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Much excitement  among office workers downtown, the new Dollarama store is now open for business! ;) It might not sound like much but everyone really enjoyed a browse through the dollar store at lunch time and you can get so many useful things there so cheaply! Naturally the lineups were long yesterday but when i went in after working out after work it was quiet. I was looking for a few specific things, Christmas tins for my homemade turtles and for dvd cases that hold more than one disk. I used to tape movies for my friend's family but now i've finally gone digital mainly due to not having a vcr hooked up anymore and since i don't know if her dvd player does divX i am creating individual dvds out of the movies but i have to send them or at least have something convenient to put them in. I got cases that hold three disks so that will be good. I also bought a small padded thing that holds 20 disks, a dvd wallet but i'm not sure if i'll use that since i'm not making 20 movies! I might do, though, and print off disk sized "covers".

Dollar stores are great, though. You can get tat but you can also get good stuff, especially things like cheap kitchen gadgets and it's great for students wanting to stock up on dishes and cutlery. Spices too! You can get a good sized jar of a spice for a dollar. Food, jams, crackers, candy, not always the best of quality though.

News today of a Royal Wedding next year. I know, i know, most people think it's a waste of good money and there are more important things to be in the news. I think it's nice for them and i wish them all the best luck. They're going to need it with the increased media hounding on their tails, poor kids. Well i guess after what his mother went through, sometimes at her own encouragement, granted, he knows what to expect. Plus, William's in the military. He could just shoot them! ;))) I was just thinking about "Will and Kate".. for a minute i thought that was the name of that funny sit com but no, that was Will and Grace!
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Today i saw the Queen. Queen Elizabeth II, that is. I waited after work for about an hour, hoping she would do a walkabout where we were all standing. Turned out she did one but it was down by the waterfront. She'd been on a ship reviewing the international fleet and came ashore by the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic to unveil a plaque. She did a bit of a walkabout there but where i was, outside that area, she drove through when she was done. I had a good spot to wait if she'd been on foot, too. But alas, i only got a brief glimpse of her in her car as she passed. At least i was standing on the right side of the car to see her and she looked right at the direction i was standing. I know it's not much, but it's all i got :) I'm unapologetically a monarchist though i know many are not. No photos as she went by too quickly. I should have taken video footage instead. I was pleased enough that i did see her.

Got home and there's a copy of Heritage Magazine. One of my photos is in it! Yay! It's this photo below of the Little Dutch Church in Halifax. The magazine article is about a program to help some National Historic sites in Canada. The article is in English and in French and my photo is with the French one. The churchis one of the oldest churches in Canada outside of Quebec and still has a cemetery from back then. It was founded just after Halifax was, in the early 1750s. The article is here, under the link that starts "Un effet tangible..." on the right. That's a pdf file and it's on page 4 of the file. I didn't get paid for it but i do have a photo credit :))) My first published photo (that i know of!) I also had one that was published on a tourist website for the Peak District in the UK. But this is a real magazine :))) Much cooler!

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