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hmm... the radio morning team that i listen to is broadcasting from a resort in Jamaica this week. Then they tell us that Hurricane Willma is headed for South Florida. That's awfully close to Jamaica isn't it? Hmmm again. looking at the satellite, i think it's missed Jamaica but they must be getting a lot of wind. I hope the news crew flies out before the weekend though.

Has anyone been watching the new HBO series, Rome? Wow it's great! Feels very authentic in it's look and content. A lot of the basic things that happened are touched on though of course there's artistic license. Ciaran Hinds is a very good Julius Caesar, i think, and James Purefoy is Mark Anthony. This week's episode had Caesar meeting Cleopatra who, when we first see her is smoking opium and dazed. They did the thing where she is presented to Caesar wrapped in a sort of canvas "body bag", as opposed to a rug but every story seems to have that in so perhaps it actually happened? or if not, it's now entrenched as legend so you have to include it. It was done in a less elaborate way though. She is tiny, gamine, elfin with short hair. I had only barely come off the emotional roller coaster of Six Feet Under's finale when Rome started and it's very different so i'm actually glad about that. Anyway it's a good series and if you get a chance to see it, do.

No spoilers because i don't think it's been shown in the UK yet? but anyone that hasn't seen SFU's last season yet, hang on to your chairs. The last episode is a bit longer than the rest (for vcr users) and will blow you away.
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The series finale was last night. It was moving, astonishing, elegant, superbly written. The ending was breathtaking and i lay in bed thinking about it and thinking about the things it made you think of for an hour or more. It did have a happy ending, just not what you'd expect. But i won't spoil it for anyone. I will miss this show a lot.

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