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Inspired by [ profile] ang_o's latest post about summers when she was growing up, of course you start thinking about your own childhood summers.
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Bowl of LemonsA big bowl of summer sunshine. I love the bright yellow of this photo and it really is one of the summeriest images. What kind of images reminds you of summer? Bright coloured beach umbrellas? flowers? barbeques smoking and sizzling? One smell that always takes me to summer in my head is the smell of cucumbers. I guess that's because we always had them in our salads. Another one of my favourite summer foods is potato salad which is great on a hot day. Only problem is, to make it you have to boil the potatoes which heats up the kitchen. I guess the trick is to do it first thing in the morning.

We've had a gorgeous, hot summer weekend and it's going to continue for a few more days at least. I did have a hard time sleeping last night even with the fan. Add to that, weird dreams. I had a slice of leftover pizza about an hour before i went to bed and i should have known better. All night, i kept dreaming of writing reports with the software we use at work. Every time i'd wake up and wonder why i was dreaming that. I'd try to think of something else but i'd fall asleep and dream of the same damn thing. At least three different times that i can remember. Some might say that was actually a nightmare lol!

My friend Tracey has started a project where she wants to collect food stories, anything to do with food, be it food travel, great meals you've had, cooking disasters or triumphs, anything. If anyone has anything they'd like to impart, email me the story (tvor @ livejournal dot ca will get to me) I know i've had a few disasters to relate. I must get Graham to send her the story about the flaming spotted dick.
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Martinique Beach wide angleI got the ball!

Martinique Beach. Definitely worth the drive. It takes about an hour to get there, or nearly. The parking areas and road in was packed bumper to bumper with only room for one car to pass but we went in and found a spot that was a tiny bit blocking one car but we weren't staying long so it was ok. Mom and i got there about 1 o'clock and walked down the beach for a bit. The air was cool, the sun was warm, and it was great people watching. There were some surfers out trying to catch a wave, lots of kids of course, people with dogs. One dog, a border collie, was making up for having no sheep to herd by chasing a ball out into the surf joyfully. Really joyfully! It's amazing the boundless capacity for having fun a dog has. Then he'd run back to the water and t urn around, head down, bum up and if you could understand dogspeak it would be saying "throwtheball, throwthe ball, pleeeeeeeze throw the ball throwthe ball, come on, throw the ball, i'll get it, really, i will! throw the ball!" He was just back and forth and never got tired of jumping the waves to retrieve it. There's a few pics here, more on facebook with a somewhat shaky video of the beach.

When we left there after about an hour, we stopped at a country store, which has lots of nice crafts and gifts and a little cafe in the back. It's called the Tin Roof and the cafe is lovely! Excellent sandwiches, they also have salads and homemade soups and pies. We were there after 2 and a bit late so the coconut cream pie i wanted was all gone as was the cheesecake. Just as well i suppose. I don't need it. But that is my favourite pie! As it's next door to my aunt's house (in Head Chezzetcook, next to Gaetzbrook for any locals that want to visit it) we stopped in there for a quick visit. A few groceries and a stop at the cemetery and home again. Two beautiful sunny days and i managed to get out both days. you start feeling a bit shack wacky after awhile and it's too warm in the apartment to stay in as much as it's very warm outside too. Can always get out to the mall or a movie where it's cool. Going to have a few more nice days too, so they say. It's so nice to see the blue sky after so much gloom and grey with only a nice day here and there.

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