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You know how i said earlier that Carole really liked the Irish serial, Ballykissangel? Well, i was channel surfing tonight and guess what was on? And it's the first time i've noticed it on the schedule for a few years. Maybe it's been on that channel before now but i've not seen it in my "travels". Of course i put it on and smiled. I think that was my "sign" from her, wasn't it!

Thank you to everyone for your kind words. It does mean a lot.
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Dad's obituary in the paper today. It's only on one of the two daily papers, and the condolence link on the funeral home website doesn't have his name up yet so i emailed them to find out about it and i may ring them later this morning in case they don't check it right away. It may be that they only sent it to one paper not both and i don't remember if we specified both anyway. Feels unreal to see my father's obituary even if it's just on a website for now. There is a photo but the website doesn't publish those. I'll pick up the other paper later today.

[ profile] blueberrymoon mentioned how in the first few weeks that you often will see little signs from the person who's died if you pay attention. Well last night there was definitely one of those signs. My oldest nephew Ryan put on one of Dad's old suits, and he looked resplendant in that dark suit, shirt and red tie. Wow! when did he grow up! I think he was feeling pretty fine in that suit too. Anyway he put his hand in the pocket and his face just froze in astonishment. He pulled out a (now i am sure i got the name of this wrong) merket. What it is, is a small black plastic doo-jiggy that dad always called a "piggy" and it's used to connect two bits of electrical wire. Dad was an electrician and we would find them all over the house, and always in the washing machine because they'd be in the pockets of his work clothes. Ryan also found a handful of them in the pocket of Dad's leather jacket but that wouldn't be unusual since Dad would have put stuff in his pockets when he went to someone's house to fix something. But a good suit??? We were all stunned the hair on the back of my neck was standing up, I tell you. You can't help but smile though.

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