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We finally have our Hawaii package booked and our honeymoon will finally happen. The whole vacation to Vancouver and Victoria is all part of it of course, but the Hawaii bit is the special part. Took ages to decide on which hotel and package to book, weighing all the costs, the rooms, the reviews. Packages are much cheaper than booking the hotel and flight separately and doing it from Air Canada gives us some extra Aeroplan miles for the next holiday. We're going to stay at the Hilton Gardon Inn Waikiki Beach. It's not right on the beach, it's a couple of blocks back but we aren't going to be spending all that much time laying in the sun on the beach anyway. I do plan to get my feet wet in the Pacific Ocean but we will be busy doing lots of sightseeing. The flights to Vancouver have been booked for awhile, now this is done. I booked an airport hotel for the night after we return from Hawaii and we'll be flying home after that.

The return flight from Oahu is an overnight flight arriving first thing in the morning. I hope we can get into our room early, maybe have breakfast and a nap and then see a bit more of Vancouver. Overnight, check out, get the hotel to hold the bags because our flight home is also overnight to Toronto before changing for Halifax. I'm going to be a wreck by the time I get here! At least the flight to Toronto is business class so we can stretch out and maybe even get a little sleep on the plane.

Now that's done, I need to figure out where we're staying once we hit Vancouver. We'll be staying with my aunt and uncle in Victoria when we arrive in BC for a few days, with possibly an overnight trip up island to see friends. Back to Vancouver for an extra long weekend, again hoping to see family and friends and see the sights. I've been to "Vangroovy" before but G. hasn't. I think this will be a great trip.

After we booked that, we did some shopping around the mall for some things G. wanted. Success on two of the items. By then our feet and backs were killing us, tramping around on that concrete floor. Coffee break and then down to the terminal to go to the post office and to the grocery story which was utterly chaotic. It was crazy. I've never seen it that packed and lined up, not even on Christmas Eve or a storm eve. Someone said they had had a power outage for four hours in the morning so that's what happened. All those people that had to wait to do their shopping all descended on the store at the same time the normal afternoon shoppers were there. Had one more thing to pick up but I'll get G. to do that in the week.

Waiting for a friend to come over for a cuppa tonight. She's going to a metal gig with G. on Tuesday night. I'm not going, gotta work in the morning. So does she but she doesn't mind. She'd rather go out! 

My bruised heel is really sore tonight after being on it all afternoon. I have a doctor's appt. on Monday so I may mention it to her though I don't think she can do anything about it.
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Shopping on Saturday. Graham needed a new pc mouse, one for both laptops actually so we picked up a couple of Logitech ones in WalMart, one of them being a cheaper wired one for the laptop he uses on the table for his radio recording and a wireless one for the laptop he uses daily, which sits on a lap desk so he can reside on the sofa while surfing. :) Anyway. That mouse didn't work. We tried several different batteries but there was no power and no response at all. We noted on the packaging that there is some kind of power saver on it but if that's what was kicking in, we couldn't get it to rise to life for love or money. then I thought I had thrown out the receipt because we'd also got groceries at WalMart and normally i don't keep the grocery receipts. I had taken some of the bags down to the garbage with the regular rubbish so i couldn't get it back. Ah, but then i remembered i'd stuffed something in my jacket pocket and went to look. Result! It was the receipt so we took that back yesterday and got a refund, nipped over to Best Buy and got one there.

Logitech are usually pretty reliable so I was surprised. And the one we got at BB is the same brand, different model, cheaper and works just fine.

We also got some art supplies at Michael's and when I was going over the receipt to check something, I realized they'd charged us three times for something we only bought two of. I double checked to make sure we didn't accidentally pick up three but there were only the two. That got refunded yesterday as well. It wasn't that much because I'd had a 40% coupon but it was the principle of it and since we were over in the area anyway, we took the receipt in. Mom had offered us the car overnight because she didn't feel like driving back and forth from her place to take us home after having been out around the shops for the afternoon. Thus we had the car and could do the errands before going to see the new INdependence Day movie.

Which we liked, but not as much as the first one. The special effects were pretty good though heavy on cgi but it was done well. I'm not a big fan but it's pretty much a given these days that there will be backgrounds filled in with it, actors enhanced, plus all the action and monsters and futuristic bits etc. The main thing that annoys me is when they have a character fighting a cgi monster, and the character is cgi as well for the fight and it really looks fake. If i wanted to watch an animated movie, I'd have gone to see one. A real life real actor then being animated for some action doesn't look real even if it's a necessity for them to do the scene. I've accepted that there is a lot they can't do without it. It is interesting too, that it isn't just background etc. I saw a behind the scenes on a movie that was supposed to take place in the 1930s depression era dust bowl part of the US. They filmed it in an exterior area that was green and lush looking and then fed it all through a computer to make the grass look brown and dry and the scenery looking parched and depressing.

Anyway, another thing we did notice was that some of the characters were pretty bland. In the first movie you had Will Smith, who has loads of personality. In this movie, there was an actor playing his now grown son and he was as dull as dishwater. For fans of the politically correct, we now have a female President who wasn't particularly dynamic and there were a few other characters that were a bit flat. On the plus side, there was an African commander that was channelling his inner warrior who was awesome and we also had Liam Hemsworth playing a rogue pilot who livened things up as well. Bill Pullman playing the President from the first movie started off in this one as a broken man but as the movie went on, he found his inner strength though was good to watch no matter what the state of his character was. Jeff Goldblum is back along with Judd Hirsh as his father though he was as annoying as he was first time around. Jeff, however, was good as was Brent Spiner who played a scientist that we thought was killed in the first movie but who has apparently been in a coma. He's back and as manic as ever. A lot of these characters weren't in it as much so though they were good, the bland ones and the somewhat dull writing pulled the movie down a bit. Overall, though, we did enjoy it and it was a good romp for a summer movie.

We are anxiously awaiting the new Star Trek out later this month and saw a trailer for Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children which looks awesome. Yep, more cgi but Eva Green! We're planning to see both of them for sure, too. 
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The scoop on the leaky ceiling: I called the building manager and he was glad I let him know. They were just on the roof early in the week and fixed some spots but not on my side of the building apparently. He also wanted to check in the apartment above me just in case. He called me back a few hours later and said they had found a leak in the tap up there that she was unaware that she had and they think that's what's causing the water coming into my place. I pointed out the water only comes in on a heavy rain day but they seem pretty sure that's the main contributing factor. Never mind that, in the past, when they've fixed my end of the roof, the water stops coming in even though she's probably had that underlying leak for years. I may be proven wrong. But I don't think so. They're going to fix her up first then drywall over the crack in my apartment and then I'll wait for the next tropical storm and see if the fresh drywall gets damp. It might hold it off for awhile but i have no doubt it'll be back.

My mother's ereader went tits up. Screen started going black on her and a reset didn't work. She doesn't have the receipt anymore though the ereader is only just a year old or just under a year. She could have had it replaced but now she'd have to send it away and god knows how long that would take. I got thinking. as you do... I've been looking for an excuse to upgrade my Kobo touch to one with the light built in but I couldn't really justify it because (touch wood) mine's been working just fine. I suggested that I buy myself a new one and give her my old one. For however long it lasts her. It might give her another year or two before having to buy a new one. Even though she loves books, especially hard back ones, she does like the ereader, too, because it's a lot lighter especially to read in bed. It doesn't have the light in it but neither did the one she had. I bought the Kobo Glo HD and I've got it all set up again after I set my old one up for her. I hope it doesn't make a liar out of me and die on her! She then offered to give me money towards it as my Christmas present. Works for me!

Yesterday I did manage to do some clearing out of junk. If you walked in here now you probably wouldn't really see the difference though the coffee table does look a bit more tidy but trust me, there are spots and corners that are cleared out. I have a few areas that i want to dig down into and get rid of stuff, like the junk drawer in the dresser, the storage room and a couple of closets and the sideboard which has become a clutter magnet. One drawer is full of cords and cables and all kinds of crap that you accumulate over the years of buying electronic stuff. I think i've got 6 usb cables in there, all with the same end on them, and just got another new one with the new Kobo. Mind you, those are handy since most of the devices i have use the micro usb so I probably won't throw those out but theres' a lot of cables for hooking up tvs to things and things to tvs that I've never used and probably never will. I also have a stack of old Coronation Street magazines I might donate to the ping group for either a lending out thing or prizes. I might even take a serious look at my book shelves and weed out some books from there and I'm sure the kitchen cupboards can use a routing as well. Value Village will be the recipient of that stuff.

We went to Costco today. I got some photos printed for the wedding album and frame and we had a grand old time browsing. There are always things I think I'd like to try but then, faced with the ginormous sizes of the bags and packages, enough to feed the dirty dozen, I decide against it. Frozen potato wedges, a bag that looks the size of a 10 pound bag of potatoes. I do get some things, two nice large grainy loaves of bread and two packages of bagels, also two boxes of cereal. I got the 30 roll package of toilet paper because i've been told it's good stuff. Worth a try. I usually try to get the large packs of double rolls when it's on sale so this might not have been that great a bargain  but we'll see. I stocked up on printer ink. I must check what it costs in staples just for comparison. It's a three pack, two blacks and a colour cartridge so it's convenient but i have it in my mind that it isn't a lot cheaper. At least the photo reprints are cheap at 15 cents a go. I must put them in the album and now i have all the photos, I can populate the frame and put it up somewhere. Once i get some picture hangers.

then we went to the grocery store. I didn't need 18 containers of yogurt (Costco) but i did want some. And needed a few other things that end up costing me more than I expect because i wander and see things. I thought i was going to lose the will to live while waiting at the checkout, though. The person in front of me was messing around and then had an item that wouldn't scan. The lad tried the numbers under the bar code and that didn't work so he had to call someone and in the end he realized he hadn't put the numbers in correctly. My turn. It took ages. I think he entered the wrong code for nearly everything he had to weigh. Then at one point, the scale wouldn't work and he had to keep poking at that which of course wasn't his fault. More mis-keying in of the codes. Cripes. When the items scanned properly he was quick about it, it was just when he was trying to key in a code to weigh produce that it kept throwing him off.

Now I need a cup of tea. My milk had gone off and i couldn't have any this morning. We did have a quick lunch at Tim Horton's so i had some then but i need another one I think. It's calling me.
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Starting to look around for Christmas presents for people. I have a couple of things already and I really hate to shop in December so i usually manage to get it done early where possible. It's getting harder to know what to get my nephews and niece and i don't like to give money or gift cards at Christmas if possible though I know they don't mind. I will for their birthdays but Christmas is kind of special and I like them to have something to open.

Wedding stuff:
Graham has to do the artwork for the invitations and the thank you notes then we can find  a printer. My sister can get a discount at Staples so maybe we can provide the artwork and get them printed there.
Flowers: A couple of people have recommended Costco for them. My niece got hers there and she did up their bouquets herself. I think they provide the pins as well for the buttonhole flowers and probably will do corsages as well. It's kind of a do it yourself and I don't know if she had table arrangements but that's also not so difficult to do either, I'd just have to get a couple of vases. I have at least one person i know that would be able to do nice flower arranging for me if i asked.
Ordered a white and a black Dalek for the caketop. Is en route. Will have to make a little bridal veil and top hat. And tiara if i  can find a dolly one :) Note to self, check the Dollar store.
I still having tried my outfit on!
I need red shoes. Not heels, though, my poor feet can't handle that anymore.
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On more positive issues, you may recall the trouble i had with an ebay seller a few weeks ago, with no communication and him telling me the Lug bag was out of stock. I emailed him again this week and said if i hadn't heard any more news and if he hadn't had his stock in by the start of next week, i'd request a refund. 4 days later he finally replied to me and said he was still waiting for his shipment and thought it would be in next week. I wasn't sure if i was being given the runaround or not but I decided to cancel the order. I fibbed a bit and said it was for a birthday present and wouldn't be delivered on time so there could be no argument. He sent the cancellation and refund through straight away! I expect that will come off the credit card on Monday as weekend transactions don't usually show up straight away but the Paypal log definitely notes that it has been refunded to my credit card. I know of at least one place that carries the bags locally and I'm going to keep my eye open. Might even go over to Coconut Creek in the Crossing with Mom today and see what they have in stock.

Edited to add...
I found the same one I had ordered online at CC. Boy am I glad I didn't end up getting the one online because the shoulder strap doesn't pull out long enough for me to put the bag across body the way I like to do. I would have received the bag and had to return it anyway or put up with it sliding off my shoulder all the time. Pity, though because I do like it. I ended up with one similar to the one i have now with a nice long strap and it's the same bright blue i had wanted. Also, it was 20 dollars cheaper so that's a result as well.
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I know we complain about the weather a lot here. But really... we've not had a full on sunny day since last hmmm... Sunday or Monday. One or two times the sun has come out near the end of the afternoon or evening but other than that, cloudy, showery or just down out bucketing rain. And the crack in my kitchen ceiling is still there and still leaking. When I had the contractor in, he said they would see to the roof and leave it a few weeks or a month to see if it worked. Well it did somewhat, the amount of water coming in was greatly reduced but it was still coming in. I kept procrastinating on calling the guy but this past weekend it was raining a lot and hard and I got a bit more water so yesterday I called. He was surprised that there was still water coming in. Nobody told him. Well he didn't come and ask me, either did he? I didn't know when I should get back to him and I would have thought he would have been the one to check in with me to say ok, we fixed the roof, is it still leaking?

Anyway, I told him that i hadn't heard from them and after this weekend, I thought I better call. So they go back to the roof now I suppose. Meanwhile I have all this other work to be done and I asked if they couldn't do that. No, apparently they have to do it all in one go. Start the job, finish the whole job. Good grief. That means when they start, my place will be in an uproar. They're relining the tub and putting a new wall unit up around it, fixing the drywall and painting the bathroom. Then they have to fix the ceiling cracks which are inside the cupboard so I don't know if they are going to take the cupboards down or not. Even if they don't, I think they're going to paint them and the kitchen which also has some drywall to be fixed. New light fixtures as well. I forget if they mentioned anything else. If i have to take everything out of the cupboards it's going to be chaos.

I decided my old Lug purse was wearing out around the edges so I wanted to get a new one. The shop near where I work didn't carry them anymore and the only other place I know carries them is a nuisance to get to without a car. I should have waited. I went on eBay and saw the one i wanted. It wasn't any cheaper but i ordered it anyway. Supposed to come by ExpressPost within a week. They took my money swiftly. It's a company in Canada so i didn't think it would take too long. I did email to request a different colour as the one pictured was brown and they showed other colours. I wanted the bright blue. No reply to my message. Waited a week, sent another message. Nothing. They have a business website, so I went there and emailed directly. Nothing. Getting pissed off now. Also have not had any word whether it was shipped, the vendors do usually do that. Sent a pissy message last night saying i would open an eBay complaint by the end of the week if i hadn't heard.

Got a message within 30 minutes from the guy apologizing. Said he was waiting for an order to come in that hadn't arrived yet and kept forgetting to get back to me. I said that it was a bit disconcerting that they were offering these on eBay when they didn't have any in stock but i understood about shipments. I re-requested the blue one and asked him to keep me updated. He replied immediately and apologized again and said he would. So we'll see. This is a retail business from what it looks like, probably a small independent shop. They must do some eBay on the side but you have to keep on top of that, too if you're doing it. I'm afraid i won't be giving him a stellar feedback rating for the communication category. 
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I picked up the package from the post office and it was the clothes i ordered. The leggings are super soft and comfy and the tshirt fits well. The two dresses also fit and look good with the leggings though one is a bit low cut and i will probably tack it up just a little. There's cleavage and then there's cleavage, yannow? The lace trim on that one will probably be a bit itchy as well. New bra as well and that will fit. Now just to decide which of it to pack. The tshirt for sure but not sure about the dress since it's a bit...dressy really. Even so, it might be nice to wear for the Corrie thing and dinner out that night. it'll be a bit more casual with the leggings but i'll only have my sneakers and that will look kind of stupid so no.... i guess i won't bring the dress. I'm only taking a wheely carry on so space is of the essence. No room for extra shoes.

Picked up a few groceries to get me through and now i have a pork roast in the slow cooker with onions and cider simmering. Does it ever smell nice! I might toss a few new potatoes on the top of that to steam for a bit later on. I think the recipe calls for a gravy to be made of the juice after so it will be nice with the spuds.

I'm not sure what i'm going to sort out for the laptop. It does fit in the carry on inside the "lid" in a padded thingy but it's a tight fit because the padded sleeve is almost too big. I had to squash it in. And then there's the nuiscance of having to take it out twice for security checks. I'm thinking i might borrow a nice tote bag from Mom and buy a smaller padded sleeve for it. I can put that and the liquids in the carry on and if they gripe about an extra bag, i'll thrown my purse into it as well. Really, though, it could be construed as a shopping bag and they let people on board with carry on luggage, a purse or briefcase and several shopping bags. I've done it myself. So a tote bag should be ok and that gives me a little more room for stuff as well, things like the chargers and cords and things for the electronics maybe.
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First full week since Christmas. Five day weeks always seem so long! ;) We've had our Earned Day Off plan at work reinstated since mid-last year so now I can look forward to every third Friday off or thereabouts, depending on when I need to take the day. For instance, If i have appointments or something else i need a day off for, i can always schedule it around the EDO. I'm heading to England next Tuesday night, so instead of taking 5 days vacation, i can take 4 and an EDO because i'll be able to put in enough time before then to make up the hours.

I undecorated my Christmas tree yesterday. I miss the pretty lights in the corner! It was so much easier to do now that the lights are all part of the tree!! I've still got to get the pieces back into garbage bags and put all the stuff back into the storage room along with my new suitcase. I"m taking my rolling carryon with me as i won't need the big case. Basically i'll just need to pack socks and underwear enough for the days and a few tops and an extra pair of pants or jeans.

I did order some things from Evans, which is a plus size store in the UK that does send to Canada. I didn't have it delivered to Graham's though i suppose i should have but they did estimate it should get to me before I leave. I'm dubious but hopeful. If it does get here, there's a couple of things i'll take with me from that lot, if they all fit and look ok. Two of the items are long tops/short dresses that i plan to wear with leggings but if they don't fit, they can't be returned to the store because they were special collection online only things. I reckon they will be ok, though. They're a little different than I usually wear so i might be a bit out of my comfort zone but i'll just have to take a deep breath and go for it. It's nothing radical, just wearing them with leggings is a bit iffy for me as my legs aren't the best. :\ but if the hem is down to the knee, it might be ok. You can't really tell from the look of the photo and even the measurement of the garment could still end up laying at a different length. 

Meanwhile, one of my goals at the gym is to work up to at least 15 minutes on the eliptical trainer. I used to be able to some years ago but can't now. I did manage 4 minutes with another minute slowed down on Friday so we're on the way there. It's a great machine for cardio, not as boring as the treadmill and a much better workout than the bike. I can only do it with music though. That's the motivator that moves my feet!

Really looking forward to this mini-vacation next week even though it involves a lot of travel for a few days. Looking ahead to the long term weather forecast, Tuesday is supposed to be clear so if that holds, i'll get away ok. good thing, too because Wednesday looks to be a real mess of rain and freezing rain! Monday the 21st for the return journey should be ok too. It's hard to really count on the forecast that far out but we'll see. A few prayers to the weather Gods might help. 9 sleeps until i arrive!

A Ducky Day

Jan. 5th, 2013 03:27 pm
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I was waiting downstairs in the lobby of the building for Mom to arrive. The snow was blowing around something fierce though it had only just started up and wasn't going to last. It didn't, not more than a few minutes but while the wind was blowing the snow all over the place, four ducks landed in the middle of the road in front of my building, almost as if to say it was just too snowy to fly any further, let's wait it out shall we? But even after it stopped, they stuck around. They walked all over the place, even let me get close enough to take pics. I only had my phone so the pics really aren't that good. Two of them were the kind with lovely teal green heads but you can't tell that at all in the pictures, here.
Mom came as the sun came out and we headed to Chapters to meet my niece there for our annual bookstore crawl. The difference between that and a pub crawl is that when we leave, we only have a slight high from the caffeine and our wallets are the ones with a bit of a hangover! Thank heavens for gift cards though we did quite well. Mom spent the most but she had the most in gift cards, I had the least so i spent the most in cash. My books weren't on sale but i did get some holiday peppermint hot chocolate marked down. I bought a magazine, and two books about New York City, one isn't a guide book, it's by Lonely Planet but it's all trivia bits and "Did you know" type things, all illustrated with graphics and photos, about the city. The other is a Top 10 book. I do love guidebooks! I also bought a book on Travel photography that has some great hints and tips. Hmm.. let's see, oh yes also a new address book.

My Christmas tree will come down tomorrow but I will have one more night of enjoying the lights on it tonight I think.
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My snack for today. Nom!

Walked down to the local grocery store and picked up "a few" groceries and spent nearly 100 dollars. I always get more than I intend and then have to carry them home! I decided to get some stuff for a few recipes to try to make some proper meals. Yeah i know. It won't last :) Lasagna, mushroom meatballs, and a cider braised pork roast/shoulder. Also got some salmon so i can have that one night and use the extra for salmon fish cakes. Also nom! And things like these cherries, while they were on sale, were still kind of expensive but ooooh worth it and better to spend the money on that than half price Christmas chocolate (since i already had some chocolate this week)

We're forecast to get a snowstorm tomorrow so that's another reason to make sure to get to the grocery store today. Yes the stores will be open on Monday, too but i was getting low on bread and milk and if i can't have tea and toast on a Sunday morning, it makes for an unhappy me! I guess it will be a magazine or movie day tomorrow if it does storm. Mom, Staci and I were supposed to take our annual trek to Chapters but we'll have to postpone that. Staci and Alex bought a house and are moving in shortly so we may have to wait until she's free and I'm back from Manchester.

That's coming up fast! Can't wait! 18 sleeps! Hmm I also ordered some clothes at boxing day prices from Evans which is a UK large size store. They ship to Canada and the cost was pretty reasonable. I also had a code for 20% off my first order which saved me even more than the shipping cost. They did say it would be delivered no later than the 15th which is the day i leave! I hope it's in before then. There's a couple of things I'd like to take with me and wear (specifically this  and maybe this or this to wear with leggings if they fit).

I will only be in Manchester 5 days so we won't be taking any road trips I don't think, unless we take a fancy to get up early and take the train somewhere. Looking forward to seeing the Corrie set again and seeing my friends, also meeting a few of the other bloggers as well :)

I went a bit mad on the Kobo site today, too. They had 80% off a lot of titles on the weekend and usually the sale books are not anything I would enjoy but this time i found a few. I bought 5! But because they were so cheap i only spent just under 20$ so really, for the price of a paperback and a half, I got 5 books. I find that even the regular price ebooks are getting more expensive these days and I just hate to pay it, so i wait for sales or discount codes or *koff* other means. I bought one from Amazon Kindle the other day too by one of my favourite authors, Debora Geary who has a new "Witch Central" book out but that was also pretty cheap. I don't have a Kindle but i have the app on my ipod and on my desktop and laptop so i can read on them as well.
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I can has new pots and pans!
For the first time in about 30 years I've bought a whole matching set of Cuisinart pots, stainless steel (not the kind that has non stick lining as i find they wear). Three sizes of pot with glass lids that fit down inside them but with steam vents, a high sided "dutch oven" which though it's taller than my current one, is not really bigger since it actually can sit inside the other one. I think it probably holds about the same amount, just taller and a bit narrower. I'm not getting rid of my old one because it's good to keep a spare. I have one even older that's being turfed. There's also a nice stainless steel frying pan as well. Not getting rid of two others i have as they're bigger and higher sided than the one that came with the set. There's also a steamer about which I'm excited because if I want to steam something now i have to fit the metal colander into a pot and balance a pot lid over it. It doesn't work all that well but it's all i have. This will be ace! I'm keeping two pots I have though, because it's a double boiler set and I use it at least at Christmas for melting chocolate when i make Turtles. The other pot and a few small ones are going out along with the older large one and a frying pan.

I also bought a new coffee grinder, something else I don't use a lot but it's nice when i want it. They were on sale for 15.99 so that's good for something that isn't used all the time. What else.. oh I got a frame for a triple print I'd bought in Rome, a matte with three bright watercolours of Italian cafes. The matte is a bit creased from travel but in the frame it looks ok. It's slightly smaller than the matte that came with the frame but that is white and the prints look much better with the black matte. The frame itself is black too so i put the matte i bought with the prints on top of the white one, and used a black marker to cover the white edges. Looks nice! I'll have to hang it tomorrow. Bought an album for those extra large photos i had printed, too.

We had some awful news this week. My cousin's wife was on her way to work Wednesday morning and must have felt quite ill because she drove herself to the hospital but collapsed in the parking lot. Apparently she died but they resussitated her. She's still in ICU and they aren't giving out a lot of hope but there is a small chance she can come out of it. I don't know, though and every time the phone rings, I think that's *the* call. She's a year younger than me. They don't really know what happened though are leaning to a heart "event" though it could have been a stroke or aneurism that hasn't shown up on the tests yet. It's been such a shock to the family.

Things like that really shake you up. You realize you really have very little control, and it really can happen that fast, with no warning. She had an inner ear disease but as far as I know, no major health issues and she never smoked either. It makes you angry too because it just isn't fair and it isn't right.

My niece and her fiance have bought a house! They're so excited! They had an offer accepted early this week and their closing is January 7. It's a semidetached with three bedrooms, the bedrooms being below instead of upstairs. She's been living with Mom for 5 or 6 years though spending most nights with him at his mother's house so they will finally have privacy and a place of their own. I think they've set the wedding day for the summer after next. We're all excited for them! One of my nephews is heading to Paris with his fella in March. First time he's been overseas. I must ask why his choice was Paris? I do know he's bilingual but I also know he would love to go to England too. Paris is a great choice for the first time to Europe, though. He'll love it! I must dig out my guide books and maps and things to inspire him!
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I live on one side of the harbour and have no car. The shop i needed to get to is on the other side of the harbour at the far end of the urban sprawl in a retail park. At the back end of that, too. It takes ages to get there by bus so i was waiting for Mom to be free on the weekend to drive me. As Saturdays are manically bottlenecked with traffic over there, we were going to go last Sunday but she was busy so we finally managed to get there yesterday. I'm after a cap for Graham's dad that is waterproofed, and Lee Valley has them. We got all the way over there and noticed exactly no cars in the parking area. Yep. it's the only store that is closed on a Sunday! Yeesh!

I thought it was an American company so i didn't want to order online in case the order got stuck in customs as they sometimes do. I needed to take it to the UK with me but apparently they are Canadian based in Ottawa and their company policy is no sunday opening. Fair enough. I just didn't know! anyway because they're Canadian, I did order online so I think it will be here before i go. They say 3 - 5 business days from shipping which hopefully will be today or tomorrow.

In other news, I have a big bruise on my wrist. owie! When i mince garlic, i smash it by bashing my hand down on the flat side of a knife on the garlic to crush it and then chop it up. Except i only used a butter knive with out the wider blade that my butcher knife has and my wrist hit the edge of the cutting board and busted a vein. Graham always laughs at my clumsiness. Only I could make mincing garlic dangerous, he says I'm a menace to myself! Online at Lee Valley i found a garlic mincer. I ordered one.

I may have mentioned that i started a wordpress blog for my travel writing. Not just travelogues, but tips, memories, ideas, planning, cool websites, books etc, all to do with travel as i think of it or see something that might be interesting to blog about. The url is here if anyone wants to read it. I've only had it going a couple of weeks so far so it's still in it's infancy but it's garnering a little attention on the wordpress community which is nice. Lots of likes but few comments so far.
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Oh my. What have i done since last Wednesday's update? Hmmmm...
I had Friday off, making it a four day weekend since Monday was labour day and i did very little labour as it happens.
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Friday, i had an early doctor's appointment. That's just a routine visit to renew a few meds. I booked the first appointment of the day thinking i wouldn't have to wait and i *still* had to wait nearly 15 minutes. She waltzed in just at 9 so i guess it took her that long to get herself sorted, computer on, etc. That reminds me... take in prescription to be filled. *makes note*
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Didn't do much the rest of the weekend other than put all the Doctor Who onto dvd disks for Graham, watch the wonderful Pirates: A Band of Misfits, catch up on webby stuff.
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I made the rounds of all the tech stores in the Crossing yesterday and only saw one netbook possibility. There were  a few but they were HP ones and i don't really like them. They look and feel cheap and i am not really confident in them. The one i saw at the last place i looked is an Acer notebook, 11 inch screen, 4 G ram. I forget how big the hard drive was but it was reasonable. They didn't have any in in spite of having a display model out. And no, I don't really want to buy the display model. They did have another version, 2 G ram and a smaller hard drive...FOR THE SAME PRICE. Dude. No. It doesn't work like that. What would you expect from Future Shop, though eh? Even if he said Acer is the one that sets the price? Don't think so.

there's another place i may go to look at the netbooks but i'll wait to see when the busses go back. They were talking and negotiating all weekend and there's a contract offer to vote on tomorrow so we might have them back on the road by the weekend. Everyone cross your bits!

So the search continues but you know? If i don't end up getting one it's no big deal. It was always a "nice to have" rather than something i really needed. I did get a new phone, something similar to the one i have now and wouldn't you know it? The random shutting itself off hasn't happened all weekend! Now i don't know if i should activate the new one or not. I might though, as it's a Samsung and they're usually tough little buggers. It wasn't expensive since it isn't a smart phone and it has the slidey out keyboard. Mine has the keyboard but it's a flip out one. I kind of like that better as it's sturdier but if the phone isn't reliable, it's not reliable. The camera on the old one is 3.2 MP which is better than the new one at 2 MP but i could always keep the old phone in my purse as a spare camera! I'd have to see how good the pics are on the 2MP one. They might be fine. One thing i think the new one can do that the old one can't, at least from the user guide i downloaded, is setting the ringtone to an MP3 which my old LG phone won't do.

I also replaced my slow cooker so the shopping trip wasn't completely wasted.
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Went to the mall with Mom today, she'd had her eye on a new outfit at The Bay. Waited for her to try things on and when we were done, i wanted to go th The Source to see if they had any netbooks. They only had one left, it was still in the back in a box. Fail. Seeya.

Walked across the hallway to the Sony Store. Kaching$$$$$ But i wanted to look anyway. They did have a small 11.1" screen one that was an older model, marked down a little. Having said that it was still $449 plus taxes without any extended waranty. I did like it but it didn't really have the battery life i preferred and it was a tad bigger than i wanted and a bit more than i wanted to pay. But it was nice... And obviously Sony has a good reputation but still... I didn't fall for the pitch even when he grinned and asked me what colour i wanted :) I said i still wanted to look around a bit more before i decided and walked away. I have Mom's car overnight so i'm going to hit a couple of the tech stores in Dartmouth Crossing tomorrow, maybe Costco as well and maybe even Wally World because i also need to get a new slow cooker and i can get that there. I got a few groceries and there was a tech store in that shopping centre. I went in and they had a couple of netbook candidates in the size and price range i wanted but the guy selling them just weirded me out.

It's easy to jump and buy the first one you see but i don't want to do that. I don't necessarily want the cheapest thing i can find but i don't want to spend a lot for something that isn't replacing my desktop or going to get a huge amount of use.
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I survived the mall. As expected, it was pretty quiet when i got there about 5. Had a bit of a wander, picked up a few items and got home by about 6. Painless. I'll get everything wrapped/bagged this weekend and that's it. Still no word on the drywall work so I don't think my tree will get put up this year. If i thought they weren't going to get there at all until the new year i would have put it up already. Now, even though there's still a week before Christmas (as of the weekend), it hardly seems worth it. I'm used to having it up the whole month and I take it down over New Year's. 2 weeks just doesn't seem enough. So thanks Transglobe for screwing up my holiday decorating this year. Can't put my curtain rod back up either until the work gets done.

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I'm going to the mall after work.
Am I mad? Am I in a coma? (cue Life on Mars theme tune and Gene Hunt striding across the parking lot, shooting the tires out on a car that's just stolen his parking spot).

Seriously though, the mall right after work is not the seventh level of hell it usually is this time of year, especially on a Saturday. The suppertime hours between about 5 and 6:30 are usually not too bad, it's the breathing space between the day shoppers and the evening ones, I find. Now, with school out next week, that will probably change but this week, and on a Tuesday, i should not have any trouble (knock on wood).  And it's not as if i am really looking for anything in particular, I just wanted a quick look around. If it's too crowded i'll back away from the mall quickly, fire up the Quattro get on the bus and go home.

Currently reading The Night Circus and really enjoying it. It's a world of enchantment and magic with a dark undertone.

I watched Atlas Shrugged on the weekend. Not bad. I think it would read better than it watches and I may put that on the "to read" list. I am sure i read it years ago but it's been awhile.
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Last year i read 35 books. This year i've hit over 80 so far and i may reach 90 by the end of the year. That's all thanks to the eReader mainly because i've got back in the habit of reading before bed now and I often read at lunchtime as well as on the bus. Before, i mainly just read on the bus to and from work. With that in mind, book 82 is The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I see a lot of people with the book in their hands, mainly, I guess, because there's been a movie made out of it this year. I've seen that as well. It takes place in the early 1960s in Jackson, Mississippi and is told mainly from the point of view of two black women who are maids for white families and also from the point of view of a young white woman who ends up writing a book about what it's like for the women working for white families, all about their experiences. She learns a lot herself in the process, and starts to question the old segregation traditions which are starting to change as the civil rights movement starts to take hold.

This past weekend was the US Thanksgiving weekend which is also their biggest shopping weekend of the year. Black Friday and now there's Cyber monday where there are big bargains to be had online. Sadly to say that a lot of Canadian retailers are jumping on the bandwagon for the almighty dollar and holding "Black Friday" sales of their own. And equally sadly, i too jumped on the bandwagon and took advantage of a few of the sales online on Monday. I bought two tops from a place with free shipping and bought 3 ebooks from Kobo, with either 50 or 60 % off. Mind you, buying books is never wrong :) I bought another one today using an Amazon gift cert. i had. I'll pick that up on my ipod touch using the free Kindle app. I like to have a few ebooks on that in case my Kobo battery fades on me as it has now and then without me noticing that it had to be recharged.

Still have to get new winter boots. Might go to the mall right after work on Friday before the crowds descend. Am doing up Christmas card labels and i can't find the three books of stamps i know i bought. Anywhere. I think i may have thrown them out with a bag. Doh. I have some leftover stamps so i won't have to repurchase more than a book probably (10 or 12 in a book/folder) plus a few for the US and international. I do try to cut back on my card sending but i still like to send some out. Also need to wrap the two or three presents i have to post. I'll do that this weekend and mail them on Monday. I've got to make something for a bake sale at work on Friday and I've got to make my turtle pecan candy. I have most of my other gifts bought aside from a couple but they're all in hand.
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Went out today to look at winter coats and ended up with one i think i'll be happy with. My old one wasn't overly warm and was open at the neck at cuffs and on very cold or wet days it wasn't really great. My old one is fine for early winter and late winter when it's not really sub zero or snowy but the new one will be good for the real winter weather when i'm out waiting for busses. It's a bit longer than my old one too which will keep my legs a bit warmer and it's light and nylon type covering and I think it might be a bit more weatherproof. It's got a hood as well which is really good. Old one didn't and i don't like to wear hats. It's a dark grey with a bit of a plaid design through it but it's muted. It wasn't Mom's favourite, she preferred some of the woolen ones that were a bit dressier but I didn't see one that i liked or didn't fit the way i wanted to. I didn't want to bother messing around moving buttons and the like. The problem is my bottom half is a size bigger than my top half so any coat i get to fit the bottom is big on the top but some coats are worse than others. This new one isn't too bad. Problem is a lot of times i just get what i can that fits because my size is usually picked over and there isn't a lot left when i do find myself looking for coats. I"m happy with this and i'll be cozy.

Some of you may have heard about the helicopter crash in Hawaii with two tourist couples on board, all four plus the pilot killed. One of the couples was from Ontario but they haven't released the identity of them yet though the crash happened on Thursday. One of my friends from Ottawa had just gone to Hawaii this week so i've been checking the news sites constantly. There were rumours that the couple was from Toronto and that would mean it wasn't the people i know but as they didn't say definitely, i wasn't sure. Luck has it, though, my friend has posted on Facebook a short while ago. She'd been away from the hotel touring a volcano overnight and just returned. I am relieved.

Our office move happens next weekend but we have days to fill between the day we are to be packed and the day we can go to our new desks. I'm going to stay home for two days and take some online training and i've been scheduled for some PHP programming training for Monday and Tuesday with 3 others from one of the other sections. I had though to take that course in January but was told it might not be held where this one was definitely on and the AA was able to get me registered so that will take up the other day plus one. I'll probably go in early on Tuesday to see where my stuff is and maybe hook up the puter before i go to the training centre. If not, well it will be wednesday. I have a new cell mate, one of the GIS programmers who was at another location and we've already discussed that we are easy-come easy-go type people so we should get on pretty well. The colours on the walls are going to be bright and cheery. Not everyone likes them but that's par for the course. We are getting some walls a lime green, some a hot orange and some a deep burgundy. The new carpets are a very light neutral beige which is going to show every drop of coffee that gets spilled unfortunately. I'll take some pics when we get in.

We have a new kitchen and lunchroom as well which the whole floor is sharing. I think they're even building a little shower room which a lot of people have asked for. There are people that bike or walk to work or that go running or working out at dinnertime and wanted a shower.

It was nice having Friday off. November 11 is a holiday here in Canada for most. I think retail is closed as well as banks and government. That's when they do the ceremonies at the cenotaphs and cemeteries, not the nearest Sunday. We government and bank employees do get the Monday off if it falls on a weekend. Glad i didn't have to go to work yesterday too because we had a tropical storm hit with a lot of rain and wind and it was a horrible day to be out. A very good one to snug up inside!
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Our office move is imminent. This time next week we'll be doing our last bit of packing. I've got most of my stuff purged and packed and it's just my every day stuff to go. I may have to repack one box, though because the box was reused from something else and it's not in very good shape. It contains books so it's heavy, too. yes, i probably should repack that. I hate fighting with the packing tape "gun". Painintheass that.

Wow, I won a 50/50 draw this week, too! $270! Baby needs new winter boots and a jacket too but i was going to put that off. Now i can probably get both though it won't cover the two completely. Boots definitely. The draw was to raise money for a Christmas charity that our department sponsors. Selling tickets on payday is definitely the way to go! We're also going to have a bake sale and book sale. Good way to get rid of books you've read but can't bring yourself to throw away. I can't do it. I can't thrown out a book.

So that was my excitement for the week!

The shopping mall and a few other stores are having a tax-free day tomorrow. I've got a retirement do after work but i might check out Sears on the way home for boots since i saw some in their catalogue. They might have them in the store too and i'll save the 15% tax if i can elbow my way through the crowds.

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