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May. 9th, 2008 07:44 am
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No rain. No permission. No bread. No chance.
It's a funny expression isn't it? No.. whatever. I said to myself this morning "Ok, i have no bread" and made a mental note to get some on the way home from work. Then got to thinking. As you do. Clearly, expressions like "no bread" are shortcuts. They are not grammatically correct in any way yet they are used extensively and everyone knows what they mean. No bread. No, we do not have bread. No Not have a chance. No permission... You do not have permission. So "no" is probably short for "not" in most of these cases. It's just one of those things your mind grabs hold of at 7 in the morning and runs with, i guess. Sort of like when you know you've spelled a word correctly but it still looks wrong.

I need caffeine.
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Doctor Who....some spoilers )

Lovely weather today. Just in time for my bedroom window to freeze or sieze up and i can't open it. I'm going to have to call the superintendant tomorrow night i guess.

Spent the afternoon at a baby shower for [ profile] teaone, given by the lovely [ profile] rhiacat. Lots of nice things, some practical, some whimsical and some downright soft and cuddly! Good food, nice people, always nice to look forward to a new baby. T's mom was there and it's her first grandchild so she's pretty excited too.

Up to Mom's for a visit after that since she's off to South Carolina for a week tomorrow morning. My cousin Stuart was there when we got there so it was nice to see him for awhile as well. Mom and i went to Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up some things and then to pick up her cousin who's traveling with her tomorrow.

Four more days to work! and 9 more sleeps until i set foot on Yoldy Soil ;)
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It's quiet in LJ land today.

It's raining. I shouldn't really complain but it's been gloomy for weeks now with only brief encounters with the sun. At least it's not as cold as it was.

Watched a 2 hour crime drama about a forensic psychologist starring Robson Green. He's small and compact but he does have lovely eyes. What was it called? oh yes, Wire in the Blood. Must try to catch it next Saturday too. Some might want to compare it to Cracker and the the premise is similar. Psychologist helping the police find criminals, pretty lead detective that fancies the psychologist but the psychologist isn't as flawed as Robbie Coltrane's Cracker and much better looking. Although... couldn't you just cuddle up to Robbie on a cold night? I suppose nowadays he's Hagrid in everyone's mind but in my mind's eye, he's Cracker (not "crackers" although i wouldn't kick him out for eating crackers ... well the name and the sentence just led into that one didn't it? lol!)

Doing some serious thinking about what to pack now. will probably wear the dregs of the wardrobe this week so i can keep clean the stuff i want to take.

Won 10 dollars on the lottery ticket from last night. When i bought it i thought to myself "Ok, Dad, send down some magic... oh who am I kidding? He bought tickets for 30 years and never hit a big win. Never know t hough and i won the tenner, which is more than i usually win so that's something eh? Come to think of it, there's a free ticket going off one i bought a week or so ago and do you think i know where i put it after days of shifting it from pillar to post to pocket!

Finally got back to painting this morning. I've been gathering photos and pictures that would make nice paintings so i will not be short of inspiration.
Four more working days! Yay! Pedicure and massage on Friday! Yay!
Had a nice meal out with Mom last night.
Baby shower tomorrow for [ profile] teaone!
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So much for the storm we were supposed to get. We had a small amount but it's stopped for the moment at least.

Stripped the bed to do the sheets, also so i could put on the mattress pad that i bought with the bed. In hindsight i really didn't need it because i have the feather bed. I was told that they'd replace it if it got stained and clean or replace the mattress if that got stained, that's the 10 year guarantee but i temporarily forgot about the feather bed that covers the mattress. Oh well, i bought it so i'll use it. Can't be bothered faffing around trying to re-sell it. You can't ask the same as what you paid brand new so i'd lose money anyway.

Speaking of which, anyone local need a cordless phone/digital answering machine combo? I replaced a practically new one last year because i didn't like the way it fit my ear. Everyone's ear is different so it might be ok for someone else. It's got call display on it as well. Also, anyone want a cd burner? Still works pretty good. I know they're cheap to buy now since everyone wants dvd writers but just in case anyone wanted to upgrade an old pc or something, it's going dead cheap. Free, even!
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Got a flu shot this morning. They organize them at work for free. My upper arm is now stiff tender.

Spent most of the day sorting and organizing my notes from the meeting last Thursday into service requests.

New pot of Lush Smitten hand cream. :)))))))) Does it ever smell good! almondy. First time i've had it. My hands feel soooo soft now!

Had lunch with a friend at Peddlar's Pub. It's really gone downhill as far as the food goes. Mediocre and pricey! The bar is bigger, much expanded yet years ago it would be busy every lunchtime but now, even on a Friday, it's not that busy at all. There couldn't have been more than a dozen in the place when we were there today.

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