Hot sunny weather.
Harry Potter 40% off (for [ profile] aditi_ at first because *[ profile] aditi_ gave us the wrong directions ;)
Cheesecake and tea.
Digby waterfront and pier.
Pier is a working pier where the scallop draggers are docked.
Heritage house.
Digby scallops and fresh haddock (fish and chips).
Most Excellent Pizza!
Smirnoff Black Cherry coolers mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Kitty porn.
Highlighting [ profile] sammantha's hair... ooops a bit too bright
Meeting [ profile] coellestat, [ profile] aditi_ and R's good friend.
Bacon and eggs for breakfast.
Driving the back roads.
Another warm day once we drove out of the overcast.
Really warm.
Thank God for AC in the car.
"Music that makes you want to grab hold of your knob... and turn it up "
Grand Pre Historic Site. (cows, church, blacksmith forge, ducks)
Ow!!! (Sis turned her ankle)
LiveAid retrospective on the radio.
Home Sweet Home.

Photos to follow.
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Last i left off on my travels, i told you about missing the train to Manchester.
So in brief, the last week.... )

So there you have it in a nutshell. It was a busy holiday, i walked miles with the blisters to prove it. Met up with lots of LJ and coro friends, wonderful to meet some of you for the first time and equally great to touch base with others again. Special thanks to [ profile] naturalbornkaos for lending me the sofa and organizing the LJ pub GTG and to John who sorted out the Chinese meal in Manchester. Thanks also to [ profile] sushidog for inviting me to the Vicarage Tea where i met more lovely people including a couple that had met on the internet and have now been married 8 years. Success stories like that are encouraging. Thanks to everyone that took the time to meet, drink, lunch and chat! I shall be back sooner or later!

Highlight of course was my week with [ profile] gramie_dee, i could go on and on but i will spare you and save that for his ears only ;) I shall have photos soon and will work on the full written travelogue and post the links as and when.

The Garage

Apr. 29th, 2003 12:21 pm
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Travel snippet:
Dateline Glasgow
Rattler and i had driven all afternoon to Glasgow. We stayed at the Premier Lodge which is a block or so down from the west end of Sauchiehall Street overlooking the motorway. We got single rooms en suite for £35 which was pretty good. No breakfast included but there was a little take away caff across from it so we usually grabbed coffee and a snack there in the morning.

There was no parking though because their car park was under renovation so R. had to take the car a few blocks away to a car park that only charged 7 quid for a few days worth of parking because we were staying at the hotel. Good deal :) When he returned he told me about this gig that was on that night at a venue on Sauchiehall street called the Garage, rock type band a bit loud but he thought i would probably like it. Want to give it a go? Yeah ok. why not.

We went for a really great Chinese meal first at a restaurant called Bleu Ginger. Excellent meal! Over to the venue. They wouldn't let me keep my camera in my purse which worried me but they did give me a ticket for it, promised to put it in their safe and promised responsibility if anything happened to it. Ok... i guess.... Into the venue, beers in hand. The band was 3 Colours Red. I'm sure many of you know them but of course i had never heard of them. Yes they were loud but not painfully so and i really enjoyed them. really! I think there were only one or two songs i wasn't keen on but there were a couple that i really liked. The camera was returned to me safe and sound and we left at closing. It was a Sunday night so it wasn't open that late and we went back to the hotel bar for a nightcap or three.

So....Rattler says.... how did you like your first punk band? WOT???? Now i should backtrack here and state categorically that i generally dislike punk music, at least any i've heard for the most part, the Ramones aside. Just a bit too aggressive for me even though i do like a hard rock sound. Anyway i didn't believe him. Oh yes they're a punk band. Well you never told me they were! If i had, you wouldn't have wanted to go or wouldn't have liked it on principle would you? Erm... well... probably not lolol He figured there was a 50/50 chance i'd like them as he does generally know what i do like and what i don't and he was spot on for this one. I justified it by saying, ok, they were really more "middle of the road punk" then... ..... i didn't think anyone's eyes could roll that much LOLOL!

However we scoured Glasgow for a cd and couldn't find it anywhere. They apparently have had distribution problems so he promised if i couldn't find it in London he'd make me a copy of his. London was a washout obviously so i'll have to get on to him.
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Now where did i leave off? Just after seeing Sir Paul i believe. so Manchester was a good time, catching up with everyone. A bit lower key than usual so no did not make a fool of myself lolol! Chris you were missed and there were in fact Smart Cars on the streets of Manchester. Saw a billboard for them that said "Objects in the rear view mirror are as conservative as they appear" lol!

Annie and i went to the Lowry Gallery on Salford Quays which has been all redeveloped and upscaled. It was a gray cold day though. We shared the tram back to the center with a load of school kids who were at the Lowry for a performance. One girl was quite a little cracker. We were highly entertained by her chatter. She even got her two friends to shield her and she changed out of her school uniform to her street clothes on the back of the tram !!! LOL! Oh and if she marries her boyfriend someday her name will be Zara O'Hara *giggle*

We pubbed at the Sedge Linn on Thursday night and i arrived at th eB&B on Friday the same time Jane did! People were busy on Friday night so we didn't do the traditional chinese and pub crawl so Jane and i went to the Trafford Center and you should see this place!!!! It's astonishing. Yes it's just a mall with the same stores as in most malls here but the decoration is... sumptuous. Ok ok i know some of you are just shaking your head at all the opulence in the name of commercialism... ;) They have one section with various themes, Chinatown, New Orleans, Egypt, Mexico ... all different types of restaurants. We walked around trying to decide but in the end Jane really had a craving for fish and chips and a pint lol so we went to the pub there and the food was pretty good. So was the pint !

On Saturday jane and i walked around th eCity Center of Manchester to see some areas i hadn't walked before including Chinatown and the Gay Village by the Rochford Canal. There's a park there with a statue of a bloke that was the father of computing science and who was persecuted for his sexual orientation back in the 50's. It's a nice little park but i think the grounds were being fixed up because there wasn't a lot of grass yet.

Saturday night John and Nikki hosted a party. Unfortunately Michelle, Dewey and Chris couldn't be there and were missed. J&N have a lovely brand new house too. Party was relaxing and food was great! So good to see everyone! Sunday, Jane and Annie and i had a huge lunch at the Spread Eagle pub near the B&b and Annie took us to the trainstation.

so here i am in Cardiff! Jane has a sweet little flat. This morning i took the open Top bus tour around the city which is chock a block with Victorian architecture and has some brand new renovated areas on Cardiff Bay. They want to be the European Capital city of Culture in 2008 so there's a lot of upgrading around as well. Tomorrow i am going to do the Welsh National museum and gallery. We've had a look around a lovely old church and in a market and are resting our feet in the cyber stop for a bit.

Will try to stop at the big net cafe in London on the weekend if i can. am thinking of taking a day trip to Canterbury from there as well. I got 6 films developed already and the ones from Mull and Iona turned out really nice with that spectacular blue water.

I don't suppose it competes with Paris (Glad you're enjoying it sis!!!! i knew you would, it's amazing from what i remember 25 years ago) but it's been brilliant so far!
More later when i can....

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