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Catch a tiger by the toe...

So stupidity seems to be a never-ending resource, doesn't it? I wasn't surprised to read that two men were mauled by a tiger in the Calgary zoo. They apparently climbed over a fence topped with barbed wire and got too close to the interior fence.  This was the middle of the night, mind you, but one of the tigers, Vitali, was out walking off his insomnia (or something) and attacked. They think the man must have got snagged by a claw and then his arm was pulled in and mangled. They figure the man must have been right up against the fence for the tiger to get him since their paws are too big to fit through the fence and their claws, while razor sharp, aren't all that long, certainly not of Edward Scissorhands proportions. I figure they might have been about to climb the interior fence. Tigers can be pretty damn quick and the one guy didn't get off the fence in time.  The article goes on to say

The animal was very unsettled when keepers first saw him after the attack, but didn’t appear hurt.

Keepers don’t know "whether Vitali was acting out of aggression or kind of a sense of protecting himself — it’s very unusual for him to have to deal with anyone in the middle of the night," Black added.

Now I don't know about you, but if there were intruders busting into my house in the middle of the night, i would probably be feeling threatened, too. And if i was a tiger, how do you defend yourself? Outright aggression, that's how. Buddy got what he deserved. They don't know if alcohol was involved and are only "considering" pressing charges. I damn well would and wouldn't care if he was going to lose his arm. And let that be a lesson.

From the "Now that's what i call a protest" files: Apparently farmers in Belgium are pretty pissed that the price of milk has gone down. They blocked traffic going in to Brussels and marched into the city centre to EU headquarters. They burned tires, hay, tossed manure and milk and chickens and generally made a mess of things. The cow they brought into the city got spooked and chased someone down the road. The farmers want more regulation to farm goods as they're losing a lot of money. The EU says sod you, it's a free market out there.

In other news, Norway has been ranked as the best place to live, according to the U.N. Canada ranks fourth, the US ranks 13th and the U.K. is 21.

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...And it's only Wednesday!

Monday i forgot my wallet.
Good thing i brought my lunch.

Tuesday, debit card and driver's license weren't in my wallet.
Nor in my purse.
I knew where it was at home though.
Switching purses/handbags always results in an accident of one sort or another.

This morning
a small trail of liquid running down the aisle of the bus.
Wonder where that's coming from?
Followed it back to a puddle...
between my feet. eeeeek!
it can't be salad dressing because my dressing not vinaigrette today.
I looked in the bag.
It wasn't a container of grapes like it should have been.
It was sliced olives!
Brine all over the bus floor starting between my feet.
Rainy day would have been better. Wet shoes would have disguised it somewhat.
I can't tell you what it sort of looked like. :-&
You can probably guess, though.
The bag and contents aren't in as bad a shape as i thought so the container must have been on its side right against the bottom of the bag.
Small mercies.
And i forgot my reading glasses. *squint*
just at the newspaper though.
Computer's fine with regular specs.


Oct. 19th, 2007 08:15 pm
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It had to happen. I knew it would eventually. I put some chicken wings in to the oven to bake. A few minutes later i heard a BANG, or sort of the sound like a pan falling or something. Go out to the kitchen to investigate. Nothing on the floor. I open the oven to find...
this )
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I guess we've escaped the winter weather bullet long enough! We had a little snow yesterday, with more predicted over the next few days including what may be a nasty snow and ice rain storm overnight and then the temp is going to drop to a daytime high of -15 and then raise up again to near 0. *sigh* That's going to make for a long week. Ang, can we have that shovel back? Actually i do own a small shovel, one of those that you buy to put in the trunk of your car for emergencies. I bought it last winter when i had a rental car for a couple of weeks over Christmas after i had it one weekend and had to kick the snow away from the car one morning nearly crippling my back.

Season 2 of Rome started last night but also a new episode of Brothers and Sisters and Desparate Housewives. I couldn't tape them all so something had to give and it was Brothers and Sisters. Too bad, too because that would have been the better choice to watch. I taped Rome's middle of the night repeat and watched Desparate which was on at the same time. Couldn't tape Brothers and Sisters because with the digital setup, i would have had to get up and change the channel manually. I wish i'd watched Rome then taped B&S because on DH, when Gabby's secret admirer turned out to be who it was, it didn't half put me off the show and i turned it off and went to bed in disgust. But i won't spoil it for you.

You know how toothpaste gives your mouth that fresh, cool feeling? I nearly had an arctic incident this morning. I nearly put a glob of that cool "ice" ointment on my toothbrush and just caught it as the gel hit the edge of the brush. Gave it a good scrub before using the proper paste but that could have been "interesting" You gotta love Monday mornings.

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